Firdous Ready To Wear Eid Collection 2015-16 - Best Designer Pret for Girls

The pace of fashion is very fast like Ramdan. So early we complete 12 fasts and things are change now. Tailor have stopped orders, Load shedding is on its worst situation. So you should stop thinking about unstitch fabric now. And make friend to pret wear for festival. After Sana Safinaz Pret, Gul ahmed ready to wear eid dresses and maria b lawn eid collection 2015, Firdous launched eid collection 2015 ready to wear designer lawn suits. Firdous understands our worries, our requirement and our style sense. Thus on the occasion of eid ul fitr, it introduced new and high quality festive range. Firdous Ready to Wear Eid Collection 2015 includes highly chic feminine designs and elegant detailing. Mostly Firdous fashion concentrated on making highly chic and bold shirts designs to combine with pencil pants. It has brought, straight long shirts on lawn, eid embroidered shirts, Eid tunics, Eid U shape kurtis and lots more for girls.

Firdous Ready To Wear Eid 2015-16 - Best Designer Pret for Girls

This festival of eid we have seen many fashion brands with influencing behaviors. Few brands has took 70's style to be dominant and few has focused luxury to prove most dynamic labels. Few clothing brands has offered funky, womanly detailed, elegant and exotic fashion ideas. But among all Firdous has came up in eid fashion of Pakistan with classy and trendy stylish dresses. It has defined eid RTW pret collection with all practical and most wanted eastern cuts and designs. Fordous Eid Collection 2015 with midsummer lawn and eid pret dresses is highly unique and inspiring collection.

Alkaram Ready To Wear Style Tips Eid 2015 - Alkaram Festive Pret-Wear 2015

Festival excitement is going on peak with each passing day. Alkaram Studio has boosted the joy and zeal by introducing Alkaram studio's Festive pret-wear 2015. It is combining the ethnically rich expressions of style and tradition as essential of festive season. To mark most sophisticated outfit for summer hot days, Alkaram dyed the dresses with softer hues that beat the rays. They know that you were expecting festive pret wear dresses with new qualities. That's why new season with new pret line is marking new statement of fashion. Alkaram ready to wear eid summer style tips guide is having contemporary cuts, bright color palettes, Persian embroidery art and all in ready to wear.

Finest Ready to Wear for Eid 2015 by Alkaram

Now fashion has taken turn and unstitched replaced with pret ready to wear. Because now no chance to make agree to tailor for stitching. That's why every big to small name is helping their beloved consumers with ready to wear eid collections. After Firdous RTW eid pret 2015, now Alkaram studio presents festival pret lawn collection 2015. With a touch of luxury alkaram lawn has been introduced to refresh you holidays. As holiday mean parties, hangouts and get together, and to enjoy summer event is difficult. When aside scorching summer is uncomforting you and heatwave like Karachi is stopping you to go out. In such scenario a breezy and sweat absorbing clothes can boost comfort zone and you can enjoy the festival.

Alkaram Lawn Ready To Wear Eid Collection 2015

So this time Alkaram is caring you through  eid RTW collection 2015. Alkaram is refreshing your mood and wardrobe with effortless styles of lawn pret dresses.

Purple Patch New Footwear Designs Eid 2015 - Women Shoes / Sandals Collection 2015

Purple Patch Shoes introduces new colorful summer footwear arrivals in eid collection 2015.
The importance of footwear is undeniable. That's why great Marilyn Monroe said ' give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world'. It indicates that how pivotal footwear are to groom our personalities and increase charm of the dress. Pakistan - the blessed country with skillful minds - have numerous footwear designers brands, who are serving from centuries to us. Such as Bata, Service, Stylo shoes and purple patch. The main aim of these brands to provide us highly sophisticated and comfortable shoes and sandals collection for every season or event. They offers feminine inspired designs with best craftsmanship. Due to these remarkable shoes manufacturers, today we feel confidant and stylish to us.

Purple Patch New Footwear Designs Eid 2015

Among all purple patch shoes collections are known as most fancy and stylish. It produce modern, unique and matchless designer footwear like sandals, pumps, chappal, high-heels, flats, wedges and slippers. Each and every style of purple patch sandals reflect new and stunning artsy formula of innovative minds. Thus with arrival of eid purple patch is great source to find eid footwear designs. Newly, it announced fancy and trendy eid shoes / sandals collection 2015-16.

Dhanak Eid Pret Wear Dresses 2015-16 | Embroidered Reday-to-Wear Collection for Girls

Dhank presents pret wear embroidered ready-to-wear collection for girls n eid 2015.
Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. Dhanak is best style representative of girls. Dhanak reveals the colorful side of eastern wear and presents with modern fashion amalgamation. Lavishness, simplicity and feminineness are key attributes of Dhanak design solo. The new Dhanak pret wear eid 2015 is carrying all basic and essential characteristics of the brand. It is giving the chance to women's to experience best latest eid pret dresses designs under the tag of effortlessness. Who doesn't like admirable yet inspiring style, eloquent yet delicate fashion, intricate yet so simple philosophy. That is available only in Eid Pret Collection 2015 by Dhanak.

Dhanak RTW Eid Dress Designs 2015

Dhanak eid pret 2015 is the combination of chic embroidered shirts and bottom wear. This 3 piece eid collection features meticulously done crafts over shirts on floral patterns. With the essence of east, Dhanak has also introduced elegant trims. Dhanak luxury, smart and rich pret clothes are defining the versatile moods of modern ladies. These summer semi formals are best to be worn as work wear, evening gathering, Iftar parties and dinners.

MARIA.B. Luxury Eid Lawn Dress Collection Catalogue 2015 by Reshma Tex

Maria b presenting the most awaited luxuru eid lawn collection catalogue 2015 for pre booking. Book now and get your dress. We know that lots of you had missed Maria b digital prints and mbroidered eid dresses. So be happy, because Maria b is giving another chance to experience Mariab adventurous, thrilling and eid lawn luxury dress collection 2015.

MARIA.B. Luxury Eid Lawn 2015 - ReshmaTex

MARIA.B. - Pakistan's first official Swarovski Ingredient Branding Partner. She has professional and highly experienced design team. She is serving fashionistas with more then 8 designer niches and delivering millions of designs every month. To satisfy and fulfill the need of customers Maria b heeds on casual, semi formal, semi bridal dresses, evening wear and lawn prints. She always introduces her designs with thrilling concept. Which also can be find in Maria b eid luxury lawn dress collection 2015. Maria b midsummer eid designer lawn is embroidered range. In this festive fashion, she presented meticulous handicrafts with allure of her signature solo. She formulated the Luxury EID Lawn 2015 designs under most attractive and lavish theme. 
MARIA-B Eid Luxury Lawn Dresses Catalogue 2015 by Reshma Tex
Maria b the designer with god gifted designing talent is matchless like her name. Reshma tex is one of the largest textile mill and delivering multiple collections for different brand. Its partnership with Maria B has given exceptional fame and strength. Today. Maria B lawn by Reshma Textile is one of the most unique, artsy and versatile collection. Latest and new maria b eid lawn embroidered collection 2015 is most lovely and sweetest harmony of fashion created by Reshma and mariab.

