HIJAB Style Fashion for Muslim Womens | How to Wear Hijab 2015

Hijab / scarves is most favorite accessory of every age women. Some girls carry it with new abaya fashion and few girls wear hijab styles with normal dressing. Colorful hijab and double hijab are very famous nowadays. Especially modern hijab designs made by Jersey has set them apart from others. Hijab or scarce selection defines anyone taste. If you have selected right scarf style from Hijab style collection then it defiantly boost your beauty and add confidence. But a wrong selection of hijab can spoil your looks. So being with latest hijab fashion is equally important like dress, jewelry or other fashion accessories. Today we are presenting new hijab style collection for women. It include very fancy hijab, luxury scarves, embroidered scarf, and heavily adorned head-wear range for modern women. HIJAB style fashion for Muslim  women's also consists on hijab tutorial that how you can wear and carry new hijab fashion.

How to Wear HIJAB Style 2015 Fashion?

Nowadays, Hijab mean a well stitched, pleated, fabricated or frilly wavy fabric. Simple Hijab are most demanding and hot selling items. In dominating Hijab articles, two tone scarves, fancy forehead and plain from back hijab is undeniable variety. Because, Muslim women is combining simple hijab styles with metal brooch designs inlaid stones. So, if we describe that How to Wear Hijab 2015? then we advise you to follow up below given hijab images. In these Hijab styles for girls fashion you can see how model has carried printed, stoned and fancy scarves and how she has beautifully paired designer brooches.  The new hijab style fashion for Muslim girls has inspired by Arabic, gulf and Dubai lifestyle to keep you ahead in fashion.

Best Designer Bridal Collection 2015 Wild Romance - Le Bijou Dresses

Are you marrying within few days? Are you excited for big day celebration? Are you afraid from the heatwave and finding easy to carry modern eastern bridal wear? If yes! Then elan midsummer bridal wear 2015 ( the best designer wear for brides ) is solution of your all worries. This is a luxury bridal clothes selection made by thin nets, organza, chiffon, jamawar and silk. These bridal wear has been titled as Wild Romance & Le Bijou bridal collection 2015. Elan - who highly consider our comfort and looks - has brought a ultimate fashion of brides that include feminine appeal, exquisite style and eastern ethnic flavor. With metallic silver and golden shades, elan representing shimmery and glamorous side of Pakistani weddings. Further these metallic shades are known as best to set a part in crowd. Elan bridal dress collection for midsummer 2015 has been slightly fancy and include ari work, kora, dabka, tilla, zari, sequins, crystals and Swarovski embroidery features.

Best Designer Bridal Collection 2015

Selection of bridal wear never been interesting than right now. The reason is Pakistani fashion designers are paying more attention then ever in making very elite bridal dresses collection. As you know that today almost everything matter a lot in bridal dresses from traditional tailoring to modern cuts, unique adornment style, heavy fancy materiel and luxury style. Because now bride understood that it's more worthy to look beautiful and comfortable rather then being show stopper. Today every bride wants to get perfect and utterly sophisticated personality in wedding functions. Especially on baraat and walima they loves to carry something bold and glamorous dress. So let's look at another enchanting fancy bridal dresses collection- Wild Romance - Le Bijou - that not only re-freshen your wedding wardrobe as well as you feel proud for being part of Asian culture. Elan Bridal Wear Fashion 2015-16 is most deserving artistic series for brides especially brought to you by Clothing9.

Bridal Wear Pakistani Dresses Designs in Elan Collection 2015

Best Designer Bridal Collection 2015
Bridal Wear Pakistani
Bridal Wear PakistaniBridal Wear Pakistani

Elan Bridal Couture Collection 2015

bridal wear pakistani ghararapakistani sharara dress

pakistani bridal wear 2015

Best Designer Bridal Collection 2015

elan bridal pakistanielan bridal wear

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Kurta, Kurtis and Long Shirts Collection for Girls

Gone were the days when heavily embellished suits were consider best to wear in events. Now every dress which enhance your features is ideal to make you show stopper. Though it's kurti, tunic, long shirts, kurta or traditional kameez. Now people stopped running after what's hot in fashion, In fact they want to set trends. That's why almost every dress is gaining popularity. Especially Kurta, Kurtis and Long Shirts collection for girls have proved itself as best fashion trend for South Asian girls. Kurtis fashion, long shirts designs and kurta are considered ultimate formal wear, official get together style or professional dress up to casual street wear by modern women's. So each passing days is expanding the fame graph of Kurtis dresses collection, long shirts fashion and kurta on fashion horizon. Kurta, Kurtis and Long Shirts designs are the only apparel which provides easy to carry style with huge design and fabric selection. Moreover girls have choice to pair their kurti shirts, long shirts or Kurta with pyjama or jeans, leggings or tights, and Capri or cigarette pants. Little modification in design and clubbing of accessories can make perfect occasional wear to kurtis.

