Moon Textile Batik Embroidered Lawn 2017-18

Moon Textile Batik Embroidered Lawn 2017-18
Embroidered Lawn Suits By Moon Textile - Moon Textile is one of the top leading and yet the distinguished names in the list of the Pakistan embroidered lawn suits manufacturer. This Textile has been involved in serving the women with the finest collections in term of printed and embroidered lawn suits in summer since 1980s. Moon offers main product line with the formal wear and casual wear collections along with the printed and embroidered designs in lawn/linen fabric.
Batik Embroidered is the two piece lawn suiting collection. This lawn collection has been revealed out with the two piece suits that include embroidered lawn shirt & trendy printed trousers.
Traits Of Moon Textile
Top Quality Lawn Fabric
Color Fade, Color Lose and Fabric D-Shape Guarantee
Cash On Delivery All Over Pakistan
International Shipping Using DHL
Competitive Affordable price

Agha Noor Boutique Collection 2017-2018

Agha Noor is famous fashion store situated at Dolmen mall and Zamzama Karachi. This brand journey begun in 2011 and got miraculous popularity. Today, Agha Noor online store is one of the phenomenal label that brings matchless apparel with rich details under prices of 4000-9000 Pkr. Agha noor doors always welcome fashion savvy women with unique and matchless variety of clothes in digital tunic to luxe shirts. Agha noor boutique has melange of floral, bold and bright colors with fancy embellishments in its ready to wear Kurtis. That is why anyone can opt that shirt for formal events by just pairing with beautiful bottom and lovely accessories.

In fact Agha noor is devoted its all efforts for women fashion and refreshing their wardrobes. With cutting-edge designs, agha noor specialize in making trendy styles with all important elements that are compulsory in Pakistani clothing. Apart from all other attributes, wide range of fabrics make ideal to Agha noor for women. If you are fond of block prints, digital prints, embroidery or handicrafts. Everything you can get under one roof with Agha-noor. 

Agha Noor Luxury Formal Collection 2017-2018

Its undeniable fact that Agha noor dresses are ultimate style for a dinner to dholki. So let;s checkout what latest Agha noor officials has in rack for women?

Pakistani Fashion 2017-2018 by Famous Designers

Girls are always keen for fashion. They do not like to wear same boring clothes at every occasion that is why prefer to follow new trends. In Pakistani Fashion is more diverse and elegant than other countries, here we strictly follow culture and heritage. On the other hand we also wish to get refreshing wardrobe while maintaining out budget. But from the start of 2017, we are hearing a sentence that Pakistani fashion market will get expensive. I do not think that it is true when we have numerous old and emerging brands in competition. We think that diversity and elegance would be symbol of Pakistani fashion trends.
Fashion will be the craze. Fashion will be the behavior to adopt new styles from hair to clothing, home decor to food in 2017. What gets favor by public will be the first choice of designers to modify in 2017. There are lots of predictions about Pakistani fashion 2017 but clothing9 doesn't believe in rumors and it always presents something chic, trendy and on-trend styles to give you timeless look. Today, we have tried to cover the latest subject which is 'what will be Pakistani fashion trend for 2017'. So let's try to solve this problem by looking at famous Pakistani designers official Facebook pages.
1-Élan - So at first we have elan by khadijah shah, where we can see lots of blooming, luxurious, metallic shades used in luxury pret and traditional tones like red, maroon, gold and magenta are part of wedding wear. Elan is known as an influencing label because it has unique melange. Elan loves to introduce such variety that brings medley of culture, modernity and aesthetic with amazing touch of history. Under the creative direction of khadijah shah, elan is successfully achieving its dream to be elegant and eccentric. Elan's latest pret & bridal collection not only defines brand philosophy as well as great example of Pakistani fashion trend 2017.
Elan Bridal Fashion 2017

Pakistani Fashion 2017-2018 by Famous DesignersPakistani Fashion 2017-2018 by Famous Designers
Elan La Fiesta Luxury Pret Dresses

Pakistani Fashion 2017-2018 by Famous Designers
2- Zainab Chottani - Zainab is one among creative designers; who's dresses define culture, contemporary moods and versatile embellishments. That is why when it comes to know about latest fashion trend then we must check her label. For 2017 fashion, Zainab chottani has offered wide range of classy formal, contemporary casuals and luxury pret. In which she has presented some rich variation in ancient styles with signature taste.
Zainab chottani has followed seasonal demand and need of different occasions by using plush fabric and lavish details in 'New Arrivals Pret 2017 Design's '. She has given us off shoulder shirts, peplum trousers, tulip pants, coats and capes styles for fashion 2017. Her bridal and evening wear is one of the most elegant range of 2017.
Zainab Chottani Formal Wear 2017

