Sana Safinaz Eid-ul-Azha Silk Collection 2016-2017 Catalog

Silk is under test of time from magnificent era. Every women loves silk dresses because of its rich, lustrous and softest feel. Silk is the only fabric; which is part of fashion since royal era. Silk is also known as queenly style; because from Mughal era to courts of Jehangir, Silk is considered essential part of wardrobe. and till today, Silk fabric is under observation of fashion designers of almost every part of the world. Especially when it comes for fall / winter season, then Silk is must-have for formal events. So here is Sana Safinaz Unstitched Silk Collection 2016-17 to complete your festivity zeal. In which 6 silk designs have been fetched into two colors. 

SANA SAFINAZ Silk 2016-2017

Sana Safinaz is launching unstitched Silk Collection 2016 on 3rd September 2016! The prices of silk dresses will be 7,950 to 8,950 Pkr. The natural shimmer is simply defining export quality of Silk collection. On which bold, exotic hues and complimentary pattern have increased the attraction of fabric. 

Asim Jofa Premium Cotton Eid Collection 2016-17

Step into a world of elegance with Asim Jofa's Premium Eid Collection. The tasteful embroideries and striking prints are ideal for a low key hangout with friends and perfect for an all-out glamorous evening where you want to shine. Asim jofa offers soft floral details, feminine colors and beautiful embroidery elements in premium eid ul adha dresses to create an elegant look. With the digital printing art and effortless charm will leave an aura pure serenity when you wear it. In 6500 Pkr prices, Asim jofa is giving you unseen simplicity in pack of glamour. Which is impossible to achieve and difficult to resists. 

Asim Jofa Cotton 2016-17 Magazine

Asim Jofa is a designer who's approach towards fashion always gave us unique and exquisite balance in clothes. Whether lawn, bridal wear, chiffon or pret; Asim jofa is complete solution of every occasion wardrobe with its dreamy mélange of elegance and elan. This season; Asim jofa is adding appeal to your feminine side with premium cotton collection designed for eid-ul-azha. In which lush essence of embroideries along with digital printing giving a perfect royal touch. With sheer sophistication, Asim Jofa premium eid collection catalog is compulsory for utterly ravishing look.

Zainab Chottani Eid ul Adha Party Wear Collection 2016-2017

Zainab Chottani launched premium collection for Eid ul Azha on 26th August 2016. Which carries gorgeous ready to wear outfits with stunning detail and luxe colors combination. The New Eid Collection 2016 Designs are very attractive, chic and distinct due to amalgamation of east and west styles. Unlike last eid dresses, this festival zainab chottani has given care on every little notch from combining the colors to mix of embroideries or cuts because eid is falling in summer. As she wants to add ultimate eid dress fashion in market, therefore with chic features she introduced stylish cuts and customization of forgotten styles. Zainab Chottani Eid Collection 2016 reflects unique and luxury moods of Pakistani shalwar suits then other hand funky tops trimmed in modern way. In latest collection, we can find short shirts paired with luxury pants. In which necklines, sleeves, daman and paincha of dresses have been highlighted by handicrafts.

Zainab Chottani Eid ul Adha Party Wear Collection 2016-2017

As Zainab Chottani is very popular for her distinct detailing, so she remembered her signature style in eid collection 2016 too by adding hints of Kora, stones, pearls, and baroque motifs with embroidery.

Khaadi Eid ul Azha Festive Dress Collection 2016-17 Catalog

Khaadi is a well known fashion brand in Pakistan due to its traditional designs. Khaadi mostly designed dresses in bright and light shades coupled with dark colors. Today Khaadi has launched its one more fascinating collection for women on the occasion of eid ul adha. Khaadi Eid Collection 2016 contains beautiful lawn dresses nourished with intricate prints, aesthetic designs and traditional essence of thread embroidery. Khaadi has introduced simple and light prints in blooming color scheme along with colorful printed dupatta to enhance the look of the dresses. 

Khaadi Bakra Eid Lawn Magazine

Khaadi Lawn Eid Collection 2016 aso bring huge variety of chiffon unstitched dresses enriched with intricate fancy embroideries and colors power. The neck lines and top parts are embellished with beautiful embroidery and button patti designs, while heavy printed and light embroidered border is making dresses look luxurious. Khaadi Lawn has perfectly merged traditional designs with current fashion trends and brought some breathtaking designs.

AUJ Luxury Formal Wear 2016-2017 for Eid-ul-Adha

Want something exotic to wear on this Eid day? Don’t worry at all! You will find what you are looking for in the latest AUJ Luxury Formals Eid-Ul-Azha Collection.  Auj Online is among the most trendy fashion brands of Pakistan. There has always been a sure touch of sophistication in their dresses. Eastern and western styles have consistently been amalgamated to create perfect outfits for all classes. Auj’s outfits have always stood a class apart but this year, it’s much bigger and better.

AUJ Luxury Formal Fashion 2016

The new AUJ Luxury Formal Dresses have been tailored into trendy outfits that can also be used as Western variations in your wardrobe. In this formal wear collection, you will see a perfect blend of net fabric, needle embroidery, stonework, traditional embroidery and many other flavors that will evoke the festive feel in you. The colors used for these formal dresses are mix of soft pastel shades like baby pink, skin, beige, white and off-white tones along with reds, blue and black. Embroidery patterns used are inspired by baroque, Victorian and Turkish prints and really unique and fantastic.