Kurta, Kurtis and Long Shirts Collection for Girls

In rapid changing fashion trends of Pakistan Kurtis styles, long shirts and kurta have power to absorb every new fashion of footwear or gleaming jewellery. In edition transformation of Long Kurtis Shirts according to prevailing trends has also bring it in center of attention. So let's make you aware with new fashion trends of Kurta, Kurtis and Long Shirts Collection for Girls that can be wear-able as formal and informal occasions. Cotton is basic and common fabric in kurtis manufacturing and suits in every type of weather. Though it's chilling winter or scorching summer; if you are wearing cotton dress then forget the side effects of season. So latest kurtis long shirts and kurta collection has been designed on cotton. The fabric is distinctly detailed with polka dots prints, natural textures and brighter tones. To embellish gracefully and to enhance feminine values, sprinkle of thread embroideries is really admiring part in new kurti dress collection for girls.

Luxury Bridal Wedding Wear Formal Dresses in Pakistan

 Today we have brought Pakistani luxury bridal wear formal dresses for you. Wedding season and rainy season both are on peak right after eid. This is common in Pakistan that mostly people organize weddings events after eid. That's why whenever eid goes then sale of matrimonial dresses increase. This season scenario is same; so Pakistani most talented and valuable fashion designers are fully heeded upon making bridal wedding fancy wear dresses. Recently a big and top notch bridal wear designer has introduced wedding wear formal collection of brides. In which he has tried to set new trends in bridal wedding fashion. He followed the modern trends and implemented on oriental lehengas with contemporary touch. Because lehenga is the dress which is favorite of everyone from bride to female guest. So he poured refreshment in bridal to brides family lifestyle.

Luxury Bridal Wear Formal Dresses in Pakistan

In South Asian fashion there are many popular names of bridal designers who gained prominence in world of fashion with their ultimate enchanting creations. Such as Rizwan Moazzam, Sobia Nazir, Sana Safinaz, HSY, Deepak Perwani, Shakirs fashion and so on. These skillful designers have frequently picked any typical cultural ethnic wear to modify and given hype to Pakistani fashion. In latest bridal dresses formal collection for newlywed girls, Pakistani designer has worked hard to show you creative side of aesthetic and modernity. He transformed very stylish bridal wear designs with his distinct fashion sense. Latest Pakistani bridal wear formal dress collection is carrying exclusive combination of astonishing cuts, feminine style and luxury embellishment.

Buy Latest Abaya Designs Online | Boutique Abaya Fashion for Babies / Womens

Today we have an extra ordinary beautiful and stylish boutique abaya collection designed for babies and womens. Abaya primarily refers the Muslim dress up which is according to guidelines of Islam. Jubah and burqa are alternate names of abaya. Abaya dress consist on 2 pieces; in which gown and Niqab or scarf are essential. Though in fancy abaya designs we can find belt, upper, brooch and many other elements according to style. Nowadays, top most popular abaya style of Pakistan is inspired by Dubai, Khaleej and gulf countries. Since abaya fashion has become style and become most popular outer wear in Asian countries the market drastically developed. Which has given new moods and twist to traditional abayas designs

Buy Latest Abaya Designs Online

As the result, today markets are online with very fancy casual abaya, smart abaya, luxury abaya online for formal wear and new variety in bridal abaya designs. Last year we have seen that stone worked and embroidered abayas were very popular but from start of 2015 abaya fashion with fabric manipulation art is in. Girls are liking boutique abayas with funky and wavy twist like gathering art, plates, frills, belt and decorated from both front and back. So today we brought boutique abaya collection for girls and women's representing same standard. The thing which makes to latest online abaya collection interesting is same patterns of moms are available for young daughters. In this collection two tone abayas designs have been introduced for ladies and their 10-12 years old babies. Because when mom wears abaya then almost every daughter wish to get the same look. Below you can buy boutique online by Clothing9.

