Mina Hasan Embroidered Fabric Winter 2016-2017

Evening wear fashion is one of the essential wardrobe staple. Without fancy clothes - a girl wardrobe is not pleasing. So girls! let's bring you in the magical world of Pakistan - where Mina Hasan Chiffon 2016 has set it apart with its classical fused layouts and delightful designs. Mina Hasan is queen of glamour and popular pret wear designer. Her name flashes in top-notch yet vital dress designers; and her designs reflect the taste of modern women. Apart from her individual branding, she is also contributing with Shariq textiles. Under the umbrella of Shariq, she presents embroidered fabric that fulfill our formal fashion needs.
Newly, Shariq and Mina hasan are pleased to announce their another joint contribution on Chiffon. Mina hasan chiffon is launching on 5th December 2016 and price will be 14500. Mina Hasan Embroidered Fabric Winter 2016-2017 features captivating and enchanting traditional clothes. Latest unstitched embroidered chiffon brings distinct taste of mina hasan with soft color palettes with loud contrasts. With very nicely embellished premium quality fabric, Shariq has offered classy tailoring twist to make it ultimate formal wear.

Mina Hasan Embroidered Chiffon 2016-2017 for Women Price

Mina Hasan Embroidered Fabric Luxury Chiffon Dresses 2016-17 includes 10 designs with matchless and flawless details. According to mina hasan 'your clothes are your identity' & in Mina Hasan embroidered fabric collection we can see that how beautifully she conveyed this message. She used diverse tones with luxe contrasts and intricate sequins and thread work.

IVY Imperial Voyage Bridal Collection 2016-2017

Wedding is an auspicious occasion when every girl wants to get fascinating style. It's a dream of every bride to get a touch of elegance and sense of femininity on wedding day.
To get this fascinating beauty you don't need a renowned name to be attached with your outfit or jewellery. You can look like celebrity in a dress; which has quality material, modern palettes, unique embellishment and all above traditional cuts. Because traditional craftsmanship with contemporary detailing is vital to get versatile look. And this wedding season IVY prints is giving all must-have attributes in one package of bridal fashion 2016. IVY unveiled bridal wear at Lahore Bridal Couture Week 2016 featuring Iman Ali as showstopper. It was debut of IVY in bridal fashion that was titled as  Imperial Voyage.

IVY Imperial Voyage Bridal Collection 2016-2017

Ivy is not very popular name but it has elaborate and sophisticated designing sense that ensure us to trust on ivy choice. Ivy is incredible source of traditional women's wear and symbol of perfection. Its genuine designs, creative details and multiple cultural inspiration have made it to become trustworthy brand.

Alzohaib Wintry Breeze Khaddar Shawl Collection 2016-2017

 Style plus class - Alzohaib brings two must have elements in its new wintery breeze collection 2016. Alzohaib group of company is one among popular textile giants - who built influencing position with their hard work. Their efforts are admirable and quality is simply amazing. Alzohaib textiles brings modernistic designs with unique concept - therefore each passing day is giving more hype and success.

Newly, alzohaib announced wintery bareeze 2016 - a range of beautiful winter dresses. With the pop of colors in wool shawl, embroidery addition and modern patterns are impressive attributes of latest winter casuals.

Al Zohaib Wintry Breeze 2016-17 price

From the blazing red to ash of grey, winter breeze collection inspired by dark and gloomy nights and nature. On khaddar fabric beautifully sprinkled floral, abstracts and geometric prints along with  cashmere shawl are most elegant. The designer has given especial care on shawls embellishment in wintery bareeze collection such as digital prints on paisley textures juxtapose of night effects and forest look are quite new sense.

Sana Safinaz Winter Shawl Collection 2016-2017 Catalog With Price

Let's enjoy the coldest season with warm colors of Sana Safinaz Winter Shawl 2016-17 Collection For Girls launching nationwide on 28th November 2016.
Sana safinaz duo is globally known for their dynamic prints and elegant designs. In fact the revolution in textiles industry is duo to Sana Safinaz. Both great ladies has put passion and hard work to revive oriental touch in modern women's wear. Their designer dresses reflect iconic creativity and dreamy sense of style with distinct moods. Their success is result of day and night struggle; which made them prominent name in the fashion world. Their main objective to offer affordable and statement pieces with tastefully details. And their Muzlin winter collection brings all their objective in single pack. Apart from muslin 2017, now we have Sana Safinaz Shawl winter collection 2017 with 14 unique colors in 7 diverse designs concept.

