Saira Habib Lawn Eid Collection 2016-2017 | White Lawn Suits

Saira Habib Clothing - a brand who's approach in fashion recalls the ancient moods with purity and contemporary class. She is a designer, who always value the eastern heritage and art to make her style more precious and unique. Though, she started as luxury pret designer in the industry, but like many others she also joined the lawn race to prove her style a ultimate need of women. Saira Habib has proudly introduced her lawn segment for the girls with formal fusion and versatile techniques used in basic embellishments as eid collection 2016. Saira Habib lawn 2016 is available at many top notch stores like FPL, Dolmen Mall, Clifton, BRANDS-Just Pret, LABELS, Multi Labels Faisalabad, Ensemble Dubai.

Saira Habib Lawn Suits Eid Collection 2016-2017

Saira Habib Eid Collection 2016 is bringing the cultural prospective as vital design theme with digital prints. Her eid formal line carries white to keep close with the grace and simplicity  with floral theme. She has designed universal context clothes that encompass Victorian floral and Persian gardens patterns with delicate and fine touch.

Saadia Asad Noor Luxe Eid Festive Collection 2016-2017

Over the past years, Noor has successfully established itself as a high-quality chic fashion label in the shocking fashion industry  of Pakistan. Noor is signature style of Saadia Asad that has played vital role in making Pakistani culture and aesthetic popular in the global level. This eid festive, Saadia Asad has made noor a luxe and inspiration label for women by adding a touch of uniqueness, simplicity and luxury. The latest noor eid collection is one step solution to all your festive and luxury needs.

Noor Luxe Eid Collection 2016

In the 8th collection since the beginning of the journey, Saadia Asad has incorporated embroidery with cotton net for the very 1st time. Coupled with hand crafted neck line and digital print silk and chiffon dupattas. This Eid collection by Saadia Asad 2016 will be sure to meet your expectations.

Rungrez Eid Pret 2016/2017 | Pret Wear Fashion in Pakistan

At this time of the year, when summer is at its peak, people want everything light and refreshing. Even with the clothing, no one can bear to have cumbersome heavily embroidered dresses on under the hot sun. Similarly when we talk about the festival of Eid, ladies are searching all the way through for something comfortably trendy and light to wear. From footwear to makeup, they want everything made easy for them to carry. But for picking the right dresses to wear this summery Eid, you should give a try to the Rungrez Festive Pret Collection 2016. Rungrez, as always, has brought to you unconventionally stylish dresses perfect for the festive season that will make you feel at ease even in the hottest of the weather.

Rungrez Pret Wear 2016-2017

Rungrez J’adore l’été pret celebrates the purity of pastel shades, smart cuts and delicate embroideries with cropped hemlines. It brings the originality of culture in exquisite silhouettes to balance the excitement of festive and make you charming. After looking at Rungrez pret eid 2016-17, you will desire to get an excuse to wear it and look enchanting.

Faraz Manan Eid 2016/17 Catalogue | Eid Dresses Ideas in Pakistan

Bombay Calling - is a delightful edition of designer Faraz Manan for eid fashion 2016. Another arrival of Faraz Manan signature lawn comes to show with a blend of Banarasi and elaborately woven jacquard for the festive summer season. Faraz Manan presents a variety of fabrics; soft fine silk and definite crisp finish of lawn along with silver brocade and opulent embroidery. Faraz Manan's modern fashion has echoed the styling and designing of the bygone eras, the period of royalty; just like the royal chose to go for nothing less than quality and extravagance. Faraz Manan takes you to a journey beyond borders among beautiful architecture and baronial bungalows. Lavish hues, that symbolize a spring garden woven into intricate patterns and light fabrics. Faraz Manan eid collection 2016's ideology yield an ethnic composition that takes us closes to our culture, ethos and roots and remind us of our eminent royal past.

Faraz Manan Eid Dresses Ideas in Pakistan 2016/17

Faraz Manan Eid 2016/17 Catalogue carries 8 valuable designs with remarkable amalgamation of colors and embroideries with richness of aesthetic.

Sana Safinaz Ready to Wear Eid Collection 2016-2017

Sana Safinaz Pret Eid Collection 2016 is released today and it will be available in all the leading stores of Pakistan from 22nd June. Sana Safinaz eid dresses are embellished with attractive blocking color hues merged with intricate patterns and details of embroidery. Sana Safinaz Ready to Wear 2016 dresses are available in effortless form along with embroidered sleeves, embroidered neck line, trouser and pure chiffon dupatta. Sana Safinaz has introduced some beautiful festive elements like bronzed tila embroideries and rich blooming hues to compliment your celebratory mood.
As usual Sana Safinaz dresses designs are inspired by the beauty of nature with full scope and span of colors coupled with exotic amalgamation and renowned with textural details like foil dupatta, woven fabric and distinctive thread embroidery.

Pakistani Tulip Pants Designs | How to Pair Samosa Salwar / Dhoti Pants

Pakistani women is more responsive in fashion than men's. That's why whenever they go to shop anything for their wardrobe; they take too much time to read the color, patterns and on trend style. According to shop keepers it is the most difficult task to agree any women to buy something, sometimes she argue for quality or price or colors. This is the challenge to run a shop in Pakistan where our ladies don't have compromising nature. That is what why Pakistani designers and brand consider the market situation while bringing something new for us. As this season Tulip Pants are most selling product in current fashion, which has left the women in wonder with its most versatile, pretty and adorable features. 

