So Kamal Silk Tunics Collection 2017-2018

Sokamal presents its fall-winter collection based on Ready to wear silk tunics - imprinted with digital prints and enhanced by handwork. So Kamal is pure eastern label established in 2012 . At the beginning it was a influencing yet reasonable source of unstitched garments. But gradually, Sokamal has proved them ultimate brand of women by adding versatile pret line.
2016 has blessed them with huge fan following; and today they are looking forward to build influencing position for 2017 with Silk Tunics Collection 2017-2018. To compete in 2017, So Kamal is launching silk designs with elegantly detailed digital patterns and uniquely embellished tilla work. This silk range is featuring semi-formal pret shirt that are available in blazing color and alluring attributes. 

So Kamal Silk Tunics Collection 2017-2018

With flamboyant style, perfect cuts, and fine digital prints, So Kamal has put their efforts to make your new year especial.

Latest Party Wear Velvet Suits Designs in RTW 2016-2017

Winter is the time when we need some cozy, warm and soft fabrics to protect from weather effects. And regarding that Wool and velvet are two common fabrics. As wool is best for casual's but velvet is highly recommended for formal wear. That is the main reason; why our designers like to work on Velvet fabric. Velvet gives very sleek and royal feel and rich appearance. An exciting fact about Velvet is that nowadays we have wide variety in Velvet like silk velvet, cotton velvet and Palachi that makes it more interesting. When winter is on its peak then its very necessary to wrap yourself in velvet and say bye bye to bad effects of weather. But might you are thinking that how? when you are traditional lady and likes to wear Pakistani cultural styles only. Do not worry, we have answer of this question with some latest velvet suits designs. These Formal Velvet Suits Designs will beautify you as well as you can face the chilled nights very comfortably. Many top-notch designer have brought this amazing velvet collection for our beloved readers. Such as Sania Maskatiya, Zainab Chottani, Deepak Perwani and the great Fahad Hussayn.
But here we are talking about two well-known manufacturers 'Zainab Chottani Vs Sania Maskatiya' Velvet collection.

Though, Zainab Chottani is prominent figure if the fashion world but most of the ladies can't afford her due to high price tags. Zainab has very idiosyncratic philosophy and her designs speak itself about inimitable attributes. At Zainab Chottani stores, we can get huge variety in ready to wear, Formal, luxury pret and casual to tops. Every season seems blessing of Almighty Allah when we wear her precious clothes with pride. This winter she has introduced a superlative Party Wear Velvet Suits collection featuring remarkable detailing, flawless craftsmanship and very chic and appealing style. Zainab Chottani winter pret include many outstanding designs but here we took only Velvet tops paired with jamawar trousers.

Latest Party Wear Velvet Collection 2016-2017 by Zainab Chottani

Latest Party Wear Velvet Collection 2016-2017 by Zainab ChottaniLatest Party Wear Velvet Collection 2016-2017 by Zainab Chottani

Latest Party Wear Velvet Collection 2016-2017 by Zainab Chottani

Sania Maskatiya - a wonderful inventor, brings magnificent style with pure aesthetic expression and premium quality. Her designer consists excellence and quality with flawless appeal. When you want to feel exceptional and unparalleled then her opulent ready to wear line looks ultimate. Sania Maskatiya is also working with Alkaram textile to produce unstitched dresses. This gorgeous designer is one of the precious asset of Pakistan. Here we have Sania Maskatiya Velvet fall-winter collection 2016-17 featuring distinct series of fashion. 
Sania Maskatiya Latest Party Wear includes cropped shirts with fancy pants, peplum trousers, fancy open tops and sleek jackets. Loose and clean cuts are symbolizing with elegance to Velvet Suits Designs and variation of style is making first choice of every women. Latest Velvet Suits Designs in RTW 2016-2017 are utterly chic and feminine with its timeless qualities and perfect finish. So let's get your hands on your favorite velvet dress. 

Latest Party Wear Velvet Suits Designs in RTW 2016-2017

Latest Party Wear Velvet Suits Designs in RTW 2016-2017

Sania Maskatiya Velvet Suits Designs

Latest Party Wear Velvet Suits Designs in RTW 2016-2017Latest Party Wear Velvet Suits Designs in RTW 2016-2017

Phatyma Khan Luxury Pret Fall-Winter 2016-2017

Phatyma Khan is a sparkling gem in the crown of Pakistani fashion. Her name is popular as a artist who knows that how to indulge glamour and femininity to come with wonderful style. Undoubtedly, its pret, formal or street casual; Phatyma Khan familiar with how to make a complimentary fashion that matches with the taste of every women. Therefore, today her name counts in few big and glamorous dressmaker's. Her source of inspiration is not limited to architect, Mughal dynasty, Turkish courts, Asian heritage, Pakistani tradition or subcontinent sophistication. Basically, a little moment, a word, glimpse of any antique piece or nature; anything can energize her to bring an ultimately created attire. Today, Phatyma Khan's Fall-Winter 2016-17 Luxury Pret line defines her significant and unique philosophy. Which has lively colors, splashing moods, girlish theme and edgy cuts.

Phatyma Khan Wedding Formal / Ready-to-Wear 2016-2017

Phatyma Khan Luxury Pret is kind of formals that centralize high-end fashion with modern concept. With very exclusive details, quality fabrics, matchless thoughts to selection of colors, everything makes unique to Phatyma khan latest collection.  Because, this luxury pret collection is influenced by Majesty, elegance and gracefulness of women. Who likes to draw attention and become a diva.

