Amna Ajmal New Bridal & Groom Collection | Party Wear / Sherwanis

Pakistani Bridal dresses are famous in the world due to its very rich, elite and attractive styles. In Fact our grandmothers advise us to wear classic bridal attires to get million dollar look. It is true! that luxury wedding clothes of Pakistan are better than western gowns or lehenga choli. It plush fabrics, exquisite detailing and serene style provide all essential element; which bride looks for. In Pakistan, we have countless bridal wear designers whose efforts have helped wedding fashion to grow and became prominent. For Example Sana Yasir, Farah Talib Aziz, Deepak Perwani, Elan, Zara ShahJahan, Tena Durrani, Maria B, Nomi Ansari, Mehdi, Umar Sayeed etc etc. These all are few leading bridal wear manufacturers names and almost every fashionista is aware with their signature solo. But Today we are not going to reveal New Bridal & Groom Collection from these designers.

Suffuse Bridal Wear Designs 2016-2017 by Sana Yasir | New Bridal Fashion

Suffuse the inspiration of Sana Yasir is warmly welcoming the new season with bridal collection. Sana's designer wedding wear is prettiest tribute to Asian lifestyle infused in European colors Mughal styles. The artist has played with metallic theme with subtle notes and highlighted with dark or gloomy handicrafts. Chiffon, organza and silks are most interesting selection that is full of plush and opulence. On the other hand perfect blend of handicrafts on it is more worth describing element in suffuse bridal collection 2016-17
Chain stitch, resham work, knot work, wire work, sequins, pearls, beads, kora, dabka and crystals are most alluring addition in bridal fashion trend that captures the versatility and defined in gorgeous manner.  On which beauty of eastern tailoring is undeniably perfect.

Alkaram Studio ilovepret‬ Digital Sateen Collection 2016-17

Alkaram captures the beauty of colors and nature for new #‎ilovepret‬ digital sateen collection. Actually this collection is paying tribute to classic prints and ethnic kurta style. Alkaram ilovepret‬ Digital Silk Collection 2016 is featuring exciting mix and match of fun filled floral and geometry. Because designer aim was to deliver such trebd that make you sure that you stand apart from the clutter. Ilovepret Collection is defining new boundaries for youth with class through feminine unique attributes. Being the exclusive fashion of the year 2016, Alkaram studio has gather glorious colors and intricate digital patterns in pret wear.
Pret-a-porter is an must-have form of fashion which is also famous in Pakistan these days. Almost all standard size have equal demand and sold through all leading Pakistani designers. Alkaram is also a big giant who provide ready to wear collections for women. Alkaram focus is to offer economical yet trendsetting pret wear that attract consumers in one glance. It also ensure quality and heeded upon bringing latest designing in ready-to-wear fashion. Recently, After jasmine collection and Sania Maskatiya pret, Now Alkaram has introduced pre-spring pret collection 2016. In which silk tunics or kurta has been introduced with loose fit style. Alkaram kurta collection includes digital printing attributes style in contemporary way but taken from ancient era. 

Alkaram Studio #ilovepret‬ Sateen Kurta Collection 2016-17 

If silk is your favorite fabric then you gonna find new i-love-pret collection is best for you. Its designs are lively and feminine and have quality to be famous in entire summer spring season. Moreover simply defined kurta's sewing ideas are not letting you to neglect it, So let find perfect pair with trunked legging, trousers or pants from Alkaram Digital Kurta Collection 2016-17.

Nishat Linen Silk 2016 | Nishat Linen Spring Collection 2016 Prices

After giving great discount in annual sale, now Nishat Linen is ready to colorize your spring with its silk collection. Nishat Linen spring summer collection 2016-17 has been launched with a message that 'Welcome this spring with smooth textures, finest luxury and modern styles of Silk Collection 2016. Now silk is available in stores and buy online at So let's give a fresh makeover to closet and personalities both by adding some gorgeous silk designs. Which will add silky smooth feel along with diverse range of style in order to increase feminine glamour. 