Sana Safinaz Mid-Summer Eid Ready to Wear Lawn Collection 2015

Sana Safinaz Ready-to-Wear Eid Collection 2015 has been stocked in stores. When Sana Safinaz name reverberates in fashion industry then increases the zeal and excitement of the season. Especially during summer when hot winds discomfort us the we anxiously await for the dress that eradicate irritation. Summer festival is also the time, when we need glorious dress up. And when you know that tailor are not cooperating with you. Then brands like Sana-Safinaz and clothes like ready to wear eid lawn collection 2015 are our last hope. So lets checkout the most trendy and awaited ready to wear lawn collection 2015 designer by duo SS. This eid lawn range is carrying two piece suits. Particularly prepared for casual, informal and party wear demands. The designer has offered fancy and attractive decoration in Mid-Summer Eid Ready to Wear Lawn Collection 2015.
Sana Safinaz Ready to Wear Midsummer Collection 2015
Being a girls i need a dress in which i feel good, confidant, fashionable and unique. Indeed these are your essential too. If you also admire classy cum modern stylish pret fashion then sana safinaz have pretty pairs for you. Sana Safinaz eid ready to wear lawn collection 2015 includes classy old fashion modifies in new way. This lawn dress collection in pret has been designed to add ultimate satisfaction in persona. The valuable youthful patterns over fancy embellishment is making ideal formal, informal and evening festival dress up of girls.

Top Ten Best Formal Eid Dresses for Girls | Latest Eid Dress Collection

Today we brought top ten eid dresses ideas by best Pakistani clothing fashion brands. Eid is a occasion which creates excitement to look unique, drape up beautiful and luxury clothes. Specially Pakistani women never compromise on looks on any event then how she ignore festivals?
Best Formal Eid Dress for Girls
Eid ul Fitr - the most propitious moment - is celebration of 3 days and every day has own importance. Though first day of eid is more important when we offer prayer, meet with friends and family, say eid Mubarak to every one and lots more. So selection of day 1 dress is more crucial for girls. For day 1 eid dress mostly girls search something hot, innovative, modern, girlish, sophisticated and exquisite dress. Because first day of eid is most busy day too when we don't get lots of time to spend upon us. So in such case wearing season friendly fabric, comfortable dress, lightweight, easy to carry and chicly embellished eid dresses are right choice.
Latest Eid Dress Collection
In Pakistan many Pakistani new and old clothing brands have introduced best eid dress collection. Mostly they designed eid dress fashion on lawn, chiffon and silk to keep you comfy in summer festival. Summer is irritating time when you feel anxious if you don't wear breezy and soothing clothes. You can't stay calm and charming all day long of eid without a best eid dress. So going for lawn is best casual / informal clothing idea for eid according to us. Lawn keep you cool, attractive and you will feel energies in it.

Origins Best Ever Eid Pret Collection 2015 - Pret Fashion Eid 2015

Origins the group of smart and elite dress manufacturer proudly presents best ever pret eid collection 2015. Under the banner of origins ( ready to wear ) the brand has brought stitched lawn suits in new eid midsummer range. Best ever is sub label of the company which represent highly attractive, modern, stylish Pret fashion and convenient pieces. Best ever eid pret dress collection 2015 by Origins complimented with the meticulous handicrafts or machine embroideries and ultra chic design sense. That is why Pakistani women consider best ever lawn as timeless and valuable branded dress collection. 
Modern Stylish Luxury Pret Ready to Wear Fashion for Eid 2015

Origins best ever eid lawn collection 2015 of midsummer season also underlined with must have qualities. In which each and every best ever eid dress has been nourished with color drama to allure of eastern thread work. Moreover slim cut, edgy seams, trendy cuts are adding five star beauty. Origins best ever eid lawn 2015 pret wear catalog with new designs and freshest theme is providing you experiment of unseen and unthoughtful fashion.

Stylo Shoes Eid Summer Sandals Collection 2015 Best Footwear for Girls

Let's charm, look glamorous and pair Stylo Shoes Eid Collection 2015 with eid dresses.
Wear stylish Shoes this Eid and look fabulous. When it comes to complete the look then without stylish footwear it's impossible. A right match of shoes or sandal is very necessary to flaunt persona. Especially in summer when you can't compromise on comfort then it seems very difficult to buy best summer footwear design. Particularly, when festival is very near and shops are full, no space in markets at that time you must admire online shopping facility.

Stylish Formal / Casual Shoes Collection for Eid 2015

Amidst the rest, style shoes also offers online shopping experience with new and fresh designs. Stylo shoes provides desired comfort and modern style. Stylo is youthful and unique so selecting stylish footwear can award you up-mark style statement. You can make your Eid festival more especial with stylo shoes / sandals eid footwear collection 2015.

Gul Ahmed Eid-Midsummer Luxury Pret Collection 2015 - Ready to Wear Dress

Gul ahmed ready to wear eid look book 2015 has arrived in stores. To look fantastic you will find new festive pret dress collection is an ideal day and evening wear. There is a rush of wondrous delight in the air as the festive season approaches. To make the revelry complete, Gul ahmed brings you a superlative ready to wear lawn collection 2015 featuring all the essentials you require to look fabulous and effortless this eid. Exquisite embroidery, dori work, dissolving techniques and hand woven fabrics, this gul ahmed eid pret 2015 has got it all.
Gul Ahmed RTW Eid / Midsummer Luxury Pret Collection 2015

Gul ahmed introduced eid pret dresses 2015 with contemporary modification. These breezy formals include embroidery embellishment. In the intense heat of karachi, Gul ahmed Ready to Wear Eid Dresses 2015 will beat the waves of heat and pastel make you comfort. moreover sparkle of self work and cotton net, chiffon and lawn kurtas with edgy finish will speak your inner sense.

Sobia Nazir Luxury Pret Eid Collection 2015 - Latest Eid Dress Collection

Sobia Nazir eid luxury pret collection 2015 presents alluring designs, exceptional craftsmanship and unique style. Her latest luxury pret ensemble are epitome of femininity, exudes serenity & happiness of festival with effortless charm. The most celebrated fashion icing primarily known for luxury lawn prints. Her unconventional style solo helped her to conquer the fashion world. Her passion and fresh designing art made her unbeatable in very limited period. And today Sobia Nazir is influencing dress designer of Pakistan. Her powerhouse deliver us eastern pret, western pret, luxury pret, contemporary dresses, bridal wear and summer especial lawn for girls. Her wide ready to wear line gives us flawless fashion experience which can be seen in Sobia Nazir luxury pret eid collection 2015 too. 