Pakistani Tulip Pants Designs

Almost every women wants to experiment the new tulip pants fashion with different types of tops. But, sometimes they have difficulty to adopt it due to less awareness about how to carry it? which type of shirt looks good with it etc etc. So don't take stress when Clothing9 team is ready to help you, here we have Tulip Pants fashion from Pakistan which has different design concept. Such as overlapped Samosa salwar, Cropped Tulip Trousers, Tulip decorated with beads, piping, printed fabric from edges and embroidered tulip salwar.

MariamRaj Luxury Pret Eid Collection 2016-2017 | Cape Fashion

Fame doesn't need years to build, Fame is Vapor, its an accident and in fashion it is crown which occasionally awarded by clientele. In the fashion world, creativity is the key of fame which can suddenly give you hype and make you star. Mariam Raj is among who quickly takes center stage and grabbed everyone loves through her distinct and classy touch in style. Everyone's admire her for creativity and quality both. This humble and accommodating lady has recently announced MariamRaj Luxury Pret Eid Collection 2016 after giving excellent service in the year of launch. Her customers claim that the more they know the designer the more they impress because she caters the needs and demand of every individual and work hard to bring smile on everyone's face. Her amazing quality of outfits, rich designing and luxury style has mad ethe Mariam Raj an unique source of fashion for women. This festive season, Designer Marian Raj is again appeared with a formal wear luxury pret dresses featuring stunning Rehmat ajmal.

MariamRaj Luxury Pret Eid Collection 2016-2017

Maria Raj has brought an inspiring raneg of formal and semi formal in its eid collection 2016-17. In which each ensemble has been worked out with perfect hand embellishments. Mariam Raj designs portrays modern trends with anticipating cuts and trims on Organza, Jamawar, Pure Silk, RawSilk, Cotton Chikan etc. Though, the dresses carry minimal embellishment and simplest tailoring twist but precious handicrafts and fancy elements like sequins, stones, pearls, digital prints are adding exquisite appeal.

Junaid Jamshed Pret Eid Collection 2016/2017 for Women

Junaid Jamshed Eid Pret Collection 2016 For Women has been out. This collection is a complete range of eid dresses from mothers to daughters. This is very first time when Junaid Jamshed has introduced new concept by bringing mesmerizing for only female instead of each and every person of the family. Junaid Jamshded Eid dresses 2016 for women are embellished with our traditional designs with the sweet touch of elegance. In pret women's wear and young girls festive clothes,  JJ has presented very traditional customization with contemporary effects. The concept of designing is pure Islamic but the essence of colors and garnishing has made the dresses look more stunning. 

Junaid Jamshed Eid Embroidered Pret Wear for Women

While teen age dresses are designed in a very oriental way and adorned with colorful thread embroidery and modern tailoring techniques. Young girls dresses are also designed according to Islamic clothing fashion and studded with different styles like drop corner style, angrakha style and open shirt styles. Apart from the these a very surprising pret collection is presented by J.J for the season of eid, JJ has carried small part of Kurtis to pair with leggings on the day of eid to look stylish and feel comfortable.

MARIA.B Eid Lawn Catalog 2016/2017 Dress Collection with Price

If you are looking for something simply traditional yet trendy to wear on Eid, then Maria B. Eid Collection 2016 is the collection you need to check out. Eid calls for an environment of festivity and joy. Simplicity and grace are considered as hallmarks of this occasion. These traits can easily be found with Maria B’s dresses she has specially introduced for Eid. Maria B has always kept the femininity alive in her outfits. Her designs and prints add to the beauty of the wearer and her traditional patterns and motifs keep the dresses looking Eastern. This Eid season, she has introduced Maria B Eid Lawn Collection 2016 after the successful launch of embroidered chiffon Eid collection. Both the designer series have their own flairs and touch of individuality. In her Eid Lawn collection, a variety of 10 elegant prints is there. Formals, semi-formals and casuals are included. Soft pastel shades along with vibrant hues have been gorgeously incorporated into the eid outfits. They can be stitched conveniently and are ready to be worn for any kind of gathering. Silk, chiffon, cotton and net are also used adroitly with the beautiful lawn prints.

MARIA.B Eid Lawn Dress Collection 2016/2017 with Prices

MARIA.B Eid Lawn Catalog 2016/2017 is looking extremely perfect for festivity due to its unique and creative embellishments. The designer has wonderfully indulged intricate thread work, floral patterns, Lucknowi chikan kari, cut-work, addition of zarri, sequins and Mukaish etc in  Lawn Dresses For Eid. All the dresses are given the natural feel with their soft layouts and delightful colors.

Charizma Luxury Eid Chiffon Collection 2016/2017 with Price Vol-7

For eid festive season, Charizma has a luxury treat for women and girls, Yes! a thrilling, soothing and plush fabric detailed with exquisite thread work - Charizma presents Luxury Chiffon eid collection 2016 in 8500/= Prices. Charizma by Riaz arts is a brand that believes in traditional and aesthetic charm; it works on nature and artistic features of ancient culture. This festive of Eid-Ul-Fitr is coming in very innovative but limited chiffon collection to keep you chic, stylish with most ravishing trend of the year.A supple collection of ensembles that will add more creativity and fun.
These meticulous finished eid attires are designed to give you a refreshing break from the ordinary style. Charizma luxury chiffon is ideal for Festival day wear to night out, These luxury silhouettes can give a complimenting makeover to wardrobe and you easily get a simple chic closet.

