Gul Ahmed Lamis Digital Silk 2016 Winter Collection Catalog

Gul ahmed Fashion is going to launch winter special catalog as Lamis Digital Silk Collection on 2nd January 2016. This season lamis silk 2016 will be an bold, catchy, magnificent and exclusive evening wear style. It will allow you to discover the new meaning of fashion with glamour and rich patterns. Gul ahmed who sets strong influence on Pakistani women's mind has tried to deliver high-end fashion with distinct artsy under the certification of Gul ahmed. Ideas and gul ahmed has accentuated the winter silk dresses in meaningful manner in order to maintain the impression over fashionistas. In sneak peek of Lamis Silk 2016, Gul ahmed has revealed just 5 designs but Clothing9 has unveiled full catalog of Lamis silk dresses 2016. And if we closely look at lamis collection then it is perfect for outdoor activities of day and night both. Because it is having the great amalgamation of textures from tribal mixed in floral, vintage laces inspired paisleys, maps, deserts, forest, birds, architecture or famous buildings, symbols of clock, keys, lamps, autum leaf perfectly sprinkled through gold and jewel tones. 

Gul Ahmed Lamis Digital Silk 2016 Winter Collection Catalog 

Gul ahmed has opted state of the art in lamis silk collection in quite impressive way and added with contemporary appeal. The colors which have been applied in lamis are most admired in western society and known as royal shades. Gul ahmed silk winter collection 2016 is an elegant crafted fashion that have balance and power of extravagant and royalty. Its exquisite designs and quality silk fabric has aesthetic power and exotic gems fascination which deserve special shout out in Lamis Digital Silk 2016 Winter Collection catalog. So get ready to impress the world by opting the silk dress fashion from Gul ahmed Silk 2016-17.

Motifz Shamoz Silk Dresses Winter 2016 Fashion for Girls

Motifz Shamooz Silk 2016 Fashion for Parties:

Let's style your season! Simple and stylish, glamorous and florid, This winter 2016, the women has described the fashion trends with above mentioned four words. They think that a dress that comply these qualities is perfect for everyday style to evening wear. So why not look at latest shamose silk collection of motifz which features all finest attributes. This is digital printed silk for women having comfy and chic designed modern apparel. It has created to make you worry free and you welcome every season with warm attitude. In-fact, fashion is all about what you wear or how you present yourself.If you have unique sense of style then Motifz dresses with beautiful digital prints are only designed for you. With head turning attributes and finest shamoze silk fabric made by durable fibers and easy care quality comes with embroidery necklines. So what will be more fashionable this year for parties to get gorgeous look instead of Motifz winter silk shamoz collection 2016.

Motifz Shamooz Silk Dresses Winter 2016 Fashion for Girls 

Motifs the name of quality and innovation proudly launched winter shamose silk collection 2015-2016. Right after the karandi and linen digital prints with amazing floral art and creative style infused in perfect way; now motifs has disclosed a range that features allure and statement style for girls. The new silk dress collection has been designed to give you adorable formal wear fashion that will make you jaw dropping persona without effort. In this worth watching collection on silk fabric use of glamorous digital prints have added real charm. Because on darker bases with gold, metallic and silver patterns are adding richness and femininity. 
Especially for night functions; motifz has used very fine and intricate thread work with over patterns to surprise the wearer with its matchless class. Motifz knows that we want to get adorable looks and always want to maintain the closet with flawless fashion therefore silk collection has been designed by keeping us our desires in mind. Motifz Shamooz Silk Dresses has all must-have attributes which can define the personality with utterly eye catching, mesmerizing and flawless beauty. There is no option left for night parties instead of motifs winter silk 2015-16 so hurry and grab your most unique formals and stunningly stylish evening wears from winter fashion 2016.

