Cross Stitch Fall/Winter Formal Ready to Wear Jacquard 2015-16

Jovial Jacquards is new ready to wear line for Cross Stitch fall/winter collection 2015Cross Stitch luxury pret fabric is in store now. Cross stitch basically defines aesthetic values in its collections. It energies the fashion with bold and complimenting hues and embellishments to keep alive the Pakistani oriental fashion. Cross stitch's valuable point of view and design concept have not only brought the brand in limelight as well as given chance to grow the brand in foreign market. As already many Pakistani labels have set their strong influence in international clientele so cross stitch has also targeted foreign fashionistas this fall winter season. It has designed luxury pret formal jacquard dresses for women. Which is composition of needle work, digital printing and modern style. This is the Jacquard fashion that  speak itself and everyone compliment you with WOW, Beautiful, Gorgeous bla bla.

Cross Stitch F/W Jacquard Formal Pret Dresses 2015-16

Cross stitch new ready to wear formal dresses 2015 features very  distinct and meticulously finished attires. In which use of colorful thread work on floral hints is really inspiring.With jacquard, the brand designers have combined net and tissue fabric to maintain the luxe appeal. Apart from rich thread work, pearls, joining laces, fancy buttons, cutwork borders, beads work on all over the fabric with chaar soti inspired embroidery, lean and modern stitching is enough to capture the contemporary women attention. Cross stitch fall winter collection 2015-16 has an ultra fabulous style with exquisite embellishments.

Sore Throat Treatment by Home Remedies

Soar throat is common disease; which occurs due to change of weather, pollution, dust or habit of drinking very cold water. Usually when we suffer from soar throat then pain and scratchy throat not allow us to eat anything and even breath properly. We can't sleep and the situation get worsen when we don't take proper treatment. According to my mom; when tonsils swallow due to viral infection then we feel soar throat. It might be true! because - in soar throat apart from pain, I feel something is blocked which is irritating me.

Few people get fever, body pain, sneezing, flue with soar throat. If you also suffer all diseases at once then it is indication of seasonal change. So you can use these home remedies as a treatment of soar throat.

Natural Tips for Sore Throat Treatment

Ginger tea - it is natural and very effective treatment of soar throat which also stops flue and cough. If you are living in cold place then drinking ginger tea thrice a week is very necessary for you to get rid from weather impacts.

The method of ginger tea is very easy. Take half inch piece of ginger, 2 cups water, sugar as per taste, cloves, cinnamon wood, tea and milk.

Add water, milk, 1inch cinnamon piece, crushed ginger, sugar and 2 or 3 cloves in a cattle and let it boil. When one cup water left then add tea in it and boil for a minute. And take this tea when it gets luke warm.

Mustard oil and salt - this is also very good in soar throat. Take 5 tbsp mustard oil and add 1 tbsp salt in it and mix it well and give a soft massage on neck of the patient with this mixture. After 5 to 10 min massage cover the neck with fabric for at least 20 minutes. It also reduce throat pain and give you relief from soar throat.

Honey is also very effective in any kind of viral infection. Take 1 glass luke warm water and add two tbsp honey in it and mix it well then drink it to get relief from pain and infection.
What we Eat in Soar Throat - Food for Patients :
In soar throat avoid eating solid food or meal and better take liquid food. Chicken stock is very good to get proper nutrition in illness. Take 4 or 5 2" pieces from chicken, 3 glass water, salt and black paper. Now add all ingredient in water and put on burner to boil. And let it to boil for thirty minutes. When 1 glass water left then add homemade bread in it and eat with spoon. This is very high nutrient food and soft meal for you which eradicate cold effects and energies you.

Lala Egyptian Cotton Clothing Fabric : Sana Samia Satin Collection 2015

Lala textiles presents bamber chiffon dupattas and Egyptian cotton suits for winter in Sana & Samia Egyptian Cotton Satin Collection. Almost every girl has heard the name of Egypt cotton and favorite for autumn season. They love to collect pure cotton dresses but very few among them knows that what is Egyptian cotton fabric actually. Egyptian cotton is export quality fabric that produce from a white balls that grow in a plant. Though we have best quality cotton plants in South Asia too; but Egyptian cotton plant is very popular for strong fibers. That is why trend of importing cotton from Egypt is growing. This sort of cotton clothes are reliable and absorb colors strongly. So when you buy LALA cotton dresses then you don't have to worry about that colors fades or fabric gets rough. It was first imported after civil war due to shortage of cotton in Asia. Since then it spread its roots in our industry. Today Shariq textiles and Lala prints are two major Egyptian cotton importers in Pakistan and they take white cotton and apply their own colors and prints to beautify it. This winter fall you can experience finest cotton suits by lala stocked in Sana and Samia Egyptian Cotton Satin Collection