Rani Emaan Eid Lawn Collection 2016-17 by Sara Textile

Eid and fashion are evergreen subjects. Often difficult to pin down and always open to personal interpretation, good style manages to be both transcendent of fashion and absolutely of the moment. Rani Emaan designer has put together some sensational looks, which will be difficult to resist. Vintage stories, floral, lacy, gold and glittery, are some most common this festive season. The best new is you can dig out all. Rani Emaan Eid lawn collection will be a gratifying experience of joinnt ventures. The appreciation that the very eight designs have received called for presenting the eid collection. The color palettes of the line tantalize the aesthetic sense and the thread work that spread around the attires vouch for punctilious detailing done by the designers. All things considered, it is a ,mutual strife of Rani Emaan's and Sara Textile to adorn the sophisticated females with the soothing and well defined fabric and make their bright occasion brighter with Rani Eman lawn Eid 2016-17 especial addition.

Shariq Mina Hasan Lawn Eid Collection 2016-2017 with Prices

The most thrilling and luxury designer of the year who got tremendous appreciation for chiffon embroidered fabric vol-3 this year - is pridely launching Embroidered Lawn on 18th June in Collaboration of Shariq Textile. 
Spend this summery hot Eid with Shariq Mina Hasan Lawn Eid Collection 2016-2017 which is ultimate fashion trend for women. Mina Hasan is among the most innovative designers we have in Pakistan. Her collections have always been outclass and stylishly sophisticated. This year Mina has turned down all her rivals with her new chiffon festive collection in unstitched format. You will find fine detailing, innovative colors in this collection that will be total delights to the eye and you will be more than happy to add them to your wardrobe. Mina Hasan Eid Collection 2016 features outstanding cut-work and delicate embroidery designs and oriental tailored suits with luxurious elements. These outfits have been beautified with radiant tie and dye prints. Artistic geometric patterns have also been used and exquisite motifs to add complimenting beauty. Cropped shirts have been made with pure luminous lawn with variations in the necklines like boat-shaped, round, closed neck etc. Mina Hasan Eid dresses 2016 are available in sleeveless as well as sleeved varieties.

Shariq Mina Hasan Lawn Eid Collection 2016-2017 with Prices

Mina Hasan Embroidered Lawn Eid 2016 are unique in their sense as you will see an amazing combination of colors and patterns in this range. Bright eye-catching colors have been used for all these outfits with juxtapose of bold.

Zainab Chottani LSM Luxury Eid Formals 2016-2017 by Lakhani

This festive LSM Fabrics presents Eid Formals by Zainab Chottani. A collection of luxuriously designed eid dresses to make your Eid celebrations magnificent. The Zainab chottani eid collection 2016 by Lakhany Silk Mills capsule is a majestic, Uber-feminine and romantic collection produced from pure premium chiffon and silk with five designs in two color-ways each. The voluminous silhouettes - kimono-sleeved tunics, ponchos and kaftans - are accented with vintage baroque and Victorian floral and artisanal embroidery; subtle sequins; intricate cut-work and end noted with colorful digital printed pure silk dupattas; ideal for eid upcoming festive wedding season. 

LSM Formal Dresses Eid Collection 2016 by Zainab Chottani

This year, Zainab Chottani embroidered chiffon offers myriad and versatility to you, lsm fabrics values customer, the beautifully nourished dupattas in eid formal 2016-17 collection can be easily transformed into and worn throughout the year, as wide ranging wardrobe staples, including sheath gowns, voluminous capes and flared skirts.

Al Zohaib Mahnoor Eid Collection 2016-2017 with Prices

Eid is right at the doorstep and everyone is looking for something that can bring the best out of their personalities. This year you can experience the class and high profile fashion trends brought to you by the Al Zohaib Textile in respect of Eid 2016. With the title of Mahnoor Eid Collection, alzohaib has brought 8 brilliant designs with exotic color scheme in two shades for women. With very intricate printing art, delicate motifs and beautiful cut-work detailing, Mahnoor is a version of contemporary clothes. When unbeatable heat is giving us stress, then soothing array of lawn with softness of fabric and luxury modification is ultimate to get relief. And Al Zohaib Mahnoor Eid Collection 2016-2017 is simply synonymous of essential elements of summer

Mahnoor Eid Dress Collection by Al-Zohaib Textile 2016

Mahnoor Eid lawn 2016 is Launching on 16th June. It will give you to explore modern cum classy ideas of designers with its individual charm.

Ideas Pret Eid Collection 2016-17 | Gpret by Gul Ahmed

Ideas Pret Eid Collection with the wide range of colors and creative detailing of textures is ready to inspired you in surge of eid fashion. Eid and fashion are compulsory subjects when everybody wishes to flaunt their looks on festive. And whats suits more than Gul ahmed pret which symbioses the exceptional elements with unique and innovative concept. This year at the time of eid, Ideas Pret Eid Collection is making your dream true by adding some enchanting foraml wear designs in the racks. Which features exotic to trendy, classy to ultimate style for women.
Ideas Pret Eid Collection 2016-17 is composed of flower, nature and linear prints fuse into embroideries to settle down the exquisite appeal in it. Ideas eid fashion brings best contrasting effect with minimal styling and rich thread work, that is alluring concept for eid formal wear.