Sobia Nazir Luxury Pret Latest Eid Dress Collection

Sobia Nazir luxury pret eid 2015 is regal venture with appeal of chic and redefined designs and contemporary vogue. Which adds sparke of glamor and pamper your fashion sense. Incorporates classy silhouettes to flaunt an exclusive blend of vogue and comfort that allows you to look your best. Each piece is representing versatile and lavish philosophy. The embellishment silver and golden finish and fancy material edition is making more precious.

Latest Mehndi Designs New Eid Collection 2015 For Girls - Hina / Henna

Shafeena Premji Henna / Makeup Artiest (AshKumar Artist and Educator) Latest best mehndi designs collection 2015: Dark reddish color of Mehndi, tinkle of bangles and tip top of sandals are most loveable aspects. Mostly girls use these ornaments to feel the charm. Eid occasion is incomplete without matching accessories and mehndi. That's why with eid dress collections 2015 and accessories we heeds upon mehndi designs. We select carefully to latest mehndi design that completely unique and not ode. Though there are several mehndi patterns are available such as Sodani mehendi, Arabic mehndi, Indian henna, Pakistani and Turkish mehndi. But among all Sudani is consider ever green. Indian mehndi knows as bridal mehndi. Arabic mehndi is sort of colorful Hina with contrast of black and red Hina.
Latest mehndi designs collection for eid 2015
This year, the trend of pasting mehndi on hands, feet and wrist are change. Now a mehndi which include small cuts, floral textures, leaves, paisley with Arabic and Indian filling style is in. Due to multi art amalgamation this type of hina is getting huge fame. Thus this festive season henna artists are focusing to offer eid mehndi collections with Arabic, Sudani and Indian amalgamation.

Zeniya Lawn Eid Dress Collection 2015 - Summer Ready to Wear by DEEPAK PERWANI

Festival excitement boost up right after the first sight of Ramadan Moon. Especially first thought that blinks in girls mind is what i will wear during big days of holy month Ramzan? and How to Dress-up on Eid? Though these are simple questions but seems complicated when we find style like Zeniya eid collection 2015. At the moment we find ourselves in trouble for picking eid day dress. Because its heard that creativity ends on Deepak Perwani collections. And this eid ul Fitr Zeniya ready to wear dresses designed by Deepak Perwani. He is not only leading fashion designer as well as most celebrated fashion celebrity of the world. He received many style awards for her unique imagination of trends. He can crafts unstitched lawn dresses to readymade dresses with appeal and modernity. That's why every class to every taste women admire Deepak Perwani dresses. This midsummer you can enjoy Zeniya Ready to wear Eid Collection 2015 featuring colors of east and softness of lawn.
Zeniya Ready To Wear Line - Eid Collection 2015
ZenWhat is real defination of exquisiteness, how to modify simple eastern looks into contemporary fashion and what is unique standard of elite dress up. This can be easily learn by Zeniya RTW eid lawn dress summer collection 2015. It is showing you bolder side of colors to subtleness. It is highlighting the glorious magic of floral and natural prints to luxury of embroideries. Zeniya Eid Dresses 2015 Catalog with 12 priceless and matchless prints is welcoming you into the world of high-end fashion. It is giving you a midsummer / fashion treat that will last for the long time.

Ayesha And Usman Lawn Eid/Midsummer Collection 2015 - Cotton Net Dresses

Ayesha and Usman Qamar lawn midsummer / eid collection 2015 has reached today in stores. It is a luxury lawn to give you glamorous look. The duo designer has transformed lawn and cotton net in new collection. In which with luxury appeal, the artists have tries to inject sensuality and sentiments of eastern culture. The idea behind Ayesha and Usman Eid lawn dress Collection 2015 was comfort and practically. Thus they sprinkled it with sophistication and femininity to make long lasting trend. Ayesha & Usman mid summer dresses have French lifestyle inspiration. 

Ayesha & Usman Cotton, Net, Lawn Eid / Midsummer Dresses 2015

These beautiful eid festival party wears have been decorated with vibrant floral prints and thread embroidery embellishment. The most influencing and dynamic part of new trends by A&U is use of slim, smart and edgy layouts with meticulous finish. The pencil trousers and combination of middle length shirts, straight cut kameez and cigarette pant or Capri are just looking awesome. Because apart from shirts and dupatta embellishments, designer have give extra care on trousers decoration. Ayesha and Usman Qamar Lawn Eid/Summer collection 2015 bottoms are also prettified with nets, cutwork embroideries and laces on ankle holes. Whereas digital printed cum embroidered shirts and colorful printed dupatta are real charm of this collection. Don't forget to drop by to get your hands on the latest collection.

Ayesha-Usman Lawn for Eid & Mid-summer 2015-16
Ayesha and usman qamar have started their fashion career jointly. They worked hard to get influential stage in Pakistani fashion. Their struggles have them success and their label become premium female clothing brand if Pakistan.

Sapphire Eid Lawn Dresses Collection 2015 - Khadijah Shah MidSummer Catalog

The wait is finally over with launch of sapphire eid lawn collection 2015-16. This eid, Sapphire eid lawn collection 2015 promises to be a celebration of colour and beauty. It instill an animate sophistication that that fetched from the harmony of pastels and medley of jewel tones. This season Khadijah Shah is showcasing you the powerful bursts of inspirational floral, classic, ancient, and boho chic prints. 

Khadijah-Shah Eid Mid Summer Catalog 2015

Khadijah Shah invites you to wear Sapphire eid lawn dress collection 2015 to embrace the love of catchy prints and sweet patterns. She ensures you to look excellent and stand out in crowd.  Sapphire by Khadijah Shah is an affordable brand unlike other luxury lawn label. It always offers irresistible and influencing designs. Sapphire lawn is expert in playing with color, glamour and artsy. That's why each product under signature of sapphire reflect best craftsmanship and aesthetic. Though it's cultural, contemporary or urban; sapphire deals every style with significant cuts.

Sapphire Lawn Eid Collection 2015
Latest or new eid collection by sapphire is bringing same standard with it. For summer festival, the ideas of soothing colors, bold features and feminine essence of embroideries are essential in sapphire eid lawn collection 2015.

Nida Azwer Capsule Lawn Collection 2015 - Nida-Azwer Eid Dresses

Nida Ali is anticipated pret wear Pakistani designer presents capsule lawn eid collection 2015. Capsule is digital lawn range made in ready to wear version. This eid midsummer kurta shirts have been displayed in paparazzi magazine last week. Nida Ali eid lawn got cover coverage due to highly inspirational colors and phenomenal touch of flowers texture. With very limited designs of edgy shirts, nida Ali eid pret is conveying simple modern feel. 

Nida Azwer Eid Dress Collection 2015

As eid is all about being with style instead of fashion so Nida Ali is representing your eid day casual smart style. She has given you chance to adore her single shirts this eid with self clubbing option. You can pair with tights, combine with skinny or pant. It looks awesome with any type of bottom wear. Moreover, digital printing over lawn shirts with multi color patterns will also provide you chance to add contrast trouser with it. Though according to latest survey skinny tights and leggings are not good for health but what to do if you are great fan of such bottoms.