Pakistani Fashion 2017-2018 by Famous DesignersPakistani Fashion 2017-2018 by Famous Designers

Pakistani Fashion 2017-2018 by Famous DesignersPakistani Fashion 2017-2018 by Famous Designers

3-Mina Hasan - Mina hasan fashion trends 2017 for Pakistani women is one of the exciting and playful series. With most celebrated styles, phenomenal craftsmanship and intricate details simply describe Mina hasan formal and bridal line.Mina hasan sprinkled very chic colorful threads, fancy elements on lavish textures and brought an inspiring touch in simple attires. Unlike other designers; Mina hasan latest luxury pret and pert-a-porter collection has encircled herself with tradition and classy era to essence of flowers while making exceptional designs for upcoming season.!
Mina Hasan Pret-A-Porter Line for Women

4- The Pink Tree presents 'The Walled Treasure' & 'Chandni Begum' for Briadl Fashion of Pakistan. Both series are filled with the hints of tradition, heritage and breathtaking beauty of Mughal Era. For Chandni Begum, Pink tree team has taken inspiration from Qurratilain Hyder's novel. This collection brings nicely crafted zarbuft, kimkhawab, tunchoi fabrics detailed by Gota, Karchobi, Lappa and Kiran.

5- Faiza Saqlain - Faiza Saqlain has also displayed an exciting and diverse bridal collection for 2017. In which interplay of deep colors, sheer fabrics and romantic feel of embroideries are worth-watching part. Faiza Saqlain bridal collection features traditional inspiration with ethnic styles like maxi, lehenga choli and gharara. In Pakistani Fashion 2017-2018; Faiza Saqlain is also a great addition in formal fashion.
Top Pakistani Designer Faiza Saqlain Wedding Designs

HKFW Floral Kurti Catalog 2015 Hadiqa Kiani Midsummer Eid Lawn Collection 2015

HKFW - Hadiqa Kiani Fabric World launched its kurti catalogue 2015 as eid midsummer lawn collection for girls. Featuring brilliantly printed kurtis highlighted with dynamic and vibrant colors adorned with breathtaking embroideries and lavish style. Hadiqa kiani si giving most unique and trendsetting eid collection 2015 as treat.
What's make you glad? Delicious food? Perfumes? Jewellery or clothes? When we ask this question to a girl then she might get confused because all are essential for the girl. Now Pakistan is very much advance in fashion and it can be imagine by creativity of Pakistani designers and their interest. Hadiqa kiani fabric world is one among those enthusiastic brands. She is pop singer, artist and now earned great respect as designer. Her clothes represent modern and influencing taste of her philosophy. Specially in heritage inspired designs HKFW is matchless. This festive season she shown her meticulous design solo in Hadiqa Kiani eid collection 2015 titled as FLORA.

Hadiqa Kiani Kurtis Prices : Unstitched 159 and Stitched Rs. 2350

Now here is another volume of HKFW FLORA KURTI COLLECTION. This is midsummer range designed for casual and semi formal fashion. Hadiqa kiani floral Kurtis 2015 has been detailed with fresh and dashing ideas.

Shaista Digital Embroidered Shamose Collection 2017-18

Shaista presents Shamoze Silk Digital Embroidered Collection for winter festivities. With the upcoming season of festivities and special events around the corner, the air is filled with the spell of richness. This is the time when we all look for clothes that help us stand apart from the crowd while offering maximum comfort and vogue. So, the team of Shaista cloth has devoted their efforts to provide ultimate style with 100% comfort. Here is Shaista Digital Silk 2017 inspired by the traditions and our heritage.

 Shaista Digital Embroidered Shamose Collection 2017-18

This collection features the same radiance, elegance and charm. Shaista style team has created beautiful patterns on the surface of plush fabric.

Sapphire “Intermix" Pre-spring collection 2017-2018

Sapphire presents intermix Spring collection incorporates energetic colors, blooming textures and alluring florals beautifully blended into geometry. This mesmerizing per-spring catalog is going to launch on 20th January 2017.
Prepare to fall in love with this season's staples that play with proportions and channel beauty in a combination of geometric patterns, monochromatic hues and wanderlust elements. This season's per-spring collection prints boast elegance and grace merged with strong shades and luxurious fabric that are enough make you swoon!