Zahra Ahmed Casablanca Festive Tunic Collection 2016-2017

'Casablanca' is new summer tunic collection designed by Zahra Ahmed. It is state of art depicts efficient minds who styled it in accordance with weather and festivity. The prints are the fusion of ethnic and contemporary themes with influences from Moroccan, Turkish arts and Victorian detailing. In Zahra Ahmed Tunics 2016-17; Artisans has played with various genres of design to create beautiful and soulfully interesting designs. The collection not only has the finest fabric and vibrant digital prints but it is super affordable. Join Sobia Nazir and relish these gorgeous summer outfits this season.

Zahra Ahmed Eid Tunic Collection 2016-2017

Through this Kurti collection, Zahra hahmed has tried to convey the message that printed lawn doesn't mean you cant experiment, you just have to know that how to style an outfit in hundred ways. Zahra Ahmed's Casablanca tunic collection styled while keeping the summer look in mind, it is the (No makeup look) time of the year. So at that time Zara Ahmed elegant tunics with edgy attributes are such pieces for that you absolutely fall in love with.

Sobia Nazir Luxury Eid Collection 2016/2017 with Prices (Chiffon Suits)

"Sobia Nazir Luxury Chiffon Eid Collection 2016" is the name of newest festive range that hit the fashion stores on 13th June in Pkr 14,000. Sobia Nazir is one of the most leading female fashion designer of today’s fashion industry. She joined this field in 2000 and she was known for her luxury bridal wear and formal wear range but couple of years ago she added lawn range in her collections. She has the great experience of almost 14 years in fashion designing. Sobia Nazir is very famous for her attractive designs in Pakistan and as well as UK, USA, Australia, Canada and Dubai. This eid Sobia Nazir has introduced the most graceful and luxurious designs of silk and chiffon dresses for women. These dresses are studded in such way that from young girl to house wife and working lady can wear freely. The colors are subtle and sublime on rich but soft fabrics to give you the feeling of comfort.
In Eid Luxury Chiffon collection, Sobia Nazir has offered 8 glamorous style detailed with sequins and thread embroideries.

Sobia Nazir Eid Chiffon Dresses 2016 with Prices

Sobia has used light and cool shades according to the season and festivity, from feminine pink to peach, from light shades of grey to mustard, soothing sea green to appealing purple and from gold brown to aqua a wide range of colors are available.

Beech Tree Unstitched Eid Lawn Vol III 2016-2017 (The Festive Edition)

Beech Tree is a famous brand introduced in 2010. It is one of the fastest growing fashion brands in Pakistan. This brand is known for its unique traditionally modern dresses that are effortless Unstitched & ready to wear. Beech Tree Lawn is such product which you can get them stitched according to any occasion as they have been tailored in a way to fit any kind of environment. Now Beech Tree is introducing Festive Eid Collection 2016 that features beautiful dresses perfect for summer and spring. The mesmerizing colors and intricately detailed patterns are some of the reasons for the individuality of this collection. Beech Tree Luxury Lawn 2016 is the symbol of modernity and class combined together in inspiring manner. All the outfits in this Unstitched Eid Lawn Vol III have a beautiful blend of lawn and chiffon. Other fabrics like organza net and cotton have also been perfectly merged. The digital patterns and motifs applied to the fabrics add enticing details to the outfits. The embroidery used contrasts well with the background shades. Buttons, tassels, beads and sequins have been placed to further adorn the fabrics. Tilla, kaanta, mesh work, cross stitch and various kinds of stitching styles are making it first choice of festive season.

Beech Tree Eid Lawn Vol-3 Collection 2016-17 (Festive Edition)

Beech Tree Eid Collection 2016 therefore presents you with some of the most sophisticatedly designed and trendy outfits in the industry. Moreover, some pretty accessories have also been recommended by Beech Tree that you can use on your outfits to complete your Eid outlook beautifully and gracefully.

Ethnic By Outfitters Luxury Eid Collection 2016/2017 with Prices

Ethic presents Festive Collection 2016 (Un-Stitched) under the flagship of Outfitters. This eid, Ethnic lawn brings you the signature aesthetic  which comprises of painterly floral, baroque science landscapes. Ethnic by Outfitters eid range comes in a medley of nature inspired by botanical. The style team of ethnic has explored the texture, imbues an organic sophistication that come through in a medley of pastel splash of textures.
This season's lawn is unlike any other lawn they have ever made. Ethnic has mixed elegant prints with botanical embroideries in new festive lawn dress catalog 2016-17. The colors are vibrant and the compositions are ticking mystery. This collection translate easily from day-time top night time. It depends on your own style this festive with Ethnic By Outfitters Luxury Eid Collection 2016/2017 when it designs with perfection and enriched with complimenting luxury.
Ethnic Luxury Eid Collection 2016/2017 is launching on 11th June 2016, but you can pre-book you favorite eid dress from it with Clothing9 now.

Ethnic Luxury Eid Collection 2016/2017 with Prices

Outfitters is among those Pakistani fashion brands that are mostly associated with high profile Western clothing ranges and the unique Western touches that they add to their outfits. But after the launch of its product line with the appellation of Ethnic, Outfitters has revamped its image as being the provider of Western dresses only. This new product line offers wonderful Eastern dresses tailored right according to the latest fashion trends but with their traditional feel intact.