Asim Jofa Luxury Eid Dress Collection 2015 - Full Catalog / Magazine

Asim-Jofa the man of exotic luxury style launched eid lawn dress collection 2015-2016. A man of Asian fashion who is popular for its extremely unique and mind blowing designing skills. Asim jofa's brand is most anticipated label and his lawn collections are known as precious diamond over the crown of clothing industry. Especially, summer formal wardrobe is colourless without his designer lawn. That is why almost every among us anxiously await for asim jofa lawn collection.

Asim Jofa Luxury Eid Collection 2015 Catalog

So festival of Eid ul Fitr is the event when you can experience new and modern features of asim jofa luxury lawn dress catalog 2015. In which he has beautifully luxuriated the lawn with bold hues, attractive prints and high quality embroideries. You must be thinking that Asim Jofa eid lawn will be irritating in summer then you are absolutely wrong. Because he put every embellishment in very balanced way and soothing and breezy texture is fully available in asim jofa lawn eid / midsummer 2015. This season is symbol of colors and glamor. And asim jofa is perfectly giving you glamorous look with its best designer festival wear.

Nida Ali Perahan Pret Eid Dresses 2015 Collection Exhibition

Perahan‬ by Nida ali has been exhibited today. This is an eid collection carrying diversity of fabrics as well as styles. This summer festival, designer Nida ali introduced  chiffon, cotton nets,  and silk with classic crochet work, laces, knot work, embroideries and phulkari patch work with signature balance. She has offered kimono jackets, kurtas, jacket capes, and tunics range. Each piece includes soft and pastel hues and following versatile script of the designer. Nida ali Eid Perahan 2015 are  simply chic outfits with block print textures and other ode artsy handwork.

Nida Ali Perahan Pret Eid Dresses 2015 Exhibition

Nida ali is the designer who is working in industry with her distinct solo. Her pieces not only reflect ancient blend as well as portray contemporary theme. She mostly modify our traditional style and offer modernly inspired fashion that suddenly becomes style of everyone.

Nimsay Designer Lawn Limited Edition 2015 by Mahrukh Arif (Eid Special)

Nimsay's new midsummer eid edition has been announced as "Nimsay Designer Lawn Limited Edition 2015 by Mahrukh Arif".
After the remarkable success of Nimsay eid lawn collection 2015 ( Verve, Regalia, Parsa and ), now you can see unbeatable innovation of Mahrukh Arif in Nimsay eid Limited Edition 2015. This special eid edition is in unstitched form. Nimsay - the feminine fashion label who earned great respect with its genuine appeal and grandeur. It sets striking prominent value in high computation of clothing sector with ethnic craftsmanship. Today, Nimsay is must-have for girls which redefine style and claims to be most elegant dress maker. So this eid Nimsay has not stopped itself to home label and took a wise step toward designer eid fashion. Nimsay launched Mahrukh Arif designer eid collection 2015. Which is highlighting new theme and elegance in mahrukh views. She captured the essence and beauty from influencing creation such as nature, flower, art, classic and magnificence. Which merged in subtle and abstract hints with exquisite charm. Nimsay's Mahrukh Arif (Eid Special) dresses are embroidered 3-piece suits and best for summer informal and semi party gatherings like iftaar and dinners.

Vaneeza V Lawn EID Silk / Chiffon Collection 2015-16 - Latest Eid Dresses

Vaneeza V Lawn presenting eid collection 2015 combined in luxury and lavish appeal. Eid festival is getting closer and making people excited for their outlook. Everyone wants to represent his / her personality in very fine and playful manner. Particularly, girls are more enthusiastic for getting youthful and fun filled eid. And it is impossible without a virginal dress of eid. So another Pakistani fashion designer name with Vaneeza V is taking the task to maintain your external impression. Here is the visionary model of her efforts as Vaneeza V lawn eid silk & chiffon collection 2015.
Vaneeza V Lawn EID Silk / Chiffon Collection 2015-16
Though due to extremely hot weather, mostly women's are buying lawn dresses for eid but we assure you that if you look once to Vaneeza's eid collection 2015 then you will find yourself in trouble if you bought lawn for eid. Because she has transformed silk and chiffon with noticeable fancy and comfortable fabrics. She took wise step to resolve your eid dress issue and manipulated Silk and Chiffon fabrics in Vaneeza V lawn eid dress collection 2015. VV Lawn eid fashion is based on artistic patterns like Arabesque, Alhambra, Ikat and Chikankari. Whereas use of different fabrics like zari cotton, silk, chiffon and Grip have been chosen to give wide options to wearer.

LSM Charlotte Exclusive Collection 2015 by Lakhany - Charlotte Digital Embroidered Eid Dresses

LSM fabrics by Lakhani silk mills announced Lakhany Charlotte Exclusive Collection. Charlotte a word that describe Queen City situated in south central North Carolina. It is an urban venture and famous for beauty. Charlotte is the city of extremely beautiful, smart and intelligent people. And this eid ul fitr festival lsm textiles is showing you inspirational side of Charlotte in its new digital prints titled as Charlotte Exclusive Collection.
Lakhani Charlotte Eid Embroidered Lawn Dress Catalog 2015
Lakhany Charlotte is inspired by the magnificence and nobility of Victorian tenure. Which has been done particularly for the modern era. Lsm fabrics proudly presents Charlotte digital embroidered lawn collection with ultimate beautiful style both inside and out. It is a range that create drama and allure through its timeless and peerless design and outlook. Lsm Charlotte Digital lawn eid Collection will impress and everyone falls in Love with for its sophisticated feminine design solo. Apart from design philosophy Lakhany Silk Mills have nourished with meticulous embroidery. Indeed, Charlotte is style more then a fashion. Because it's revolutionary features in Digital prints and intricate embroidery are making it wish of every women.

Farah & Fatima Designer FootWear Collection for Eid 2015-16

Farah and Fatima Shoes presents eid 2015 footwear collection for girls. F&F is a brand established in 2011 to offer best designer footwear with unique inspiration. It worked on pure leather and hand-crafted art to embellish the shoes and sandals. In short span due to unmatchable variety of designs and brooches quality it has become sign of opulence. Farah and Fatima Footwer designers are now synonymous of elegance and style. As in Asia every occasion is charmless without perfect matching ideas in bangles to mehndi, footwear to jewellery. So after seeing the eminence of fashion in Pakistan, Farah and fatima has strongly worked hard to fill the gape of designer shoes. As few days left in Eid-ul-Fitr 2015 and we are in search of designer shoes. So the designer due is letting you shine with glamor through eid footwear designs 2015.

Farah & Fatima Designer FootWear Collection for Eid 2015-16

In latest and new range of foot-wear, Farah/Fatima have offered wide range of fancy shoes, high heel shoes, flat shoes and Sandals. Colors of the shoes are taken from metallic hues, silver, golden, black and antique browns. The gloomy effects, edition of high quality brooches, premium leather and new design combination are making the collection fun filled and youthful. For summer they have focused on net pumps which are extremely elegant. If you are still thinking about eid dress with eid shoes and what to wear with eid dress then relax yourself. Here is Farah and Fatima Footwear Collection for Eid carrying new and very pretty  eid footwear styles.