Annus Abrar Enchanté Festive Collection 2016-17 | Pakistani Party Wear Fashion

Structure and Nature…Line and Form…Control and Abandon…the pull between these opposing notions is at the heart of “Enchanté” – Festive Collection 2016 by Annus Abrar.
For this collection, Annus had intent to link the past with the future and to bring together hands and technology. The designs in Enchanté are firmly rooted in poetic narration where assembly of sensual and intricate parts make nonchalantly elegant creations.

Annus Abrar Enchanté Festive collective revolves around today’s color palette and modern versions and placement of floral motifs, blended with the silhouettes and volumes that feel so free yet they are calibrated to seduce. Elemental and textural contrasts are laid beautifully by Annus to give the finished look of the ensemble that will bring his patrons in the limelight that they deserve in their festivities. Organza plays with silk, embroidery climbs on net, thread blossoms into an intricate pattern – creating a charm of a strong woman yet of a poetic nature.

Annus Abrar Pakistani Party Wear Fashion

The impeccably tailored bottoms and flowy dupattas in the backdrop of these sheer wonders in the flowery fields reflecting “Enchanté” will make you stand out from across the room on your occasions.

Sania Maskatiya SHADES OF AUTUMN Eid Collection 2016-17

Luxury pret contemporary and traditional are brand new wardrobe affairs by Sania Maskatiya. Sania Maskatiya is an idea of a brilliant designer working to present an art in style. She has recently build a forte of fashion and introduced their experience with unique transformation of clothes. They love to fetch European art in eastern clothes because she has served many years at Paris and Milan couture houses. They describe their designer dresses with two inspiring words ( elegant and eloquent ). Their pret luxury clothes are best representative of their passion in which emperor style and 18th century art both have been amalgamated on sheer fabrics and restyled the dresses as masterpieces. Sania Maskatiya SHADES OF AUTUMN Eid Collection 2016-17  is formal wear trend smith at detailed with semi previous embroideries, needle and thread art of east and west. As she has good understanding of the psyche of cultures and fashion of west which can be seen in new eid-ul-adha pret collection. Sania Maskatiya Eid ul Azha Collection 2016-17 pret bringing the real charm of innovative prints, impeccable cuts, exquisite style and pleasant colors. Which remain favorite of women and always inspired or preferred for party wear.

Sania Maskatiya Luxury Pret Formal Dresses in Pakistan

In new fall / winter formal contemporary pret, designer Sania Maskatiya has offered diversity as key feature. It has worked on different layouts of Pakistani styles such as front open, Angrakha, Jacket, double shirt, kurti, and loose fit kurta.

Modern Rajkumari - Élan Silk Eid Collection 2016-17

“Beauty lies in the Eyes of the beholder” goes the saying to Élan Silk Eid Collection 2016-17…! Similarly this festive season Elan has come out with their first MODERN RAJKUMARI Collection which boasts the first foray of Elan into silk collection!
Elan, a well known name of Pakistani fashion industry has unveiled their most prominent collection till date! With its careful details, fine geometry and motifs; the MODERN RAJKUMARI is sure to steal the hearts of many. It also features stunning prints with exquisite floral details and paired ethnic jeweled motifs.

The collection boasts of beautiful lush 10 exclusive designs which has been grandly shot in picturesque locale of Udaipur, Rajasthan - India ! Which has also given the collection and utmost luxury serene to the vibrant colors that the fabrics collates.

Élan Silk Modern Rajkumari Collection 2016-17

Elan has been known for exotic location for their each upcoming collection and also defined collection of vibrant colors in each season, which sets them class apart in the industry.

ZarQash Luxury Eid-ul-Azha Collection 2016-2017

Zarqash brings Luxury Eid Collection 2016 featuring chiffon with festive theme. With all the love pouring in for loyal buyers, Zarqash decided to add something different this time. The mood board is all about breaking old shackles and reinventing style. No need to restrict yourself in one domain, the world yours to take, and canvas that has to paint is a burst of colors. Which is bejeweled and bewitching. The swarsovki stones, striking embellishments, delicate embroidery and stunning detail in designs with add the extra sparkle to your festivities.

Zarqash Embroidered Chiffon 2016

Dare to step out of your comfort zone, as Zarqash has something very trendy, pretty and exquisite in eid ul adha luxury chiffon collection. But with a little holiday surprise for the dainty demure damsel, there's blatant black a fierce number the have very pretty 'precious'. For the mature women who thinks a little color is too much, there's bed of roses and for the young class who goes for bright shades only, there's 'Cognac' ladies. Its time to spruce things a bit.

Iznik Luxury Chiffon Vol-2 2016-17 | Iznik Eid-ul-Adha Dresses

Are you in search for some delicate, trendy and luxury festive attires? Do you want to look distinctively attractive and modern women? Then look at Iznik Luxury Chiffon Vol-2; which is solution of your all formal needs. In which Iznik brought delicate and fine detailed luxury dresses for women. Iznik is a Lahore based brand established in 2015 to show new meanings of luxury in Pakistani fashion. It has started its journey with unstitched luxury chiffon and become a prominent source of glamorous cultural attires. It had provided most luxurious chiffon dresses in affordable prices and made everyone crazy for its sensational style. In short span of time, Iznik has become essential for festive wardrobe with its unique ethnic look and rich amalgamation of pure fabrics. Today, women's feel proud wearing Iznik Chiffon at any occasion. So get ready for a charismatic ray in wardrobe with Iznik Luxury Chiffon Vol-2 presented for Eid-ul-Adha 2016.

Iznik Luxury Chiffon  Eid-ul-Adha Dresses 2016-17

In which 8 a la mode, sheer and elegant embroidered suits have been crafted with care and attention. Iznik implemented royal inspired thread work, on delicate patterns along with sharp and luxe colors. This year Iznil eid ul azha chiffon has been designed by a fresh talent 'Owais Misbah'.

