Ghani Textiles Midsummer Lawn Dress in Eid Collection 2014

Lawn Dresses are vital wardrobe solution of summer, and women's considers lawn fabric as highest level of comfort provider. Therefore Lawn dresses has became hot selling trend in Asian world. Lawn is symbol of sophistication, modernity and elegance, therefore we have countless textiles industries and lawn brands in pakistan. Ghani Textiles or Ghani kaka textiles is also among those trend-making textiles mills. Who produces versatile and trendy range of lawn for different occasion like spring, summer, midsummer and eid festival. Newly, Ghani textiles midsummer collection 2014 is launched, in which high quality lawn prints has been introduced. Ghani kaka has showcased distinct range of summer dresses that adorned with digital prints and embroidery designs. Ghani Textiles Lawn Collection 2014 is ravishing collection, which contain cool styles for hot days. The textile owner has celebrated digital revolution through this midsummer dresses and created royal mixed fashion. Ghani Textiles Eid Collection 2014 comprises more then 15 lawn designs that is best to embrace luxury and  renaissance. To get effortless, soulful and chic fashion trends in summer, Ghani textile lawn dresses are ideal picks.

Luxurious Farasha Kaftan Designs | Heavy Embroidered Farasha Maxi

Arabian Luxury Farasha / Maxi Designs: Nowadays! demand of ethnic dresses is increasing in India and Pakistan. Because ethnic embroidered dresses consider as essential festive wear. Indeed girls are right in selecting ethnics but if it comes with stylish and fashionable style then adds five star. Let's review latest fashion of Pakistani party wear and eid dresses then many classy yet elegant designs flashes in mind, like angrakha, pishwas, jacket suit, Maxi, Kaftan and farasha. As recent days longer length, funky and heavily decorated outfits are very in, so in such circumstances Farasha and Kaftan designs are best. Farasha is a dress which is similar to pishwas but due to floor length it calls farasha dress. Farasha is available in every style of traditional wear so you can opt any of design as per your requirement. In last session we had brought fancy farasha for our fashionistas. 
Luxurious Farasha Maxi / Embroidered Kaftan Collection
But today we are showing you luxury farasha designs for parties. These Heavy Embroidered maxi / kaftan dresses has been fused with Arabic dressing basic structure and adorned with delicate crafts of Asia. So we can say this time we will get Arabic touch farasha collection for Asian parties. For ongoing wedding parties and upcoming eid festivities these embroidered farasha maxi designs will look cool and add ethnic appeal as well flawless style. Designer has decorated party wear kaftan styles with culture inspired designs and intricate crafts by zari and kalabattu. Further highlighted with fancy material like beads, sequins and stones. Wavy tailoring and funky trims had added youthfulness and charm of modernism.

Long Hairs Braided Hairstyles | Easy Tutorials of Top Ten Braid Hairstyles

Hair is considered the most important asset for all of us. Making fine and awe inspiring hairstyle outshine the personality and looks of females. I believe the whole of one’s personality depend upon the hairstyles as hair have a tendency to change the look completely. Every person should select hairstyle or hairdo according to their age, girls can tie their hair that makes them look cool and classy, aged women should not copy teenagers as it will make them look odd. There are oodles of hairstyles that looks trendy like short hair pony tails, hair styles of medium size hairs, braids, wavy, curly, straight, long hair braided hairstyle, side braids, fish braids. It is indispensable to bulwark hairs from sunburn, applying heat or chemicals that will beautify you, but sooner damage your hair. Long hair braided hairstyle become prevalent and magnetizing. Few styles are good for expeditious casual use but few are rather perplexed and took extra time, only way to learn all pulchritudinous styles that you always wanted to make is to catch the key point of  it, people wonder how to make it; I am giving tutorials that will avail you making it in no extra time.
Braid Hairstyles Styles with Tutorials