Tena Durrani Formals 2016/2017 by ALZOHAIB

Tena Durrani - a well-known designer, prominent for her exquisite couture pieces, demonstrates the dreamy styles with incredible craftsmanship - is offering winter formals 2016 by Al Zohaib textiles. Tena Durrani is enthusiastic artists, build an influencing position in Pakistani fashion world by chasing tradition, cultures and vibrancy of shades. She has not only shown us individuality of ever-changing trends as well as brought perfection in age-old fashion. Under her creative direction, the brand Tena Durrani passed many successful years and became icon of elegance. Today, self-established brand of Tena Durrani is powerful source of bridal wear, pret and formal dresses; which only serve to elite class clientele. But now middle class women can also experience the individuality of Tena Durrani through exclusive chiffon collection 2016.

Tena Durrani Formals 2016/2017 by ALZOHAIB

Teba Durrani Luxe formals are going to launch on 29th December 2016. In which we can find rich color palettes, beautiful embroidery patterns, sleek fabrics, glamor of digital prints with intricacy. This formal collection contain inspiration of regal eras and filled with spectrum of fabrics. With multi texture fabrics like Raw Silk, Organza, Chiffon, Net and Broshia Net; Tena Durrani Formals 2016/2017 by ALZOHAIB is combination of class, quality and unique craftsmanship. In which sparkling Swarovski, Baroque motifz and deep hues; reflect the taste of modern women. 

Motifz Embroidered Crinkle Chiffon Vol-5 2016-17

Need a quick and stress free effortless style? Don't know what to wear to shine on especial occasion? or looking for best designs for your opulent beauty? Here we have wide range of Motifz Embroidered Crinkle Chiffon 2016 in volume-5; which features unique formal wear fashion along with pleasing colors, sheer details and edgy embellishments of luxe embroideries.
As these days traditional outfits are first priority of modern women. Therefore simple and sleek attires with ethnic inspiration are getting huge fame. Particularly; for party wears Frocks, shalwar kameez, Peplum trousers, tulip pants and bell-bottom are extremely in demand. That's why, Pakistani designers are making such collections that flatter the contemporary girl figure and give her prettiest style. Here Motifz has shown its efforts towards women's fashion with Embroidered Crinkle Chiffon vol-5. In which they have designed must-have piece in quite inspiring way.

Motifz Embroidered Crinkle Chiffon Vol-5 2016-17

Motifz CRINKLE 2016-05 is consists on charming patterns sprinkled over subtle and vibrant bases. At the same time flawless embellishments turned the dresses into essential evening style. With the perfect touch of celebration in its details, Motifz formal wear vol-5 has power to leave long lasting impression on crowed. Motifz expresses its dreamy cuts and trims on crinkle chiffon tailoring, while keeping your comfort in mind.

Jazmín Embroidered Chiffon Collection Vol-1 by BAROQUE 2017

Girls! are you ready for some thrilling, breathtaking and spectacular chiffon designs? Yes! then here is Jazmín Chiffon 2016-2017 by Baroque Vol-1. Jazmin by Baroque - the most awaited, symbol of glamour, filled with elegance and featuring an avant-garde variety of designs - is ready to steal your hearts. Jazmin reflects rich details accentuated in bold and ethereal embroideries; which carefully fused in premium fabrics. Baroque is proud to presents its new chiffon line 'Jazmin' featuring embroidered fabrics consisting most refined and hyperluxe designs.

Jazmín Embroidered Chiffon Vol-1 2016-17 formal collection

Jazmin chiffon by Baroque is completely bespoke range offers novelty attires accentuates with premium craftsmanship and intricate embroideries. Soulful color palettes and contemporary patterns are exquisitely rendered on fine chiffon fabric.

Anaya Chiffon Collection 2016-2017 Vol-2

 Anaya - the proud presentation of Kiran Chaudhry - brings another sensational range of party wear clothes in Festive Chiffon Vol-2. Anaya is the brand established with the vision to show us pure and real essence of Pakistani culture. And by following its ethos, Anaya has introduced its chiffon vol-1 and dazzled the fashion world with sparkling and most chic styles. After getting overwhelming response for the beautifully embellished chiffon attires; Anaya has prepared itself again to breakup the similarity of fashion. Finally, today we have Anaya Luxe chiffon Volume-2 for winter festive 2016-2017.
Anaya latest chiffon collection is consists on sheer and intricately detailed fabric. Which is beautifully detailed with floral and baroque motifs and neat thread-work. Anaya chiffon also features the ornamentation of cut-work, which is most popular art of modern age. Opulence and glamour are key part of Anaya chiffon. Because, designer has used opulent colors on sleek fabric and carefully embellishment by embroideries.

 Anaya Chiffon Collection 2016-2017 Vol-2

As these days, Girls like minimal embellished clothes for formal occasion and festivities; So Kiran Chaudhry has focused on offering unique magic of needle work on innovative patterns. Apart from its premium quality chiffon and unique attributes, the designer has also heeded on bringing creative sewing tips.