Rungrez Czarina Eid-ulAzha Formal Collection 2016-17

For upcoming festival of eid-ul-adha, Chiffon and Silk collections are  getting overwhelming response. That's why plethora of designers have took interest in creating luxury must-have item. Because chiffon and silk dresses can be used as formal wear attires. For the hottest trend of chiffon, every designer has own ideas to balance style and uniqueness. Some make it hot-selling with a touch of luxury, few with attractive trims and few with prints. Such as take example of Rungrez Czarina collection which is surreal, serene and lavish. In which we can find innovative essence of needle work along with rich metallic color palettes and contemporary tailoring.
Rungrez Czarina Eid-ulAzha catalog is designed on chiffon and silk fabrics. As a debut, Rungrez has tried to optimist the chiffon with very luxe and lavish tones with intricate needle work. They have also offered 3D embroideries in Czarina Chiffon and Silk collection. To make a statement piece to each design, They have blended organza and net fabrics with neat and fine embellished edges. Rungrez Czarina Eid-ulAzha Formal Collection 2016-17 is launching on 31st August 2016. Its prices will be between 12,450 - 15,950.

Rungrez Czarina Chiffon Collection 2016 for Women Formal wear

In Rungrez Czarina deluxe eid collection, 11 designs have been introduced with feminine and youthful flavors wrapped in beautiful craftsmanship.

Maria B Mbroidered 2016-17 Eid-Ul-Azha Catalog / Collection

Maria b is the global leader as Swarovski embellished Unstitched and Pret designer. This eid ul adha proudly brings remarkable, sparkling and most exquisite range of MBROIDERED (Unstitched) Collection 2016.Maria b is exceptional name of fashion world who loves to play with legacy. Her every line brings unprecedented fuse and style for modern women in economical prices since 1999. Her matchless duo of tradition and royalty are the key of popularity. Primarily, in Maria.B Mbroidered Collection; Swarovski detailing and vibrant hues and incorporation of chiffon have given her collection distinct style. Therefore, today her name is known at global level as Swarovski aficionado.
In embroidered chiffon market, Maria b designs are priceless edition, because deliver best needle impression along with trendy cuts. This Festival of Eid ul Azha, Maria b MBROIDERED (Unstitched) 2016 Vol-3 is launching on 27th August. Which carries outclass black saree, off-white and orange lehenga choli, team pink cut-work jacket with slip and luxury pant, hot pink bell-bottom and frock and many more versatile looks. This year's, Eid-Ul-Azha Mbroidered Catalog features 8 designs highlighted with luxury theme to make it ideal party wear. As far as prices are concern then Maria b tagged three different rates for it.

Maria B Mbroidered 2016-17 Office Price List

BD-01    -       14,450
BD-02    -       15,450
BD-03    -       14,750
BD-04    -       14,750
BD-05    -       14,750
BD-06    -       15,450
BD-07    -       15,450
BD-08    -       14,750

Average price of  Maria B Mbroidered Eid-Ul-Azha Collection is 14,975/= Pkr. In which each dress is clubbed with every little element appear in picture.

Baroque Luxury Chiffon Collection 2016-17 Vol-4

Wait is over! Finally Baroque is back with another, highly luxe and exclusive chiffon collection for Eid-Ul-Azha. Baroque is going to launch Luxury Chiffon Collection 2016-17 Vol-4 on 27th August. Baroque is the brand who defined that fashion is priceless. Particularly, when you are getting valuable yet unique designs. When your wardrobe is boring due to ordinary variety at that time add luxurious designs. At that time Baroque fashion looks ultimate exquisite, stunning and essential. Here we have the time of Eid ul azha festival, when almost every women thinks about delicately defined, luxe and fine party wear

Baroque Eid ul Adha Collection 2016

Baroque and its ultra focused designing team have come together to offer an undeniably fascinating collection, featuring finest embroidery, neat and clean silhouettes with touch of elegance. Baroque luxury embroidered chiffon vol-4 is sophisticated in spirit and innovative, Baroque has created the must-have edition of eid ul adha on ethereal chiffon fabric with quintessential feminine look.
Baroque eid ul azha chiffon 2016 is accentuated with muted and bold color palettes, expert craftsmanship, attention to detailing and quality.

Aisha Imran Formal Collection 2016-17 for Winter / Summer Parties

Aisha imran is a dynamic fashion designer who love to create stunning pieces. She started designing in 2003 and become essential source of bridal wear and formal dresses. since 2013, she was out of sight but this midsummer on the occasion of eid ul adha and weddings, she appeared with new fashion views. After a big gape, now Aisha Imran presents Formal collection 2016 which features elegant party wear and bridal evening wear attires. Aisha Imran has introduced these beautiful attires for the brides who want to celebrate eid event with unique stye and want to wear the same dress in other parties. Aisha has introduced delicate hand crafted details with couture style cuts and trims. Her new formal wear 2016 describes her expertise and chic concept. Which is beautifully sprinkled on formal dresses with striking and alluring balance.

Aisha Imran Formal Collection 2016 for Winter / Summer Parties

Aisha imran has tried to deliver a formal wear fashion that can be worn in summer or winter both seasons. Because she value the money which we spent. That is why with classic touch, combination or ultra-chic craftsmanship and highly customize able attires. Aisha Imran has brought an idea for formal wear that reflect the need and mind of every individual customer. The main colors which are used in Aisha Imran Formal Collection 2016-17 are reds, metallic gold, white, pinks and oranges.

