Zoya Didi Cambric 2016/17 Luxury Digital Prints Collection

Crispy, Classy and Contemporary - Zoya Didi cambric brings wide array of rich and vibrant hues in new digital printed cambric collection. With its unique juxtaposing art and viscous scheme, Zoya Didi digital cambric taking glory of Spanish art, baroque and royal courts. In which contemporary silhouettes and richness of sleek silk are giving effortless look.
Zaya Didi cambric is an illustration of cultural & historical milieus. In which inspiration has been gathered from Greek crafts and architecture to make a attractive reflection of 18th Century fashion. Being an emerging brand, Zoya Didi team has tried to come up with some magical concept that are not only fresh, feminine as well as elegant. That is why Zoya Didi Luxury Digital Cambric 2016/17 Collection has been nourished with digital art and patterns have been taken carefully, They have used varied concepts like Cityscape, Tropical and rich motifs in mix of Indian Mandala on Silk tissue, and net dupattas.

Zoya Didi Cambric 2016/17 Luxury Digital Prints Collection

Today, Silk cotton, Silk cambric and charmuse silk are mmost demanding fabrics. Almost every girl want to add richness of silk prints by adding myriad designs. So this Season, Zoya Didi Cambric 2016/17 Luxury Digital Prints Collection is according to your needs with its timeless color palettes, varied artsy and stunningly effected silk.

ShahBano Winter Formal Dresses in Luxury Pret 2016-17

 Inspiring, sensational and exquisite; Shah Bano luxury pret collection 2016 perfectly explains finest luxe dresses. Shah bano is a simple designer who follows eastern traditions to get rich look in her outfits. She thinks that being with ethnicity, femininity and age old techniques are very important to keep people aware with cultural style. Therefore in the world of glitz and glamour, Shahbano is dominating the industry. Her ultimate and unique fashion sense can make any traditional concept more contemporary and interesting. In fact she has very strong philosophy to balance oriental and modern art. And this is the main reason why Shahbano luxury pret or formal dresses are known as remarkable creations.

ShahBano Winter Luxury Pret 2016-17

Here is latest Winter Formal Dresses in Luxury Pret 2016-17 by Shabano with gorgeous embellishments and exquisite addition of art work. These beautiful fancy dresses are made for all special occasions where we need chic styles. On raw silk, embroidered organza, Jacquard and net; Shahbano has offered combination of elegance. While keeping the influencing touch of aesthetic, sleek and easy to carry cuts; Shabano has given standout style to each piece.

HEM Luxury Pret 2016-2017 | Latest Formal Wear Fashion

Every fashion brand wishes to bring revolution in fashion industry. That is why not only adopt modern techniques and age old styles as well represent in unique way. In And now HEM is part of the world of inspiring fashion with its very magical and charismatic Prêt-à-porter, Haute Couture & Bridals. Hem avenue is Lahore based retail outlet established in 2014. In very short span of time; Hem has set it apart with traditional fuse and baroque motifs detail along with hand made fabrics. HEM has proven itself essential eastern wear in not only in local as well as in international market with quality and class.

Latest Formal Wear Fashion

HEM has quickly achieved its vision to become successful by introducing over-gone craftsmanship and hiring intricate details. The design team of HEM has engaged to the brand with all ages group and caters the taste of every individual women.

Shariq Fall Winter Collection 2016-17 Reeva Linen / Deeba Cambric Catalog

With every changing season, women's are also bringing variety into their closet. And different fashion brands are helping them to get an idea that what they can pick to make brighter and colorful closet. Shariq Textiles is also assisting them that what is good and lovely for fall/winter fashion. In Volume-1 of winter trends, Shariq presents cambric and linen catalogs as Reeva and Deeba collections.
Shariq Deeba midsummer cum fall cambric range is launching on 3rd October. In which 10 designs have been defined into two colors. Deeba Premium Cambric Collection By Shariq Textiles is very lively yet delicate designer range. It carries femininely described printed fabric with minimal embroidery detail on neck, borders and sleeves. The colors and contrasts are very unique in deeba cambric 2016 that can add allure and charisma with its simple statement defined trends. Below you can see latest deeba cambric dresses magazine; so let's checkout and grab it if you like.