Bonanza Shades of Winter 2016-17

Bonanza garments presents Bonanza Shades of Winter 2016-17 catalog for women in reasonable prices. With good weapon you can win the war, and with best style you can win the fashion world. Yes! its true that any designer or brand can get success if promotes the brand wisely. Indeed, after involving best designing skills, advertising is key factor to gain more customers. Pakistan is known as largest and vast source of textile industry. And main reason is we are using every element very wisely and making an influence on foreign customers. Today, Pakistan has many legendary and popular textile manufacturers like Alkaram group of company, Gul ahmed, Khaadi and Bonanza. These brands have mainly grabbed local and international customers with their powerful and strong styles. Their designs not only brings versatility, elegance and feminine attitude with regional art and traditional style as well as have perfect flair of modern era. Therefore, every women proudly wear their attires. So let's show you Bonanza winter collection 2016-2017 carrying beautiful, graceful and utterly feminine cultural outfits for girls.

Bonanza Shades of Winter 2016-17 Unstitched Catalog for Women

Bonanza winter shades 2016 includes more then 50+ designs in 2-piece, 3-piece and shirts range. In which every design has been colored in two different array's and enriched with age-old handicrafts, prettiest patterns and brightened with vibrant bases.

Hina Aamir Evening Wear Pret Attires 2016-2017 for Girls

Hina Amir is a creative designer who is under influence of eastern tradition, culture and colors of root. Fashion designing is her passion and dedication toward work is her key of success. When Hina Amir has stepped in the fashion world, she was medical student. But due to her interest toward fashion she switched and joined fashion industry. Primitively, she started illustrating her imagination on fabric and created a small pret-a-porter line for women. Gradually, she has become iconic formal wear designer. And today Hina Aamir is world known artist with wide array of Semi Formal, Festive wear and luxury pret. Hina Amir designs are known as statement piece to get stand-out style. Here we have such praiseworthy evening wear fashion by Hina which is contemporary, classy and decent.

Hina Aamir Party Wear Dresses 2016-2017 for Girls

Hina Aamir Evening Wear Pret is based on the bright and fresh tones with minimal detail. These meritorious Pret Attires with pastel hints have been modified according to latest trends. Such as modern women likes to groom herself with lightweight, sheer and simply chic attires. So, designer Hian AAmir has transformed Evening Wear Pret Attires 2016-2017 for Girls as per the customer demand.

Fahad Hussayn Couture Formals 2016-2017 for Brides

There are few names in Pakistani fashion industry, whose recognition is most distinct and prominent. Fahad Hussayn is among those shining stars. Fahad Hussayn is one of the very celebrated designer from Pakistan. From very young age, Fahd had done; what no one can do in whole career of designing. Fahad hussayn designs reflect history, art, architecture and numerous cultural ethos and beauty. Undoubtedly, today Fahad Hussayn is one among most sought-after designers of Pakistan. His style  defines glamour, feminine hints and tempting elegance. Fahad Hussayn has not only proved himself in bridal wear as well as in ready to wear and formal fashion. He used modern sensibilities and vintage techniques to revive rich history of regal era.

Fahad Hussayn Bridal 2016-2017 for Wedding Ceremonies

His inspiration of patchwork, baroque and dramatic approach toward Victorian and Turkish era had help him to become mysteriously attractive designer. That is why, today when his name flashes in mind then bold, edgy, seductive and elegant wear comes in mind. Here we have diverse mixture in Formals 2016-2017 for Brides reflecting his energetic taste.

Rozina Munib Winter Formals 2016-2017 at Pakistan Fashion Week

Rozina Munib is a designer whose efforts are incontrovertible for the development of Pakistani fashion world. Her designs are synonymous of million dollar look. Rozina Munib is popular for giving influencing styles to contemporary women. Her formal wear reflects ancient touch with purity and modish features. She draws inspiration from royal era, old art of subcontinent and follow basic rule with new formula. Which makes her flawless and perfect evening wear designer among others. Today, we have Rozina Munib latest collection displayed at Pakistan Fashion Week 2016. 

Rozina Munib Festive Collection 2017

Rozina Munib Winter Formals includes bridal wear and formal wear dresses with the traditional touch. Rozina has brought refreshing concept of Gharara with Choli, Tail jackets with two leg ghagra and blouse, frock with floor length tail, shoulder-less Saree blouse, Capri shirt, and tulip with angrakha. This is basically a wedding wear style that has been introduce to make our brides dream day more enchanting and charismatic.

Khaadi Winter Collection Vol-2 2016-17 for Women

Khaadi - one major clothing retailer of Pakistan - presents winter unstitched fabric volume-2 for entire fall winter season. Reviving ancient thread work with regional hints, kashmiri prints and deep and lous tones; Khaadi 2016-17 Vol-2 is introducing eclectic ideas and multifarious styles. Khaadi Winter Collection Vol-2 2016-17 for Women features warm khaddar, lavish chiffon and karandi shalwar kameez. Khaadi Winter Festive Collection contains semi formal 2-piece khaddar and 3 piece silk blended chiffon for formal activities. 

Khaadi Winter Vol-2 2017 for Women

This season, khaadi has brought hand-woven khaddar with shawl and karandi with mix of wool and silk fibers. Khaadi is fastest growing label of Pakistan, which is widely accepted due to its gorgeous and unique concept. Khaadi not only works on mindset of modern clientele as well work hard to complete the challenges of new era. As these days, every brand needs to be engaged directly with customers because market is getting tougher with each passing moment. So if any brand do not care about socializing than it will not be heart snatcher. But Khaadi is the only brand who look after local clientele by giving best service at outlet as well as communicate with online buyers. Apart from all other efforts, it is also improving designing skills. Which can be seen in Khaadi Winter Collection Vol-2 2016-17 for Women.

