Mina Hasan Luxury Lawn Eid Dress Collection 2015 by Shariq

Mina Hasan lawn by shariq textiles is great edition in designer lawn series. Because she has given boutique style level to a simple and ordinary lawn dress. New Mina Hasan casual eid dress collection 2015 for women is inspired by Baroque and vintage designs. The designer mina hasan has tried to add luxury effects by sprinkling the baroque morifs and trellises. Mina's lawn by Shariq textiles is luxury eid dress collection; features a combination of baroque motifs and trellises suffuses with a bright color palette and delicate embroideries. You can apt Mina's lawn eid ul adha collection by shariq for the pre winter festive and summer gatherings.

Khaadi Eid ul Azha Collection 2015 | Khaadi Cambric Autumn Catalog 2015-16

Blossoming Jewels! Have you ever imagined that jewel has also power to blossom like flowers? If you think  its impossible! then join Khaadi and learn that how Khaadi Cambric 2015 is unfolding the secret. Khaadi Cambric Autumn 2015 Collection  is releasing on 5th September 2015. It features very elegant and charismatic eid dresses to put on as formal wear. This year, Khaadi cambric collection is package of unstitched embroidered cotton suits. This embroidered fabric is available in four piece format. Khaadi autumn cambric collection for eid ul azha is very fancy and stylish because of chiffon dupattas, silk strips, lace editions and Swarovski buttons. With all these pretty embellishments, Khaadi eid cambric collection 2015 catalog is a must-have range. 

Needlez Eid-ul-Adha Formal Dresses Collection 2015 by Shalimar

Needlez presents mid summer and eid ul adha formal chiffon dresses collection 2015 at Shalimar for girls. Fashion is an indefinite language, few tries to learn it and few tries to follow. But in our views you can't learn it from anyone nor you can follow. Because you have different body shape, facial expression or features, figure and height. So if everything has been made unique in you by Allah; then why you wear same like every second person without knowing that it will spoil or boost your look. So that's the main reason of everyday new brands are emerging to assist us that what's suits us and what we should wear to look fresh, unique and inspiring on different occasion. Such as on formal event you can't wear jeans kurta and on daily basis you can't adopt heavy embroidered dress design. So in this condition you can take help of Pakistani designers. In best designer brands or top clothing label, Needlez BY Shalimar is a valuable source. It delivers distinct oriental cum trendy styles to wear as formal dress, party wear, casual and even at festivals. This eid ul adha Needlez BY Shalimar has also collected some ideas to transform your dress. Which are available in Needlez eid-ul-adha formal  dresses collection 2015 by Shalimar

Needlez by Shalimar eid-ul-Adha Formal Dresses Collection 2015

Needlez midsummer chiffon dresses collection 2015 by Shalimar is targetting the funky luxe chiffon fabrics, attractive embroidery art and catchy colors. Needlez eid dress 2015 by Shalimar is comparatively elegant and sharp range. In which aesthetically designs with contemporary trims are adding the real charm. Shalimar has used their soulful classic Needlez work on fabric and further defined with digital color scheme. As everyone's want to celebrate eid ceremony in royal and rich manner so regal inspired dress layouts with creative tailoring of the era are just superb.

Ethnic Elegance : Taana Baana Eid-Ul-Adha Collection 2015-2016 Fall Catalog

'Ethnic Elegance' ( A tale of style and elegance ) is Taana Baana Eid-Ul-Adha & fall winter collection for girls. Taana Baana's new eid dress collection will be in stores from 1st September. It is designed to give you best of best while keeping the ethnic and modern look.
Buy less, choose well! many women's can afford any price fashion and sometimes they pick such dress that doesn't worth a penny. For those ladies buy less choose well seems perfect. Though, there are many women's who believes in adding a right piece in closet to maintain the beauty of wardrobe as well as charm of persona. But it doesn't mean that you afraid to do new, 'remember amateur built the arc and professional built the titanic'. So in fashion finding the style is difficult but not impossible. So always try to pick a style for you because style is eternal. This festival of eid ul adha and midsummer you have seen unlimited fashion ideas and eid dresses collection. Now it's up to you that what you pick for your style.