Lala Egyptian Cotton Clothing Fabric

This is pure eastern style which carries strong and rich color palates. Every article in this catalog has own designing values and classy ornaments. The designer of lala has produced Sana samia winter cotton collection to make it ideal semi formal and evening fashion. Therefore with finest quality fabric, lovely prints and embroidery application have been offered. After vintage kurti stole, Egyptian cotton by lala for fall winter 2015 is another great achievement due to individuality and remarkable features. This Sana samia winter collection will restore class, style and quality in your daily wear fashion. So let's experience the durable, softer and cozy fabric launched in Sana samia winter cotton magazine.

Sana Samia Satin Winter Catalogue 2015 

Zari Faisal Winter Tops Collection 2015-16 Formal / Work Wear Design

Every Pakistani designer has own strategy of targeting the audience and winning their hearts. Zari Faisal is versatile among them who's core belief on youthful, fun and economical fashion. She is among risk taker designers, because she always bring something very unique without thinking that how it effects on brand status. But still Zari is one of most demanding fashion label of Pakistan. This winter fall season we can find two very interesting youngsters collection at the house of Zari Faisal. Yes! we are talking about 'Peace Collection - Work by Zari Faisal' and 'Retro Collection - Plush by Zari Faisal'. Though; both winter collections encompass kurta and tops designs for girls but provides distinct values of fashion for official wear and formal wear.
Zari Faisal Work Wear Kurta Collection 2015
Peace collection is new line of women's wear. This line covers the need of working women and provide them an ethereal and hip hop classy style for regular wear. Work by Zari Faisal dresses comprises on straight cut kurta made by finest cambric. In which she has used chevron prints, geometric textures, flower patterns truck art  and tribal prints with multi-colored palettes. Zari Faisal work wear design are simple and lean, these colorful kurtas have been clubbed with white cigarette pants to complete the beauty.
Plush Formal Tops by Zari Faisal in Retro Collection - Retro is a formal line that deliver best fashion trends for evening wear and formal dinner parties. As now women wants to look chic and urban without complicated features. So in such condition; Zari Faisal designer plush retro collection to entertain modern females with utterly elegant and sophisticated fashion. Zari Faisal formal tops are featuring silk and organza fabrics.

Lala Vintage Kurti Stole Winter Collection 2015-16 | Semi Stitched Shirt

As weather got chilled then girls has packed their summer clothes to put in trunks. And after keeping the summer clothes safely they started searching winter clothing trends. Indeed, it difficult because yet Pakistani designer has not started winter collections 2015-16 manufacturing. In Pakistan women's have concept that winter clothes should be woven, thick and cozy. Because they are fashion savvy and conscious about beauty so don not want to wear sweaters or jackets. So in such scenario, Kashmiri shawls and classic stoles are best option to pair with winter dresses. You can wrap stole and shawl around your body and easily protect you from cold weather. Here Lala textiles winter collection 2015-16 is offering you Kurti with Stole for winter fashion.

Lala : Vintage Semi Stitched Shirt /  Stole Collection 2015-16

Lala designed vintage kurtis to entertain you in fall winter season. First time the designers of lala prints has clubbed kurti with shawls inspired stole and made 2-PC collection for girls. The thing which is interesting from lala is semi stitched variety in kurtis. Yes! This winter you can feel effortless with Lala winter vintage Kurtis and stoles.

So Kamal Embroidered Chiffon 2015-2016 | Winter Holiday Dresses

Embroidery is vital source of embellishment in clothes. Not only in Pakistan, as well as in other parts of subcontinent; embroidery has became essential. Designers are continuously focusing to fetch uniqueness in classic embroidery work. That's why sometime they add fancy material to make the embroidery stylish and sometimes use colorful rich threads. Few designer use handicrafts drawn machine embroideries to get attention. Apart from machine work, the hand made embroidery is precious assets of South Asian world. But as hand drawn embroideries take too much time so these days machine embroideries are popular to decorate fabrics. In Pakistan women's admire embroidered fabric very much and for formal wear they only prefer luxe embroidered attires with finesse embroidery work. Here Sokamal has made efforts to bring silk chiffon embroidered fabric for your holiday fashion trends.