Almirah Eid Dresses Catalogue 2015 - Lawn - Silk - Jacquard - Limited Edition

Jashamwah eid collection by Almirah 2015 is in stores now. Lawn, jacquard, silk, chiffon are main lines of new festive catalog. Almirah is the name which defines contemporary women, who loves to carry classical innovative trends. It is high quality eastern label provide matchless and elegant dress to wrap you up in rich and fine fabrics. Almirah eid dress catalogue 2015 is iconic inspiration series. Almirah clothing's aim to lift up your mood higher and add significant sense of fashion in closet. Almirah's collection are luxury in quality and emblem best imagination of Asian culture with femininity and aesthetic appeal. 
Almirah Jashanwarah Eid Collection 2015 is combination of various collection suitable for casual wear to formal wear. Almirah is celebrating eid festival with 4 fabrics of silk, chiffon, lawn and jacquard limited edition. You can look amazing and extra ordinary chic with new styles of Almirah Jashanwarah eid collection.

Almirah Lawn eid 2015 collection:

This is beautifully embroidered lawn dresses range clubbed with silk dupattas. The theme of collection has been taken from the magnificent century to keep you close with contemporary and colorful aesthetic. To enlighten and complete your closet you must need embroidered collection.

SNM Embroidered Eid Lawn Dresses Collection 2015 - Opulence Eid Ul Fitr

Being a fashion conscious women it is common to think about What to Wear This Eid 2015? How to mix and match Eid Dresses with Eid Shoes? How to smartly modify old fashion into modern trends? What is beast eid 2015 dress from the latest eid dress collection? Dont worry these questions suddenly run from your mind if you once look at SNM Eid lawn collection 2015.
SNM lawn by din industries is another priceless creation of Pakistani designers. SNM has begun its career in 2015 with debut spring summer lawn dress collection 2015. In which bold and radiant theme had been introduced to catch attention. Though it has made the brand very popular and created more excitement for snm lawn prints in fashionistas. Snm lawn is embroidered collection which emphasize different and luxe crafts of Asia. It also underline the feminine prints and bold textures with subtle allure. Latest snm lawn eid 2015 dress collection include something according to its design solo and modern requirements. Din industries midsummer cum eid lawn dresses have been nicely garnished with attractive colors and bold prints on it. As beauty enhancer embroidery application has been done on natural textures. They have used almost every playful materiel and design art to describe lawn newly. You can adopt snm eid lawn collection 2015 as semi formal and days party wear. SNM EID LAWN DRESSES 2015 are best option for iftaar parties and evening get together. Where you want to look and feel comfortable stylish.


Maria.B Mbroidered Eid Collection 2015-2016 has been introduced officially. The predicted price of Eid-ul-Fitr formals are 150$ to 200$. Swarovski adds luxury in lifestyle, it is French technique in which cuts have been adorned with glass crystal pipes. In Pakistan MARIA.B. is the first official swarovski integrated branding partner. She is queen of Asian fashion and prominent eastern designer. Her skills create matchless and versatile dresses. No one can beat her flawless design solo. Though Maria b's every product is one of its kind but MARIA.B MBROIDERED Collection (Unstitched) is one of the precious assets.
 Maria B Designer Mbroidered 2015
In which Mariab combines elegance and luxury with sophistication power. It is one among most celebrated and awaited embroidered catalogues. Newly she is presenting the most awaited MBROIDERED EID Collection Catalogue 2015. This is an unstitched summer formal festive wear. New eid collection by Maria b is carrying lavish and virginal cuts. Each dress is relaying more luxe and pleasant color scheme to floral charisma. These Silk and Chinese Chiffon made clothes in MBROIDERED Fabrics beautifully adorned with Swarovski elements. MARIA.B has offered all playful and youthful structures along with embellishments.Maria b created some best and alluring sumemr eid dresses with latest designs in her Maria.B Mbroidered 2015 Collection - Catalog/Magazine.

Amir Liaqat Hussain Anchal Eid Lawn 2015 by Amna Ismail MidSummer Collection

Amna Ismail is back with best eid dresses for girls with latest designs in Amir Liaqat Hussain anchal lawn eid dress collection 2015. Clothes are assumed a best way to express excitement and happiness though for festival or simple event. And being women clothes are more important to be complimenting. Almost everyone from us love colorful and splashy fashion to boost confidence. In such occasion we find perfect to Amir Liaquat Lawn. 
Amir Liaqat Hussain Anchal Eid Lawn 2015 by Amna Ismail
ALH is newly established product of host, anchor and scholar Dr Amir Liaquat Hussain. He joined fashion industry this spring summer and added sizzling lawn prints to chill out heat. This eastern dress maker is again ready to chill your wardrobes for eid ul fitr with colorful and splashy prints. Alh Anchal lawn eid / midsummer 2015 is available all over the nations from 17th June 2015. With decent and cool look for a special Eid occasions, Alh is affordable too. Amir Liaquat Anchal eid lawn dresses 2015 are priced in 2,995 on advance booking. 
Once again Amir Liaquat lawn designs have been introduced in collaboration of Amna Ismail and ghulam shabbir textiles. Each prints in two color schemes and 12 prints in eid catalog can mesmerize you with appeal and charm. Amir Liaquat Anchal lawn eid collection 2015 is inspired by the ethnic motifs, luxe and fancy embellishment of eastern culture.

Riaz Arts - Plush Eid Chapter Embroidered Kurtis Dresses 2015

A matchless, versatile and contemporary selection is Plush eid chapter embroidered kurtis dresses 2015 by riaz arts. Eid occasion makes our relations more stronger with family and friends because it give us message to forget and forgive. That's why everyone among us express happiness by giving gifts to love ones and making them smile. Apart from family and sibling, distributing gifts in friends is our tradition. So whenever festival reaches at our doors we warmly welcome it by starting shopping and preparation. Though shopping is difficult when you find every designer and branded fabrics are more expensive as compare to last season. But still there are few brands extremely nicely taking care of your pockets such as plush eid chapter embroidered kurtis 2015. Plush by Riaz Arts - who also owns Charizma and nation lawn has joined with eid chapter embroidered kurtis 2015. Plush is kurtis / single shirts one piece fabric retailer introduced Riaz Arts eid chapter embroidered kurtis dress 2015. It caters modern women and work hard to finish their anxiety. Plush Kurtis restyle their wardrobe and plays vital role in grooming. Especially spring summer experience regarding Plush Lawn Embroidered Kurtis vol-1 2016 by Riaz Arts was very brilliant. And you can feel same brilliance this festival with plush chapter embroidered kurti dress 2015.
Which is an imaginary eastern wear fashion that keep you close with magic of fashion and drama of aesthetic. Plush Eid Embroidered Kurtis is a colorful shirts chapter. Which makes you smile with girlish, youthful designs, new printing art and pleasant aroma of nature in embroidered kurtis dress 2015. Apart from all remarkable ingredient, the prestigious embroidery edition is marking unbeatable charm in plush by Riaz Arts eid chapter embroidered kurtis dresses 2015. Let's Celebrate the festive of Eid with the colorful 'RUNG' embroidered kurtis by riaz arts.