 Taana Baana Fall / Eid-Ul-Adha Catalog 2015-2016

Yesterday, ethnically elegant by Taana Baana Eid / Fall Collection 2015 has been introduced. With a touch of contemporary class and elegance, taana baana has tried to put some especial design art for both pre-winter and eid ul Azha. Taana baana has used natural colors blended in glamorous array and subtle hints to make its eid collection dresses must-have. On the brighter and darker both bases use of opposite array weaving has been done to add prominence and contemporary feel. On the other hand woven textures are best replacement of printing. You must be thinking why Taana Baana fall eid collection 2015 has been titled as ethnically elegance then here is answer.

Warda Lawn Midsummer Embroidered Eid Ul Adha Dresses 2015-16

Warda prints proudly presents eid ul azha dress collection 2015 embroidered catalog. Warda designer collection is portrayal of an elegant, eastern and contemporary fashion. It's vogue, clearly defines the modern aesthetic values with cultural norms. In very exotic and high end western lines, Warda prints make us glad by keeping with eastern lifestyle and cute modern trims. While looking for an exceptional casual or semi formal wear dress for summer or winter; Warda lawn prints seems to be a precious gift. This year, Warda has played pivotal role in embellishing our personalities and making us aware with new fashion trends. She had beautifully evolved lawn 2015, SS collection 2015, eid dresses and even kurtis. With economical prices and high quality unique designs; Warda lawn collections has won everyone's heart. Therefore today flashing among most celebrated fashion brands of Pakistan. This midsummer and eid ul adha season you don't need to wait so long for Warda midsummer collection 2015.

Warda Embroidered Lawn Eid Ul Adha Magazine 2015-16

Warda has already launched new midsummer catalog for festive season. In which remained with abstract, geometry, textures and shapes inspired patterns and subtle with vivacious hues. Warda has offered Cambric and lawn dresses in eid ul azha catalog 2015. Because she thinks that still few girls want to explore the beauty and soothing of lawn. So for lawn lovers, Warda midsummer lawn 2015 is ideal day wear and evening dress up idea. But those who wants to experiment Cambric cotton with pure attributes they can pick Warda's Cambric mid summer collection 2015. And we ensure that you will find it ultimately classy, contemporary, sophisticated and utterly feminine. On Cambric, Warda has drawn her signature solo in quite inspiring manner with antique crafts inspired filling patterns and artistic outlines. Warda midsummer dress magazine 2015 features soulful style guide with new sewing designs. Though you can modify the Warda's dresses but still her creative tailoring looks impressive.

Maria.B Ready to Wear Eid-ul-Adha Collection 2015 Formal Dresses

Maria b eid ul azha collection 2015-16 has been unveiled in two distinct ranges (Evening wear and Casual Tunic). Maria b the oldest and versatile artist of the fashion world is extremely busy these days to groom your personalities. Because beauty attract the eye but personality captures the heart. And Maria b is the designer who wants to spruce up your outer appearance. Her aim is to give you very youthful and gloomy personality with her designs. That's why she always keeps busy in fetching different cultures and art to come uniquely. Maria b has great influence of Mughal lifestyle and emperors era that can be seen in her designs. And latest Maria.B ready to wear eid collection 2015 also represent her royal inspiration. She always represents exquisite, rich and feminine styles with flawless state of art. Though it's festival like eid ul azha, formal event or wedding function. Maria b loves to be present with high-end, fashionable and complimenting clothes for all ages women and girls. 
Maria.B Tunic & Evening Formal Dresses Midsummer 2015
Especially, Maria b pret collection is matchless range in designer collections. Because Maria b ready to wear are sheer and appealing. So let's turn out the chapter of Maria b new eid ul azha pret collection 2015. It is featuring tunic, ready to wear casual suits and formal wear jacket shirts with cigarette pants, front open double shirts, tail shirts, funky dresses etc etc. With highly inspiring designs, minimal embellishment and eastern logic is vital part in MariaB eid ul azha dresses 2015.

Gul Ahmed 2015 Cambric Magazine / Catalog Dresses for Eid

Gul Ahmed fashion always remains in top while making unique and trendy ensembles. This midsummer and eid ul azha season we can see the same attitude from ideas team and gul ahmed fashion. Gul Ahmed cambric mid-summer collection 2015-2016 for women has designed the traditional way. This collection is ready to take you from the warm summers towards the cold winters with a vast array of colours complementing the weather.

