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Long Hairs Braided Hairstyles | Easy Tutorials of Top Ten Braid Hairstyles

Hair is considered the most important asset for all of us. Making fine and awe inspiring hairstyle outshine the personality and looks of females. I believe the whole of one’s personality depend upon the hairstyles as hair have a tendency to change the look completely. Every person should select hairstyle or hairdo according to their age, girls can tie their hair that makes them look cool and classy, aged women should not copy teenagers as it will make them look odd. There are oodles of hairstyles that looks trendy like short hair pony tails, hair styles of medium size hairs, braids, wavy, curly, straight, long hair braided hairstyle, side braids, fish braids. It is indispensable to bulwark hairs from sunburn, applying heat or chemicals that will beautify you, but sooner damage your hair. Long hair braided hairstyle become prevalent and magnetizing. Few styles are good for expeditious casual use but few are rather perplexed and took extra time, only way to learn all pulchritudinous styles that you always wanted to make is to catch the key point of  it, people wonder how to make it; I am giving tutorials that will avail you making it in no extra time.
Braid Hairstyles Styles with Tutorials

1. Crown Braid
This style is minute tricky yet beautiful, it will integrate beauty and enhances the face cut. You just have to follow the instructions given in the picture. This is the most facile way to make crown braid, it ties your hair in a classy style.
Just comb your hair, take a front portion to make braid just the way it shown in the picture. Add other portions to that braid.

Now wrap it on your head just like a crown and your beautiful crown braid will look like this.
 2. Waterfall Braid
This is the coolest braid that looks very trendy.
Divide your front portion hair in three layers, start making the braid; pass the hair from every layer of your braid just the way it is shown in the above tutorial.
3. Fish Tail Braid
This is the most common braid.
Divide two portions of your hair and start making braid, add hair layer to layer in that braid and your fishtail is ready.


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