Zarqash Luxury Chiffon 2016 | Zarqash Eid Collection 2016/2017

Zarqash introduced 'Dreamy Desires' a combination of silk and chiffon with the exquisite appeal and aesthetic charm as Eid collection 2016-17. This festive season Zarqash presents an ode to the romance, grace & splendor with a touch of festivity and hints of elegance.
Dreamy desires is a derivative of our thought, the aspiration behind the brand and the dream of creating apparel with an edge! Befitting for the young fashionista, or the bohemian chic woman with a free spirit. Zarqash Eid collection comprises of accents to tickle the desire of just about everyone.
Zarqash Luxury Chiffon 2016 inspired by the romance and beauty of Lord Byrons poetic verses; dreamy desires is a song for every woman with subtle shades and bright ones, delicate embroideries and bold patterns, for the feisty and the feminine, Each having a unique identity stitched for the inner goddess in you.

Zarqash Dreamy Desires Eid Dresses 2016/2017

Charizma Luxury Embroidered Eid Lawn Collection 2016/2017 for Girls

Charizma presents exquisite embroidered lawn collection - A supple range of ensembles that will add more fun to upcoming season of festivities. This capsule collection has been meticulously created to give you a refreshing break from the mundane fashion so that you can re-write your own vogue stories in style. This festivity season it is time to look and feel your best so that you can glamorize your closet with clothes that reflect happiness. Now no more compromise on style while playing hostess of attending parties in this hot weather. Enjoy the celebration in style with Charizma luxury lawn 2016-17.
Charizma is a brand that bring grace from the past and taste of the future with individuality and simplicity. It approach toward fashion defines such graceful style that help to refresh our closet and mood in any season. This spring summer festive season, after the great comeback of luxury Swiss voil eid 2016, now charizma has offered a remarkable eid edition as Charizma Luxury Embroidered Eid Lawn Collection 2016/2017 for Girls .

Charizma Embroidered Eid Lawn Collection for Women 2016/17

Charizma Luxury Eid Lawn 2016/2017 features 18 elegant lawn prints detailed with intricate thread work and natural patterns.

Nadia Farooqui Eid Luxury Pret Exhibition 2016-17

Nadia Farooqui is the brand, who's appearance depicts the modern values of fashion. It will not be wrong if i say that she is dominating star of luxury pret market. Her designs, way of embellishments and ideology are simply chic and glamorous. So let's look up at what she has for you in Eid Festive Exhibition 2016. But before that let me tell you that where and when you can join Nadia Farooqui Exhibition this year. Well! 1st Floor 1C Lane 6 Bokhari Commercial Area Phase VI DHA Karachi  from 11am to 7pm on June 15th, Nadia is displaying her latest eid pret 2016 which carries symbolic patterns and unique concept of funky clothes.
Nadia Farooqui Eid Luxury Pret Exhibition 2016-17 is bringing some gorgeous designs with trendy blend of designers imagination. The detailing techniques, contemporary trims and traditional flavor - all is combined by designer in very unique way in luxury pert wear. The colors are very subtle or cool like pastels, beige, mellow yellow, blue. The thing which makes to unique to Nadia Farooqui luxury pret eid 2016 is its perfect high-low hemlines, and pairs of tulip pants, bell-bottom and pencil trousers. This exquisite collection includes fine cut-work, lace, net and embroidery application with simple yet stunning way to make a ideal festive treat of the year.

Nadia Farooqui Eid Luxury Pret Exhibition 2016-17 

In fact, to look captivating, sheer and a appealing persona, Nadia is bringing something with minimalist but well constructed outfits that can make you a graceful yet stylish persona.

Sana Safinaz Muzlin Embroidered Eid Collection Vol-2 2016-2017

Sana Safinaz is delighted to present Volume-2 of their exceedingly popular Muzlin collection. After the resounding response on Muzlin lawn 2016 vol-1 at the beginning of the season, they present a follow up collection that stays true to the philosophy of fashion forward, affordable luxury.
Muzlin 2016 is a a summer wardrobe staple in the lightest, softest spun lawn it is comfortably wearable and extremely weather friendly all the while emanating a very current and trendy essence.

SANASAFINAZ Muzlin Vol 2 Eid Collection 2016 for Women

The focus once again is on a relax yet celebratory summer aesthetic with a color palettes ranging from pretty, feminine pastels to bright and playful hues. The Prints and motifz of floral and geometric patterns are complimented with a subtle hints of delicate embroidery on all the Muzlin Embroidered designs 2016-17.

Rivaj Fabrics Semi Stitched Mens Kurta Shalwar Collection for Eid 2016

Do you want up wear something trendy but close to ethnicity? If yes then go for Rivaj Fabrics Semi Stitched Menswear. Newly Rivaj had revealed summer friendly and exclusive designs of Kurta shalwar for men. All the kurtas are stitched in modern ideas and clubbed with matching shalwar. You can wear these kurtas in summer to feel breezy and comfortable. Rivaj Kurta Shalwar Collection 2016  includes wide range of cotton kurtas that are specially designed for the scorching summer days. These kurtas are perfect to wear in casual as well as semi formal and formal gatherings. 