2015 Eid-ul-Adha Cambric Magazine / Catalog

With a tagline 'Wish it? Want it? You can have it!'. Gul ahmed prepared a modern mix of art and fashion, digital and essential prints, use with speck of contrasting hues for a trendy look. With Gul Ahmed cambric 2015 catalog you'll get a revealing flash and witness a blast of fresh air as the creative visionaries at their helms refocus on future. Gul Ahmed midsummer cambric collection 2015-16 is having the prints in it's purest form to give crisp and fresh ait to your wardrobe. The twist and the pairings that will make you look bang on the trend with GulAhmed. Get ready to roll. Hold onto your cravings and blow the cobwebs off your clothes hangers- because Gul ahmed mid-summer collection brings an explosion of energy to your wardrobe.

Riffat & Sana 2015 Formal Clothes - Eid Ul Azha 2015 Collection

Riffat And Sana Salman eid ul azha collection 2015 is in stores now. This is 'N Series Eid 2015' formal clothes. You might heard that 'If you don't get noticed; you don't have anything', a famous quote for those girls who doesn't spent time on themselves. Getting noticed and feeling beautiful is wish of every women; because - we born to look attractive. But in digital era; when everything is moving so fast then arranging time for own grooming is quite difficult and when you are performing multi tasks. Especially, for working women; who has to look after their families, offer home chores and also performs duties at offices. In this tough scenario following the quote ( Be so good that one can't ignore you easily ) is really hard task. But in millennium, Fashion has took steady turn to run fastly. There are several clothing icons who are helping the fashion to compete with demand of time. Riffat and Sana salman is synonymous of those label who knows how to run with need of fashion and time.

Riffat & Sana 2015 Clothes Collection

Sana salman riffat is designer label; who takes interest in ready to wear or luxury attires. This designer duo SR boutique works to deliver very unique, elite and modern pieces for women. Every season, festival or gathering is meaningless without riffat and Sana pret clothes. So how we bear that your eid ul adha festival became meaningless. Clothing9 and miss ghouri always take care or their beloved readers and update them with happenings of fashion industry. So here is another big news for you that Sana Salman (Riffat & Sana) has introduced N series two day ago. Actually, n series is eid ul azha collection for girls. It includes very smart, graceful and cute dresses. The whole eid collection of Sana salman is based on cropped layouts of shirt and pants with long dupattas. Riffat & Sana 2015 formal clothes are made by jamawar, nets, raw silk and chiffon and decorated with digital prints and embroidery art. Sana Salman Riffat eid dresses 2015-16 are featuring limited designs but every piece is distinct in detailing.

Zeen Midsummer Stitched Dress Collection for Women 2015

Zeen the best Pakistan women dress and accessories wholesaler presents Silk and Lawn in stitched variety. This midsummer Zeen introduced Silk tops stitched dress collection and midsummer lawn stitched for women 2015. Do you heard the quote ' The year has 365 days, and i want each and every one of them to be exciting". You can make this quote true by adding Zeen midsummer stitched collection 2015. Because it is bringing influential balance of bold, vibrant, rich and digital colors and textures. Zeen is working with the aim to refresh the vogue, make it lively and impressive. Zeen by Cambridge is significantly evolving into modern manner. The mission of zeen women is to revive classic styles, aesthetic beauty and make us agree to happily like to live with traditions of east. In this regard they always took step ahead and encourage women's to wear their cultural dress with contemporary modification. This season zeen by Cambridge has proved to be the best player of the industry by launching many outclass casual and formal wear dresses. The lawn 2015 collection, summer catalogs 2015, festive wear, pret / ready to wear kurtis, stitched collections on silk, lawn and cotton was very famous among girls.

Zeen Midsummer Stitched Dress Collection for Women 2015

But now Zeen - a pride presentation of Cambridge - is ready to revive ethnic and blossomy styles in cupboard. Zeen launched stitched midsummer silk lawn collection 2015. This is an ideal combination of luxury and sophistication drawn on silk and lawn fabrics. Zeen, being the popular clothing line explores the different lifestyles, art and cultures to adorn you uniquely. And new midsummer stitched silk lawn collection is complimenting gift that follows rich and royal theme. Zeen has underlined the dresses with extra ordinary rich appeal because festival of eid ul azha is on corner. So you can use zeen stitched silk and midsummer lawn 2015 for eid celebration activities too. There short span success journey is result of their discovery.