ZS Textiles MAHRUKH Chiffon Collection 2016-17 with Price

Zs Textiles brings a combination of comfort and elegance as MAHRUKH pure chiffon collection. Every women truly deserve Comfort and Elegance, Zs brand has came up with its pure chiffon collection giving new meanings to Pakistani fashion. It is making new style resolution that will surely make you fall in love with. They invite you to explore the beauty and style of luxe era on delicate pure chiffon fabrics inspired by blossom in you.

MAHRUKH Embroidered Chiffon Collection 2016

Zs textiles a sub line of shariq has gradually earned the recognition of becoming one of the leading manufacturer of Pakistan, backed it expertise and efficiency, the company caters to domestic and global clientele. When it comes to the textile requirement of a company, Zs proud to say that they are one stop shop. As an industry leader, Zs textile always patronized the approach of investing hard and high level of commitment for every assignment in order to ensure maximum customer satisfactions.

Crimson Luxe by Saira Shakira | Crimson Eid ul Azha Catalog

After the unpredictable popularity of crimson by FTA, now crimson present luxe by Saira Shakira. An unstitched silk and chiffon collection featuring 12 designs with luxe embellishments. Crimson luxe 2016 by Saira Shakira is true to its ethos by using innovative techniques in blend of gorgeous colors and brilliant styles. Saira Shakira and crimson duo has taken fashion world on storm with its first teaser video and sneak peak footage. In which they clearly claimed to be ultimate of fiercely resilient and delightfully adventurous women of modern era.

Crimson Luxe by Saira Shakira

Crimson eid ul azha luxury collection has stunningly hand woven nets, chiffon and silk in mix of organza with the distinct ideas of famous fashion celebrity Saira Shakira. Who heeded herself to add charismatic flairs and unseen balance of perfection with her experience. Crimson Luxe Dresses depict the love of the designer with its distinct theme, matchless embroidery art and fashion sense which it carries.

Almirah Divine Artistry Unstitched / Pret Collection Vol-3 for Men & Women

Almirah presents Signature Series - Tensile Tops 'a range of trendy tops',  Divine Artistry - Unstitched Collection ' a range of folk shalwar kameez',  Divine Artistry - Volume III - Men's Collection ' a range of mens kurta shalwar, waistcoats, and kameez salwar'. Almirah Divine Artistry - Unstitched Collection is designed with you in mind. Every day is a new adventure with aunique mood and a different style. Almirah knows that the clothes you choose are reflection of your daily adventures. Find a match to your mid summer inspirations in Almirah divine artsy lawn collection. Which is updating you with new fusion and blends. Inspired by the beautiful curves and upright columns of ancient architecture, reflected in the cuts and designs, Almirah clothes are flowing and flattering.  Almirah wanted to imbue the antiquity of lost era with a tinge of the modern. That's why you will see splendid fabrics adorned with beautifully printed designs and motifs. Dark earthy tones are brightened by bold prints and luxurious fabrics with exquisite embroidery are beautified by rich autumnal hues. Tassel and embellishments evoke a sense of the days of Hellenic sophistication. Soft fabrics are decorated with prints and ornamented as diverse as damask, floral and chevron. The collection is infused with a sense of romance and indulgence which almirah think everyone deserves. Almirah Divine Artistry Unstitched lawn designs of this season are classic and timeless - gorgeous treasures that you can wear and cherish eternally.
Almirah Pret Signature Series Tensile Tops 2016 
Almirah Signature Series - Tensile Tops features vintage charisma inspired from french trellis.There can be nothing more unrivaled than this haute vintage signature styles by Almirah. Uniquely embellished one of a kind collection truly defines Almirah as its best. The innovation of Tensile fabric gives you areal unique look with retro style and feel absolutely versatile that you will want to wear these every day.

Gulmohar Luxury Chiffon 2016-17 Eid-ul-Adha Formal Collection

Gulmohar Textiles is launching Exclusive Luxury Chiffon Collection on 25th August for Eid-ul-Adha festival. Drenched in muted hues, Romance in Paris employs utilitarian and luxe fabrics, overtly ranging from spectacular to stunning. The minimalist autumn/winter line epitomizes sartorial elegance of Chiffon, Net, Organza, and Silk like never before, adorning them with transcending colours, tone-on tone effects, and 3D embroidery, chevrons and Swarovski, all juxtaposed with subtlety and classy mish-mash of floral patterns and styling.
Gulmohar Luxury Chiffon 2016-17 diligently detailed, each one of Azra’s pieces is an intricate intertwine of multiple emotions that personifies sequence, under-work, and layers of embroidery with quixotic artistry.

Gulmohar Luxury Chiffon 2016-17 Eid-ul-Adha Formal Collection

Nurture your romance with each one of Gulmohar’s Eid-ul-Adha Formal Collection creations, personalizing it with varied tailoring and high-street fashion styles. Romance in Paris features fabrics for lehnga, sharara, boot-cut pants and culottes, tulip shalwar, under-shirts, tunics and much more, while the shirts can be stylized into trendy silhouettes.

Nisha Sawan Collection 2016/17 Lawn Catalog for Midsummer

Nishat the leading household name of fashion presents its Midsummer lawn collection. In which keeping the brand tradition alive by adding appealing colors with unique juxtapose art and feminine apparel. Nisha linen proudly launched a lawn range that is ideal for women from all walks of life. In from of Unstitched and Pret, Nisha is combination of three-piece suits with chiffon and lawn dupatta's, digital Kurtis and colorful tops. This is ultra chic vogue that include softest quality fabric with feminine appeal. Nisha Sawan Collection 2016 brings exemplary addition of elegant and fine fabric enriched with unique concept of fashion with all delicacy and innovation. Its sharp and dynamic looks can make any women more trendiest and style-dive in affordable prices. Below you can see complete Sawan lawn 2016/17 magazine images arranged by Clothing9.

