Zeen Winter Dresses 2015-16 | Zeen FW Unstitched Collection

Zeen launched unstitched winter collection - Discover the immense versatility of fabrics, layouts and styles in zeen fw collection brings for the new season. Winter, fall or autumn has own charm in girls mind; and mostly people pronounce it as festive season. Because - mostly marriages hold in winters due to the wish of bride and groom. So most of us get involve in celebration and stay in bride or groom house till ubtan to walima.  In Pakistan; wedding rituals are quite long and sensational; everyday dholki session hold in bride house and girls sing marriage songs when date get fixed. So in dholki every girl try to wear new dress and when they have no good style option then they feel sad. So according to me dholki dresses should be colorful, minimal embellished and easy to carry; which are basic qualities of zeen unstitched winter collection 2015-16. Zeen has designed winter formal and informal wear clothes lightly but magnetically adorned by thread work art. 

Zeen Fall-Winter Unstitched Collection - Dholki / Mayon / Mehndi

On very lightweight wool woven fabrics; they have offered vibrant color scheme that compliments the designs best for dholki, mayon and mehndi wear. On the other hand intricate prints combined with embroidery art is super hot and trendy for winter fashion. Zeen winter unstitched collection is reviving the classy trims amalgamated into modern tailoring.

Firdous Winter Collection 2015-2016 | Paris Linen by Firdous

Firdous fashion is starting its fall winter journey with Paris Linen collection 2015-16 unstitched 3 piece printed suits. A single drawback can damage the stability of a leading to an emerging brand. Therefore - every global fashion manufacturer first reads the prevailing trends, review the popularity of colors and prints and also check the last season response and then suggest any trend. You might think that designing a cloth is very simple; no it is not. If you have endless limit of clothing retailers then you can beat them with innovation. In fact we can say that innovation is symbol of success and if any brand keeps it in essential things then defiantly it gonna rock the industry. Firdous fashion is the iconic label in old textiles mills; who always centreline the innovative attributes. Firdous clothing designs represent unignorable elegance and opulence with very chic look. It's colors defines their aesthetic knowledge and prints describe the grip over different cultures. Thus today Firdous has set unbeatable identity in the world of glamour and charm. If you experienced the Firdous dresses then you must agree with our views and if you disagree then newest Paris linen 2015-16 by Firdous will clear your all doubts.

Firdous Paris Linen Winter Dresses Collection 2015-2016 Catalog

In Paris linen winter 2015-16 magazine, Firdous textiles mills has designed 60+ lovely and rich prints for winter. The real charm of winter casual attires is very classy and tribal patterns applied by block, screen, hand and machines. All types of abstracts, tribal, floral, handicrafts inspired, geometric, chunri, ajrak and fold textures have been fetched on Paris linen with intricacy and elegance. Firdous winter linen collection has remarkable and appealing print charm that will leave long lasting impression on ones minds. These winter casual dresses are best for day, evening and night small gatherings when colorful dresses are your need. You can opt the firdous linen paris collection in entire winter season and it looks really stunning. 

Firdous Paris Linen Dresses Collection 2015-16

Origins Winter Shawl Collection 2015/16 | Origins Winter Dresses

Origins ( ready to wear ) has stocked unstitched woolen dress collection with shawls for winter fall 2015-16. When you feel the whisper of cold winds, when cold winds shiver you at early morning, when you feel freezy at nights out; then it is a sign that you need to trunk your old wardrobe. You should buy some woollen or woven dresses to beat the cold waves. Actually change is symbol of live-lily, it describes that how much a person is caring about to be with demand of time, how he / she celebrate the season, how much they love to enjoy and what is their way to welcome anything. As far as I think if I have to welcome the new season then I express my emotions by adding new charming clothes in closet. I wear colorful or modern attires which can portray my zealous nature. And if you do the same then it not only make you pretty as well as your fervor inspire others. You will come in limelight and every one admire you. I think being admired is wish of every women so this season make yourself impressive persona by adding bold and attractive styles of origins unstitch winter collection

Origins Wool  Dresses with Shawl Collection 2015/16

In which the brand has brought inspiring masterpieces for fall winter casual wear in woolen fabrics. This origins catalog carries 3 mesmerizing colored fabrics of viscose, slub and shawls. In which they have blended nature and aesthetic together and poured ethnic embroideries in quite distinct way. Origins winter shawl collection dresses 2015-16 is an elegant and quality certified range that focuses on needs of women more then business tactics.