Nakoosh Winter Dresses 2016-2017

The trend of wearing Kurtis is on full swing now, that is why these days every brand is designing tunics collection. Prior to this we have seen casual and embroidered Kurtis collection, but today we have formal wear shirts range carrying very unique and inspiring fuse. Nakoosh presents these beautiful kurtis designs in its winter festive collection. Nakoosh is famous boutique of Karachi established in 2010. In early stage, Nakoosh has produced ready to wear formals and casual wears; but today it has transformed itself in must-have luxury clothing label. At Nakoosh we can find all contemporary products with wide array of style and colros. On complimentary fabrics like chiffon, silk, jacquard and organza nets; Nakoosh brings state of the art for consumer and gives them a dress as per their requirement.

Nakoosh Luxury Formal Winter Shirts 2016-2017

Latest Nakoosh Winter Dresses 2016-2017; Nakoosh has given priority to its clientele by adding quality products. The brand has emphasis on contemporary trends with age old handicrafts techniques. On which implementation of cultural cuts and premium stitching is simply awesome.

Teena Winter Formal Dresses | Luxury Ready to Wear 2016-17

Your clothes are reflection of your inner taste; perfect dresses can push you toward success and bad selection can spoil your image in crowd. But it doesn't meant that you need to be choosy: in fact you should know what is worth buying and suits on your personality. No one can understand your personality better then you so why you trust on other's choices. This is a message to those who follow blindly to the latest fashion or just run behind big names.

Today when fashion arena is very vast and numerous designers are playing their role. Every brand and designer wish to be in limelight and to get that they simply transform others creation. So at that time you need a name which can serve you innovatively and modernly. Hina Butt is a splendid designer, at her stores we can get luxury statement pieces described with unique allure. Hina butt is very skillful god gifted artist; who brings enchanting creations. Wow is a word which slips on Lips after the first glance of Hina butt dresses.

Teena Winter Luxury Party Wear Suits 2016-17

In fact hina butt is queen of glamour and elegance and her formal wear and pret (ready-to-wear) dresses are rich and iconic. None of Pakistani designer can beat her charismatic class of fashion. Hina butt clothes are wardrobe essentials and every women should have 2 or 3 attires of her if she want to present herself magically. Hina butt is giving you a golden chance to add some chic formals and contemporary prets with its matchless midsummer / fall winter collection 2016-17.

Peshawari Chappals Or Sandals - Pride of Pakistan

Peshawari Chappal is pride of Pakistan. Every individual of Pakistan own few pairs of Peshawari SANDALS. This is handmade footwear and worn on occasions and daily basis. Comfort is identity of Peshawari handmade footwear that is why top celebrated designer like Paul Smith has replicated it. Balochi Chawat also looks like Peshawari chappal and mostly politicians like to wear it casually. Imran Khan is big fan of charsadda chappal designs therefore whenever he appear publicly he proudly wear it with waistcoat and shawlar kameez.
Pride - is something which makes person flamboyant and positively strong minded ! Thus this what creates a similar statement on a person’s attitude on his/her daily activities!
A leader in fact as well defined of his/her command of strong ability and righteous decision to lead a meaningful life.

On this contrary a footwear is one of the important apparel which describes his/her personality of wearing the right ! The correct footwear lets a person achieve great success! Similarly the ergonomic Peshawari Chappals does create the style quotient which indeed seeks attention when worn with traditional or any outfit.

Peshawar Chappals, the name itself creates a buzz which originates from Peshawar, Pakistan! A city rich in its roots with food, and vibrant cuisines and to be the oldest city in Pakistan as well.