Nisha ( Unstitched) Sawan Range 2016 Catalog

Nishat Linen brings Nisha Unstitched Sawan Catalog featuring splash of colors, delicate motifs in mix of traditional style. Sawan is a season known for its colors and fresh weather. And Nishta linen is the brand who reflect true meaning of rainy season in its clothing range by celebrating the nature.

Origins Lawn Summer Eid-Ul-Adha Unstitched Collection 2016-17

After being bombarded with so many different clothing brands this Eid, you will definitely feel like having something unique and fashionable without much effort. This is where Origins will play its part. Origins is among those Pakistani fashion brands who are the pioneers in bringing you great clothing variations for all occasions in unstitch and ready to wear. Their designs are among the most coveted ones in the industry. Once you come across any Origins outfit, you can’t resist buying one. On this year’s hot Eid, Origins New Eid Collection 2016 is ready to dazzle you once again with its dynamically wonderful Unstitched dresses in brilliant hues.

Origins Lawn Summer Eid-Ul-Adha Unstitched Collection 2016-17

This range features brightly colored fabrics having chic digital patterns covering the fabric entirely. Colors used are full of life and truly summery. Most of the dresses have been stitched following the same theme, i.e. boat neck with slit, loose straight shirts with straight trousers underneath. Colorful shirts usually look wonderful with white trousers. Origins Lawn Summer Eid-Ul-Adha Collection 2016 has such cuts and designs imprinted on the fabric that you won’t feel the need of any more embellishments.

Needlez Floret Chiffon Eid Ul Azha Party Wear Collection 2016-17

Needle by Shalimar is such a dynamic brand of Pakistan that is known for its diverse collections and the various options that it offers within the same fabric range. This year, Needle Shalimar has launched New Floret Chiffon Eid Collection 2016 for women from all social classes and age groups. This collection features some contemporary variety of shades and designs imprinted on chiffon. Dresses have been adroitly tailored and are perfect for keeping your summer days cool and happening in a festive ambiance.
You will see the beautiful colors of pink, yellow, variants of green, gray and white flowing beautifully through all the outfits from Needle eid  ul adha collection. Beautiful motifs and patterns have been placed over the fabric at various points in stylish angles and front and back sides of the shirts have been differently embroidered to give the outfits an out-of-the-box look. Needlez Floret Chiffon Eid Ul Azha Party Wear Collection 2016-17 features beautiful short and long shirts with Tulip Pants, trousers or bell-bottom underneath. The color themes followed in this range have been the same. Some chiffon short shirts are looking extremely nice with roses embroidery and colorful highlights.

Needlez BY Shalimar Eid-ulAzha Formal Dresses 2016

Needle Eid Ul Azha Party Wear Collection 2016-17 features colorful shirts and uniquely adorned pyjama's made adeptly out of premium quality chiffon. All the dresses have been adorned outstandingly with traditional thread work and chic thread motifs all the way through.

Gul Ahmed Midsummer Cambric 2016 Collection Catalog / Magazine

The most awaited, most trendy, most innovative Gul Ahmed's Midsummer Cambric Collection 2016 is launching on August 20th!
If aside midsummer fashion is on peak then festivity zeal is also increasing. Which has created tough scenario for Pakistani labels and they are confused that what to bring first? Which keeps them inspiring and every one wants to spruce up their closet with it. Gul ahmed is also wish to impress new customers by style and price both. That is why it has revealed midsummer collection 2016 with all essential fabrics which can be used during festival and fall season. Gul ahmed midsummer catalog is basically presented on Cambric in blend of silk, chiffon and jacquard. 
Such as Cambric suits with printed chiffon dupatta, Chantilly de lace Cambric shirt, cotton trouser with Embroidered chiffon dupatta, three piece Cambric consists on heavily enriched Embroidered shirts and trouser. Moreover digital printed Cambric shirts and digital Embroidered suits are really a matchless variety for women, Here we have complete catalog featuring cambric chiffon, Chantilly de lace, premium embroidered chiffon, blended chiffon, three piece embroidered cambric, digital printed shirt collection, digital embroidered shirt and printed shirts.

Gul Ahmed Cambric 2016/17 Mid-summer Magazine

This season, people are not happy with the concept and style which Gul ahmed has offered in cambric catalog. Because Gul Ahmed Facebook page is getting so much criticism. As far as i think, the fashionistas who are only dependent on Gul ahmed they deserve to serve like their desires. According to many socialist, criticism is the first step towards success and in fashion it gives passion to come with unique products. So let's hope for the best from Gul ahmed for Eid ul Adha collection will be a trend-setting style.

Beech Tree Eid ul Azha Cambric 2016-2017 Dresses Catalog

This year again, The Festive Unstitched Edition has been launched by Beech Tree that promises you some of the best dresses that you will desire to have for this heated Eid season. Latest Beech Tree Eid ul Adha Collection features soft and subtle shades adorned with beautiful thread work and patterns. There is a complete range of beautiful kurta-style shirts with cappries or straight trousers underneath. Soft summery colors have been used for the base fabric and patterns and motifs have been added to enhance the beauty of the colors used. This Eid Dresses Collection 2016 by Beech Tree is unique in a sense that you can be at ease in this hot weather while flaunting your style by wearing these dresses. The bold digital patterns placed majorly around the neckline and upper portions of the outfits make them look more fabulous. Beech Tree is launching eid addition on cambric fabric on 20th August.