5 Best Way to Wear White Kurti to Get Perfect Formal / Casual Style

Kurti is a classic dress but easy to modify in modern style. Apart from sewing modification we can pair kurti with different bottom wear and it really looks perfect with every type of salwar, trouser, jeans, lehenga, flapper to legging. Therefore today South Asian is adopting kurti trends to refresh their everyday to formal cupboard. In past clothing9 has shown you images of latest kurti collection but today we are showing you a video from which you can learn that how you can transform your persona from common to standout with replacement of bottom and head wear with kurti. In this video you can see that we have chosen white kurti and modified it for casual, formal and work wear by adding and subs tracking accessories and trousers style. White is a color that perfectly balance it with any color and looks fabulous. Kurti is a style which is timeless and appealing so this season pair your white kurti with short and add a belt for the extra bling. Get killing beauty in white kurti, just combine it with sliver jewellery and blue jeans. Wear ripped denim with ethnic wear and create a entirely new look. You can never go wrong with a matching set in kurti. To get to know that How to Wear White Kurti to Get Perfect Formal Casual Style please watch this video presented by Glamrs.

5 Best Way to White Kurti

Maryam's Collection Winter Party Dresses 2015-2016

Maryam boutique and couture is top choice in formal wear dresses of women. The designer team has worked tough to get this stage in Pakistani fashion. And still they believe in being limited and occasional to reserve strong place in hearts of clients. That is the main reason why Maryam collection has came in action after summer, eid ul fitr and on eid ul adha. But at least they have taken care of our feelings and emotions and introduced exclusive volume7. The vol-7 is winter formal dress collection for girls. With sparkle of embroidery; maryam winter fall collection is highlighting the sheer fabrics. On finest soft chiffon maryam has offered party wear range with enchanting features. In which embroidery is real beautifier of party clothes. Apart from handicrafts; colors selection is pure eastern to capture the women's attention easily. The thing which makes extra ordinary to Maryam's winter party wear collection 2015 volume 7 is modern stitching ideas. Such as combination of maxi and front open is perfect match of classic and contemporary. In order to mix the royal style into grace she designed anarkali frocks with panel style maroon embroidery on yellow fabric. 

Maryam's Collection Winter Party Dresses 2015-2016

Maryam has combined long shirt and lehenga for formal event which is symbolizing eastern aesthetic with magnificence. In peach color embroidered suit we will find sherwani inspired front open gown is mesmerizing idea for winter parties. Black is providing matchless party wear trend. This black dress features all over thread work and stitched in coat / jacket with inner shirt. To give you stand out look, Maryam designed drop corner front open double shirt with button embellishment. And almost every dress in maryam collection party wear dresses 2015 is very flawless and best for evening events.

DIY Egg Mask for Blackheads | Natural Blackhead Removal

Blackheads a common issue which spoils beauty of the girl. Though it appears in boys and girls in teenage and persist until we don't cure it. Most common face parts where blackheads appears are chin, nose and below eyes. There are many ways to remove blackheads by mask, extraction, dissolving gel, tools and strips. Apart from professional blackhead treatment, home remedies are also very effective to get rid of blackheads natural way. One of the most popular way of blackhead cure is DIY Egg Mask. Diy egg mask for blackheads is very useful and easy in application. This mask not only help us to get rid from the blackhead problem for long time as well as stop growth of blackheads. So let's know how to make DIY Egg Mask to abolish Blackhead naturally

Get rid from Blackheads with natural DIY Egg Mask

DIY Egg Mask Procedure:
Take an egg and separate the yolk. Because only egg white is your need. Apply the Egg white on blackheads prone areas. After applying egg white by brush on blackhead area place tissue over the egg mask and brush the egg white over the tissue paper again. Now wait for it to dry. After dry peel off the tissue and here is magic that blackheads are gone. 

Hair Fall Treatment by Home Remedies | Stop Alopecia Naturally

Hair fall is very common problem of today world. It is face by people across the world irrespective of age and sex. It is very embarrassing situation. it is also known as Alopecia in terms of medical science. The Cause of Hair fall are Pregnancy, Weight Loss, Dieting, Hormonal Changes, Stress and lack of nutrition. There are many home remedies prescribed by homeopathic experts to control hair fall and medical treatment is also available But before going to cure, we have to diagnose that what is cause of hair fall by symptoms. After finding the actual reason we can apply home remedies by which we can overcome from hair fall problem. In this post we will tell you that how you can stop hair loss naturally.