RANG RASIYA Digital Embroidered Linen Collection 2016

Rang Rasiya presents winter collection 2016 with ultimate glamour and unique craftsmanship. Rang Rasiya is known as emerging retail store who offers matchless yet individual philosophy in women's fashion. This year it has gained huge popularity through its beautiful designs and reasonable prices. Apart from summer / spring, Rang Rasiya Cambric midsummer collection also was a hit fashion guide that has added ethnic fuse with lovely detailing. So now Rang Rasiya presents Digital Embroidered Linen for fall/winter 2016-17.
This linen is very adorable range carrying very delicate prints done by digital technology. On the other hand fabric the combination of thread embroidery with digital art is looking very pleasant and attractive. RANG RASIYA Linen Collection 2016 is bringing very attractive variety of prints and each design reflect the uniqueness and charming definition of winter fashion.

House of Rang Rasiya Fall Winter Linen Catalog Vol-1 2016

Once upon a time when we had very limited choices in Pakistani fashion but since then new brands has joined the industry it is very complicated to choose any dress. Yes! Now we have huge style variety with colorful patterns, unique ideas and distinct flavors. And credit goes to newbie designers who made it vast for us. RANG RASIYA Digital Embroidered Linen Collection 2016 is one among them who is playing it role to maintain freshness of the industry.

Charizma Fall-Winter Embroidered Linen Collection 2016-17

House of Riaz arts and Charizma brings new fall winter catalog as Combinations embroidered linen. To start the winter fashion experiment in quite unique way; Charizma has offered 8 lovely designs in two colors and paired with poly wool printed shawls. 

Charizma Fall-Winter Linen Catalog 2016-17

Charizma is ageless, peerless and economical brand. It has offered such low priced designer wear product which no once can offer. Such as Combinations collection, Nation Gold and Plush Kurtis are few are top on the list. Under the Combinations, Charizma gives us chance to experiment latest fashion with unique charm and contemporary ideology. Combination is the only label which brings enchanting summer wear on lawn and flawless winter dresses on linen, wool, leather peach and khaddar. Apart from wide variety of Fabrics, Combination explored best oriental style and rich thread work to serve us individually. So let's look at Charizma Combinations Embroidered Linen Khaddar Collection 2016.

Élan Vital Fall Winter 2016-2017 | Ghazal Vital Collection

Elan presents gorgeous line of straight Kurtas with charismatic detail in Ghazal Vital Autumn/Winter collection. With perfect festive theme, traditional styles, this season vital reminds us bygone era. In which designer has sprinkled old world charm with contemporary craftsmanship and offered a la mode pret wear. Ghazal Vital 2016 by Elan presents sleek and luxe outfits in pair of ancient embroideries and old shades.

Élan Ghazal Vital Collection

With the tags like "Bakhtyaar", "Mandana", "Ghazal", "Shahnameh" and "Cassandane"; Elan vital winter 2016-17 collection let us to discover simple trims, striking colors and royal heritage with its unique details. As now hen people are fan of beat and bass; and ghazal of fold music is lag behind so as our heritage and old art. So with the title of Ghzal, Elan clothing has tried the real essence of old artsmanship. In which with beautiful thread work, Elan has tried to portray lost romance and with strong and bold shades; they translated generation gape.

Ittehad Fall/Winter Collection 2016-2017 Catalog Magazine

The non stop launch of collections are symbol of winter arrival. After the flawless designs of Firdous Excelencia; here is House of Ittehad Fall/Winter Collection 2016 featuring 20 elegant linen suits for chilled days of northern areas. These luxuriously designed and heavily embroidered suits will launch on September 24th, 2016.
Ittehad textiles delighted to present a unique and inspiring range of linen for us with very delicate thread work. As in winter we experience dry and dull weather; so this time Ittehad has tried to help us and get rid from rough season with its soft and warm linen fabric. In which with latest cuts and trims, Ittehad has offered wide color palettes blended into bright and dark's with unique inspiration. Moreover linen fabric has been adorned with floral, abstract, tie and dye and geometric shapes. Apart from sweetest harmony of patterns, embroidery of Ittehad Fall/Winter Collection 2016-2017 Catalog Magazine deserves especial shout out due to its fine and eclectic style.

Ittehad Fall/Winter Collection 2016-2017 Catalogue Magazine

Ittehad is leading yet favorite cloth manufacturer of Pakistani women. It always given us chance to experience contemporary fashion while keeping us connected with heritage. Ittehad textiles is the brand which defines cultural philosophy and brings modern touch in quite inspiring way. Therefore many ladies like me likes to wear Ittehad designer collections with pride.