Sana Safinaz Winter Shawl  Catalog With Price 2017

The pioneer of Pakistani industry has offered modern phenomenon of style in new shawl collection. They have amalgamated versatile moods in flawless manner and made an outstanding package of winter fashion. Sana Safinaz Winter Shawl Magazine 2016-2017 They have caters the needs of customers. Therefore introduced Slub Shirt and blended shalwar pair of pure wool shawl.

Mohagni Party Wear Chiffon Collection 2016-17 for Girls

Mohagni by RD Textile is the name of fresh ideas and mix of excellence and glamour in women's fashion. It explores our age old traditions and blend it in modern elegance to fetch chic concept of fashion for girls. It has best printing and embroidery units where Mohagni fulfill its dreamy concepts into reality. Mohagni designs reflect matchless style with affordable price with premium quality. Therefore when it comes to keep wardrobe glamorous, stylish and unique then Mohagni seems ultimate choice. And this season you can add charm and charizma in closet with Mohagni pure chiffon Embroidered Collection representing exquisite aesthetic with contemporary touch.

Mohagni Party Wear  2016-2017  for Girls

Mohagni Embroidered Collection is designs on pure chiffon and enriched with intricate embroideries to make best choice of Formal Wear. Its inspiration has been taken by tradition and modern fashion and amalgamated into quality. Mohagni Party Wear Chiffon Collection 2016-17 for Girls continues its journey toward bold and vibrant shades with metallic hints.

Ethnic Pret / Unstitched Fall Winter Collection 2016-17

Ethnic since 2013 - a brand who stepped in fashion industry with clear vision. Before that it was subsidiary of Outfitters; which was known as ready to wear brand of women. Since then it has experimented with eastern pret wear and unstitched fabric; Ethnic had became one of the globally known label of Pakistan. Today, Ethnic by Outfittrs is symbol of perfect craftsmanship, out-class detailing, sparkling colors and richly described patterns. Today, Ethnic unstitched & pret are widely accepted products; that provide unique and rich experience of style to women. Because - it pays tribute to our rich culture, contemporary art and history with the essence of nature. Which can be seen in Ethnic Pret / Unstitched Fall Winter Collection 2016-17 which includes amazing articles like William Tribe, Tango Rugs, Persian Pickle, Chines Mist and Oriental Jaap.

Ethnic Pret / Unstitched Fall Winter Collection 2016-17

Ethnic Latest winter catalog highlights different cultural groups and tribes with their purity. Ethnic Unstitched Winter Collection 2016-17 is introducing trendy women's wear with inspiring blend of classic and modern art and matchless quality. In which colors to patterns and embroideries to tailoring everything depicts perfection. Unlike unstitched winter dress, Pret by Ethnic symbolizing elegance and sophistication in effortless style. With its minimal details and ultra chic digital prints; Ethnic Pret Collection 2016-17 it highly recommended to be your ultimate name of elegance.

Edenrobe Winter Unstitched Collection 2016-2017

Edenrobe is defining our wardrobes since 1988. It is simple and sleek, elegant yet charming. Edenrobe fascinates modern fashionistas by using attractive patterns and distinguished colors in its designing philosophy. Edenrobe is synonymous of colour, variation and style at the same time. Edenrobe fabrics brings diverse color palettes with classy prints and contemporary contrasts; therefore when it comes to add freshness in daily wear closet then Edenrobe collections are ideal. Here we have exclusive Edenrobe Winter Collection 2016 with sparkling colors for windy and rough season that enrich your persona with class and style. Edenrone latest collection is available in unstitched format and having beautifully ornate outfits.

Edenrobe winter dresses features khaddar, and linen fabrics highlighted by eye-popping prints and intricate embroideries. 'Edenrobe' Winter Unstitched Collection 2016 brings graceful, and appealing winter attires with classic inspiration and contemporary art. In which every element has been used to balance the beauty.

Serene Premium Chiffon Collection Vol-2 2016-2017

‘Royal Majestic’ - is an array of elegance and charm infused in traditional concept with modern touch on premium fabrics.