Junaid Jamshed Sherwani Designs - J. Couture Wedding Suits for Men

J. Couture Groom Wear Sherwani Designs: This is prestigious niche of Junaid Jamshed. Junaid Jamshed doesn't need any introduction as it has been a renowned brand with a variety of Sherwani designs. Although Junaid Jamshed offers all types of dresses from evening wears, formal wears to kid’s wears, but its most famous creation is none other than Sherwani designs and Lawn prints. Junaid Jamshed - J. Couture sherwani designs are very popular among people. Sherwani designs by junaid jamshed have become a name of quality. It has always been a dream of Pakistani grooms to wear wedding suits from Junaid Jamshed collection. J couture wedding suits for men have multiple styles varies from price to price. Every groom wants to make his wedding day special by looking stylish and this is possible with wedding sherwani of junaid jamshed. J.J has a biggest fashion house and reaches the summit of success just by producing quality wears with brilliant fabrics and finest embroidery. A wedding Sherwani collection of 2015 is tremendously fabulous. Eye catching sherwani for grooms has inviting men to buy it.
Junaid Jamshed Grooms Dresses Collection in J. Couture
Junaid Jamshed boutique not only offers wedding sherwanis but it has a variety of casual or party wear Sherwani suits. Every season J.J launches new styles of wedding suits whether it’s summer, winter or fall season. I must say that it offers best wedding suits and appealing sherwani collections for every weather. Sherwani for grooms and other occasions are decent yet too fancy. You will never find outdated fashion in this fashion house. Check out the tremendous designs of latest Sherwanis in white, of-white, black, blue, maroon and other classy shades. Let's look down at  Junaid Jamshed Men Sherwani Dress Collection 2015.

Nightwear Dresses Fashion | Latest Nighties Designs for Brides

Luxury Nightwear Designs for Ladies: Most of the people dote to wear loose bulky nightwear dresses. It makes you feel comfortable and relax. People remain dressed up the whole day with busy schedules, at night time they need comfort. Women get bored of wearing tight skin fitted dress so when it comes to wear night dress, they would love to shop for it. A nightgown is composed of cotton, silk, nylon or satin and may be ornamented with lace appliqués or needlework embroidery. We have a vast range of Latest Nighties Designs with gazillions of awesome and renowned brands. These brands launch their new arrivals of latest nightwear’s for brides.Nightwear dresses fashion is also at its peak. There are various types of nightwear in pakistan from designers nightwear to local or ordinary one for sale. With such wide varieties of nightwear fashion, enjoy good night slumber with comfortable feeling.
 Latest Nightwear Designs for Brides
From designer’s night gowns, cozy pajamas and soft slippers to bridal nightie. You can order online from any online shop where you can discover an extensive night dress collection for brides. Below we have few well known fashion houses presented tremendous night dresses designs for brides. New nightwear collection of 2014 has in demands, in this compilation all the dresses and gowns are decent, fancy yet soft, cozy and latest and withal decorated with different works plus lace work. Few awesome night gowns designs for brides are given below. Take a look at such eye catching gowns.

Riffat and Sana Eid Collection 2014-15 | Sana Salman Eid Dresses

J Series is new edition in Eid collection 2014 by Riffat and Sana Salman. Sana salman and riffat is expensive yet fashionable boutique of Pakistan. It is providing unique and catchy custom made and pret dresses to girls. Indeed Sana salman has very rich, creative and luxury design philosophy as positive point, but due to very high price tags middle class or lower class unable to buy. On the other hand if we look at Sana & Riffat dresses patterns then she always come with middle length shirts, capri and dupatta with western twist. She has distinct fashion sense, therefore she embellish her designs with rich thread work, digital prints and laser cut art. Likewise in new eid cum midsummer collection 2014 dresses, she has shown us same standard of fashion on lustrous chiffon, silk and jamawar fabrics. Sana salman and riffat eid dresses 2014 carries soft and shocking hues with modern specification. And as far sewing styles are concern then clean, smart and straight cuts has been displayed as summer festive trends. Sana salman by riffat has designed mid summer eid collection to fulfill your smart formal and party wear fashion needs, so accordingly she has modified new trends of parties with elite touch. Riffat and Sana or SSR eid dresses 2014 are praise describing because of unique and soulful designs. If you want new fashion charm with crafts and glam of digital prints, then these modern dresses range is ideal. So shine with glamor, elegance and sophistication in summer season parties with Sana salman eid collection 2014 by riffat.

Churidar Salwar Kameez Fashion 2014 | New Fashion Trends for Parties

Last few years has totally transformed fashion. Now women have countless apparel designs and styles. And when festivals comes around us then girls likes to stick around traditional dresses. They only likes to choose a dress that has ethnic appeal and keep all essentials of conventional dress. So for those who desires to be with culture and modern fashion at same time, they undoubtedly prefer shalwar kameez fashion. Because shalwar suits are chic and falls in top cultural dresses and latest styles of shalwar suits to retain ethnic flavor  that is apt  for festivities. In Pakistan next festival is eid-ul-adha and few weeks left in it. And every girl is busy in search of best shalwar kameez for eid e Qurban. Let's look here we have rich and lustrous fabric made eid Churidar Salwar Kameez Fashion 2014. In eid dress color and vibrancy are two important factors but if eid fall in summer then striking with brighter blend is best. Thus designer has used both color textures to make ideal summer festive wear. As far as designs are concern of New Fashion Trends for Parties then immensely stylish and soulful illustration of latest and classy fashion. Designer has detailed Churidar Salwar Kameez collection with delicate crafts on few specific parts instead of spreading craftsmanship on all over the fabric. To fill with high style quotient, dazzling touch on embroidery work around necklines, hem and shoulders highlighted very beautifully. For summer festivals, these salwar kameez patterns are perfect for day wear or family gatherings. So this eid ul adha flaunt your style and get fashionable look by wearing Pakistan's best salwar kameez fashion for 2015.