Firdous Excelencia Autumn Winter Formal Dresses 2016-17

FIRDOUS EXCELENCiA brings you on the journey of luxe winter fashion with its intricate sleek designs and rich fabrics. Firdous fashion is the name where we get complimentary styles with feminine and ethnic appeal. Since 2015, Firdous has significantly improved its designing skills and arrested local to international clientele into its charisma. Firdous Excelencia Embroidered collection is main line which played important role to add hype in brand popularity. Because under this line, Firdous has offered super chic and fancy attires for summer events. And once again; FIRDOUS EXCELENCiA has been extended with new and fresh designs for autumn / winter season. In which Firdous has added new explanation of formal fashion for 2016

Firdous Excelencia Autumn Winter Formal Dresses 2016-17 included strong and powerful essence of culture with delicate thread detailing. On sleek fabrics like Jacquard and Net; Firdous has produced some trendy attires with influencing prints like chunnery digital print or natural textures.

Insam Pret Collection 2016-2017 | Luxury Formal Dresses

Insam Couture is a must-have chic designer label since 2011. Insam is very popular due to retro style, crisp cuts, contemporary silhouettes and sleek detailing. Insam's outfits reflect the blend of east and subcontinent with a touch of foreign style. And unique twist of different regional or international styles are the key reason of Insam's growth. Insam collections offers best tailored pret to easy to carry formal wear with best workmanship. Excellence is key fact of Insam designer wear. So our modern and confident women can easily show off their inner fashion sense with Insam clothing. In short Insam can be first choice of every occasion and any age group. So let's have a look at Insam official website and Facebook page that what they have to entertain us this fall winter wedding season. Hey! here is latest ready to wear line for women entitled with Insam Pret Collection 2016-2017 featuring best party wear dresses.
Exclusive Insam formal pret line is also reflecting their great knowledge over different cultures and regional ethos. Such as look at   Balochi inspired black, teal and pink attires in which chiffon fabric made tops have been beautiful adorned with Resham, Mirror's and crystal work. All 3 designs have long balochi pocket on front and clubbed with Tulip pants and trousers to add statement twist.

J.| Junaid Jamshed Groom Sherwani Collection 2016-17 with Price

In Grooms fashion; Sherwani is the only attire that never goes out of fashion due to its sleek and royal style. Sherwanis significance in wedding wardrobe is stable since centuries. Though it's imperial period or modern era; Sherwani is must-have for auspicious wedding function in Pakistan. Sherwani is the only attire which adds majesty, ethnicity and decent style in persona. Moreover its wide variety and best designer modification makes sherwani designs more attractive for groom. Today, we have several unforgettable sherwani designers in Pakistan like JJ valaya, Amir Adnan, HSY, Deepak Perwani; but the fame which JJ sherwani collection has collected is mesmerizing like its name. Though, JJ Valaya wedding collection is also very popular due to its clean and chic sherwani style but Junaid Jamshed is ruling over million hearts. 

So let's show you latest Pakistani sherwani styles 2016-17 from the lookbook of J. | Junaid Jamshed. Which is glamorous, luxe and distinct by color scheme. Junaid Jamshed Groom Collection 2016 carries black, blue, brown, grey and white; almost every favoritism shade of mans. In which different style of front opening have been decorated with buttons, embroideries and fancy brooch.

Monsoon Cambric Winter 2016-2017 Catalog | Al-Zohaib Monsoon Cambric

Pleasant color scheme is identity of Al Zohaib textiles. Moreover, traditional blend, mix of contemporary styles and variety of fabrics are key reasons why Alzohaib textiles is becoming favorite in subcontinent. When we talk about cost-effectiveness, then Alzohaib is the only brand which gives us most economical fashion for every season. In short Al-Zohaib Textile is perfectly describe Pakistani women and their needs with its wide range of fabric. At Alzohaib store we not only have number of choices as well as valuable formal's to daily wears. As Winter / Fall is ahead and we are in search of traditional Pakistani apparel. That describe our taste and individuality with its matchless design. And what's more popular than Al-Zohaib Monsoon Cambric Catalog?
So let's have a closer look at Monsoon Cambric Collection 2016 carrying 20 unique prints in two shades with brilliant combination. In Volume-1 of Cambric, Alzohaib team has highlighted the fabric with delicate prints, natural tones and vivid combination. As Monsoon is designed for dry, cold and rough season, therefore fabric has been introduced bit thick and color schemes portray the mix of bright and dark's.