Saadia Asad Winter Collection 2015-16 | Digital Embroidered Linen

Print therapy is new winter line by Saadia Asad - which is bringing luxury in Linen fabric through digital prints and thread embroideries on the simple layout of shalwar kameez. Every occasion and even daily wear wardrobe is incomplete without a pair of salwar kameez dress. For a girls salwar kameez have distinct value than other outfits. It is the only attire which gave us flawless look and graceful character without any effort as well as carrying salwar kameez is very easy. In summer salwar kameez fashion is ideal for day wear, night wear and evening dress because it is breezy, comfortable and trendy than cozy in chic in winters. Especially when we look at Pakistan salwar kameez trend then rich traditions and rituals beauty can be seen in styles, embellishments and designs. Moreover our talented and highly skilled designer has enhanced the look of national dress and made it more charming and versatile through color and patterns. Thus for formal wear dress we find salwar suit as evergreen and flawless silhouette. This fall winter most recognizable fashion figure "Saadia Asad" has demonstrated her skills on Pakistani national suit. She has styled the linen fabrics through dignity of ethnic style and bold and glamorous colors. Apart from classy modification, Saadia Asad winter linen collection carries Victorian to french floral, vases, and motifs inspired textures through soothing and glossy hues. She has implemented digital prints on winter linen dresses and made a flawless form of shalwar kameez fashion.

Saadia Asad Digital Embroidered Winter Linen Collection 2015-16

Saadia Asad winter linen is 3 Piece suits range offering botanical bloom to monochrome, pastel paradise to floral fantasy; that is why she titled it print therapy collection. As noor is very famous line buy Saadia Asad which describe the bold and unseen glamour on diverse fabrics is ready to snatch your heart with limelight grabbing winter linen designs.

Saadia Asad FW Embroidered Linen Collection 2015

Anthologie by BEECH TREE | Pakistani Dresses Designs for Girls Winter 2015-2016

Anthologie cambric and linen by Beech Tree is new winter designer dresses fashion for Pakistani girls. The role of Pakistani designers is undeniable because due to them today we have such luxury and rich dresses designs in Pakistan. Several fashion labels has set important value in prevailing fashion trends of Pakistan. Such as beech tree - who's efforts to bring the fashion in limelight is really praise worthy. And this fall winter I do not want to miss any of beech tree collection due to impressive formula. Black n bold was an elegant, playful and youthful impression regarding that. But if once your look at latest BEECH TREE Anthologie'15 – then you will definitely feel like a queen of grace. Because on unstitched Cambric and Linen; they have offered simplicity and dignity in quite innovative way. The highest quality fabric, eclectic mix of prints and charm of botanic textures or lush flora prints are exemplary. The inspiration has been gathered from every corner of subcontinent and implemented on soft and glorious Cambric and linen. I think such beauty in pakistani dresses designs undiscovered yet which beech tree has shown you.

BEECH TREE :Winter Collection 2015-16 for Pakistani Girls 

Since March 2010, Beech Tree has strives tough to be high-street and trendsetting brand of women. In its journey, it offered many culture dedicated and modernly developed clothes that embodied grace and sophistication like any other high profile label. Finally, its efforts and unique contribution of fashion has increased the brand value and now it became personal style of Pakistani girls and women. Today, Beech Tree is artistic high-street fashion brand who offers unique dresses designs with feminine cuts and style. Each passing day is multiplying the fame and growth of Beech tree clothes and it is due to amalgamation of lovely colors and prints explored from that various elements. Here you can see latest Pakistani dresses designs for Winter 2015-2016 by BT.