Pret Contemporary - Zainab Chottani Eid Pret Dresses Collection 2015

Zainab Chottani presents pretwear for Eid 2015.
Zainab Chottani launched new pret-wear eid collection 2015. Festival time creates great zeal and excitement in people for looking stylish and celebrating event enthusiastically. And this year 2015, festival preparation on highest level. Which could be imagine by out of stock tags on almost every designer collection. But don't worry there are several Pakistani fashion designers who are in queue for eid dresses collection 2015.

Latest Eid Dress Collection by Zainab Chottani
Here is Zainab Chottani for home label with contemporary eid pret 2015. It is noteworthy pret designs. Zainab has introduced summer festivity pret dresses on sheer silk, lavish chiffon and brocades. With her signature style, she stylized the summer eid ready to wear with modern embroideries. She has modified eid pret dresses collection in very youthful manner and introduced double shirt jackets, short shirts and Capri, skirts blouse / ghagra with choli. Each pieces is traditional and contemporary with edgy and slim patterns. You can wear Zainab Chottani eid / midsummer pret dress collection in formal get to gather and chic parties. In fact zainab chottani eid collection is best eid 2015 designer dresses for girls.

BEECHTREE - Unstitched Lawn Vol-2 MidSummer / Eid 2015 | Best Eid 2015 Dresses

Among many lading cloth makers of Pakistan BEECHTREE known as sophisticated & feminine manufacturer. Beech Tree Summer lawn 2015 was one of the greatest example of lavish lawn prints. It served Pakistani fashionistas with very pleasant and soothing fashion experience. Now beech Tree Unstitched Lawn Vol. II midsummer eid collection 2015 has been unveiled.

Beech Tree - Unstitched Lawn Vol. II 2015
With high class masterpieces, designer has worked on aesthetic and oriental themes to make lasting product. In the journey of Beech-Tree fashion, eid ul fitr lawn dresses are versatile then ever,. In which beauty and glamour have been extracted from nature and classic artsy. Beech Tree lawn unstitched eid collection is carrying blooming color combination and embroidery and digital printing. Being most influencing high street fashion house, Beech-Tree has dedicated their lifetime expertise to the eid midsummer collection. This festival range is 3- piece catalog featuring embroidered fabric for front, digital printed back and silk sleeves, dyed shalwar and chiffon lawn dupattas. In which high profile color palettes, unique sense of style have been used. Beech tree eid lawn unstitched collection vol-2 2015 is another ideal semi formal and semi party wear fashion for summer.

Rehaab Lawn Embroidered Eid Collection 2015 by Jaffrani Textile - Midsummer Lawn

After noteworthy designs of Rehaab summer lawn prints collection 2015, Now the renowed Textile mill "Jaffrani" has brought Rehaab Premium Lawn Eid Collection 2015. The year of 2015 has given unlimited hype and unbeatable identity to Pakistani fashion industry and designers. Apart from hype it also revitalize to compete with global world. As now Pakistan is biggest Asian clothes supplier on foreign market and Pakistani designs are very popular all around the globe. So to maintain identity producing different style is essential. That's is why today we have Jaffrani lawn by Jaffrani Textile with us. In old and emerging labels Jaffrani is just 6 months old label.Jaffrani fasten his belt to go on long drive in lawn fashion on 1st March 2015. It started career with Rehaab Lawn 2015 spring summer collection and amazed the public with venerable design solo.

Rehaab Midsummer / Eid Embroidered Lawn 2015 by Jaffrani Textile

It entertained with wisdom and experience with signature style. Jaffrani spring summer lawn was based on striking bold prints with contemporary embroidered patterns in premium quality. Might be you experienced the Rehhab Lawn 2015 dresses to enhance your beauty. But for the festival of eid ul fitr, Jaffrani introduced rehaab lawn prints with allure, glamour and beyond your expectations. This season Rehaab Premium Embroidered Lawn Eid Collection 2015 include playful dresses with girlish designs. The color scheme is bit striking and shocking with mix of multi color patterns. The contemporary art of printing has been use as modern fusion on lawn prints. And further nets, chiffon fabrics has been clubbed with puffy thread work, cutwork, laces, strips and other material. 

CHARIZMA Eid Collection-2015 Summer Embroidered Lawn Dresses for Parties

Charismatic eastern brands Charizma introduces eid collection 2015 after great appraise of  luxury embroidered lawn dress collection 2015. Festival is especial and auspicious celebration so you also look especial on the day. You must spruce up yourself with unique festive dress. Which can leave unignoreable impression in crowd. At that time what is more ideal then Charizma eid lawn dress collection 2015. A superbly designed eastern fashion redefined in luxury pret wear mood. A complimenting eid dress fashion for summer that includes all essential qualities.
Mid Summer Lawn by Charizma
Indeed, summer festival wear should be comfy-able, sophisticated, girlish and exquisite. And if we search for these qualities then charizma eid collection satisfies us. This eid occasion, charisma eid lawn is versatility designed range. It features luxe color combination taken from bold, subtle and glamorous tones. On which application of floral prints and nature amalgamation indeed influencing. Further edition of attractive rich thread embroidered will leave you in oomph. Undoubtedly, charisma is leading the way of luxury lawn manufacturers.

Eid Collection 2015 by Taana Baana | Shop Online Festive Lawn Dresses

Taana Baana Eid Collection 2015 is another festival wear casual cum semi formal fashion. Festivity means unlimited thrill and enthusiasm and being with fashion in all events. Though it's formal or casual, our need of wearing new clothes with appealing cuts and designs never ends. We always want to get eid dresses collections with new feminine allure. That is why one after another hit can been seen in Pakistani fashion industry. Undoubtedly, we are more fashion conscious then any other society and culture. And no one can beat us in creativity and unique imagination with eastern magic.
Taana baana is brand who created strong identity in eastern alluring fashion leaders. Taana-Baana approved itself as best womenswear eastern label who works on aesthetic and traditional patterns. Therefore, from house wives to professional women loves taana baana collections. This summer taana baana lawn was one of the outstanding series regarding most loveable fashion. But today, Taana Baana lawn eid dress collection will break its own records. Because, New festival arrivals are masterpieces with remarkable craftsmanship. Each piece is  displaying hard-work, care and professional behavior of Taana Baan designers.

Taana Baana phulkari Eid Lawn 2015 is heavily embroidered pieces carrying art of paisley to booti work, block prints with embroidery to screen prints with all over thread work, and folk to classic appeal. Taana Baana dresses ate in mid-length and clubbed with Capri pants and pencil trousers. As fashion is taking new turn to being most influencing is very difficult. But Taana Baana  has tried very nicely to put new designs and styles in summer fashion for women's.