Zunn Basics RTW Shirts Collection 2016-17 for Women

In 1991, when Uzma Mirza and Seema Sherazee has established the Zunn Fashion then no one has knew that it will going to be prominent in fashion world. Because at that time fashion screen was very limited and under influence of brand like Sana Safinaz, Asim Jofa or Gul Ahmed. But Zunn has made it versatile source of fashion by using unique embroidery techniques and lovely style amalgamation. Particularly, Zunuj has set it apart from others by giving signature essence in effortless clothing line ' Ready to Wear' and formals. 
Later it has joined the most influencing sector of lawn and bridal and became the ideal choice of women. In a decade, Zunn fashion has given hard time to old pioneers who claimed to be most sophisticated and first choice of women from all around the globe.

Sidra Mumtaz Eid ul Azha Dresses 2016-17 LookBook

'After women, flowers are most divine creations.' - Christian Dior, The best way to present festivity is with flowers. And Sidra Mumtaz would like to present festive collection inspired by flowers. Each dress in eid ul adha lookbook is one of its kind, with exquisite designs and high class fabric, Sidra hopes you will love wearing these gorgeous attires and make them part of your celebrations.

Sidra Mumtaz Eid ul Azha LookBook 2016-17

Daisy & Roses - can anything be as soft as a rose petal and as cute as pink daisy? A mesmerizing combination which enhance the simplicity of your soul and give the mos refreshing look for your gathering. Sidra Mumtaz Eid ul Azha Dresses 2016-17 LookBook includes daisy and roses hand embroidered diamonds motifs, just the way the dew enhance the petal beauty, the skilled designer Sidra mumtaz has used diamond cut stones and sequence load on the entire fabric. Compliment with light blue shade pure chiffon dupatta, pure silk shirt and bell pant this dress comes in 8,000.
Sidra Mumtaz Eid ul Azha Dresses 2016-17 LookBook
Beauty beneath the sky - I never get tired of watching the blue sky and lots of lovely flowers - and both of them together means a glint of heaven.' its combination of machine embroidery on sheer net with pearls embellished pleated skirt.
The simplicity is to evolve the inner and outer beauty combo in prices of 6500.
Sidra Mumtaz Eid ul Azha Dresses 2016-17 LookBook

Sidra Mumtaz Eid ul Azha Dresses 2016-17 LookBook

Affair with Flowers - Flowers are like friend they brings colors to your world'
It is inspired by bouquet of roses, completely machine embroidered dress with hand work finishing over white sheer net, comes with cotton pearl hanging border and matching fancy pant in price of 7,000.

Lupines - the dress texture is as soft as petals of Lupines, color contrast is inspired by the mesmerizing view of lupine in the light of sunset. This cape has matching inner with pearls finish and stylize trouser in price of 5,000.

Solstice - Do you know what cuteness is about? Your innocence when you smile bright! Solstice is inspired by pink snapdragon combination of machine and hand embroidery on sheer white machine embroidered net with woven crochet daman border and diamontees hint back. Enhanced with pink color sheer net dupatta and embroidered lace trouser in price 8000.

Tena Durrani Eid & Bridal Collection Palace Walk 2016-2017

If diamonds are best friend of a girl…! Then so does the new bedazzled Collection By Tena Durrani - Palace Walk Imperial 2016 Luxury Wedding Collection.
Tena Durrani - A respected name in the glittering world of Pakistan’s fashion industry ! Whose designs are not inky celebrated in the native nation only, but also globally !