Agha Noor Luxury Kurtas Collection 2016-2017 | Agha Noor Store Karachi

Agha Noor - The British Asian designer has stepped into fashion industry on 17-December-2011. It has won the trust of Pakistani women's with elegant design in best quality. Taking part in fashion was dream of Agha Noor; that is why he moved back to Pakistan to fulfill his dream. His passion helped him out to be famous in fashionistas. Thus, today Agha Noor boutique is dearest designer of Asian women from all around the world. Right now Agha Noor has outlets in all major cities like Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. Though Karachi is lucky with Three main outlets in top-notch locations like Dolmen Mall Clifton,Zamzama and Bahadurabad. Agha-Noor caters the simple, feminine yet elegant dressing concept that never let you to ignore its collection. Colorful clothes, vibrant colors, bold features make the dominant to Agha Noor collections in other leading tycoons. Its timeless and highly stylish Kurtas are available in 2500 to 6000 prices.

Timeless Bride – Farah Talib Aziz latest bridal collection

Farah Talib Aziz presents ' The Timeless Bride' and intermingled of old and contemporary techniques beautifully amalgamated into rich heritage of Istanbul. Farah Talib Aziz dedicated its efforts to the cultural hub of Turkey this season. She has fascinated the asian brides by remixing the ancient handicrafts glamour into captivating style of turkey. If aside she has used lavish fabrics then other hand describe the timeless bridal collection with utterly feminine ruffled, laces and delicate embroideries. On silk, designer Farah Talib Aziz has nicely balanced the European charm and Asian magic to unveil high-end opulence in wedding wear. The Timeless Bride by Farah Talib Aziz is unseen magical style that features must-have attributes with most trendy silhouettes designs such as Farshi Ghararas, Kalidaar Angharkha and contemporary twist of jacket choli.
Latest bridal collection by FTA delivers comfort and style to wearer and boost her confidence and personality groom. Because its very versatile cuts along with magnificent elements have been balanced in Farah Talib Aziz signature style. 

Élan Crystal Festive S/S 2016 Luxury Pret | Elan Pret Collection 2016

Many people thinks that creating garments is as easy as ABC but it's totally wrong. Fashion designers have great skills, creativity and talent to make their concept into trend. Though if someone becomes successful then no one can stop to be hot favorite. Today, we can see many popular names who joined most profitable business of fashion. Such as Élan by Khadijah Shah, she is a very popular fashion celebrity, who knows that how to conceptualize any style that becomes trend. Élan clothing has best timeless pieces in its racks that's have beautiful intermingle of stand out style and wonderful sophistication. The Élan store is ideal and pristine contemporary boutique for women. Its delicate yet meaningful feminine formula can not let you to ignore especially luxury pret collection

ShehrNaz Pret Festive Collection 2016-2017 | SherNaz Formal Pret Dresses

Luxury prêt dresses are traditional style and designers are working day and night to give it new face. Mainly SHEHRNAZ clothing is extremely diverse; who's designing high-end Prêt dresses for women. Sh has given highly unique ethos and style innovation to the trend of luxury prêt dresses. It will not be wrong that due to her efforts today pret is on top of the list of prevailing fashion. As almost every women in the world is under the influence of Luxury prêt dresses and they request for classic cuts and modern stitching in it. So one of your and mine favorite designer has heard their request and brought some highly stylish classy styles in embroidered luxury prêt dresses. Yes! she is none other than SHEHRNAZ sice 2014. Her luxury fashion house was established when very few brands had offered luxury prêt collection. At that time ShehrNaz has set it apart from other leading brands in the industry with most trendy and distinguished attires for girls. She has brought fresh blossom of ethnic handicrafts, lavish fabrics and aesthetic appeal in the fashion world. She had designed highly satisfying custom tailored and ready to wear garments and made us happy. ShehrNaz designers has proved it unbeatable in combination of luxury and classic.

Thredz Online Store Kurta Collection 2016-2017 | Thredz Shirts 2016

Thredz New Digital Print Collection is in stores now. Thredz offered new digital print tunics for women in winter new arrivals. If aside almost every brand is offering sale and finishing the old stock then other hand thredz is busy in making new clothing range for women. It clearly reveals that thredz has has no fear of loss or finish the old stock. That is why Thredz designed ready to wear shirt collection with very fine digitalis art and style. 
Thredz has generated high sell for two piece collection and offered versatility in price of 1645. And now once again it has decided to give you high class ready to wear shirts with full of creativity and elegance in pocket friendly prices. Here we are going to show you thredz digital print kurta collection which features evergreen color scheme with glamour of digital styling. On cotton silk, matte silk and karandi you have never seen such prominent and catchy patterns. In short for daily life threds has offered a combination of allure and charizma through digital shirts.