Hair Fall Treatment by Home Remedies

Alopecia / Hair Fall Home Remedies:

  • Aloe Vera - it has many medicinal properties. It helps to fight with the infection and maintain PH level of the scalp. it is also very useful herb according to homeopathy. Now let's know how we can use in hair loss. If you cut Aloe vera leaf then you can see gel form. This get is very useful in Hair loss and to get fruitful result in Hair fall.
  • Amla - it is very useful and very effective home remedy to prevent hair fall. It is also known for medicinal properties. Drinking amla juice on daily basis will be very also very helpful. You can take amla powder according to your hair length. Add lemon juice in this powder and mix it well and massage properly this mixture on to your scalp. Now we are going to move on third remedy for hair loss. This is egg.
  • Egg - Eggs are really well riching mineral zinc, iron and protein which are very useful for hair. Take white part of egg and add some olive oil and mix it well. Apply this paste on the scalp and massage it well and leave for 20 min and wash with mild shampoo.
  • Henna / Mehndi - Henna is very important according to homeopathy. It works really effectively in hair fall. It is also known for long as natural color and conditioner. if you add mustard oil or mustard powder in hina then it works better. In hair fall you can take 1 tbsp hina in a bowl and add some curd in and mix ir well. Add some water to make it proper paste and then apply this paste on hairs and leave for 30 min to get dry and then wash it. Use these natural remedies for few months to stop hair falling issue.

Alexander Wang RTW SS 2016 Collection for Men / Resort for Women

The leading menswear and women's wear manufacturer of western world 'Alexander Wang' has launched SS 2016 collection. This is Spring 2016 Ready to Wear collection based on resort for women and capsule for men.The designer Alexander Wang takes us back to the classic era and retro chic street wear style in this ss collection. Because with the 10th anniversary of the brand, Alexander wants to provide matchless identity in trend. That is why they have transformed fashion in quite impressive manner.

Alexander Wang SS 2016 RTW for Men & Resort for Women

If  you  are  sportsman  and  you  are  looking  for  the  stuff  to  wrap  up  in  accordingly  then  we  must recommend you to the  Alexander Wang, another Alexander named fashion franchise which functions just  to  create  something  functionally  and  remotely  like  fantabulous  for  the  virile  men.  Cast  in  the moleskin touch of the Italian luxuriousness,  the olive and black tinted M51 jackets.  Nylon bombers,boiler suits, brocade vests, carhartt overalls, QR code sweats and tear away shorts are purely fabricated upon the determination to substantiate the genuine predisposition of the sportsmanship of the sporty teens

Exotic is a lexicon which proportionally uses for the men’s and women’s wear in the western fashion world where the outfitters suffice their customers and fans with the outlandish collection, they come up with. As they are well aware of the marketing tactics that how they can break the selling records of their apparels,  in  one of  those tactics  is  to  render  the most  unique and trendsetting couture which can become exemplary in the styling options.

JV Couture Funky Formal Wear / Luxury Pret Dresses Fashion 2015-16

Javeria Zeeshan brings ready to wear and custom made formal dresses for girls. JV couture or Javeria Zeeshan boutique is one of the most influencing powerhouse. It is worth describing due to elegant, modest and innovative trendy outfits. This festival of eid ul adha JV couture has spread smiles on women's faces by adding some elite luxury dresses in eid fashion guide. JV has marked modernity, eastern poise and classic style to compliment its festive clothes. With the hints of funky fabrics, JV couture has designed winter fall formal wear and party wear pret dresses. Which highlights the ethnic moods of Asian fashion. Such as Double shirts and front open dresses have been combined as jacket and shirt fashion. She has beautifully amalgamated two ,most wanted designs into one as coat short dresses. Which has been detailed with floral embroidery art and simple sewing trims. Another interesting style by JV Couture is funky formal wear tunics clubbed with cigarette pants. These tunics are simple but very impressive. Though JV Couture funky formal wear / luxury pret dresses fashion 2015-16 is most unique and dynamic trend that captures on traditional classic style with beauty of modernity. Lets checkout the dresses of Javeria Zeeshan first.

Funky Formal Wear / Luxury Pret Dresses Fashion

Javeria Zeeshan's new collection is funky and trendy readymade clothes. The designs are made by chiffon and furnished with thread embroideries. The trims incorporates cropped style and sewing is bit tricky. With simple, sophisticated and feminine hues, ultra chic fashion is completing the beauty of JV Couture formal pret dresses. Javeria has introduced jackets for women, cape shirts with pants, funky tunics, ankle length shirts, front open embroidered kameez and net silk blended into chiffon. This is an extraordinary rich formal wear luxury pret fashion from the house of Javeria Zeeshan at JV couture.

JV Coutureformal wear luxury pret fashion

Luxury Pret Dresses Fashion

JV Couture formal pret dressesJV Couture formal pret dresses

JV Couture Funky Formal Wear JV Couture Luxury Pret Dresses