Rivaj Fabrics Mens Kurta Shalwar Collection for Eid 2016

Rivaj Fabrics - a name that describes eastern man with its significant and classic fuse of style. Rivaj Menswear draws paramount inspiration from the masterful tapestries of imagination and is a wonderful amalgam of the traditional legacy and the contemporary trends marking the individuality of the man of today. Rivaj Kurta Shalwar inspired by the rich traditions and celebrations of nobility, courage and generosity laid out in the jewel of ancient Persian literature.

Ismail Farid Eid Kurta Shalwar Designs for Mens | Ismail Farid Menswear 2016

This year, Eid will bring relief to the exhausted Muslims, who have been fasting for the whole holy month of Ramadan and will be tired by the burning summer heat. This grand religious festival will bring joy to their lives and a clear opportunity to relish all the beautiful moments this festival has in store. At this time of the year, all the fashion brands are pouring in their collections at pretty discounted rates. Every other dress seems out of this world but you need to choose what fits your style best. For making the right choice out of the lot, you can rely on the ravishing Pakistani Designer Dresses brought to you by Ismail Farid. This designer has been known for the stylish menswear Kurta Shalwar designs he has brought forward year after year

Ismail Farid 2016 Eid Kurta Shalwar Designs for Mens

This eid-ul-fitr we can see Ismail Farid with refreshing style and unique concept in Eid Kurta Shalwar Designs for Mens. Ismail Farid Pret Wear is totally eastern collection based on Shalwaar kameez and Men's Kurta's with Waistcoats and jackets. In which decent embroidery has been sprinkled on different areas of kamees like sleeves, plackets or collars. As Ismail Farid Menswear 2016 has been designed by keeping our business community in mind thus minimal embellishment is offered. He has tried to uplift your mood by adding such graceful festive attires that can not get from easily in market. Ismail Farid Mens Eid Kurta Shalwar Designs 2016 are ideal for formal and informal use.
Ismail Farid - a designer who got fame for its distinct signature attitude for men, which has made a valuable star of the clothing industry.

Sana Abbas Summer Festive Formal Wear Collection 2016

Sana Abbad also entered in the realm of eid fashion with its new and exclusively designed eid collection 2016. This passionate designer has won the especial place in customer's heart by her modest and elegant designs. She has made the SA prominent in Pakistan as well as captured the attention of Middle East, European and American customer with diverse philosophy. Whether its custom made products or ready to wear, her creations depict meticulous finish and impeccable detailing with coveted style. The way she fuse the handicrafts into luxury elements is really breathtaking concept. And with same idea and attention on detail, Sana Abbas is bringing luxury pret eid collection 2016.

Sana Abbas festive wear are capturing the polite and calm attitude in colors to adornments. Such as pink, lime yellow, purple, blue, off-white and grey with classic fuse, glamour of thread work, and elegance of fancy material is giving an impression of luxury and romance. Further, variety of fabrics combined together in eid luxury pret. Cotton, Silk, Net, Organza and khaadi net with signature style of Sana Abbas and delicate finish are fit for any occasion after eid.

Sana Abbas Summer Festive Formal Wear Collection 2016

Sana Abba eid luxury pret was exhibited today and got overwhelming response from audience. Because, fashion savvy audience has got chance to see very tasteful and intricately accentuated eid attires.

Pastelé Romance - Annus Abrar Eid Collection 2016-17

In Pakistan, eid is the occasion when every old to new fashion house try their luck. Every designer wants to get good response by adding style and luxury in eid clothes. This season scenario is the same when almost every brand is introducing innovative ensembles for women. Such as recently Maria b, Sana Safinaz, nishat, JJ and Firdous have brought memorable eid fashion and enchanted the audience. But when it comes to crown the brand with fascinating, magnificent and alluring producer then Annus Abrar is the only winner like always. She is the queen of glamour and her pret dresses designs are symbol of poise, simplicity and elegance. This season, Annus Abrar is working out on very delicious, mouthwatering and remarkable classic formula which consists on fuse of chikan embroidered fabric, pastel hues and glamorous hand detailing in eid collection 2016 "Pastelé Romance". 

Annus Abrar Pastelé Romance Eid Collection 2016-17

This well known designer has tried to come with exceptional eid range for women instead of typical one. Thus, she showcased a collection that carries jolly designs that portray mood of young girls, subtle colors with freshness of flowers through embroideries and minimal embellishments. Uniqueness is key of Annus Abrar eid collection 2016, and each dress is evident of her distinct signature solo. She has worked on traditional kurta styles, lehenga, two legged flapper, tulip trousers and bell-bottom to keep the strongest taste of culture in wardrobe on religious festival of eid.

Firdous Excelencia Exclusive Festive Collection 2016-2017

Hey girls! here we are with most wanted and tempting collection for coming festive day of Eid 2016. This is one of the finest eid collection I have ever seen by Firdous. The collection is based on colorful dresses nourished with beautiful prints and trendy thread embroidery. This is Firdous Eid Collection titled as EXCELENCiA 3Pc Embroidered festive wear. In this Festive collection Firdous launched 10 rich and trendy dresses for Eid-Ul-Fitr. The dresses for Eid day have been designed in pretty and chic way to boost your Eid day celebrations. Sleeveless shirts are adorned with luxurious neckline patterns. Moreover printing fantasy has added more beauty and class in this Firdous Eid Collection 2016. Traditional shirts with heavy embellished necklines, ankle whole and button looped trousers are also looking awesome with intricate embroidery techniques. The Color scheme of Firdous Festive Dresses 2016 is also appealing.