New Kurta Designs 2016-2017 Trend In India And Pakistan for Women

Like many other styles, kurta and tunics for women are also under modification process. Because this all time favorite attire has helped to grow many eminent brands and develop into leading groups. That is major reason why we see that almost every brand is giving particular attention in designing kurta fashion for women. Kurti or kurta are not only popular in Pakistan as well as favorite womenswear of indian ladies. In India - kurti tunic trend is rapidly growing with each passing day and recognised as youth wear. Indian and Pakistan are neighbour countries and have little cultural differences; we mean to say that both countries have similar dress up and taste. Though indian national dress is Saree but it's limited to ancestors or as party wear. In daily routine shalwar kameez inspired Pakistani kurta designs are very prominent there. Indian girls like to wear long Kurta with jeans and short Kurti with patiala and dhoti shalwar. As far as Pakistan is concern then kurta fashion is also well known and mostly girls adopt it with leggings, palazzo and pants.

New Pakistani Wedding Dresses & Bridal Party Wears 2016-2017

Wedding means the celebration of rich culture, ethos, norms and customs of east in Pakistan. Pakistani weddings are ultimate illustration of ancient traditions; and few ceremonies are must-have in every region of Pakistan. In our weddings, the dress of bride and groom also represent culture and they love to encircle around the old era. In short Pakistani Wedding is best to know about Pakistan and its traditions. We can see that n our society every one is very conscious about dress up. So when the wedding arrives or the question raise to vogue up the big day then our brides want a dress that get admire from everyone. They desire that bridal wear should have symbolic style of old-age with contemporary touch. Their first wish in Pakistani wedding dresses is luxury after comfort, classic design and aesthetic color. Therefore from Mehndi, Dholki, Nikah or Baraat to Valima; they select traditional clothes  with lightweight luxury detailing.

Asim Jofa Tunic Collection 2016 | Autumn / Winter Catalog With Prices

Designer Asim Jofa presents new winter tunic collection 2016 in 2,200 price range. It was a myth that tops or tunics are only best for petite girls. Actually people has described the tunics designs as perfect for small and attractively dainty build girls. But Pakistani designers have proved it wrong by making wide variety of kurti collection and offering with such patterns that suits on every body shape. That is why -  today tunic is ideal style that's shopping never stops in any season. Tunics are beautiful and reasonable clothing line which is famous due to designers like Asim Jofa, Maria B and Khadi. Tunics are best outerwear like official wear to daily wear dress. Tunics can eradicate your all style worries about femininity with its simple and sweet colors and prints. Tunic dress suits on every complexion and you can easily enhance your appearance. This light-weight ensemble incorporates pristine elegance and very splendid illusion of culture and modern lifestyle. Moreover, striking hues, fashionable trims and dramatic embroidery and motifs make it statement pieces. Today we have Asim Jofa Tunics Catalogue 2016 which will compliment your beauty with its exclusive fashion concepts.

Maria.B MBROIDERED Collection Luxury Edition 2016-17 Vol-1 Catalog / LookBook

Maria b chiffon 2016 - what will be most feminine and ultimate fashion wear than mbroidred fabric by designer Mariab. In modern world; when we are very sensitive about groomed personalities at that time the role of the Pakistani designers is undeniable. Their extremely hard work to bring unique value of fashion and boost our beauty is appraise-able. And Maria B's is worth describing among them who has offered highly innovative evening wear ( pret a porter ) and unstitch embroidred dresses to fulfill our formal wear needs. Though she has great stuff for 2 year baby to 50 year women in which semi formal, tunics, seasonal casuals and street wear included. But her embroidred collection has own a la mode qualities which makes it unique. In fact Maria b chiffon / silk is one of the most celebrated trend and we wait anxiously to have a glance of its style. So after eid, once again Maria.B MBROIDERED Collection Luxury Edition 2016-17 Vol-1 designs are ready for fall winter cold evenings with best craftsmanship and remarkable placement of embroideries. In which colors are describing gloomy nights then luxury handwork is keeping us around aesthetic. On the other hand floral majesty in Maria b Designs and delicacy of crafts over lavish fabrics has own signature philosophy.