Boutique Abaya Fashion for Babies / Womens

Another vision which is hidden behind creating boutique abaya fashion for mom and daughters is making aware the babies with basic teachings of Islam. Such dresses up from childhood not only keep us close to Islam as well as our young daughters get habitual of wearing abayas.

Top-10 Best Valuable Fashion Designers of World | Luxury Clothing Brands

Eminent Fashion designers of the world list in Top-10. Looking beautiful and highly sophisticated is more then wish now. These days fashion is need to get success in different parts of life. That's is global fashion industry on its rapid growing pace. It is producing dresses to transform common persona into extra ordinary stylish. Because everyone don't have idea that what's suits them. Especially wealthy or upper society citizens are more trend conscious. They want high end fashion in lesser time without so much efforts. That's why they prefer designer collections for then. Today, fashion world is filled with so many dress makers, jewellery designer and accessories manufacturers. It's means status conscious have wide options to select their dress, jewellery and footwear in limited time. But among all few designer clothes  makers are known as leader of the industry. Who played significant role to give new dimension to the clothing sector. These brands are most favorite of celebrities and richer people. The top ten international fashion designers are as below...

Top-10 Best Valuable Fashion Designers of World

Top 10 Most Popular British Clothing Brands / Designers for Men / Women

Vogue - is the word that represent prevailing fashion trend or style of specific area or time. it also can be described with passion of fashion and enthusiasm for looking unique. Fashion is craze now, that's why we adopt it according to event demand, seasonal need and modernity. Fashion fades and style remain. Therefore whenever we think to give fresh look to the persona; we endeavor hard to find best trends for ourselves. Because every dress maker has own attitude of vogue. Some designers like to go with pleasing color and some with bright or vivid, some brands wish to adopt color blocking art and some prefer glamorous chic patterns. That is the main reason; today everyone is very caring about his / her beauty and looks. When we look around the globe then we find every country with different fashion sense for men / women. Even every fashion brand has own individualism in cuts, designs, trims and style.

Ten Best & Famous British Fashion Brands - Designers for Men / Women

In British clothing brands top ten leading designers has captured the industry through their innovative sense of style. Those British clothing brands are counts in top ten most famous dresses designers. Today we have arranged a review about 10 best Menswear and women's-wear fashion retailers of UK ( United Kingdom). These brands have reserved top 10 position with comfortable, modern, affordable, high quality and luxury clothes. Let's take a look at best British clothing brands of men & women who are most popular, top selling and sign on elegance. 

Vero Moda - a complete women's wear label. It brings style notes for summer to holiday season and almost every type of cloth can be found at  Vero Moda.  Vero Moda is the brand that can make you look richer and smart with its unlimited range of accessories and dresses. Though you can find huge variety in blazers, jackets, shorts, shirts, skirts, jeans, jeggings, knitwear, sweatshirts and trousers to tops. It provide you ultimate holiday fashion and party style. Vero Moda Canada is on top in most expensive clothing brands.

Abercrombie & Fitch UK - The name of unmatched comfort, sign of quality, symbol of rich feel, best to look smarter, ideal for richer feel and innovative British clothing brand. Abercrombie and Fitch covers almost every single person who loves fashion and wants to look richer and smart. it established in 1982 and became high-end label of All-American style. Abercrombie & Fitch mission is to grab the attention of next generation with its high class and lovely transformation in luxury fashion. A&F is synonymous of effortless vogue which remain timeless and appealing. It is alternative of youthful dress up and high street style of men, women and kids. you can get cool, modern and playful to graceful persona with AandF that why we count Abercrombie and Fitch in top ten most popular and expensive clothing brands  for Men / Women in UK.

Hollister - Since 1992 - Hollister UK has grabbed the attention of British fashionholics. Hollister has gained the popularity due to its pleasant inspiration and use of nature in unique way. Hollister brand is prominent in both menswear and womenswear British clothes manufacturers. It has used blue sky to sunshine and beaches to dreamy effects in designs. Hollister the effortless and stylish cutting edge brand is the dream of every British citizen. At Hollister you can find all must have dresses such as in menswear T-Shirts, Graphic Tees, shirts, Hoodies, Polo, Jeans, Pants, Joggers, Jackets, Shoes and undergarments. In women's fashion Hollister deals in Kimonos, Cardigans, dresses, skirts, pants, leggings, swimwear, sleep wear, fragrance and many more. 