Serene Chiffon Vol-2 2017

Serene is a brand who just stepped in fashion industry this year and became an affordable name of innovation. Its short span success is due to pure aesthetic drawn philosophy and majestic detailing. Today, Serene is most prestigious brand among premium chiffon manufacturers. Let's hope that Serene always rule over customers mind and soul and get more fame and growth for its elegant color palettes, glamorous details and best fabrication art. Here we have latest premium chiffon collection titled as 'Royal Majestic' defining brand ethos brilliantly. 
Serene Premium Chiffon vol-2 is whimsy of classic and modern juxtapose art amalgamated into unprecedented designing with pure Asian aesthetic touch. Serene Chiffon collection bring strong reflection of culture with quality to build a unforgettable relationship with their loyal clientele. Serene Premium Chiffon Collection Vol-2 2016-2017 describes beautiful shades, rich attention to detail and supreme embellishments that is assets of Serene. With Excellent quality fabric, Serene has offered extremely chic style for winter festive wardrobe that long last and make your wardrobe glamorous and versatile.

Zara Shahjahan Silk Collection Winter 2016-2017

Zara Shahjahan presents Silk collection - a combination of romance, elegance and purity of our history. Zara Shahjahan is known for her distinct philosophy; which draws inspiration from heritage, Mughal Era, Islamic Architecture, Nature and many more flawless elements. Her designs give us breathtaking touch and present the contemporary fashion in fuse of tradition. Especially, Her use of feminine motifs, warm and blazing colors and sleek fabrics -  has gave her matchless fame in the industry. This is popular about Zara Shahjahan that She not only focus on making her design prominent as well as try to highly unseen glory of our cities. Like This season She is at Lahore for unstitched silk collection launching on 14th November 2016. For her Silk Winter Collection, Zara has selected Lahore fort, Badshahi Masjid, and Anarkali Bazaar and given us chance to explore the unseen beauty of heart of Pakistan. By selecting Lahore, Zara has not only revealed rich culture; as well as let us know that how energetic people we have at Lahore. Now let's come to the point, Let's discuss about Zara Shahjahan Silk Collection Winter 2016-2017.

Zara Shahjahan Silk Collection Winter 2016-2017 

So, Zara Shahjahan Silk 2016-17 is a flawless addition for winter wardrobe with its enchanting colors, aesthetic inspired patterns and richly decorated attires. Each ensemble in Silk Collection reflect the strong imagination of royal culture, floral art and Islamic art. With it bold hues, harmony of autumnal prints and intricate motifs, Zara Shahjahan silk features Raw silk shirts, Silk Dupatta ad Cotton satin pants.

LSM Embroidered Shawl Collection 2016-2017 Catalog

Shawl - A word that portrays ancient style with contemporary touch. Today, Shawl is most wanted fashion for winter evenings; and we wrap it to get comfort as well as rich look. The soft, sleek, warm and plush fibers of Shawl make it regal attire. Unlike today, in ancient time there was not huge variety of prints and designs in Shawl but now shawl is available in wide array of colors, styles and patterns. These days, Palachi Shawls, Velvet, Pashmina shaw; and hand woven wool wraps are favorite of women. Therefore, many Pakistani brands are busy in giving attractive looks ro shawls collection by adding colorful suits with it. Recently, Lakhany Silk Mills has brought shawl collection 2016 - which highlight our ancient art and style with modern harmony. LSM shawl designs are serene and taking inspiration from vibrant side of tradition and handicrafts.

LSM Fabrics Online Store Presents Winter Shawl Collection 2016

LSM Embroidered Shawl Catalog features finest quality of fabrics which is identity of Lakhani fashion. With bold and vibrant hues, LSM has enriched the prints with rich contrasts and made the shawls dresses more stunning for casual and semi formal use. LSM Embroidered Shawl Collection 2016-2017 Catalog includes magenta, black, turquoise, blue and many sharp shades with trendy textures from floral to abstract and intricate paisleys. Lsm shawl designs are very delicate and giving modern appeal with its versatile and chic detailing. Apart from Shawls, Embroidered shalwar kamees are statement pieces in Winter collection with stylish detailing on necklines and borders. 

Orient Linen Winter Collection 2016/2017 for Women

Orient Pakistan is name of excellence since 2000, it is a well reputed home appliances group, it most a favorite women's wear brand and one of the leading textile group. Its long lasting product's have proved to be ultimate need of modern era. And when it comes to restyle wardrobe then orient collections are famous for stunning detail. In short orient is must have oriental cum contemporary label of women's wear. So let's look at orient latest limited edition which is based on linen dresses.

This is second and very appealing creation of orient for fall winter 2016-17. In vol-2 FW 2016, orient has offered unstitched linen featuring intricate prints along with unique inter play of embroideries. Orient has 3enriched the line fabric with all cutting edge technology and its versatility. This time Orient Linen Winter Collection 2016/2017 is based on bright and dark palettes along with floral beauty. With premium quality fabrics, Orient has offered modern textile variation for winter fashion in linen catalog. Such as classic textures infused in modern thread art and sharp colors muted into brights.