Maira Ahsan Embroidered Chiffon Collection 2016 by ZS Textiles

Maira Ahsan is bringing 2016's pure chiffon collection in collaboration of Zs textiles in order to indulge in the smoothness of luxury, comfort and style. Maira Ahsan chiffon offers a wide variety of formal attires to suit your taste for culture as well as gratifying to your everyday needs. Take a look at Maira's distinctive chiffon collection that comes in a dazzling scheme of refreshing color with exquisite embroideries all over the dresses.

ZS Maira Ahsan Embroidered Chiffon Collection 2016

ZS textiles and Maira ahsan are sure that these chiffon silhouettes will make you stop at nothing but top of the world articles. It will spread fresh breeze of warm colors and soothing essence of floral patterns to deliver you best fashion harmony.
Let's enjoy the new season in new way that is just perfect, simply chic and superb fine for you. Let's celebrate the upcoming occasions with the finest chiffon collection designed by Maira Ahsan and Zs Textiles.
 Maira Ahsan Embroidered Chiffon is a striking extravaganza created by embroidery and deluxe. This time, winter has brought serenity and charming with the lovely glamour for all those ladies who want to wear stunning style.You can be classy and elegant all together by wearing none other than eye-catchy chiffon collection of Maira Ahsan 2016. And get ready to sparkle your day and nights.

ZS Textiles Embroidered Chiffon Dresses 2016 by Maira Ahsan

Bally Women's Pre Fall 2016 Collection | Bags, Apparel & Footwear

East or West! In every corner of the world the woman has great affection toward their clothes. Every women wants to shine like starts and walk like queen and glamorous apparel, footwear and chic handbags play major role in order to spruce up the personality. Today, several fashion icons take hard work to be successful in business. Their main aim to be in limelight for their unique designs and quality products in economical prices. Bally Clothing company is top-notch clothing manufacturer of international market. It has great trust of clientele because clashing colors, loud prints, smart and seductive style with high-end detailing is important parts of the bally collections. They use very unique mixture of hues and patterns on leather with cutting-edge finishes. Recently, they have made such lovely style in Women's Pre Fall 2016 Collection.

 Bally Fall-Winter Women's Wear Collection 2016-17

The latest Women's Pre Fall 2016 Collection by Bally is featuring winter apparel, handbags and footwear designs. In which design department has highlighted the fabric with old-age classic glamour. And offered great variety of overcoat,  heels, monochrome suits with chequered, aubergine skirts and banana shaped heels with metallic finish. Bally Bags, Apparel & Footwear have sixties style with contemporary mash-up. Footwear include heels, flat and formal occasional slip. On the other hand bags are best accessory for outwear.

Rungrez Pret Designer Clothes 2016 | Contemporary Pret Wear in Pakistan

Rungrez clothing started its fashion journey in 2014 and became hot favorite of Pakistani women's. It has always focused on ethnic and modern designology to define women's wear in very valuable manner. Their luxury style and impressive features are real assets of  their individual solo. As we have seen that previously whenever they designed something on silk and chiffon then used unstitched format. But this is first season when they have tried to adopt on going trend of pret wear in their signature solo.

Rungrez Ready-to-Wear Clothes 2016

Today, Rungrez pret line 2016 has been announced carrying some modernly transformed capes, tunics and tops with cigarette pants and Capri designs. Rungrez pret have street wear style with simple detailing on luxe silk fabrics. Clean and fine finished edges, sleek fabric and light touch of handicrafts are really inspiring in new pret wear clothes of Pakistani designer. With limited variety of silk pret wear, Rungrez has offered versatile yet feminine tops and trousers collection. These tunic and pants can be bought individually as per the wearer need because the brand has not bound us to buy pair. 
Rungrez pret clothes are classic, funky and wearable that has distinct use of art and embroideries. Below you can find Rungrez Pret Designer Clothes 2016 with all new and exquisite style. Let's checkout the new version of Contemporary Pret Wear.

Rungrez Contemporary Pret Wear Designer Clothes 2016 in Pakistan