The Festive Cambric - Unstitched by Beech Tree 2016-17

Beech Tree Eid ul Adha attires are exciting, feminine and elegance because radiant colors dipped with floral prints and enhanced with glamorous digital printing work. With reflection of glamour and elegance Beech Tree attires are ideal reflection of eastern celebration and its zeal.

Adorations for the Celebration - Junaid Jamshed Eid Collection 2016-17

Adorations for the Celebration is new Eid ul Azha Collection 2016 by designer Junaid Jamshed. Get ready for the new season with the wide variety of women's attires and accessories by J.J. Because all latest eid style by JJ are all about vibrant palettes with the glittery trend that remains timeless addition in the industry. Think embroidered Kurtis and stand out patterns to out-shine your fashion diva through out the festivity.
Junaid Jamshed Adoration's for the Celebration Eid ul Adha catalog 2016 includes...
  • Three Piece Lawn Collection, JJ would love to see new lawn supremacy worn in a super free, happy and fervent way on the glorious season of eid. Because it is true incarnation of class, and style.
  • Two Piece Collection Dual delicacy is such style that indulge you in Junaid Jamshed signature style with elegant cuts, soft colors and beautifully crafted fabric.

Junaid Jamshed Adorations Eid ul Adha Collection 2016-17

  • Three Piece Silk Collection, Silken sensation can update your wardrobe with perfect festive attires that will be part from eid to winters. With flattering curves and matchless silhouettes, J.J silk collection is unique sensation of evening and eid festival.
  • Three Piece Chiffon with Jacquard twist is delivering clean cut tailoring with a unique and classic twist of bold hues that would state who you are with stylish signature of Junaid Jamshed.
Chiffon trilogy is perfect wardrobe staple by Junaid Jamshed to restyle the closet. In which most luxurious range of three piece clothes are designed to give you high street look which your ever dream about.

Cross Stitch Cambric Catalog 2016/2017 | Fall Attires

Cross stitch presents beautiful cambric collection derived from ancient art and modified in contemporary style for fall winter season. Cross Stitch is famous retailer; who brings timeless style in fabric and pret. It creates such designs that not only give us traditional influence as well provide ideal fuse of latest fashion. Whether Cross stitch unstitch fabric, or ready to wear; each section keeps own class and significance in women wardrobe. In the realm of Pakistani fashion many clothing brand claims that they are real ambassador of fashion industry, but in my views a brand who has most selling power, can win the customer heart and soul is real giant Like Cross Stitch is original vendor who always focus on extravaganza with style when presenting any seasonal collection. Like take a example of Latest cross stitch fall cambric collection 2016 featuring bold digital prints enhanced with luxe palettes and made trendsetting with jewel inspired patterns.

Cross Stitch Fall Cambric Collection 2016-17 In Stores Now

Cross Stitch Cambric Catalog 2016 is wearable, feminine and chic. Its particular designing philosophy, varied style and playful motifz enriched patterns can easily compete any premium collection. Cross Stitch has evolved the digital printed fabric in quite unique way by adding richness and simplicity of aesthetic. Cross Stitch cambric catalogue (unstitched) 2016 perfectly describes aesthetic and Culture with its dynamic tones and unique embellishment which makes popular to Pakistani fashion in the world.

Orient Premium Embroidered Formal Collection 2016-17

Orient presents Hand Embroidered  chiffon in Premium Formal Collection. With 7 designs and 14 suits, Orient has designed a catalog that is complete fashion solution for festival and formal needs. Orient has first time offered eid collection on chiffon with hand detailing because it wants to stay part from others. In latest chiffon, Orient has worked on diverse fabrics like jacquard, khaadi net, silk and chiffon with rich hints. Though the colors are strong and dynamic to add impression of festivity but subtle embroideries and luxe prints are making it ideal for evening wear to night out. Orient premium formal collection 2016 is heavily ornamented from necklines, dupatta edges, shirt border and back part. As summer festive dress, Orient has kept the taste of oriental styles and fused into contemporary designing art.
After launching Premium Embroidered Formal Collection 2016-17, Orient has given new definition to its brand and left people in awe with their timeless modification. The beautiful hand embroidery work and colorful dupttas everything reflect their precious craftsmanship. 

Orient Formal Chiffon Collection 2016-17 for Eid-Ul-Adha

Once upon a time when girls has defined Orient textile as premium lawn manufacturer. But now we can say, Orient is must-have fashion brand who focus on our needs and make us effortless with their creative mindset.

Sapphire Cambric Fall / Winter Collection 2016-17 with Price

Let's pre-book Sapphire Unstitched Cambric Collection 2016 releasing on 19th August for upcoming fall season. With this volume Sapphire moved towards the Renaissance of the brand. While exploring the essence of Sapphire identity to took the signature and redefined it. Through Sapphire buoyant journey they discovered royal architecture and revisited history on a quest through the pink city. The idea was to create Sapphire New Unstitched Cambric Collection 2016 eclectic designs that translate into a functional wardrobe and embody the evolution of Sapphire distinct aesthetic. Sapphire's Cambric collection offers an array of alluring hues inspired by celebration of festival. The team and Khadijah Shah has focused on creating new silhouettes that she believe give the sapphire women an edge over others.

Sapphire Eid-Ul-Adha Cambric Magazine 2016-2017

Additionally, having all processes for the creation of Sapphire unstitched fabric under one roof enables us to present you with premium quality collections season after season. Sapphire Winter Cambric 2016 invites you on a visual journey that juxtaposes the royal heritage of Jaipur with the effortless bohemian charm of new unstitch cambric collection.