Orient Linen Shawl Collection 2016/2017 with Prices

Orient Linen Winter Collection 2016/2017 For women reflects the brands vision with innovative prospective. Their cutting edge ideas and contemporary concept has been perfectly blended for winter fashion trend under experts guidance.

Sobia Nazir Luxury Chiffon Collection Winter 2016-2017 with Price

Every season is colorful, luxurious and delighting in Pakistan. The key reason of such charismatic season is its diversity rich culture. Pakistani traditions, its skillful minds, and enigmatic designer are key source; who put their efforts to maintain its charisma. Sobia Nazir is one most impressive and flawless designer of Pakistan; who always tried to deliver extraordinary charm and elegance to Pakistani fashion. Especially, Her luxury chiffon is one of the most fabulous product that carries matchless embellishments with balance of glamour and aesthetic harmony. Sobia Nazir chiffon dresses consider as girlish and distinct source of party wear fashion and women's admire her creative philosophy behind it.
Sobia Nazir Chiffon collection is incredibly stylish in unstitched fabrics as well as affordable. Her designs reflect rich class, distinctive and a la mode charm with modish fashion trends. That is why when any festive or new season will come in Pakistan then Pakistani ladies only thinks about Sobia Nazir chiffon. So let's spruce up your winter wardrobes with new and latest Luxury Chiffon collection for Winter 2016.

 Sobia Nazir Luxury Chiffon Winter 2016-2017 with Price

Sobia's Chiffon brings diverse array of colors in latest catalog such as mustard, bright orange, turquoise, white, hot pink, black, mint green and grey's. Apart from its lovely shades, Sobia has used very nice embellishments on chiffon dresses.

Alzohaib Mahiymaan Winter Formal Chiffon Collection 2016-2017

Fashion means variation that can be seen in clothes, home decor to accessories. Fashion simply defines unique style, harmony of different cultures etc etc. Now everyone is very conscious about fashion especially women's who always in search of modern fashion that can add breathtaking look in persona. There are so many brands who knows that how to serve fashion savvy audience and how to satisfy them by adding creative and glamorous attires in the racks. Alzohaib textiles is among them reputable name of Pakistani fashion world known as gorgeous and trend-setting label. It brings modern and elegant formal, casual and semi party wear outfits. Particularly, girls are fond of eastern and western touch in Alzohaib collection. Alzohaib is the only label that is affordable and can be carry at any event. Alzohaib textiles has Anum, monsoon, Mahnoor, Mahiymaan and many other popular categories that reveals Alzohaib signature philosophy.
Here we have Al-zohaib Mahiymaan Formals 2016 which will launch on 10th November 2016.

Alzohaib Mahiymaan Winter Formal Chiffon Collection 2016

Al-Zohaib Textile has brought Mahiymaan Formals 2016, a collection that represent luxury, glamour and eternal beauty in it. Mahiymaan is an unstitched product carrying compulsory women's festive attires. Mahiymaan includes 12 stunning fancy evening wear dresses with heavy embroidery touch and unique customization. This time Alzohaib has beautifully transformed chiffon attires by adding silk and organza net into sheer formals.

Mausummery Embroidered Classics Winter Collection 2016-2017

Mausummery's passion is to design beautiful clothes that depicts timeless elegance and unique array of fashion. Therefore, whenever its comes for any season, its designs reflect ultimate style for women with innovative palettes. This fall winter, you can enjoy Mausummery Embroidered Classics Winter Collection 2016-2017 with its delicate class, fine fabrics and supreme colors.

Mausummery latest collection's every piece is deviance of perfection, state of the art with timeless tailoring twist. In Embroidered Classics Winter 2016-2017; Mausummery has given care and attention to create every outfit that adorn our persona with its manifest of artistry. With the most luxurious designs, Mausummery has put outstanding artwork to step in the winter fashion arena in impressive way.

Mausummery Embroidered Classics 2016-2017 is suits for your daytime wear to evening elegance and make you sure that you are getting beautiful option to wear exclusive outfit. Mausummery Embroidered Classics is presenting 3 piece unstitched suits with chiffon dupatta adorned with delicate thread work and bright shades. So let's bring charm in closet with mix and match of brights and sharps.