Purple-Patch | New Latest Footwear Designs Eid 2015 - Eid Sandals - Shoes Collection

Stylish & comfortable Shoes Eid Exhibition by Purple Patch was hold, there the brand displayed 700 - 1,500 price range Sandals / Shoes Collection.
Footwear plays important role in grooming personalities. We often wear ladies footwear designs according to event and occasion demand. Such as wearing casual sandals or shoes is impossible to wear as formal. Likewise formal Footwear can not suit in regular wear. Therefore, Pakistani footwear manufacturers always gets busy in making new latest footwear designs for girls. Eid is event when we must buy two pairs of sandal or shoes for casual and parties wear. And mostly we search for super stylish, classic and delicate Pakistani footwear brand which can deliver tender, comfy and season friendliness. In this scenario, Purple-Patch considered ultimate women's footwear designer. Purple-Patch creates glamorous, trendy and fashionable shoes, pumps, slippers, flats, wedges, pencil heels and sandals. Whether you want to buy casual shoe or party wear sandal, Purple-Patch is the only destination which entertain you with state of art. Moreover the women from every field can adopt it without hesitation.

Purple-Patch Footwear for Eid 2015

Purple Patch caters modern fashion needs and quality. Which encourage Pakistani girls to wear purple patch footwear. Initially, Purple Patch eid collection 2015 displayed with fancy stock. In which the brand look forward to exhibit new latest footwear designs and sandals shoes fashion for eid 2015.

HAIQA Mid Summer Lawn 2015 by ReshmaTex \ Mid-Length Ramzan Dresses

Mid-Length Ramzan Dresses: Aside from Festival preparation, nowadays Muslim girls are also heeding upon holy month of Ramadan. Because they need Ramzan casual wear dresses to wear on Fridays, Iftar parties and small family gathering. Therefore with festival trends, many brands are paying attention on Ramzan dresses. HAIQA by ReshmaTex is the one who established about a month ago and pasted smiles on our faces with very creative charming Ramzan lawn collection 2015. Reshma textile has announced HAIQA lawn.
HAIQA Lawn Mid-Summer / Ramzan Prints 2015
Haiqa is the blend of eastern aesthetic, magic and charisma with bold and vivid shades to prions prints. HAIQA Ramzan lawn dresses collection by reshma textile is an incomparable 3- piece suits variety which features everything you desire. From culture beauty to modern cuts and classic patterns to lovely sewing. Each dress has been designed with sober and attractive theme which is sole property of reshma tex. Reshma Textile is the powerhouse who keeps honour to work with leading and skillful designers like maria b. As this spring summer season and eid festival arrival when they came up in competition then no  one has thought such admiring lawn prints from them. HAIQA Mid Summer Lawn 2015 is unbelievable masterpiece that has been amalgamated in folk, crispy classic, solid and vivid shades.
Yesterday, Haiqa lawn 2015 fashion show was held at Falettis hotel that is considered by experts as largest fashion summer show.

Izza Hassan Silk Collection Catalogue 2015 by Shariq Eid Dresses

Shariq presents brilliantly designed Izza Hassan Pure Silk Collection by Shariq. After giving us matchless standard to lawn now let's turn over the page of silk. Silk is very lavish, silken textured and royal fabric. Without silk, chiffon and brocades we can't imagine the queenly style. That is the main reason why our designers are experimenting on every luxe fabric to maintain royalty in our personalities. Izza Hassan Pure Silk Collection 2015 by Shariq is part of those experiments in which silk has been done in great manner. With embellishment of digital prints one can't ignore the appeal of Shariq festive dresses
Let's look at silk with flawless design artsy of patterns along with bolder tones is your ideal festive semi formal and evening fashion. To take Izza Hassan Silk dress eid Collection 2015 as formal you just need to put allure of fancy accessories because embroidery is already sprinkled in attractive manner. So let's wear Izza Hassan Pure Silk Collection by Shariq and get highest level of glamour and festivity zeal in personality.

Phatyma Khan Luxury Pret Formal Eid Collection 2015 - Eid Dresses

Phatyma Khan Eid Collection 2015: There are countless female fashion designers considered utmost creative, utterly chic, fascinating and dynamic. Because their signature design art has polished the styles of womenswear and surprisingly put Pakistani clothing industry in limelight. They are identity of Pakistani fashion. Phatyama khan an unmatchable artist who's efforts are undeniable. Her iconic brilliance, symbolic eastern crafts, style amalgamation and youthful drama make her influencing dress maker. From last few years her brand has become charming and glorious powerhouse due to high quality formals, semi formals, luxury pret, eid collection and eastern designs.
This festivity she also came up in arena of fashion with luxury eid collection 2015 pret wear. This pret ready made clothes are made in edgy trims and slim layouts. Sheer and lavish brocade silk, jacquard, organza and chiffon fabrics with nicely done knot work, floral embroidery, thread work bunches, motifs and fancy material is truly inspirational. Moreover traditional dresses with modern cuts are reminding us churidar, Capri and shirts shirts fashion and kurti shirts with slim trousers with embellished ankles.  Apart from hand embellishments on phatyama khan eid luxury formal Pret collection 2015, the laces are another vital element playing significant role to decorate edges. Let's look and admire yourself.

Lala Eid Signature Series 2015 as Festive Collection of Sonya Battla

Sonya Battla is old name in fashion lala textiles. She set unique identity with vivacious cum radiant color scheme and innovative use of eastern aesthetic. Sonya Battla mostly appears in summer when lawn season on full swing. So we can call her lawn lady of Pakistan too. As her name portray uniqueness same her work reflect. Almost every Pakistan women must experienced her clothes. But if someone missed then 2015 festive lawn season, Sonya Battla is present with designer lawn series for LALA Textiles. This is wonderfully designed embroidered lawn carrying 3 piece lawn dresses. Though her eid designer lawn is not very fancy but remember simplicity is ultimate appeal. So if you understand the power of simple and elegance then Sonya Battla eid lawn prints 2015 have been made for you only.

Designer Sana Safinaz Eid Lawn Dresses Collection 2015 Full Catalog

Sana Safinaz Eid Lawn Collection 2015 is having a wide range of alluring kurti style short and knee length shirts with fancy trousers and printed silk dupattas with explicit embellishments all over the fabric. Defined and dominant with the summer allure of dazzling colors and eye-catching prints, this versatile clothing capsule becomes an aesthetic glam when it is wore by the ladies with perfection and charm. Semi-casual unstitched shirts are ornate with the opulent floral versioned silk stitchery on the neckline along with paisley etches with delicacy and artistic flare along. Luxury cuts and folk inspired Kurtis are just getting awesome when they are combined with the fancy embroidered Capris, cropped trousers and cigarette pants and the elegance of digital plus floral incised luster giving prints. Sana Safinaz Eid Lawn Collection 2015 would be a perfect for those ladies who have to attend evening get together and dinners along with their better halves and families on the occasions of Eid.
SanaSafinazEid Lawn Collection 2015:
Mundane clothes just get sheer and regal if it is modified with a classic and lavish art of stitchery. Let’s take the example of lawn, an ordinary piece of organza, when it is adorned with some embellishments like thread work, motifs, laces and luxury print patterns then it just become as precious as silk. So, the garment does not matter what so ever you are using but the thing which matters is its add-ons. Yup, quality does matter in a way but since we are living in a country where people do not go for the quality but instead they go for the appearance of the thing they are getting.