Sana & Samia Cotton Prints by Lala Midsummer Dresses 2015

This midsummer is Lala's midsummer; because - one after another launch on Cambric cotton with fresh design solo has mesmerized the audience. After the great applause of cotton kurtis and cotton midsummer prints, now lala has announced Sana and Samia cotton prints. Cotton or Cambric both are 100 percent weather friendly fabrics. Pakistani women's admire Cambric cotton dresses for normal weather or cold climate. Such as end of summer or in pre winter; there is no alternative of Cambric cotton suits. So this midsummer season, lala textiles is committed to serve us economically, vogue-fully and aesthetically. And midsummer cotton prints or Sana & Samia Cotton Print midsummer 2015 are freshest examples of this commitment. Lala has announced that new printed catalog with 12 designs in two color variations is available. Every Sana & Samia Cotton Print dress features 8.5 meter fabric detailed with very unique color combination. From monochromatic hues to subtle hints and noir to vivacious almost every color scheme can be seen in Sana & Samia Cotton Print.

Sana & Samia Cotton Prints by Lala Midsummer Dresses 2015

The prints and textures are blend of micro and macro and derived from classic paisley, floral, nature and geometry. The modification of printing samples has made the Sana & Samia Cotton Print collection very impressive. This is a casual wear Cambric range prices between 1200 to 1500. These are predicted prices because lala has not revealed price tags officially. Below you can see Sana & Samia Cotton Print midsummer catalog 2015-2016.

Mausummery Eid-ul-Azha Collection 2015 - Womens Ready To Wear Dresses

Mausummery eid-ul-azha 'Le Botanique' Eid ready to wear lawn collection 2015 is in stores. This is starting from 3,250 and ending at 6,950. In new pret collection, Mausummery is presenting a perfect mix and match formula of sober colors, bold patterns and soft embellishment. This eid pret prints collection has been designed to award you stand out style in the crowd for upcoming eid festival. Latest Eid-Ul-Azha Ready-To-Wear collection 2015 is ideal outer wear dress up for modern girls.

Mausummery eid ul adha lawn has been stocked at all leading outlets in both unstitched and RTW format. Mausummery is not an unsung identity in fashion industry, it pronounced as the most energetic, feminine and charming dress maker. It has wide range of seasonal wear in ready to wear, prints collection and fabrics range. It always brings ultra chic and innovative styles. In women's wear dresses of Pakistan, mausummery has unique source of designing that inspires women in first sight. It mostly describe the simple, graceful and smart design sense. Such as mausummery ready to wear eid ul adha collection is beautiful evidence. When eid is knocking the doors then almost every girl needs eid dress like mausummery pret collection. Because with smart cutting edge designs, simplicity and eastern layouts are vital parts in it. This type of designing is basic demand on festivals which is lightweight, trendy and chic with elegance embellishments.

Phatyma Khan Eid ul Azha Stitched Collection 2015-2016 for Women

This season get ready to be with 'GEL'-  the glamorous, elegant and luxury. The designer Phatyma Khan is describing GEL in her new luxury capsule pret. Phatyma Khan Eid ul Azha Collection 2015 is the unique and attractive reflection of "GEL" having the effortless style for summer festivity. You might noticed; that almost every women prefers such clothes that inspire in first glance. In fact first impression is last is perfectly working in fashion and clothing business too. Therefore; today every Pakistani designer is heeded upon to break the old rules by setting new trends. Phatyma Khan is very skillful female artist; who ideally transformed old typical styles. 

Latest luxury Eid ul Azha pret Collection 2015 is exemplary edition in the industry that reflects feminine poise and youthful appeal with beauty of aesthetic. Phatyma Khan pret wear Eid ul Azha Collection 2015 is consists on jacquard, raw silk and khadi net fabric made dresses. These beautiful eid dresses have been nourished with stones, beads, pearls, hammer work, wire embroidery, swarovski crystals and thread crafts. Phatyma Khan Eid ul Azha stitched collection 2015-2016 for Women is having very simple features of laces on shirts and pants. On very fine fabrics, luxe embroideries and finishing of quality tailoring is praise worthy. It would not be wrong if we say that Phatyma Khan PRET Eid ul Azha collection 2015 is flawless form in luxury fashion and high end chic collections. Because it include almost everything that girls and women prefer for festival wear designs.