Tena’s Collection are uniquely magic and a design abode which sets a standard of the eye catching work in each collection. Tena’s Collection every season carry a different magic to its design, pattern and fabric where it largely meets the customers needs. Palace Walk : Imperial 2016 Luxury Wedding Collection goes to another level of luxury. It defines beyond what today's wedding collection can be from usual to Surreal wear which will catch anybody’s attention to this luxurious attire.

Tena Durrani Eid & Bridal Collection Palace Walk 2016-2017

Palace Walk : Imperial 2016 Collection boasts 8 marvelous designs to choose from! With its careful designs, intricate patterns and motifs, this collection will surely define a Royal bride for the groom!
Apart from bridal wear, Tena has also offered a small section of luxury pret attires for eid ul azha that defines elite contemporary women.

ANAYA Luxe Chiffon Eid ul Adha Collection 2016 by Kiran Chaudhry

Kiran Chaudhry is most excited about the launch of Anaya Festive Chiffon Collection 2016 with the premium quality and perfect set off by heavy, ornate embroideries. With Eid is just around the corner, we wanted to step things up a notch, and showcase of Anaya by Kiran Chaudhry signature style with a bolder statement for the festivity is like a treat before the occasion.
Anaya Chiffon 2016 has made to sure that there is something very unique in collection  for everyone - lighter pastels for day-time affairs and more formal ensembles that are perfect as evening or even wedding wear. Kiran Chaudhry hopes you continue to appreciate the unique, striking color palettes and classic understated sense of style presented in ANAYA Luxe Chiffon Eid ul Adha Collection 2016. As always their main focus was on providing high quality, luxurious fabric and refined design aesthetic - all at an affordable price.

Anaya Formal Chiffon 2016-17 for Eid Occasion

ANAYA Luxe Festive Chiffon Collection deserves vital place in contemporary women wardrobe due to its glamorous looks, gorgeous cut-work art and delicate motifs detailing. With the plethora of lesser cut work style, Anaya embroidered chiffon is perfect formal style that can complete your beauty with or without fancy accessories. So let's ready to carry the elegant fashion statement pieces with timeless yet flawless features by Luxe Chiffon collection by Anaya & Kiran CHaudhry.

Charizma Diamond Dust Luxury Eid Chiffon Collection 2016-17

Charizma the brilliant product of Riaz arts has first time introduced luxury chiffon in Diamond Dust Eid Collection 2016-17. In which with the hints of Baroque, detailing of Swarovski crystals; every designs has been finished with perfection. Charizma is the brand famous for its diverse conventional concepts in fashion. It's value on other brands is same like diamond value on other stones. Charizma is master of Swiss fabric and now consider as ideal fashion house to get charismatic lawn and marvelous chiffon designs. Recently, Charizma has added two new variety in eid ul adha fashion with the tags of Swiss Range Eid Collection Vol-4 & Diamond Dust Luxury. In Swiss we can find elegant semi formal wear for women and Diamond Dust is sparkling formal wear fashion.

Charizma Luxury Eid Chiffon Collection 2016-17 Vol-7

Charizma defines the brand philosophy with a tagline ' A Love affair with fabric ' has always shown us modern style integration. In Diamond Dust Luxury Eid Chiffon Collection; they have also brought creative craftsmanship along with modern imagination with lively shades.

Ethnic Travelogue Cambric Fall Collection 2016-2017 by Outfitters

Ethnic by outfitters is very delighted to bring whole new unstitched dresses range in Travelogue Cambric Collection 2016. As fall / winter season is ahead and festivity is also near to us, so ethnic thinks that is is perfect time to add some anticipated styles that depict elegance and natural glory. This eid feel the difference with ethnic's unstitched cambric 2016 collection and get high street fashion look that will let your personality shine in bright rich colors. 

Outfitters Cambric 2016-17

Ethnic Cambric Collection 2016 range comes in a blend of baroque, botanical prints and folk art. This cambric catalog provides diverse sophistication and style to you in a range of midsummer cum fall hues. Ethnic Travelogue Cambric by Outfitters designs improvise tradition and modern trends through embroidery and graphics prints.