American Eagle - An urban outfitter. Extremely comfortable, fashionable and smart dresses retailer. American Eagle celebrates freedom, quality and class. It emphasizes womanhood and appeal in womenswear and mark new level of decency in menswear by adding poise and grace of cuts. American Eagle is influencing for youngsters who want to discover fun and iconic fashion to enjoy adventure of life. The skillful team of designers has  equipped the British clothing industry with unforgettable dignity and charm. Though AE is among top most expensive fashion brands that can revitalize your richer and smarter style.

NIKE - Just Do It. Nike is high performance label. It is famous as sports brand. Nike has created long lasting impression on fashionistas minds as highly comfortable, snug fitting, breathable and sophisticated manufacturer. The main reason of establishing Nike is to provide ultimate experience of athlete wear. It inspired athletes with best finish and limitless features. Today, Nike is ideal to experience desired level of comfort with opportunity to impress others. Nike is committed to bring to on winning position with its sustainability and better solution of sportswear. For women's, Nike trades in footwear, women's clothing, sport bras, tights, yoga pants, bags and other accessories. For Boys, Nike has created high quality products like Cleats & Spikes, Boots, all type of clothing such as vest to shirts, gear, backpacks, hats and gloves to mitts. Nike is really impressive British clothing designer for men and women.

Ralph Lauren - is fashion paradise for boys and girls. Ralph Lauren brand has started its fashion journey about 40 years ago with ties and gowns collection. After the passage of time Ralph Lauren has engaged itself in creating world class must have products. Ralph Lauren is one of the most expensive clothing designer of Brittan who earned great respect  by redefining classic fashion into modern. The outstanding quality, very elegant touch of class and iconic appeal are key elements of Ralph Lauren. Which driven the brand on the bridge of success. Without RL the list of top ten most influencing and luxury clothing brands of UK is incomplete.
Victoria's Secret - It is a famous women's clothing brand. Victoria's Secret delivers glamorous, chic and high quality apparel. To look smart, young and richer; Victoria Secret known as ultimate. Thus it keep huge fan following around the world. Victoria-Secret also falls in list of top ten most expensive luxury clothing brands due to its flawless and matchless qualities. On fashion horizon, Victoria's Secret is high class British clothing label. Because it offers modern and finest fashionable clothes for girls that define comfort as essential. The most popular items of Victoria Secret's are Bras, Panties, Sleeping gowns / Nighties, Beauty products, Body Care, Fragrance, Lingerie, Swimming Suits, Sport Wear with perfect fit and Almost every sort of casual, semi formal and official dresses for girls.

Adidas - Adidas is operating in fashion world with different labels such as Originals, Neo, Stella McCartney and Porsche Designs. Every category features versatile source of inspiration in shoes, clothing and accessories. Mostly people Adidas is not only sport wear or brands of athletes as well as more comfortable in winters to summer.If you want one stop destination for street looks or other events clothing then Addidas gives you everything under one roof.

Tommy Hilfiger - Class, Comfort and Quality are essential in Tommy Hilfiger collections. It is another best and expensive clothing brand of United Kingdom who spread its branched around the globe. Tommy Hilfiger is to leading designer label due to its classic essence of American style and preppy with a modern twist in designs. It established in 1985 with denim range and today it has women's clothing, menswear and kids wear to accessories, fragrance and eye-wear to watches. Tommy Hilfiger is premium quality label of American lifestyle.

Channel - Chanel is among most popular fashion brands of the world. This British designer label has strongly maintained identity in fashion world with quality, cool and chic designer fashion. For women, Chanel is dream destination to get dresses to earrings, handbags to shoes. Mostly Celebrities select Chanel because Chanel is most expensive lifestyle designer. Each passing day is increasing demand of Chanel's product. Creativity and innovation are major parts in Chanel's collection. Chanel is symbol of high-end fashion and global icon of expensive lifestyle. Chanel's perfumes are top selling in the world and Coco Chanel is my favorite too.