Latest khaadi winter 2016-17 collection consists on nicely adorned traditional suits. On diverse cuts and trims, Khaadi has sprinkled prettiest patterns with alluring colors to make it compatible with chilled season.

Asim Jofa Winter Shawl Collection 2016-2017

Asim Jofa - a man with innovative sensibilities, spreading magic with fabric by exquisite craftsmanship - is distinct name of Pakistani fashion world. His work is described by rich colors, unique prints and sleek silhouettes. Best known for his workmanship that reflect style, elegance and perfection. His taste of adding vintage into contemporary is adorable. Here we have latest example of style meets purity as Asim Jofa Winter Shawl Collection 2016-2017.

Asim Jofa shawl depicts the classic beauty delightfully combined in modern prints and digital art to add the long lasting impression. On viscose fabric, dobby weaved pants  and intricately embroidered shawls are reviving new trend for winter social gatherings. In which to achieve effortless chic style, Designer has added hints of velvet. Asim Jofa shawl 2016-17 is symbol of sophistication and worthy to flaunt in entire winter season. With multi fabric touch, Asim jofa shawl designs are taking inspiration from Mughal embroideries to Islamic architecture to balance the regal beauty. 

Asim Jofa Shawl Collection 2016-2017 Available in 8,000 Price

Sapphire Winter Unstitched Collection 2016-2017 Vol-2

 Are you looking for some trendy winter outerwear? Which gives you cozy feel, bold prints complemented with woolen shawls of silk dupatta? If yes! then wait is finally over! here is most coveted crispy and runway inspired Winter Unstitched Collection  Vol-2 by Sapphire Textiles. Sapphire by Khadija Shah is household name; that established in 1969 but boosts it marketplace with unstitched fabric and pret wear. At early stage, Sapphire has produced cotton yarn and lawn products but with the passage of time it has stepped in woolen products too. Today, Sapphire is reflecting the diverse moods of fashion with creative taste. It not only brings export oriented designs as well as emphasis on quality. Its value added products along with ideal craftsmanship has added potential to grow in the foreign market. Therefore, when it comes to makeover of wardrobe then every women's first choice is Sapphire. 

Sapphire Winter Unstitched Collection 2016-2017 Vol-2

Sapphire's designing skills incorporates around high street fashion. Latest unstitched collection Winter Volume-Two by Sapphire also describes their statement formula with modern harmony and dynamic hues. It is featuring uber-trendy kurta to heart snatching three piece suits. Sapphire Winter Collection 2016-2017 Vol-2 consists on modern twist, complimentary designs and our cultural inspiration.

Nisha Winter Collection 2016/2017 Volume 2 Catalog

Nishat linen brings unstitched winter vol-2 catalog with refreshing yet warm styles for girls. Pakistan is the wonderland, here we have different opportunities to celebrate the season and enjoy the festival. From winter to summer and autumn or fall, every season is charismatic as compare to other countries. Such as in summer if we dolled up our self in trendy and beautiful lawn attires then winter brings matchless styles on cozy and warm fabrics. As Pakistan is known as under development country buy after looking at textile industry and agriculture i deny this view. Because Pakistani fabric is largest purchasing product. Its quality, style and design versatility; every element gives rich moods and diverse flavors. As nowadays winter season is going in Pakistan; almost every area is covered with snow and freezing temperature is irritating. So living a comfortable life is not very easy but our god gifted designers are making it easy for us by manufacturing lively, playful, feminine and warm winter attires. It has created a war situation in Pakistani fashion industry.

Nisha Winter Unstitched Dresses  2016 Vol-2 by Nishat Linen

So how Nishat Linen left behind in this war, it has also challenged with incredible, effortlessly beautiful and full of spirit of femininity by Nisha Winter Collection 2016/2017 Volume 2 Catalog. Nisha Winter Collection Vol2 speaks about your style, your happiness and your zeal. With vibrant prints and flawless cuts, Nishat fabrics contains striking balance of colors, adventure of winters and fun of girlish styles. On warm and woolen fabric, Nishat has offered NL shawl with decent and modern spectrum. In budget friendly prices, Nishat Winter collection 2017 is going to be perfect part of your entire freezing season.

Baroque Chantelle Chiffon Vol-2 2016-2017

Baroque presents Chantelle embroidered chiffon vol-2 in 7500 Pkr price. This time of the year, Baroque brings  dramatic designs, taking sartorial ingenuity to new heights with the launch of their latest line. Chantelle, it isn't just a collection; its an avant-garde fashion wear created by the whole team after immense hard work an commitment. After the success of Baroque chiffon and lawn collections. Chantelle brings  a new spectrum of inspiring style and creation.
The distinct color palettes, rich variety of designs and intricate embroideries reign supreme; latest trends  are adopted and reworked. Chantelle chiffon vol-2 2017 highlighted by exotic embellishments and distinguished contrasts. Chantelle Vol-2 brings the prestige of Baroque, unveils the effortlessly styled vol-1.

Baroque Chantelle Chiffon Vol-2 2016-2017

Subhata Leather Peach Collection by Shariq Textiles

Pakistan's textile sector is among vital industries of the country which support directly to the economy. It not only open doors of employment as well as provide huge revenue. Since few years, Textile sector it growing vertically and forcing foreign buyers to take interest in Pakistani products. Indeed out textile manufacturers are understanding the importance and making the sector more phenomenal by implementing modern technologies, quality and much important new designing techniques. Because without refreshing the designing formula its impossible to attract exporters. Shariq textiles is the label who is also busy in making itself more popular by collaborating different famous designers and refreshing its style philosophy. Its latest collaboration with Saira Hasan is getting widely famous in which velvet collection has been introduced for winters. Apart from Saira Hasan, who can forget Mina Hasan efforts for shariq textiles? Though, there are several popular name are working under the umbrella of Shariq and playing their role to growth. Apart from Shariq designer series, it has own products like Subhata, Riwaj and Libas; which are solitary in success. Here we have Subhata Leather Peach Collection by Shariq Textiles Available at all Leading Stores From 7th December!

