CHANEL Makeup Fall 2014 | CHANEL Eye Makeup Tutorial Fall Makeover

CHANEL Makeup Fall 2014
Chanel is going to create a new look using a new fall makeup collection Etats Poetiques. It is a romantic and powerful collection of makeup featuring a mixture of contrasting shades by soft and intense. As this makeup collection 2014 of Chanel is all about eyes so Chanel has arranged strong and colorful eyelid makeup for you. There is a 6 brand new shades in this CHANEL Makeup collection, 3 Matt and 3 satin so let's take a colorful eye makeup demo with Lisa Eldridge.
1- At first model is going to apply one of the satin shade - hesitation no 106. This is a deep red color and quite intense. She is applying 106 all over eyelid.
2- For more definition Lisa Eldridge is going to use a Matt shade - portion # 112. This is deep black color in shade, she is applying it on outer edge of eye and same shade under the lower lashes to create a smoky effect.

3- Now she is applying another Matt shade exultation # 108 in CHANEL Eye Makeup Tutorial Fall Makeover. A bright rose-merry pink on the center of the lid.
4- For color and highlight, Lisa Eldridge is using one of Satin shade - admiration # 114. This is Yellowish shade and model is using it on inner corner and top and bottom. Blend it with brush.
5- To finish eyeshadow, Lisa is going to use sensation # 102 - a light shimmery pink shade along on her brow bone.
6- To add drama in eye, Lisa is using Chanel new eye-liner pen black shade. As this eye liner has flexible top so application is very easy as well smooth.
7- Now Mascara, She is using plum # 13.
8- There are four new coco shine lipsticks in this fall collection, but model has picked dramatic deep black color aura # 96.
And to bring now how look together she is going to use contrasting innocence # 160 blush on on cheeks.
3 stunning Nail polishes are part of Chanel fall makeup collection and this makeover tutorial. Lisa is using secret # 625 deep stormy grey.
There is so many great colors to play within this Chanel makeup collection 2014 for fall so have fun.

CHANEL Makeup Fall 2014

CHANEL Fall Makeup Tutorial and Collection 2014

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