Firdous Fashion Elegancia Eid Collection 2016

This Eid collection of Firdous will give you feeling of leisure and elegance on Eid millan parties and other casual and family gatherings. Hope you like this amazing, and trendy designer formal dress collection that will be in stores from 5th June. It’s time to prep your pins ladies, because it’s that time of year where Lawn dresses are at the forefront of your wardrobe.

Silaayi Eid Luxury Pret Dresses 2016-2017 for Girls

As the festivities of Ramadan and Eid approach us, the pressure of finding that right ensemble which shall be the perfect mix of beauty and tradition, gets higher. Silaayi comes to your rescue by offering you a delightful pret collection with a wide spectrum of fabrics and design influences. There is something for every lady, from simply to chic and bold to modern.
Silaayi's long formed penchant for offering its customer pure fabric, shine through this eid also as we put on offer an exclusive variety of 100% silk, and jacquard's with the contemporary modification in Eid Luxury Pret Dresses 2016-2017 for Girls for you to choose from.

Silaayi Eid Collection 2016

Silaayi Eid Luxury Pret 2016's cuts are unique and stitching is impeccable as always, offering hand finished and the quality committed attires.  Whether you eid shopping will be based on comfort, beauty, exclusivity or charm, Silaayi pret has been covered with all must-have attributes of fashion and style. So let's shine this eid 2016 with Silaayi eid collection 2016.

 Silaayi Eid Dresses 2016-17 For Women

Silaayi Eid Dresses 2016-17 For WomenSilaayi Eid Dresses 2016-17 For Women

Silaayi Eid Dresses 2016-17 For Women

Silaayi Eid Luxury Pret Dresses 2016-2017 for Girls Silaayi Eid Luxury Pret Dresses 2016-2017 for Girls

Kayseria Eid-Ul-Fitr Pure Spirit Collection 2016-17 for Women

Eid UL Fitr festival has great significance in a Muslim community, It came after the fasting month of Ramadan. For a women, Eid is valuable even when she can stress out from home chores and get full of enjoyment. Because  it gives them shopping opportunity and pick very beautiful clothes. Talking about clothes, then for eid every single member of the family wishes to get unique and attractive attires. From kids, men and women, every person love to shop such attires that reflect festivity theme along with traditional touch and modern style.
Kayseria - Magic in Print proudly presents eid collection 2016 that is symbol of purity and statement style. The latest eid festive range contains pure lawn of the Egyptian and Arabian variety to kayseria star cast of pure fabric. Also presenting for the first time, embroidered chiffon in ready to wear is likely to bring you joy and make a wardrobe proposition that will be hard to miss. Kayseria Eid collection 2016 is another delightful addition to the kayseria family is ready to wear section for your princess. This festive season, Kayseria eid catalog 2016-17 features three interesting sections (two for young fashionistas and one for out little princess).

Kayseria Eid-Ul-Fitr Pure Spirit Collection 2016-17 for Women

Pure spirit is main category of Kayseria eid collection that includes pret and unstitched suits. The unstitched is based on finest embroidered fabric enriched with festive colors and traditional handicrafts. On the pure jacquard's, delicate gota, tilla , embossed brocade patterns and banarasi borders are perfectly portraying the rich culture of subcontinent. Kayseria unstitched eid dresses are nicely decorated by magnificent elements taken from jewellery designs and amalgamated in enchanting floral motifs. Mughal era lifestyle is prominent in Kayseria eid ul fitr suits that always been inspiring for women. Each and every design is reflecting varied history with contemporary theme that is ideal for pleasure of the moment.

In Pure Spirit Pret 2016 eid collection embellishments go from traditional sparkle of mirror work to the subtle dubka and tilla adornments. Embroideries like aari add a classic chic and brighten up the kayseria pure chiffon kurta designs. Flat bed printed short length kurtis and digital prints on mi length shirts that carry the embellished look are exciting options for those who like it simpler.

Bonanza Lawn Satrangi Eid Collection 2016-17 With Price

Bonanza is the fashion brand of Pakistan that has always been associated with elegance and grace. All the dresses by this brand are with their unique signature style and their vivacity is one of its kind. Satrangi, when incorporates the festivity of Eid in itself, creates magic that no other brand can match. The Bonanza Satrangi Festive Lawn brand proudly presents clothing ranges for females and all their collection is always self-sufficient to get you stylized for any kind of event. Bonanza Eid Collection 2016-17 brings you yet another range of beautiful dresses in soft pastel shades as well as vibrant hues. 
All the prints are perfect for making some outstanding long shirts, A-line shirts and frocks for this Eid. Soft shades used for the eid attires to make them a total vogue while the ones having bright radiant colors will give you a chic feel for your summer. Bonanza Satrangi Lawn Eid Collection 2016 dresses are based on the same theme but all are with some very elegant embroidery all over the fabric. Although quite basic stitching techniques have been used for the ready-to-wear collection, but the embellishments are adding unique class to this simplicity. Cute laces in contrasting colors have been used. Floral motifs, digital patterns, digital embroidery and many other such latest trends can be seen in this clothing range.