Shariq Subhata Leather Peach 2016-2017 for Winter

Subhata is famous women's wear style by Shariq that features femininity, elegance and style in blend of cultural looks. This fall winter Shariq has introduced Subhata Leather Peach Collection for chilled season. Which is consists on 6 out-class designs with wintery color palettes.

Al karam Winter Collection 2016/2017 Vol 2 for Women

Al karam textiles brings another enchanting catalog of Winter Collection 2016 Vol 2. Which features gorgeous and talented Saira Shahroz and essence of vintage, geometric, chintz and floral patterns. This sensational collection is composed on Linen, resham, velvet and khaddar fabrics and ornate with loud and bold hues. With the message of ' let's rediscover winter' Alkaram winter vol-2 collection inspired by the grandeur of architectural space. Drawing on the imagination and passion behind arches and other wonders. This collection is fusion of different theme with exotic colors, coveted fabrics and meticulous designs, paying homage to the rich traditions of our culture. With premium fabric like silk velvet, pashmina and patterns ranging from modern to contemporary. This collection promises to transcend borders and be reminiscent of royal elegance.
Alkaram winter vol-2 2016 includes Majestic horizon which features 3 piece silk with velvet dupatta suits and embroideries detailing. Drawing upon lively & vibrant spaces and ornate appointments, this premium fabric range is an ode to grandeur. Resham twill linen is offered to define the harmony of winter and help of floral and abstract prints ; luxurious silk velvet dupattas catches every eye.
Imperial grace is Premium edition in Winter Collection 2016 - Vol. 2, is featuring three piece resham twill linen suits. With delicacy of aztec and floral prints, traditional inspiration and perfect winter contrasts; this section has regal presence.

Al karam Winter Collection 2016/2017 Vol 2 for Women

 Arch splendor is a fusion of graceful cuts, lively palettes and fashionable styles. This 3 piece resham linen collection brings classic looks with vibrant prints and detailed embroideries and perfect reminiscent of the subcontinent & sultanates. With all its flawless qualities , Alkaram's arch splendor winter dresses vol-2 are best for winters.

MARIA.B Linen 2016 2017 Winter Catalogue

MARIA.B Linen(Unstitched) 2016 collection has been unveiled today at official Facebook page. In collaboration of Reshma tex, Maria B is going to launch linen catalog on 5th December nationwide but if you don't want to miss your favorite design then you can pre-book from mariab website.
Maria B is most dynamic designer of Pakistan. She has accomplish her vision of being unique and stylish by adding exclusivity of style. And with each passing moment; she is getting more admiration for her abilities and creative qualities. Maria b is an expensive but a gorgeous designer and brings matchless blend of quality and craftsmanship. That is why having wide clientele from all around the world. Her fans anxiously waits for her latest clothes designs and always welcome warmly. This season, Maria b is once again paying tribute to their valuable customers by launching unstitched linen catalog 2016-17. In which 12 beautiful designs have been created between price range of 6,450-8850 pkr.  

MARIA.B. Linen Collection Fall Winter 2017 with Price

MARIA.B. linen 2016-17 brings you the most astonishing variety of fabrics for winter. In which the designer has focused on making luxe embroideries and beautiful prints along with embroidered shawls.

Mina Hasan Embroidered Fabric Winter 2016-2017

Evening wear fashion is one of the essential wardrobe staple. Without fancy clothes - a girl wardrobe is not pleasing. So girls! let's bring you in the magical world of Pakistan - where Mina Hasan Chiffon 2016 has set it apart with its classical fused layouts and delightful designs. Mina Hasan is queen of glamour and popular pret wear designer. Her name flashes in top-notch yet vital dress designers; and her designs reflect the taste of modern women. Apart from her individual branding, she is also contributing with Shariq textiles. Under the umbrella of Shariq, she presents embroidered fabric that fulfill our formal fashion needs.
Newly, Shariq and Mina hasan are pleased to announce their another joint contribution on Chiffon. Mina hasan chiffon is launching on 5th December 2016 and price will be 14500. Mina Hasan Embroidered Fabric Winter 2016-2017 features captivating and enchanting traditional clothes. Latest unstitched embroidered chiffon brings distinct taste of mina hasan with soft color palettes with loud contrasts. With very nicely embellished premium quality fabric, Shariq has offered classy tailoring twist to make it ultimate formal wear.

Mina Hasan Embroidered Chiffon 2016-2017 for Women Price

Mina Hasan Embroidered Fabric Luxury Chiffon Dresses 2016-17 includes 10 designs with matchless and flawless details. According to mina hasan 'your clothes are your identity' & in Mina Hasan embroidered fabric collection we can see that how beautifully she conveyed this message. She used diverse tones with luxe contrasts and intricate sequins and thread work.