J. | Junaid Jamshed Embroidered Chiffon Collection 2015-16 for Bakra Eid

J. | Junaid Jamshed midsummer mania's new collection has been unveiled. The premium embroidered chiffon collection enriched with meticulous embroidery art and gold and silver finery is ideal festive pick. JJ has used feminine touch with elegance and sophistication to keep modern women in mind. JJ by Junaid Jamshed is back in limelight again with fresh stock of JJ premium embroidered chiffon eid ul adha 2015. After the overwhelming acclaim of mania midsummer lawn collection, now JJ has offered wide dress options for eid ul azha in JJ eid collection 2015. In which JJ has restored the classic appeal, preserved moods of handicrafts on modern samples and purity of aesthetic. Juniad Jamshed premium embroidered chiffon collection 2015-2016 has been made to give new dimension to the classy trendsetting styles. It is evolved in new manner to reveal the significance of old designs in girls.

Charizma : The Gliteratti Luxury Chiffon Vol-4 Semi Stitched For Eid 2015

House of Riaz Art presents Charizma ( The Gliteratti Luxury Chiffon 2015 Vol-4 Semi Stitched ) collection. Are you really in search of exquisite and luxury fashion then you can preserve it by grabbing a dress from riaz arts gliteratti luxury chiffon Vol-4 charizma semi stitched collection. After the great acclaim of range luxury embroidered lawn vol3; now riaz arts prepared Charizma luxury embroidered fancy chiffon collection for midsummer eid festivity. In which the brand has took care of fashionable consumers who wants to remain with luxury of Asian aesthetic. So on chiffon bold and energetic colors and splash of lively prints has been chosen. As festive means being with tradition and fashion both; so to represent best festive wear designer; Charizma has developed rich artwork enriched pieces in gliteratti luxury chiffon dress 2015 semi stitched collection volume-4.

Charizma Gliteratti Luxury Semi Stitched Chiffon 2015 Vol-4

The new luxury fancy chiffon suits collection of eid ul adha is launching on 28th august. The prices of fancy chiffon dress eid collection is 6899 Pkr.

Charizma Gliteratti Luxury Semi Stitched Chiffon 2015 Vol-4

Charizma Fancy Chiffon Dresses Eid Collection 2015

Charizma Luxury Embroidered Chiffon 2015 Vol-4

Charizma MidSummer Collection 2015 Vol 4

Charizma Chiffon Collection 2015 Vol 4

eid ul adha dresses 2015 by Charizma

Gul ahmed Cambric Midsummer Eid Ul Azha Catalog 2015-16

Gul-Ahmed Cambric Mid-Summer Collection 2015 has been unveiled to see off the most thrilling and vogue oriented summer. The year of 2015 is considered as the most memorable year of fashion when dazzling pret, luxury dresses and chic styles have given unimaginable fame to the industry in the world. And services of gul ahmed regarding the popularity is really worth mentioning. Let's forget the new launch of Gul-Ahmed Midsummer Cambric Collection 2015 for a while but how you can forget the charm of gul ahmed lawn 2015, gul ahmed summer catalog 2015 and fancy festive dresses? If we look at success graph of gul ahmed then a memorable time for the brand which helps them to remain in spotlight. So with the end of August, gul ahmed has decided to say bye bye to prickling summers heat in own way. And here is most beautiful trend alert and fashionable deal of the midsummer inform of Cambric collection 2015. Because every women has turned her head to get some fine and weather friendly fabrics for midsummer closet. And what would be ideal than Cambric?

Gul Ahmed Cambric Dress Collection Mid Summer 2015-2016

So for the loyal consumers, gul ahmed has introduced cheap, trendsetting and hig-end Cambric dresses and claimed to be the ultimate women'swear merchandiser of Pakistan. Gul ahmed's new midsummer festive collectionn is an unstitched version of fashion. In which each outfit has been decorated with very intricate and utterly unique prints and colors. Which has been finished by adding bolder and glamorous touch of embroideries. After the launch of midsummer digital kurtis, gul ahmed has shared his love and affection toward clientele by adding fresh stock of Gul-Ahmed Midsummer Cambric Collection 2015 in stores. And proved to be must-have for women by designing - plain-weave linen cloth (Cambric) - most comfortable cloth. According to experts linen cum Cambric is the only fabric that can keep you warm in winter, comfy in summer, eradicate humidity effects, absorb sweat and looks fashionable too. That's why mostly Pakistani cloth retailers select it for bit cool weather. And gul ahmed did so that they transformed Cambric in praise-worthy designs and modified into attractive styles. This years Cambric collection by gul ahmed is valuable edition for midsummer as well as pre-winter closet. 
Gul Ahmed Cambric fabrics catalog 2015 features 3-PC, 2-PC and shirts collection. This exquisite catalogue includes very distinct signature concept of gul ahmed experts with beautiful sewing, matchless printing and flawless styling. Gul-Ahmed Midsummer Cambric Collection 2015 is reminding us aesthetic and tradition with classic appeal and revealing mosaics, paisleys, florals, coat tu prints style textures by block prints and digital prints. This midsummer Cambric dress catalog can be a unique statement making style for girls for casual, festival and formal get to father.