Zara Shahjahan EID Lawn 2015-2016 | Best Designer Collection Catalog

Zara Shahjahan - a solo lawn designer, a influencing artist - has enabled new solo formula in eid lawn collection 2015. Like previous lawn stock, this eid ul fitr catalogue is another remarkable designed range. Zara Shahjahan has brought fresh and edgy lawn in this collection. The inspiration of Zara Shahjahan eid lawn 2015 belongs to nature, art, floral, abstract and western textures. Whereas color scheme is depicting brighter moods with darker patterns over it. Embroidery application to highlight different parts of fabric is adding dynamic appeal in Zara Shahjahan eid lawn dress collection 2015. With thread embroidery over neck, edgy trims and cuts are illustrating summer theme. Overall from every aspect Zara Shahjahan festival new arrivals images are giving concept of summer eid dresses. This season in sewing she introduced short shirts and printed capri fashion for girls and women.
Zara Shahjahan Eid Lawn Collection 2015
As far as Zara Shahjahan is concern then she is mind blowing creative women. She keeps distinct fashion sense in which allure, elegance and femininity are on top. Her dresses always bring best craftsmanship on original layouts. In Pakistan, there is no comparison of Zara Shahjahan in luxury pret and contemporary ready to wear designer. Lawn prints also make her prominent in foreign and local fashion market. Because she has made lawn fabric bit smart, elite, exquisite and inspiring. Mostly high end chic women's adorn their-selves with Zara Shahjahan lawn dresses in formal gathering to parties.

LALA - Sana & Samia Crinkle Embroidery Vol 2 Eid 2015 Catalog

LALA - Sana & Samia Crinkle Embroidery Vol 2 Eid 2015 Catalog:
Lala textiles Sana samia krinkle embroidery lawn catalog summer festive collection vol -2 has been launched. With stylishly designed 3 piece lawn suits are utterly for for festive semi formal activities. Unlike volume 1 of crinkle collection, this is an ordinary range which include so so designs. When festival is so near then lala should come with complimentary stuff. Because last collection was incomparable regarding that. Anyways, hope for the creative next time. Let's checkout the Sana samia embroidered krinkle lawn eid collection 2015 then another traditional ranges carrying classic beauty but in totally oriental manner. Commonly garnished necklines of shirts with thread work, ethnic layouts and soothing patterns. This festival Sana samia crinkle eid lawn by lala embroidered collection can only satisfy those who want ethnicity as basic in their dress.

SHEEP Eid Collection 2015 | Luxury Formals | Contemporary Dresses for Men / Women

Sheep is making you eid festival day more beautiful with its new arrivals of contemporary dresses for men & women. Sheep eid collection 2015 incorporates luxury formal tunics and kurta shalwar designs in ready  to wear. SHEEP is premium clothes retailer who stock new design every Friday. Sheep deals in both men's clothes and women's wear and deliver them best casual, smart pret, luxury pret, formal wear and seasonal options at doorstep of sheep clothing. Sheep is comparatively old and inspiring label with significant and diverse design solo which is amalgamation of eastern, western, modern and youthful styles.
Contemporary luxury formal dresses for boys / girls
Sheep can be perfect dress code for the women who like western cuts chic outfit to the girl who love purity of traditional. In Women fashion, sheep have 5 stunning niches which represent their style melody and diversity. The sub labels are BLACK SHEEP™, Luxury Pret, Smart Casuals, Classics and contemporary pret. For the festival of eid ul fitr, sheep introduces pret eid collection 2015 for both men and women. In which for girls smart tunics, sleeveless pret shirts and tops variety are prominent. Though for boys traditional kurta shalwar designs are complimentary.

Firdous Lawn Korean Eid Dress Collection 2015 Vol-2 - Best Womenswear

Firdous Korean Lawn Vol-2 Dresses for Eid 2015 has been launched which is extremely suitable for Mid-Summer too. Firdous textiles is a very fast growing cloth mill of Pakistan who crossed the boundaries of almost every Asian country. Firdous is in limelight for collection lawn, summer Korean lawn dresses, Victorian lawn, chiffon lawn and kurtis. These all are very economical casual summer dresses range that inspire with design and price both. From the start of summer spring we have seen that Firdous displayed 4 volumes of lawn, 2 catalogs if chiffon and 1 of Korean collection. 
Today Firdous has came up with extremely amazing Firdous Korean Lawn Vol II 2015 eid festival dresses. In which on super fine lawn fabric Korean culture inspiration is totally wow. These are printed and simply embroidered 3-PC suits for women eid dresses of summer. 
Firdous Korean Lawn Eid Dress Collection 2015 Vol-2
Which can be done in brilliance and elegant way to provide ultimate summer casual dress code. Firdous Korean Lawn 2015 catalog Vol-2 collection include 20 stunning prints depicting eastern waves, floral magnificence and natural essence of textures. Each design with two color variation is iconic in creativity. After wearing Firdous Korean Lawn collection -Vol 2 2015, no one has to praise with words because it speak itself about allure and charm put in fabric by team of designers.

Maria.B. Digital Lawn Prints Eid 2015 Dresses for Indian Girls

Five qualities of Maria-B lawn for eid,
1- Maria B Digital Lawn Prints 2015 are complimentary dresses for eid.
2- Maria.B. Digital Lawn is bold and vibrant.
3- Maria B Eid Lawn Collection is highly sophisticated cum feminine.
4- These digital lawn prints dress2015 are best summer formal and party wear.
5- Limelight is yours when you worn “Maria B Digital Prints 2015 Ramzan Collection”.
Fashion is like a kingdom where every area every country has own taste of cuisine, lifestyle, celebration and dress up. As fashion is related to our external expression and dress code so making appealing dress is very difficult. Such as take a example of India and Pakistan, both are Asian countries but culture, norms, behavior, custom and even people choices in fashion are very different. Though, they like Pakistani culture and lifestyle most but still there is big fan following of ethnic Indian style. So for those fashionistas Maria b has decided to come with something bold, appealing, inspiring and rich in Digital lawn prints 2015. You might confused that what we are saying! But don't get confuse because we are going to clear our point. Maria b the most dominant fashion designer in India has recently introduced her eid ul fitr festival collection 2015. In which two diverse catalogs have been designed, one for Pakistan clients and second for Indian buyers. The digital lawn eid 2015 for Pakistan has been already published at clothing9. Here we are exclusively showing you Maria.B. Digital Eid Lawn Prints 2015 for Indians.
Maria-B Digital Lawn Prints Eid Collection 2015 for Indian Girls