IVY Imperial Voyage Bridal Collection 2016-2017

Wedding is an auspicious occasion when every girl wants to get fascinating style. It's a dream of every bride to get a touch of elegance and sense of femininity on wedding day.
To get this fascinating beauty you don't need a renowned name to be attached with your outfit or jewellery. You can look like celebrity in a dress; which has quality material, modern palettes, unique embellishment and all above traditional cuts. Because traditional craftsmanship with contemporary detailing is vital to get versatile look. And this wedding season IVY prints is giving all must-have attributes in one package of bridal fashion 2016. IVY unveiled bridal wear at Lahore Bridal Couture Week 2016 featuring Iman Ali as showstopper. It was debut of IVY in bridal fashion that was titled as  Imperial Voyage.

IVY Imperial Voyage Bridal Collection 2016-2017

Ivy is not very popular name but it has elaborate and sophisticated designing sense that ensure us to trust on ivy choice. Ivy is incredible source of traditional women's wear and symbol of perfection. Its genuine designs, creative details and multiple cultural inspiration have made it to become trustworthy brand.

Alzohaib Wintry Breeze Khaddar Shawl Collection 2016-2017

 Style plus class - Alzohaib brings two must have elements in its new wintery breeze collection 2016. Alzohaib group of company is one among popular textile giants - who built influencing position with their hard work. Their efforts are admirable and quality is simply amazing. Alzohaib textiles brings modernistic designs with unique concept - therefore each passing day is giving more hype and success.

Newly, alzohaib announced wintery bareeze 2016 - a range of beautiful winter dresses. With the pop of colors in wool shawl, embroidery addition and modern patterns are impressive attributes of latest winter casuals.

Al Zohaib Wintry Breeze 2016-17 price

From the blazing red to ash of grey, winter breeze collection inspired by dark and gloomy nights and nature. On khaddar fabric beautifully sprinkled floral, abstracts and geometric prints along with  cashmere shawl are most elegant. The designer has given especial care on shawls embellishment in wintery bareeze collection such as digital prints on paisley textures juxtapose of night effects and forest look are quite new sense.

Sana Safinaz Winter Shawl Collection 2016-2017 Catalog With Price

Let's enjoy the coldest season with warm colors of Sana Safinaz Winter Shawl 2016-17 Collection For Girls launching nationwide on 28th November 2016.
Sana safinaz duo is globally known for their dynamic prints and elegant designs. In fact the revolution in textiles industry is duo to Sana Safinaz. Both great ladies has put passion and hard work to revive oriental touch in modern women's wear. Their designer dresses reflect iconic creativity and dreamy sense of style with distinct moods. Their success is result of day and night struggle; which made them prominent name in the fashion world. Their main objective to offer affordable and statement pieces with tastefully details. And their Muzlin winter collection brings all their objective in single pack. Apart from muslin 2017, now we have Sana Safinaz Shawl winter collection 2017 with 14 unique colors in 7 diverse designs concept.

Sana Safinaz Winter Shawl  Catalog With Price 2017

The pioneer of Pakistani industry has offered modern phenomenon of style in new shawl collection. They have amalgamated versatile moods in flawless manner and made an outstanding package of winter fashion. Sana Safinaz Winter Shawl Magazine 2016-2017 They have caters the needs of customers. Therefore introduced Slub Shirt and blended shalwar pair of pure wool shawl.

Mohagni Party Wear Chiffon Collection 2016-17 for Girls

Mohagni by RD Textile is the name of fresh ideas and mix of excellence and glamour in women's fashion. It explores our age old traditions and blend it in modern elegance to fetch chic concept of fashion for girls. It has best printing and embroidery units where Mohagni fulfill its dreamy concepts into reality. Mohagni designs reflect matchless style with affordable price with premium quality. Therefore when it comes to keep wardrobe glamorous, stylish and unique then Mohagni seems ultimate choice. And this season you can add charm and charizma in closet with Mohagni pure chiffon Embroidered Collection representing exquisite aesthetic with contemporary touch.

Mohagni Party Wear  2016-2017  for Girls

Mohagni Embroidered Collection is designs on pure chiffon and enriched with intricate embroideries to make best choice of Formal Wear. Its inspiration has been taken by tradition and modern fashion and amalgamated into quality. Mohagni Party Wear Chiffon Collection 2016-17 for Girls continues its journey toward bold and vibrant shades with metallic hints.

Ethnic Pret / Unstitched Fall Winter Collection 2016-17

Ethnic since 2013 - a brand who stepped in fashion industry with clear vision. Before that it was subsidiary of Outfitters; which was known as ready to wear brand of women. Since then it has experimented with eastern pret wear and unstitched fabric; Ethnic had became one of the globally known label of Pakistan. Today, Ethnic by Outfittrs is symbol of perfect craftsmanship, out-class detailing, sparkling colors and richly described patterns. Today, Ethnic unstitched & pret are widely accepted products; that provide unique and rich experience of style to women. Because - it pays tribute to our rich culture, contemporary art and history with the essence of nature. Which can be seen in Ethnic Pret / Unstitched Fall Winter Collection 2016-17 which includes amazing articles like William Tribe, Tango Rugs, Persian Pickle, Chines Mist and Oriental Jaap.

Ethnic Pret / Unstitched Fall Winter Collection 2016-17

Ethnic Latest winter catalog highlights different cultural groups and tribes with their purity. Ethnic Unstitched Winter Collection 2016-17 is introducing trendy women's wear with inspiring blend of classic and modern art and matchless quality. In which colors to patterns and embroideries to tailoring everything depicts perfection. Unlike unstitched winter dress, Pret by Ethnic symbolizing elegance and sophistication in effortless style. With its minimal details and ultra chic digital prints; Ethnic Pret Collection 2016-17 it highly recommended to be your ultimate name of elegance.