Top-10 Best British Fashion Brands / Designers for Men &Women
This was the review of ten best British fashion labels, though there are many popular names of the fashion world such as Versace, Guess, Dior, Valentino, Armani, D&G (Dolce and Gabbana), Gucci, Prada, Fendi and Zara. These name you heard many times because these fashion brands are working with prime concern to give prestigious lifestyle to mankind. Indeed, these brands are most successful brands as well as also deserve to get place in world's best expensive clothing brands. But we made a list of few most preferred fashion labels among hundreds. These brands are best luxury and appealing dresses designers and ultimate to get bold, rich and smart persona.

Top Ten Best Pakistani Silk Party Wear Designer Dresses Collection 2015

Top ten silk designer dresses 2015 is the tribute to our enthusiastic and dynamic fashion designer. Who made the Pakistani fashion world dominant. Their hard work is undeniable source in advancing clothing industry of Pakistan. Pakistani fashion brands are popular for their incredible sense of style and immaculate tints. And past few years have totally transformed the eastern fashion so we can call it revolutionary period. Since 2010 many fashion brands appeared on the galaxy of fashion and SILK by Fawad Khan one among those. Which represent the great inspiration of Pakistani actor, model and singer Fawad Afzal. These top ten best Pakistani silk party wear dresses collection 2015 have been designed as eid collection 2015. In which the artist has customized silk fabric for social gathering of festive and other formal events after eid. Fawad Khan silk collection 2015 is very innovative and pleasant formal wear range that carry multi lifestyle inspired cuts and designs. Top ten silk designer dresses 2015 of Pakistan consists on knee length shirts to poncho, jackets / koti with trousers to traditional shalwar kameez, Jacket blouse with pyjama, Chinese culture inspired tunic with cigarette pants and tied waist, front open cape with inner shirt and pencil trouser and long shirts patterns. As top ten party wear dresses of Pakistan, the great and inspirational designer Fawad kahn has fetched finely woven clothes with meticulous finish and fancy material. They used stylish and luxury handicrafts over fabric and astonishingly unique color scheme.

Top-10 Best Silk Party Wear Dresses Collection 2015 in Pakistan

Fawad Khan has established SILK in 2012. He has picked pret a porter / ready to wear to move ahead in fashion. Fawad khan has redesigned luxury pret under the umbrella of Silk brand. They have worked on semi formal pret and party wear pret dresses to add glamorous and appeal in women's wardrobe. These top ten best Pakistani silk party wear designer dresses collection 2015 is significant evidence of their powerful vision.

Needle Impressions Eid Collection 2015 Unstitched Premium Chiffon & Embroidered Pret

Needle Impressions launched wide variety in eid collection 2015-16. The main streams of Needle Impressions are new unstitched premium chiffon collection, ready to wear eid collection and pret eid embroidered dresses collections 2015. This is wide designer eid collection 2015 for women include luxury dresses catalog for formal and party wear of summer.
Nonstop Eid preparations, nonstop hits in the fashion arena are increasing happiness and charm. Markets are more rushed because just two days left in eid arrival. Now buyers and manufacturer both are enthusiastically taking part in festive preparation. While discussing eid fashion and we don't mention Needle Impressions then it will be unfair. Because needle is most thrilling, dynamic, elegant traditional ensembles manufacturer of Pakistan. It has shown us diverse moods of needle art done by hands and machines. Needle Impressions eid collection 2015 describes jolly and fancy embroideries on modern patterns and make our lifestyle more magnificent. So, let's add royalty in your festive wardrobe by showing you new eid dress collection by needle impression.

Needle Impressions Eid Collection 2015 Unstitched Premium Chiffon & Embroidered Pret

Needle-Impressions launched three very fine and delicate. Catalogs of new unstitched premium chiffon collection and  pret embroidered ready to wear eid collection 2015. Unstitch fabric for those who never compromise on cuts, trims and being different in fashion. Needle pret impression has been revealed for our hard working girls and very busy moms and house wives. Though both eid collections are designed on formal patterns but versatility and innovative are key elements. With exotic and classic appeal blend of rich crafts is making more attractive to needle impression eid unstitched ready to wear collection 2015. If you truly want to add glory and charm with purity of east and modernism in closet then needle impression eid dresses are ultimate choice for every moment / occasion.