Gul ahmed Cambric Midsummer Eid Ul Azha Catalog 2015-16

Gul ahmed Cambric Midsummer Eid Ul Azha Catalog 2015-16

Gul-Ahmed Midsummer Cambric Collection 2015Gul-Ahmed Midsummer Cambric Dresses 2015

Gul Ahmed Cambric Dress Collection Mid Summer 2015-2016

 Modern Trend Alert : Gul ahmed

Gul Ahmed Cambric Dress 2015-2016

Alkaram Studio Mid-Summer Cambric Dress Catalogue 2015-2016 / Magazine

Alkaram midsummer dress collection 2015 has been officially disclosed. Alkaram studios - the famous and prestigious household name has launched midsummer lawn catalog 2015. This catalog is officially titled as 'a journey through the sea' Rangon ki Dunya. Because you can see beautiful inspiration of Greece shores and Turkish coasts with natural hints of colors. This festival and midsummer; alkaram has decided to amaze you with unseen beauty of nature with its authentic color scheme. 

Alkaram Cambric Catalogue 2015 Magazine
In latest midsummer dresses catalog, alkaram is revealing that how nature present itself in summer season. How shores welcome the summer, how wild flowers bloom to say a warm HI and how Greece and Turkish people say hello to new season. Al-Karam textiles is disclosing unimaginable colors and glory of Turk and Greece lifestyles in new lawn collection. In Alkaram Midsummer Collection 2015, they have not forgotten to enrich the luxe and flawless appeal of east. Alkaram midsummer lawn catalog 2015 with beauty of sea shores also offering the aesthetic with real charisma.

Ayesha Chottani Lawn Midsummer Dress Collection 2015 by Shariq

Newly, Shariq textiles has announced Ayesha Chottani midsummer collection. In new arrival, shariq designed embroidered eid dresses 2015 for celebrations of eid festival. Though Shariq has titled it as Ayesha Chottani midsummer dresses 2015 but actually is for eid ul adha festival. Because Eid is a religious festival for Muslims,they celebrate it with religious and social harmony. Every muslim prepare oneself for this delightful event. Eid is blessing of Almighty Allah. So, young girls and ladies start shopping for their eid day dress at first stage. They search for innovative and traditional dresses for eid occasion. And their choices ends on easy to carry, modern and comfortable dresses.

Although, almost every fashion and clothing retailer is busy in creating new and stylish attires for eid ul azha. But Shariq has unveiled Ayesha Chottani Eid 2015 collection. In which we can observe that shariq was fully heeded to satisfy their customers about eid dresses. Because Ayesha Chottani eid dress collection is highlighting classy trends with contemporary styles. In fact designer ayesha chottani and shariq textiles want that their fans must have trendy and elegant look on eid day. That's why; they have introduced matchless and outstanding beautiful ensembles in collaborating with each other. Ayesha Chottani lawn mid-summer dress collection 2015 by Shariq is focusing on basic wish of women. Ayesha Chottani eid ul adha 2015 collection has been evolved according to nature of woman that she always wants to look smart and gorgeous. Therefore; the emerging fashion icon ayesha chottani and most leading textile Shariq have launched extraordinary rich, new and elegant midsummer collection. Ayesha Chottani embroidered eid dresses 2015 are perfectly suitable for formal events and social gatherings of young girls.

Shariq Textiles Eid Dress Collection 2015

 Shariq Textiles Eid Dress Collection 2015

Ayesha Chottani eid dresses 2015 by Shariq

Ayesha Chottani Eid 2015 collection by Shariq

Ayesha Chottani embroidered dresses Eid 2015Ayesha Chottani Latest Eid Dresses 2015

Ayesha Chottani Embroidered Dresses 2015 by Shariq

Ayesha Chottani Midsummer Eid Dresses 2015

Shariq Eid ul Azha 2015 CollectionAyesha Chottani Midsummer 2015 Collection

Shariq Midsummer 2015 Collection