Edenrobe Winter Unstitched Collection 2016-2017

Edenrobe is defining our wardrobes since 1988. It is simple and sleek, elegant yet charming. Edenrobe fascinates modern fashionistas by using attractive patterns and distinguished colors in its designing philosophy. Edenrobe is synonymous of colour, variation and style at the same time. Edenrobe fabrics brings diverse color palettes with classy prints and contemporary contrasts; therefore when it comes to add freshness in daily wear closet then Edenrobe collections are ideal. Here we have exclusive Edenrobe Winter Collection 2016 with sparkling colors for windy and rough season that enrich your persona with class and style. Edenrone latest collection is available in unstitched format and having beautifully ornate outfits.

Edenrobe winter dresses features khaddar, and linen fabrics highlighted by eye-popping prints and intricate embroideries. 'Edenrobe' Winter Unstitched Collection 2016 brings graceful, and appealing winter attires with classic inspiration and contemporary art. In which every element has been used to balance the beauty.

Serene Premium Chiffon Collection Vol-2 2016-2017

‘Royal Majestic’ - is an array of elegance and charm infused in traditional concept with modern touch on premium fabrics.

Serene Chiffon Vol-2 2017

Serene is a brand who just stepped in fashion industry this year and became an affordable name of innovation. Its short span success is due to pure aesthetic drawn philosophy and majestic detailing. Today, Serene is most prestigious brand among premium chiffon manufacturers. Let's hope that Serene always rule over customers mind and soul and get more fame and growth for its elegant color palettes, glamorous details and best fabrication art. Here we have latest premium chiffon collection titled as 'Royal Majestic' defining brand ethos brilliantly. 
Serene Premium Chiffon vol-2 is whimsy of classic and modern juxtapose art amalgamated into unprecedented designing with pure Asian aesthetic touch. Serene Chiffon collection bring strong reflection of culture with quality to build a unforgettable relationship with their loyal clientele. Serene Premium Chiffon Collection Vol-2 2016-2017 describes beautiful shades, rich attention to detail and supreme embellishments that is assets of Serene. With Excellent quality fabric, Serene has offered extremely chic style for winter festive wardrobe that long last and make your wardrobe glamorous and versatile.

Zara Shahjahan Silk Collection Winter 2016-2017

Zara Shahjahan presents Silk collection - a combination of romance, elegance and purity of our history. Zara Shahjahan is known for her distinct philosophy; which draws inspiration from heritage, Mughal Era, Islamic Architecture, Nature and many more flawless elements. Her designs give us breathtaking touch and present the contemporary fashion in fuse of tradition. Especially, Her use of feminine motifs, warm and blazing colors and sleek fabrics -  has gave her matchless fame in the industry. This is popular about Zara Shahjahan that She not only focus on making her design prominent as well as try to highly unseen glory of our cities. Like This season She is at Lahore for unstitched silk collection launching on 14th November 2016. For her Silk Winter Collection, Zara has selected Lahore fort, Badshahi Masjid, and Anarkali Bazaar and given us chance to explore the unseen beauty of heart of Pakistan. By selecting Lahore, Zara has not only revealed rich culture; as well as let us know that how energetic people we have at Lahore. Now let's come to the point, Let's discuss about Zara Shahjahan Silk Collection Winter 2016-2017.

Zara Shahjahan Silk Collection Winter 2016-2017 

So, Zara Shahjahan Silk 2016-17 is a flawless addition for winter wardrobe with its enchanting colors, aesthetic inspired patterns and richly decorated attires. Each ensemble in Silk Collection reflect the strong imagination of royal culture, floral art and Islamic art. With it bold hues, harmony of autumnal prints and intricate motifs, Zara Shahjahan silk features Raw silk shirts, Silk Dupatta ad Cotton satin pants.

LSM Embroidered Shawl Collection 2016-2017 Catalog

Shawl - A word that portrays ancient style with contemporary touch. Today, Shawl is most wanted fashion for winter evenings; and we wrap it to get comfort as well as rich look. The soft, sleek, warm and plush fibers of Shawl make it regal attire. Unlike today, in ancient time there was not huge variety of prints and designs in Shawl but now shawl is available in wide array of colors, styles and patterns. These days, Palachi Shawls, Velvet, Pashmina shaw; and hand woven wool wraps are favorite of women. Therefore, many Pakistani brands are busy in giving attractive looks ro shawls collection by adding colorful suits with it. Recently, Lakhany Silk Mills has brought shawl collection 2016 - which highlight our ancient art and style with modern harmony. LSM shawl designs are serene and taking inspiration from vibrant side of tradition and handicrafts.

LSM Fabrics Online Store Presents Winter Shawl Collection 2016

LSM Embroidered Shawl Catalog features finest quality of fabrics which is identity of Lakhani fashion. With bold and vibrant hues, LSM has enriched the prints with rich contrasts and made the shawls dresses more stunning for casual and semi formal use. LSM Embroidered Shawl Collection 2016-2017 Catalog includes magenta, black, turquoise, blue and many sharp shades with trendy textures from floral to abstract and intricate paisleys. Lsm shawl designs are very delicate and giving modern appeal with its versatile and chic detailing. Apart from Shawls, Embroidered shalwar kamees are statement pieces in Winter collection with stylish detailing on necklines and borders. 