Bonanza Lawn Satrangi Eid Collection 2016-17 for Women

Bonanza Embroidered Dresses for Eid have all been given a comfortable feel with their loose stitching style. Some sleeveless varieties are also available.

Sapphire Lawn Unstitched Eid Collection 2016 With Prices

Good news girls! Sapphire lawn 2016 eid collection is launching on 4th June. Sapphire products have been the icon of undisputed quality in the retail field for decades. In over a years time, Sapphire has established itself as high quality fast fashion label in the clothing, accessories and the jeweler field.The quality of fabric, material and the originality of sapphire style has made it to become one of the most acclaimed household name in fashion brands.
I invite you to spend this revealing in the luxury  of sapphire fabric and the magnificence of designs all in affordable prices. Creativity and imagination have no boundaries once left unfettered. And sapphire team to set forth towards the extraordinary - to prove way of new experiences and to move away from that which is ubiquitous. Sapphire perpetual quest for the undiscovered landed us in Namibia, Africa. The azure blue sky, deep orange sand and hundreds of years old skeletal trees provided an unrivaled backdrop to sapphires's eid collection 2016. Rabia Butt, sizzled in the tantalizing  hues of sapphire lawn under the glaring African sun. It was, in all, an amazing journey undertaken with a formidable team of creative individuals. Together with the people that created this collection and those who brought it to life - all brings Sapphire Eid collection 2016 under the creative vision of Khadijah Shah.

Sapphire Lawn Unstitched Eid Collection 2016 With Prices

For Sapphire unstitched lawn eid edition, the team of Khadijah Shah brings the signature aesthetic with compromises of painterly floral, rococo motifs and science landscapes.

Iznik Luxury Lawn Eid Collection 2016-2017 with Prices

Iznikn Festive Luxury Lawn 2016 theme encircle around 'Kaleidoscope Fantasies'. Iznik has very strong aesthetic run through all of creations lawn / chiffon. Its focus is to highlight femininity and elegance with intricate classic embellishments and blossoming fresh colors.

Iznik Luxury Lawn 2016 Prices

Iznik luxury lawn traits of the soft pastel feminine colors and floral motifs mix with Moroccan patterns are used to make women of all ages feel beautiful.
Iznik luxury eid lawn collection Kaleidoscope Fantasies is all about floral expression with pastel explosion and pretty chic prints. Its color combination portrays bright colors and playful styles with the delicate touch of embellishment.

Iznik Party Wear Eid Dresses Launching on 4th June 2016

Though, it is First chapter of Iznik Lawn but strongly emphasis on women's-hood and her taste.

Mariab MBROIDERED Eid Collection 2016-17 Vol-2 Catalogue

This festive when scorching summer is not letting to enjoy the cheerful moments the finding a style in which we can feel easy and comfortable is difficult. But no more when our own style inventor ' Mariab' is fully prepared for comfortable festive looks. She is the only designer who understands that what can flatter our style, boost confidence and make a diva queen. She is such professional stylists who walk with the era and bring something very attractive and radiant that make us proud on her. This spring summer festive season, She is giving you a menu of 8 delicious prints featuring luxury and class as basic ingredient and wrapped in aesthetic charm. Yes! it is non other then MBROIDERED (Unstitched) Collection 2016 Vol-2.
Mariab's Mbroidered chiffon is among most awaited catalogs, which bring ultimate party wear style for women. It depicts Swarovski Ingredient in the signature style of Mariab and let us to dive in the valley of glamour. This year, Maria b eid MBROIDERED Collection has been introduced right before the Ramadan because her focus was to deliver you a range that features royal appeal and innovation with all elements.

Mariab MBROIDERED Vol-2 Eid Collection 2016-17 Catalogue

As Eid is a celebration of purity and inner beauty that we achieve by doing good deeds over the month of Ramadan. This beauty and purity is put to light when we adorn ourselves and join in on the festivities. This Eid-ul-Fitr‎ occasion adorn yourself with purity and luxury of Maria B Eid Collection 2016 to let the world know who you are.

Charizma Eid Collection 2016-2017 | Embroidered Swiss Range for Women

From last few years, Pakistani textile industry has under the drastic change. Once upon a time when people ignored see-through fabrics but now due to excessive heat they are preferring  to wear it. Swiss Voile / Swiss Lawn were among those fabrics which always bore negligence  in fashion. But no more now, Swiss voil has quickly proved it best for the Pakistan season. Its lightweight, breezy and soft fibers derived from cotton and easy to carry in unbearable hot temperature. That is why almost every big brand is presenting muslin fabric with variation of prints, colors and style. After the great hit of Sana Safinaz Muslin 2016 vol-1, now Charizma Eid Collection 2016 has been introduced in a blend of four sleek, luxury and soft fabrics.  Swiss Voile, Silk, Chiffon and Net are available in new unstitched eid range of Riaz arts.
Charizma Swiss Eid Collection 2016-17 is witness of  affection of Swiss fabrics in which designer team has used creative yet modern customization. transformed  with delicacy, styled with innovation and enhanced with exquisite features, Charizma eid collection is reflection class and trendy design concept.

Charizma Eid Embroidered Swiss Range Collection 2016-2017

This is the first time when charizma has offered a limited eid edition in which 10 out-class designs have been priced in 5500.