 Motifz Shamose Silk Dresses Winter 2016 Fashion for Girls

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Beech Tree Winter Outerwear 2016 for Girls | Sweaters Cardigans Pullover Coats

Beech Tree Winter Outerwear 2016 for Girls:
Do you want to make you winter days especial? Do you want easy to carry attire that get you rid from unbearable cool climate? If yes then you are defiantly lucky this fall winter 2016; because Beech Tree is going to present new winter outerwear sweaters, shrugs, pullover, cardigans and shawls for you. Beech Tree is famous casual and semi formal women's wear clothing label who suddenly got enormous fame after black and gold ready to wear collection. And the key of that popularity was matchless and flawless formula of designing. Now once again Pakistani women and girl can experience the same through 10 stunningly defines wool made articles like shawls, shrugs, cardigans and sweaters. Though these winter outerwear are simple and minimal embellishment but full of poise, grace, warmness and dignity of style. 
In cool and freezing temperature, every girl dreams for warm attires to cover their body and also look stylish. But in ordinary or old sweaters styles getting desired perfection is not possible and Beech Tree understands it better then us. Therefore, with winter sweaters 2016 for girls, Beech-Tree has tried to give you a range that meets with your fashion sense and you can get a easy to wear winter casual fashion trend. Actually, latest winter sweaters, shawls, and coats are defining modern fashion trends with bit classy yet complimenting way. In which gloomy nights have been described through warm and darker hues and misty or fogy days with hints of white, grey and lighter tones. Both type of subtle and dark arrays have been balanced with signature style in Beech Tree Winter Outerwear 2016 for Girls.

Beech Tree Winter Sweaters Cardigans Pullover Coats for Girls

I read somewhere that do not run after quantity, a wise fashionista runs after quality and this sentence suits on Beech tree designer Sweaters Cardigans Pullover Coats. Because every piece has versatile features and premium weaving, knitting and tailoring finish. Apart from striking shades used in winter woolen dresses; the combination of knitting stitches and embellishments of buttons, pockets, zip closure, and collars trimming are worth describing. In short to look pretty and smart we all need such feminine yet playful winter wool dresses.  

Sweaters Cardigans Pullover Coats  by Beech Tree in Winter Outerwear 2016 for Women

In my views, Beech tree sweaters 2016 are 'winter classic 2016' because you can easily adopt it for day and night parties. particularly thin and tall girls looks more trendy. Beech Tree Winter Sweaters 2016 for Girls are modernly defined and have very feminine design concept. Moreover prices will must amaze you, Yes! you are going to buy these sweaters between 3000 to 3500 Pkr.

Round Neck Pull Over

Shrugs The Best Winter 2016 Fashion Trends
Round Hemline Shrug
Chunky Knit Shrug with Pockets
Beech Tree Must Have Sweaters 2016 for Girls
Chunky Knit baggy pulloverReversed knit Loose Fit Pullover
Beech Tree Winter Shawls
Knitted Shrugs for Women Vs Loose Fit Pullover
Round-neck Pullover

Change Winter 2016 Coats - Shawls - Shrugs for Women

Leading clothing giant - who's made us aware with new terms of fashion - is ready to define you with hot and classy styles through Change Winter Coats Shawls Shrugs Collection 2016. Which features lovely and distinct range of winter coats, shawls and shrugs for women. This winter woolen collection will reveal the exclusive addition of warm and cosy clothes for formal and informal wear of day and night events. Change Winter Coats Shawls Collection 2016 is a must-have style due to especial qualities. Such as these wool made articles suits on 18 to 60 years women and girls. The colors are quite subtle though composition of dark's are adorable. If a woman has fair or Wheaties complexion then winter shawls allowed her to shine with hints of graceful whites, metallic and greys. If you are getting married this winter then you can add change winter 2016 collection into your dowry articles without worrying about designing and uniqueness. The cuts and style of Coats and shawls are smart and sober which will transform the wearer persona in charming way. Moreover western inspired touch is making winter shawls and winter coats more modern and attractive.
In misty weather almost every girl needs such Winter Coats Shawls Shurgs Collection 2016. Because it not only enhance their looks as well as they get effortless style for outer wear. Especially when numerous parties are around us then change winter 2016 collection offer us versatility and we can choose it according to gathering demand.

Change Winter Coats Shawls - Shrugs for Women Collection 2016

For young girls or house wives, change has focused to provide easy to carry daily wear with coats, shawls and shrugs for women. The design team has made it with pure cashmere wool, merino wool and sheep wool to maintain the weight and warmness. In-short Change Winter Coats Shawls Collection 2016 is flawless, matchless and most contemporary woolen wear for women and girls that will define you as classy and feminine fashion savvy. This winter coats and winter shawls can make you eye-popping in crowed and even you can walk with confidence at streets. And if you are thinking about new year and want to surprise your love-ones ( Mom,Sister, Fiance, Friends or Grand Mom ) then just buy Change winter shawls, Shrugs and Coats designs 2016 and gift them. They will not only get happy as well as admire you for your distinct choice.