Sania Maskatia Festive Pret Collection for AlKaram Studio 2015

Alkaram - Sania Maskatiya Designer Pret Collection 2015: Few days ago Alkaram lawn announced festive wear luxury pret for home label and now AlKaram Studio presents eid festive pret with designer Sania Maskatiya. Young girls and ladies have craze about wearing branded dresses, shoes and accessories. Thus they anxiously wait for the new arrivals of their favorite designers. They always expect something new which hardens the task of our fashion arbiters but they never distract and came with exceptional styles. Their innovative ideas and enchanting use of classic elements have impressed women's and helped to came in center of attention.

Alkaram Studio Sania Maskatiya Pret Eid Dresses 2015

Sania Maskatiya festive pret collection for AlKaram Studio is one among those most awaited range. Which has been announced yesterday. Sania Maskatiya has fetched totally different theme in new festive wear. In which combination of bold and brighter hues have been amalgamated in graphical prints to natural textures with cool summery hints. This hottest eid catalog include 8 festival wear ready to wear dresses in two color ways. This collection is versatile then others due to pearls, embroidery, lace and motifs work which have been used in new and elegant manner.

MEHDI Ready to Wear EID Luxury Collection 2015-16 | Eid Pret Designs

Mehdi ready to wear eid collection 2015 has been stocked in outlets. Eid is religious and auspicious festival of Muslims, when everyone wish to carry mesmerizing fashion. They want to adopt charming and colorful dresses when eid falls in summer. Because colors give joy and soothing feel and consider extremely powerful element to beat the heat. Colorful outfits also grab the attention of the audience and make wearer dominating in crowd. In order to fulfill the best summer eid dress demand, the old and dynamic fashion designer MEHDI has approached in the market. MEHDI eid collection 2015 has been launched which meets the desires of fashion mongers. MEHDI designer eid dress collection keeps something extra ordinary impressive and traditional touch. He has also presented ready to wear eid dresses to spruce up your personalities and make you steers free that how you are looking.
Mehdi Luxury Pret Eid Dresses 2015 For Girls
Though, there are several fashion brands who introduced eid ready to wear collections for girls. But MEHDI eid ready to wear collection 2015 is combination of elegance, femininity and artsy. The designer has offered pastel hues with some darker tones for evening wear. Such as blue, black, peach, creamy tones and smoky grey are very prominent in MEHDI eid pret 2015. With summery pastels, hints of classic meticulous embroideries and signature solo is timeless edition. Further fancy elements like pearls, beads and sequins over zardozi thread work is very unique concept. MEHDI midsummer collection 2015 has composed on chiffon and silk fabrics in which digital printing and laces embellishments also can be find. Undoubtedly, MEHDI has put his all efforts to make our eid day special with his brilliantly crafted eid pret luxury collection 2015.

Sania Maskatiya Elegant Eid Dress Collection 2015 - Luxury Stitched Designs

Sania Maskatiya Eid collection 2015 is in stores now. With the simplest and fresh perspective, Sania Maskatiya has brought impressive designer wear for men and women. She explored the freshness of nature to beautiful surroundings, Sania's Eid dresses are featuring luxury and sleek impression and lavish design concept. Sania has introduced 35 majestic eid dresses understated with elegance and sophisticated and combined with feminine and modest features. Sania Maskatiya elegant eid dress collection 2015 has been embellished with floral, geometric and bold hues.

Sania Maskatiya Eid Collection 2015

Sania Maskatiya is matchless female fashion designer who earned great respect in industry with her flawless perspective. She is working in fashion world in contribution of Alkaram Studio and for home label. Sania Maskatiya's barnd counts in few fast growing women's wear brands who achieved overwhelming response right after the launch. Sanai Maskatiya is expert of eastern wear to western wear and her experience over traditional crafts is mind blowing. Though she use simple and edgy textures and clean trims but still her creations look luxury and chic. Sania Maskatiya designer luxury eid dress collection 2015 portray same values. She has offered calm and graceful attitude of fashion to highlight you in unique manner. SANIA MASKATIYA'S new eid range id available in stitched format. This season both men and women can experience her brilliant design solo to enchant on eid day by grabbing a dress from luxury and elegant eid dess collection 2015 by Sania Maskatiya.