Bonanza Satrangi Eid-ul-Azha Lawn Collection 2016-17

Bonanza introduces Satrangi cambric collection for eid ul adha festival 2016. Unlike every season, this eid Satrangi is a exquisite range composed of glamorous color palates, meticulous needle work & soft contrasts. This eid bonanza aim was to indulge us in majestic styles that completely transform our personalities. And it has fulfilled its vision by adding bright and dark colors with glittery printing. The most important part of Satrangi eid collection is its impressive stitching ideas such as pin-tucks enriched tulip pants, creativity trimmed shirts and well crafted necklines. 
Bonanza garments is a store who built an influencing position in the fashion world. Particularly, Satrangi has given real hype to the brand due to its culture inspired philosophy. Moreover, contemporary attributes has made it favorite of modern women too. That is why when any event knock our doors then we must walk for Satrangi outlets to grab some outstanding designer wear. Because bonanza is only label which never hurt us on quality and style. Further it timely presentations makes more effortless. This eid season, once again bonanza is up with super chic lawn prints tagged as satrangi eid ul adha collection. With more then 60+ versatile dresses, Satrangi is capturing the artsy of handicrafts to harmony of 2016 style.

Bonanza Satrangi Eid-ul-Azha Lawn Collection 2016-17

Let's checkout what Satrangi eid catalog 2016 includes for girls 
1- Shirt piece collection
2- 2 piece shirt /trouser collection
3- Three piece lawn suit with silk / chiffon dupatta
4- Pret Collection
Shirt, two piece and 3 piece are unstitched eid range in satrangi lawn 2016-17.

Noor Embroidered Chiffon 2016-17 by Saadia Asad

After successful five year journey with high quality lawn prints, now designer Saadia Asad presents Noor Embroidered chiffon collection 2016. This is first ever chiffon experience of Saadia asad for upcoming eid festive. Being a most celebrated women's wear label, it was extremely necessary for the brand growth to add evening wear fashion. So to make the brand one-stop solution of luxury festive clothing, Saadia Asad added fresh line of premium embroidered chiffon collection.
So here is debut chiffon of Saadi-Asad incorporated with delicate embroidery and very first time clubbed with hand crafted motifs and digital detailing. She has put all luxury and quality elements to make it to meet your expectations. Because, her aim was to invite you in most delighting journey of fashion this festival.
Noor Embroidered chiffon festive Eid collection is nourished with fine thread work and pleasing colors. On chiffon dresses, she has offered very unique essence of embroidery patterns taken from french vases to the Victorian motifs, Turkish courts to Asian gardens. 

Noor Eid-Ul-Adha Chiffon 2016-17 by Saadia Asad

Saadia Asad Chiffon eid collection represents very elegant cum contemporary harmony of fashion sprinkled with perfection. Noor Embroidered chiffon Eid collection 2016 Vol-1 includes 10 designs and it will be in stores from last week of August.

Alkaram Lawn Midsummer Collection 2016-17 with Prices Magazine

Alkaram released the latest midsummer collection with embroidered and printed patterns. The collection consists quite alluring and bold prints for ladies. Al Karam mid summer Rangon ki Dunya collection available in unstitched raw fabrics so you can design these outfits as your taste. This collection include three piece fabrics in chiffon / lawn like Shirt piece,Trouser and Dupatta but some dresses are designed in four piece style in 4 piece you can get extra Sleeves and borders fabric. Alkaram is well known company has many outlets in Pakistan, it was establish in 1986. Mostly Al karam provides seasonal collection but now this brand known as home textile too. You can find Alkaram Midsummer catalouge below ,the price of these outfits is affordable so if you wish to buy so hurry up and visit your nearest outlet as Alkaram midsummer lawn 2016 was launched on 6th August. You can buy online too through us or Official site of Alkaram studio.

But wait first check what Alkaram midsummer lawn catalog features! 
  1. Printed Collection 
  2. Chiffon Embroidery Collection 
  3. Embroidered Collection 
  4. Elegance Collection 
  5. 2 Piece Embroidered Collection 
  6. Single Version Embroidered Collection 
  7. 2 Piece Collection 
The gorgeous Saira Shahroz is face of Alkaram lawn, in Alkaram chiffon she is look extremely stunning. Because of timelessness, elegance and sophisticated designs which is perfectly enriched by talented team of Alkaram.

Orient Ready to Wear Digital Shirt Collection 2016

Orient launched its first ever Digital Limited Edition 2016 on 10th August! Collection is available exclusively Online and leading retailers. Orient is No-1 lawn manufacturer of Pakistan who surprises the women with its great knowledge of culture and classy styles. Though contemporary fuse is ultimate to be successful but orient lawn has never focused on it. It always kept the brand philosophy closed with heritage and get most significant part in Asian clothing leading giants. In short span of success, now orient is thinking to bring something according to customers demand. And this beautiful digital lawn midsummer collection is great example of customers demand. This is a collection that depicts modernly transformed kurtis with glamorous digital prints detailed with intricacy and creative vision.

Orient Ready to Wear Digital Kurta Collection 2016

With calm and simple style, Orient kurti collection reveals the mood of modern women. Kurtis adorned with pulsating colors of serene beauty to make a must wear of parties to hang out with friends.