Unbeatable by Shahla Rahman Majestic Fall/Winter Collection 2015-2016

Fun of fall winter is continue at Unbeatable in quite impressive manner with oodles of new designs in winter majestic collection. Unbeatable is distinct source of fashion of Shehla Rehman, who's day and night efforts has made is most favorite of women's. She has always reported luxury, feminine and ultra chic style when fashionistas has depended on her. Unbeatable clothing represents ethnic and natural prints on classy layouts with elegant colors. But in fall winter collection 2015-16, we can see difference of modern adopted philosophy because colors are radiant and fabric described with miscellaneous textures taken from nature to shapes. Unbeatable by Shahla Rahman has offered rich fabrics enriched with warm hues and complemented with rich embroidery inspired from the exotic thread work. Unbeatable Fall/Winter Collection 2015-2016 features such fabrics that is crafted with care and attention and giving you evening effortless style. Latest unbeatable catalog is full wintry and cozy for you night and party wear; so get ready to add majesty of ethnic and aesthetic charm. You can shop online to Unbeatable at Clothing9 online fabric store or Unbeatable Outlet - 2nd Floor, Designer Avenue - Dolmen Mall, Clifton, Karachi!!

Fall/Winter Collection 2015 - Winter Majestic

 Shahla Rahman Majestic Embroidered Dresses 2015-2016

Unbeatable by Shahla Rahman Majestic Fall/Winter Collection 2015-2016

Unbeatable by Shahla Rahman Majestic Fall/Winter Collection 2015-2016 Unbeatable by Shahla Rahman Majestic Fall/Winter Collection 2015-2016

Unbeatable by Shahla Rahman Majestic Fall/Winter Collection 2015-2016 Unbeatable by Shahla Rahman Majestic Fall/Winter Collection 2015-2016

Unbeatable by Shahla Rahman Majestic Fall/Winter Collection 2015-2016

JV by Javeria Zeeshan Party Wear 2016 | Front Open Double Shirt Designs

JV couture presents front open double shirt collection as winter party wear 2016-17. Javeria Zeeshan is reconstructing vintage philosophy with eternal designs in new JV couture party wear 2016. She believes in designing heritage and culture relevant trends that illustrate artsy and ancient techniques in most inspiring modern patterns. Therefore whenever she stepped in Pakistani fashion then offered a la mode designs with hand-crafted details and unparalleled care. Being a female designer, Javeria Zeeshan has always tried to emphasize culture and aesthetic taste. She is working since 2005 and her career is full of admiration and appraise from clientele. Because she has good experience of eastern and western clothes. She has worked for French designer Florence and set individual place in international market. When she started her own label as JV couture then every fashionista had warmly welcomed her. Today her bridal dresses, formal wear, party wear, pret ( ready to wear ) and casual tunics all are most beautiful creations. Today we have JV by Javeria Zeeshan Party Wear 2016 which are most stylish due to distinct range of Front Open Double Shirt Designs.

JV by Javeria Zeeshan Party Wear 2016

JV couture by Javeria Zeeshan - is an eclectic and glamorous boutique - has always served us with genuine and aesthetically enriched clothes. Actually, she increased admiration for the label by designing stylish formal wear and tunic collection that generates distinct values of femininity, sophistication and eastern glory. We always gave especial place to Javeria Zeeshan designer wear at clothing9 due to finest quality and uniqueness. And being a clothing9 blog author; I personally like JV couture dresses and refer to my clients too. Because she has very pure desi style and individuality in every collection that nicely demonstrates modern women too. Today we are showing you the same standard in JV by Javeria Zeeshan winter formal collection 2016-2017 which has been disclosed yesterday. The new winter line have famous eastern style gathered in the formal collection such as open shirts, double shirt, fancy kurti with cigarette pants, lehenga choli with jackets and blouse with Dhaka pyjama / flapper. But Front Open Double Shirt Designs are extremely unique and have harmony of east and power of rich or subtle colors with semi precious embellishments.

Javeria Zeeshan Front Open Double Shirt Designs for Parties

JV by Javeria Zeeshan Party Wear 2016

Double Shirt Vs Embroidered Front Open

Front Open Double Shirt Designs

Embroidered Dresses for Night Functions

Red Formal Double Shirt
JV couture Lehnga and Two leg Lacha

Javeria's Lehenga Choli for Formal Wear

Lehenga with Shirt and Cape