MARIAB Pret / Ready to Wear Eid Collection 2015 Vol-2 for Girls / Womens

Did you checked Maria B ready to wear eid collection 2015 Vol-2? If not then you are missing something extra rich and appealing eid dress collection for girls and women's. Preparation of eid celebration, shopping, management of parties almost everything is on peak. People are enthusiastically taking part in different sort of activities to enjoy religious festival of eid ul fitr. Specially those girls who have not bought anything yet are extremely busy in searching ready to wear dresses with modern and unique attributes. Because their wish is to look more charming, attractive and lovely on eid day. Indeed, buying Ready to wear outfits at last moment is good decision because we have seen that when last 10 days left of Ramadan then Pakistani designer only focus on designing pret clothes for girls. And when we discuss ready to wear formal and informal dresses then who can ignore MARIA B. Maria.b is queen of fashion galaxy, she has brilliant, dynamic and impressive womenswear range under the tags of Mbroidered collection, Lawn, Evening Wear and Eid collections 2015
Recently Maria B has extended its eid stitched suits range and offered new variety in ready to wear eid collection 2015. She introduced magnificent and very impressive eid formal wear for our daughters and moms. Maria b has distributed pastels and subtle color scheme with funky or flowy cuts. She has focused to designed her eid ready to wear dresses vol-2 on traditional theme and make sure to be with Pakistani heritage and customs. She has designed tail long shirts with pencil pants n tissue, silk and organza combination, and highlighted with glamorous embroideries. Maria B eid ready to wear collection 2015 volume 2 also based on straight cut shirts with cigarette pants nourished with fancy laces and handicrafts from neck to edges. In women's wear she has heeded upon on bringing lavish and sheer designer evening wear dresses with remarkable craftsmanship.
Maria.B Pret 2015-16 for Party Wear / Festive Formal Occasions
Apart from eid formals for women. we find extensive range of teenagers dresses and suits for above 10 year girls.

Ego Giveaway - Win EGO Dress From Eid Collection 2015

Ego the most finest and fashion forwarded label of Pakistan is offering you "EIDI" in form of Giveaway. In which Ego has arranged a contest for Clothing9 readers and the task is very simple.

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The Giveaway contest will end on 17th July 2015 and we will announce winners in 48 hours after end date.
Enjoy Eidi by Ego and be a part of Ego Giveaway - Win EGO Dress From Eid Collection 2015.

Rozina Munib Eid Collection 2015-16 | Best Boutique Dress Supplier Brand of Pakistan

Rozina Munib Couture Eid Collection 2015-16: Rozina Munib the best designer boutique dresses supplier of Pakistan, she counts in top best emerging  fashion brands. Her label has created influencing identity in emerging clothing brands / designers of the Pakistani industry. Pakistani designers have proved them as most creative, highly skilled and magnificent artist. It is a myth that female designers understands fashion industry behaviors more then male dress makers. Somehow it's seems true when we see influencing and dramatic design concept and female designers collection. The designer Rozina Munib is one of them who's design solo helped to make true this myth. Because her designer dresses captures the attention in first glance. Though she work on traditional layouts and follow ethnic formula but still Rozina munib dresses collection provides new and fresh charm. 

Rozina Munib eid party wear collection 2015

Rozina munib's philosophy consists of ultra chic attitude with mix of classic designs, magnificent embellishment and ancient trims. Therefore every new season creates suspense to look her innovation in fashion. Newly, she blasted Rozina Munib eid formal wear pret luxury collection 2015 - reflects her prestigious craftsmanship. In which she has bravely used bold and brilliant ethnic dress styles in her new eid range and polished the beauty with her individual sense. She has balanced the charm by adding aesthetic appeal with glamour and made heart snatching to eid collection 2015. Rozina munib eid collection is ready to wear and designed on formal theme. Flared top, poncho, labeled shirts, jacket and lehenga choli are Worth watching pieces in her new eid formal range 2015. Rozina Munib - The Best Boutique Dress Supplier of Pakistan has launched each color in three different styles and design concept.  Though her new eid range is quite expensive and not affordable for everyone but as far as elegance and appealing section is concern then it force to ignore the prices.