Shariq Nomi Ansari Chiffon Collection 2016-17 Vol-2 for Eid-ul-Adha

Various type of Pakistani styles are dominant these days; which are commonly known as prevailing trend. In that some are influenced by our rich culture and some having essence of western world. But as Pakistan is the city where we follow the tradition and social behavior so to cater the masses, our designers always follow the cultural rules. Especially for festival like Eid ul Fitr & Eid Ul Adha, when our girls like to stick with national dress. Because, they think that nothing can be as charming as Pakistani Chiffon Shalwar kameez is. Well, i also agree with their views when i see modernly transformed, huge variety and style of shalwar kameez, great range of fabric from silk, lawn to chiffon. Moreover comfortable, appealing designs and colors are few more qualities which has played pivotal role in fame of Pakistani shalwar suits. And its popularity is owe to designers Like Nomi Ansari, Mina Hasan, Baroque, Serene etc. After all they have elevated many unseen, unimaginable and a la mode features in luxury chiffon dresses. After the great applause of Serene Chiffon, Baroque Chentelle 2016 and Asim Jofa eid ul Adha collection, here is comprehensive formal wear range as Shariq Nomi Ansari Chiffon Collection 2016-17 Vol-2.
A creative, skillful, and lovely style that depicts imagination of King of Colors ' Nomi Ansari. With entirely neat embroideries, luxurious color scheme, Nomi Ansari Embroidered Chiffon Collection season-2 has been wrapped into charisma and style. In which alluring concept, fine sewing, contemporary cuts are making it timeless. This year, to revamp in Pakistani fashion, Nomi Ansari used  bold and radiant color palettes. Such as deep magenta overlapped with gold and shocking pink thread. The shade of Purple is heavily done with blue embroidery in quite nice way.  The art and inspiration which green dress is carrying in Nomi Ansari Chiffon Collection 2016-17 Vol-2 for Eid-ul-Adha can not be find in any other dress.

Chantelle Luxury Chiffon by Baroque | Eid Ul Azha Dresses

Want to make your Eid day a complete representation of class and suavity? Then check out Chantelle Luxury Chiffon by Baroque as your hot spot for Eid shopping. Baroque is the fashion brand that has always brought forward beautifully unique prints and patterns along with various styles of embroidery, winning over the hearts of millions of ladies from all around the world. All the clothing lines from this brand, i.e. formal wear and Chiffon collection, have an exquisite spark and the embellishments and embroideries used are the reason for these dresses to stand a class apart. In the exclusive Eid collection from Chantelle by Baroque, you will have the chance to get hold of some of the most beautifully stitched long and medium length shirts, loose kurtas and Front Open Shirts accompanied by pencil pants, bright colorful bell-bottom, and straight trousers. Front Open Double Shirts are also available in pretty colors inciting the summery feel in you. You can also avail the unstitched variety from Eid Ul Azha Dresses range at affordable prices.

Baroque Eid Dress Collection-2016 / Chantelle Luxury Chiffon

There is a wide variety of eye-catching embroidery styles that you will find in this clothing range. Even the dresses carrying simple thread work are so enticingly beautiful that you can’t move away without buying them. There is a whole range of Long shirts in engrossing colors that girls will fall in love with.

Asim Jofa Luxury Embroidered Chiffon 2016-2017 for Women

With exclusive designs, patterns and unique portray of Asim Jofa deignology, Luxury chiffon embroidered collection is going to launch on 6th August 2016. Asim Jofa is a name who always search for unseen beauty and bring it with comprehensive blend of luxury elements. Asim jofa dresses represent the most enchanting mood of tasteful embroideries along with contemporary fashion statement. Particularly in Chiffon collections, Asim Jofa is considered as flawless designer, who's designs include irresistible embellishments to bring you in spotlight. Therefore, whenever they announce embroidered chiffon for specific season, then fashionistas don't want to miss the opportunity to grab a gorgeous ensembles. For upcoming festival, here we have Asim Jofa Luxury Embroidered Chiffon Eid-ul-Azha Collection 2016 Vol-2. Which is designed on Crinkle Chiffon paired with Raw Silk and accentuated with sublime embroideries.

Asim Jofa Luxury Chiffon Vol-2 Catalogue for Eid-ul-Azha-2016

With lively, feminine and unforgettable features, Asim Jofa chiffon collection carries perfect balance of sophistication. In which unique color scheme, juxtaposing techniques and powerful impression of signature style is simply mind blowing. Asim Jofa Luxury Embroidered Chiffon 2016-2017 is sensual, seductive and worthy of your attention. Because with elegance personified style, reasonable price tags are marking it brilliance story of the season.
Asim Jofa Luxury Chiffon Embroidered dresses prices are 14,995 Pkr in which you can experience the most amazing attitude of fashion.

Serene Luxury Chiffon Vol-1 2016/17 | Summer Party Wear

Serene presents an alluring, charismatic and fascinating chiffon collection to make your every event a appraising treat. Serene is premium quality brand which has recently released debut collection on chiffon with attractive embellishment. In which style team has used distinct chemistry of prints, embroidery, juxtapose technique and remarkable stitching ideas. Serene chiffon has utterly unique craftsmanship with modern festive style that is timeless yet ultimate. With its versatile attitude, serene has shown ideal side of culture and our heritage in serene chiffon collection. Whereas, luxury detailing has made it perfect choice of evening wear and night parties. With remarkable craftsmanship, Serene Luxury Chiffon Vol-1 is designed to build strong relationship with customer and the brand. 

Serene Summer Party Wear Chiffon Vol-1 2016/17

Serene chiffon dresses are bringing subtle color palettes and unforgettable artsy that force you to purchase its designs. According to fashion experts views, today fashion is perfect portrayal of confidence, style and glamour of a women. Though, fashion is bit simple and elegant but it also ultimate representation of our culture and traditions. And we have several example of such brands who really make Pakistani dresses designs more impressive for us. 
Serene is one among those brands who decided to grow and expend the cultural values into fashion through its versatile sense of fashion. Recently, it has disclosed first and beautiful approach toward Pakistani style with new chiffon dresses in Serene premium luxury collection.