Mausummery Embroidered Classics Winter Collection 2016-2017

Mausummery Embroidered Classics Winter Collection 2016-2017Mausummery Embroidered Classics Winter Collection 2016-2017

Mausummery Embroidered Classics Winter Collection 2016-2017

Mausummery Embroidered Classics Winter Collection 2016-2017

Almirah Winter Dresses 2016-17 in Mystic Collection

Almirah mystic winter collection 2016 is inspired by the rich culture and heritage of east meets west. The collection incorporates a beautiful balance of rich hues and striking attires representing  ethnic fusion, vintage art and mystic colors. Its a fusion of high quality, aesthetically stylized and customized fabric. Almirah winter collection comprises of casual to semi-formal embroidered dresses with printed trousers including chiffon /silk dupattas and trendy cape style jackets.

The mystic collection by Almirah consists of six categories that are a mixture of contemporary yet traditional styles, this is all you need this winter to complete your closet.

Winter Garden - come and experience the sensation of 'winter garden'. Go around cheerfully, handpicking your most loved flowers, infusing beautiful hues and details of an exotic garden, all around mystic collection. That is especially made to adorn your persona. The winter garden collection expeditiously gives off a graceful appearance, with colorful prints and fashionable designs.
Nautica - sail in the high ease of fashion this winter by Almirah's Nautical collection. Create your ow style statement with impeccable prints and trendy cuts to bring out the mystery in you.
Reflection - Embrace the mystery and silhouettes of forests this fall with Almira's reflections. Combined with dark and alluring shades of grey and black, this collection features some of the best essential for your modern trail!!!
Time Travel - The Craftsman of Almirah embrace their passion for the use of prints and hues, taking inspiration by observation. Now being inspired by the clock, Time travel have infused element of antique  clockwork, laying down the spectacular mechanism to create a marvelous artistry, which you can admire timelessly.
Boho collection is mixture of classic and modern designs featuring bohemian looks and trending silhouettes to keep your winter chills at bay. This collection features designs that remind us of the gypsy in our soul.

Almirah Winter Dresses 2016-17 in Mystic Collection

Almirah is known for highly sophisticated, glamorous and modern artistic attires. Their premium products with latest fashion trends are regarded as status symbol.

Nilofer Shahid Chiffon Collection 2016-17 for Winter by Ittehad

Nilofer Shahid's Chiffon Collection for ITTEHAD, spins magic on Shakespeare's Medieval tale; that of passion and romance of beauty and splendor called ‘A WINTER’S TALE’. The stunningly unique season collection is set in a color palettes that varies between subtle to bold, signifying how a women shuttles between incognito to prominence.

The legendary designer's newest chiffon collection by Ittehad  has been shot at the historical     Quaid-e-Azam library that depicts an all-white architecture, reminiscent of Shakespeare's late romance that signified intense drama which ultimately ended on a happy romantic note. Its a transition from black to white from melancholy to contentment.

Nilofer Shahid Winter Chiffon Dresses 2016-17 by Ittehad 

The collection encompasses not just beauty but power, mystery, success and divinity. Nilofer Shahid latest collection is based on formal chiffon mainly paired with  sheer organza, Chinese raw silk, grip and cotton adorned with Nilofer's signature embellishments. Nilofer Shahid by Ittehad Chiffon Silk Net  is launching on 5th November.

Sapphire Winter Unstitched Collection Vol-1 2016-2017

Crisp, Classy and Trendy; Sapphire is excited to showcase latest unstitched winter catalog for women on 4th November 2016. With quintessential detail, Sapphire has given minimally embellished and tailored outfits with flawless blend in new collection. In which exuberant color scheme, striking patterns and magnificent floral work; Sapphire’s Winter unstitched collection-Volume One is refreshing the fashion with the new and lavish moods. 

According to CEO of Sapphire 'Khadijah Shah' Winter collection Vol-1 is inspired by the diverse urban cultures and the rise of street style. This season sapphire has explored the concept of femininity and the different ways it is interpreted - be its dramatic, subtle or traditional. The Sapphire women navigates through the metropolitan landscape with panache and luminous energy. For the unstitched winter collection, Sapphire has materialized exaggerated proportions; sleeves goes long and pants range from shape to sleek. sapphire winter collection explore the soft balance achieved between intricate embroideries and delicate streamlined construction.

Sapphire Winter Unstitched Collection Vol-1 2016-2017

As per the views of Director ' Nabeel Abdullah'; Sapphire's products have been the symbol of undisputed quality in the textile field for decades. In over a year's time; Sapphire has established itself as a high quality fast fashion label in the clothing accessories and jewellery field.