Elan Eid Luxury Pret / RTW Collection 2015 - Heavy Formal / Semi Bridal Dresses

Elan Eid Luxury Pret / RTW Collection 2015: Pakistani textile and clothes industry is on its rapid growing pace. This development has made Pakistani clothing the most sought after as well as hot selling product of the world. Though credit goes to our remarkable designers who heeds on every single and small element to design flawless and inspiring collection. Especially when it comes to find pret in any form, smart pret, street wear pret, luxury pret, eastern pret, contemporary pret, elegant pret to exotic readymade dresses. Pakistani boutiques, Pakistani designers and clothing labels looks ultimate to get casual and party dresses. If being a foreign buyer ever you got chance to look Pakistani luxury ready to wear then you must agree with us. But not then we agree you with our views by showing an extra stylish, fancy and trendy eid dress 2015 collection designed by Asian clothes manufacturers. We call them best representative of eastern and western fashion.
About Elan by Khadijah Shah
Elan is a label consider vital for women's wardrobe. To indulge in very pleasant and fabulous style, elan is must-have. Elan keeps huge variety in bridal wear, casual wear, street fashion, pret wear and party dress up trends. It's design solo indicates their remarkable experience and deep inspiration of nature to different regional lifestyle. They capture the essence from French lifestyle to Mughal and china to Egypt. Thus whenever we want to discover very playful, exquisite and opulent fashion then we look at elan stores. This is a season to look at elan because khadijah shah designed elan eid collection 2015.

Élan Eid Luxury Pret Dress Collection 2015

Elan luxury pret of festival is enchanting tribute to glorious crafts of Asia. It is revival of traditions of wearing heavy embroidered formal suits in every season. Elan eid exhibition 2015 is going to hold on ensembles stores tomorrow. In which Elan by Khadijah shah luxury pret eid 2015 will stock. This is limited edition of summer festival heavy formal dresses carrying brilliant pastel hues contrasts and floral embroidery touch. You will find Elan luxury pret eid wear 2015 is a fabulous semi bridal dresses due to unique and catchy embellishments. So get ready, tie your laces and run towards Elan Eden exhibition 2015 and get your eid luxury dress right at the doors of ensembles. If you are excited to meet with creative director of elan then greet in own way because she will meet with fans too.

Deepak Perwani : Eid Collection 2015 Best Designer Menswear / Women's Wear in Pakistan

Deepak Perwani la dolce vita eid pret collection 2015: It is a true saying that our priorities, choices, moods, activities and needs change according to social behaviour and with the passage of time. But now it is also believed that all these changes are equally influenced by the seasons as well. Back then, when the Eidain were coming in the chilly weather of winters, then the ladies and gents were wrapping them up in such an outfit in which they would make themselves warm and fashionable, simultaneously. For this they would like to carry, khaddar, thick silk garments, georgette, and so on and so forth. But since last few years, we are celebrating Eidain in the scorching summer season, in which people prefer to wear such an dresses which has to be chic and cool in carrying. Heavily embellished dresses are out from the fashion scene and light threadwork embroidery with chiffon, thin silk, lawn, cotton and net have now become enlisted in the most wanted fabrics.

Deepak Perwani Best Designer Menswear / Women's Wear in Pakistan for Eid 2015

The designers, upon looking onto this fact, are manufacturing their Eid special collection with lawn and chiffon in particular and are inculcating subtle and simple embroidery that is adding worth to the articles. Deepak Perwani has also seen busy in designing her apart-from-bridal collection that seems informal in nature but is in the other sense is formal with respect to Eid-ul-fitr occasions. Recently, Deepak-Perwani has launched her ready-to-wear 2 piece trouser shirt wardrobe, Deepak Perwani Eid Pret Collection 2015, which is a comfortable treat for all those ladies who have to attend their guests at home and also have to look after their kids on the first day of Eid.

Best Designer Menswear / Women's Wear in Pakistan

Best Designer Menswear / Women's Wear in Pakistan

Deepak Perwani Mid-Summer Prêt Catalogue 2015 comprises of 2 piece patterns with short and medium lengthened embroidered plus jewel printed shirts with fancy trousers. The shirts are having a distinct and eminent quality of balancing in every aspect. For instance, the colors of each trousseau is having two or more contrast of dull and bright, such as if the base is dim then the prints and embroidery would be flamboyant and if the base theme is vivacious then it would be balanced by absorbing dark colors. If we talk about the embroidery then it would be of pastels and light in weight because of the thread work. Subtle digital and floral plus jewel inspired pattern are imprinted all over the shirts with macramé laced fancy trousers in cream shades which is all for every girl and woman in the town. For a closure look just visit the catalogue below.

Deepak Perwani Eid Pret Luxury Collection 2015 for Men & Women's
Deepak Perwani Eid Pret Luxury Collection 2015Deepak Perwani Eid Pret Luxury Collection 2015