Sapphire Intermix Pre-spring collection 2017-2018

Sapphire Pre-Spring collection 2017 is a dialogue between the bold and the fragile featuring elements of strength and innate femininity of a women.

ilovepret Digital Kurtis 2017-18 by Alkaram Studio

Alkaram Studio is leading fashion giant of Pakistan established in 1986. Alkaram journey was begun with different textile products for home decor and fashion apparel. But, today alkaram is concentrating of women's wear. Alkaram has wide range of pret, kids wear and fashion fabrics for women with great creativity and unique ideas. Every season Alkaram brings most innovative trend concept for us and recently it has spread the fashion canvas with ilovepret Digital Kurtis.

ilovepret Digital Kurtis are very popular in young girls, working women and teenagers due to its versatile theme. Under the tag of #ilovepret, Alkaram presents exciting shades with beautiful amalgamation of digital prints and blooming contrasts. And latest Alkaram ilovepret Digital Kurtis 2017-18 are all about trendy designs, flamboyant styles, intricate florals and rich patterns. This digital shirt collection has been designed to define your persona in modish way. 

Alkaram Studio Ilovepret Digital Kurtis 2017-18

These statement winter shirts have a beautiful visual story in its patterns from Islamic architecture to magnificent century. Because, designer has used varied printing theme to reflect ethnicity and culture with contemporary effects. ilovepret Digital Kurtis 2017-18 by Alkaram Studio is ideal to look radiant at nights and simple at days.

Papillon - Rungrez Luxury Pret Formal Collection 2017/18

After beating the heat with its beautiful Spring/Summer Lawn Collection 2016, now Rungrez presents Papillon pret wear. Rungrez journey was begun with an unstitched line in 2015 and since then it always move ahead. They mainly focus on the needs of customer and always tried to transform its philosophy according to season and trend demand. Which has not only added significant value in growth of the brand as well as spotted them in spotlight of international market. Today, Rungrez with its wide range of luxury pret, contemporary pret and street casuals; is a popular name of fashion with quality assurance. Rungrez is synonymous of flawless appeal, valuable style and remarkable idea. So let's look at Rungrez Luxury Pret Formal Collection 2017/18 to check that is it comply with brand ethos?

Rungrez Luxury Pret Formal Collection 2017/18

Rungrez 'Papillon' Pret Wear is gorgeous collection with its intricate detail, fine cuts, rich embroideries and sleek fabrics. The design team of Rungrez has offered resham thread embellishments with cut-work and fancy elements to make an ideal deal for party wear. Rungrez 'Papillon' collection centralize the soft and pastel shades so show us purity, calm and virginity.

Annus Abrar Bedazzled - Fall Festive Collection 2017-2018

Annus Abrar is an energetic and famous entrepreneur of Pakistan; who won the world of fashion with her creative ideas. After completing her education from Asian Institute of Fashion Design, she has decided to use her skills and inclination to make our closets more luxe and appealing. In very short span, Annus Abrar has achieved what she dream with her hard work and devotion. Today, Annus Abrar is well-known for her diverse sense of combining colors, aesthetic fuse and manufacturing lavish attires. And Bedazzled - Fall Festive Collection 2017-2018 is her recent creation that focus on modern trend with cutting-edge ideas.

Annus Abrar Bedazzled Luxury Pret Fall Collection 2017-2018

So let's look at exclusive Fall Festive Collection which is supposed to be a remarkable edition for winter evenings and night out. Anus Abrar Bedazzled speaks about luxe ideology of different culture, harmony of bold and bright colors and rich patterns. It discuss the needs of modern women and their taste with its pastels, dark and creative attires. Annus Abrar Bedazzled luxury pret brings a combination of majesty, style and an impression of brilliant skills.

Annus Abrar Bedazzled - Fall Festive Collection 2017-2018 features lavish detail and classy touch on attractive cuts. The inspiration of Bedazzled is taken from our heritage and blended into the sate of the art of new era. Bedazzled style speaks louder than words and justify the designers imagination with its sensational and timeless modification. So let's Bedazzle the crowd with Annus Abrar phenomenal formal pret 2017.

 Annus Abrar F/W Festive Collection 2017-2018

Annus Abrar Bedazzled - Fall Festive Collection 2017-2018

Annus Abrar Bedazzled - Fall Festive Collection 2017-2018

Annus Abrar Bedazzled - Fall Festive Collection 2017-2018Annus Abrar Bedazzled - Fall Festive Collection 2017-2018

Annus Abrar Bedazzled - Fall Festive Collection 2017-2018Annus Abrar Bedazzled - Fall Festive Collection 2017-2018

Annus Abrar Bedazzled - Fall Festive Collection 2017-2018Annus Abrar Bedazzled - Fall Festive Collection 2017-2018

Annus Abrar Bedazzled - Fall Festive Collection 2017-2018

Annus Abrar Bedazzled - Fall Festive Collection 2017-2018