Orient Linen Winter Collection 2016/2017 for Women

Orient Pakistan is name of excellence since 2000, it is a well reputed home appliances group, it most a favorite women's wear brand and one of the leading textile group. Its long lasting product's have proved to be ultimate need of modern era. And when it comes to restyle wardrobe then orient collections are famous for stunning detail. In short orient is must have oriental cum contemporary label of women's wear. So let's look at orient latest limited edition which is based on linen dresses.

This is second and very appealing creation of orient for fall winter 2016-17. In vol-2 FW 2016, orient has offered unstitched linen featuring intricate prints along with unique inter play of embroideries. Orient has 3enriched the line fabric with all cutting edge technology and its versatility. This time Orient Linen Winter Collection 2016/2017 is based on bright and dark palettes along with floral beauty. With premium quality fabrics, Orient has offered modern textile variation for winter fashion in linen catalog. Such as classic textures infused in modern thread art and sharp colors muted into brights.

Orient Linen Shawl Collection 2016/2017 with Prices

Orient Linen Winter Collection 2016/2017 For women reflects the brands vision with innovative prospective. Their cutting edge ideas and contemporary concept has been perfectly blended for winter fashion trend under experts guidance.

Sobia Nazir Luxury Chiffon Collection Winter 2016-2017 with Price

Every season is colorful, luxurious and delighting in Pakistan. The key reason of such charismatic season is its diversity rich culture. Pakistani traditions, its skillful minds, and enigmatic designer are key source; who put their efforts to maintain its charisma. Sobia Nazir is one most impressive and flawless designer of Pakistan; who always tried to deliver extraordinary charm and elegance to Pakistani fashion. Especially, Her luxury chiffon is one of the most fabulous product that carries matchless embellishments with balance of glamour and aesthetic harmony. Sobia Nazir chiffon dresses consider as girlish and distinct source of party wear fashion and women's admire her creative philosophy behind it.
Sobia Nazir Chiffon collection is incredibly stylish in unstitched fabrics as well as affordable. Her designs reflect rich class, distinctive and a la mode charm with modish fashion trends. That is why when any festive or new season will come in Pakistan then Pakistani ladies only thinks about Sobia Nazir chiffon. So let's spruce up your winter wardrobes with new and latest Luxury Chiffon collection for Winter 2016.

 Sobia Nazir Luxury Chiffon Winter 2016-2017 with Price

Sobia's Chiffon brings diverse array of colors in latest catalog such as mustard, bright orange, turquoise, white, hot pink, black, mint green and grey's. Apart from its lovely shades, Sobia has used very nice embellishments on chiffon dresses.

Alzohaib Mahiymaan Winter Formal Chiffon Collection 2016-2017

Fashion means variation that can be seen in clothes, home decor to accessories. Fashion simply defines unique style, harmony of different cultures etc etc. Now everyone is very conscious about fashion especially women's who always in search of modern fashion that can add breathtaking look in persona. There are so many brands who knows that how to serve fashion savvy audience and how to satisfy them by adding creative and glamorous attires in the racks. Alzohaib textiles is among them reputable name of Pakistani fashion world known as gorgeous and trend-setting label. It brings modern and elegant formal, casual and semi party wear outfits. Particularly, girls are fond of eastern and western touch in Alzohaib collection. Alzohaib is the only label that is affordable and can be carry at any event. Alzohaib textiles has Anum, monsoon, Mahnoor, Mahiymaan and many other popular categories that reveals Alzohaib signature philosophy.
Here we have Al-zohaib Mahiymaan Formals 2016 which will launch on 10th November 2016.

Alzohaib Mahiymaan Winter Formal Chiffon Collection 2016

Al-Zohaib Textile has brought Mahiymaan Formals 2016, a collection that represent luxury, glamour and eternal beauty in it. Mahiymaan is an unstitched product carrying compulsory women's festive attires. Mahiymaan includes 12 stunning fancy evening wear dresses with heavy embroidery touch and unique customization. This time Alzohaib has beautifully transformed chiffon attires by adding silk and organza net into sheer formals.

Mausummery Embroidered Classics Winter Collection 2016-2017

Mausummery's passion is to design beautiful clothes that depicts timeless elegance and unique array of fashion. Therefore, whenever its comes for any season, its designs reflect ultimate style for women with innovative palettes. This fall winter, you can enjoy Mausummery Embroidered Classics Winter Collection 2016-2017 with its delicate class, fine fabrics and supreme colors.

Mausummery latest collection's every piece is deviance of perfection, state of the art with timeless tailoring twist. In Embroidered Classics Winter 2016-2017; Mausummery has given care and attention to create every outfit that adorn our persona with its manifest of artistry. With the most luxurious designs, Mausummery has put outstanding artwork to step in the winter fashion arena in impressive way.

Mausummery Embroidered Classics 2016-2017 is suits for your daytime wear to evening elegance and make you sure that you are getting beautiful option to wear exclusive outfit. Mausummery Embroidered Classics is presenting 3 piece unstitched suits with chiffon dupatta adorned with delicate thread work and bright shades. So let's bring charm in closet with mix and match of brights and sharps.

Mausummery Embroidered Classics Winter Collection 2016-2017

Mausummery Embroidered Classics Winter Collection 2016-2017Mausummery Embroidered Classics Winter Collection 2016-2017

Mausummery Embroidered Classics Winter Collection 2016-2017

Mausummery Embroidered Classics Winter Collection 2016-2017