Maria Ali Couture | Designer Clothes With Latest Styles In Pakistan

Maria Ali is nature born artist who had started designing clothes in early age for friends and family members. Due to keen interest in fashion, she has decided to do professional course and took higher education from Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture. After graduation in fashion designing, she has launched Maria ali couture to show her expertise to modern women. And finally she got immense popularity in women for creative fashion abilities and designs sense. Maria ali deals in smart casual, formals, luxury pret-a-porter and classy designer clothes. Her designs shows perfect romance of fashion and cultural fuse.  For summer evening wear, Maria Ali Couture has brought latest clothes styles in Pakistan under the category of designer wear. In which she has translated modern fashion in designer clothes with simple and decent twist. She has applied styles and cuts in western styles to make confident booster for girls. Each dress of Maria Ali Couture collection 2014 is totally unique and reflect her innovative fashion ideas as well quality of styling. Below is Designer dresses in new styles by maria ali for Pakistani women's. Look and enjoy.

Al-Karam Mid-summer Lawn Catalog 2014-2015 | Alkaram Midsummer 2014

Looking beautiful is eternal desire of every women. And every girl tries her best to to look pretty, stylish and well dressed. Another fact; that with every chariots of the changing season Instigates girls to take new clothing. And when think about new season and new clothes, then Mid-Summer Collection 2014 is giving you huge variety of summer dresses. Alkaram Studio produced 8 stunning types of summer dresses that has been tagged as below...
1- Alkaram Embroidered collection
2- Block print embroidery collection
3- Block print collection
4- Classical collection
5- Black and white collection
6- Single version embroidered collection
7- Single version digital collection
8- Single version print collection
Al-Karam Mid-Summer Lawn Collection is perfect blend of liberal expression and creative prints and sophistication . It is a series of classy and modern patterns sure to set you apart in entire season.
Alkaram Studio MidSummer Lawn Collection 2014 This collection features dresses for different occasions. Like - embroidered collection is festive and vibrant with contemporary embroidery that will add sophistication to fun. Block print embroidery prints are a classy fusion of powerful prints and delicate embroidery. Block printed lawn is splash of vibrant colors on an array of eye catching prints. Classical designs are traditional yet unmistakably chic - patterned suits for every occasion. Al-karam Mid-Summer Dress Collection include black and white too, it is a chic mix of black and white prints to feel you contemporary and stylish. Single version with embroidery is a marriage of elegance and youthfulness - single adaptations of signature embroideries. Single digital prints include unique designs in ultra chic single summer suits - trendy and contemporary.

Mausummery Eid ul Azha Dresses 2014 in Mid Summer Collection

Are you ready to get stylish and trendy dress for Eid ul Azha? Do you need versatile design for upcoming religious festival? Yes! then here is Mausummery designer midsummer colelction-14 for eid-ul-adha. After Riffat and Sana, Mausummery has launched its Eid ul Azha collection 2014 with limited but high profile designs. Mausummery is popular enough in Pakistani fashion world. It is consider as trend-setting fashion house, who brings distinctive lawn to party wear for every occasion. In clothing range, Mausummery has sets unique identity among consumers for culture reflective variety. So women's waits so long for Mausummery collections. Lately released MidSummer cum Mausummery Eid Ul Azha Collection 2014 is based on such elegant designs. In this collection soothing shades of pinks, purple, off-white, orange and white has been presented with balanced touch of embroidery and prints. As sewing guide is very necessary to provide how to stitch ideas, so Mausummery eid ul azha collection 2014 has attached simple but classy sewing guide with it.Let's have a look at Mausummery Mid-Summer Collection 2014 for EID UL AZHA.

New Abaya Designs Collection 2015 | Hijab and Jubah Fashion as Modern Dress

The secret of an adorable personality is in right style of dressing, though it's casual or formal. In our lives, outerwear reflects your fashion sense in people. Abaya is common dress; which we use to wear as outer wear in Muslim countries. In Islamic clothing we could not deny with the importance of abayas, especially middle east abaya designs are unbeatable. Because blossom of modern fashion has given new identity to abaya fashion and it has became mysterious outfit for girls. So here is New Abaya Designs or hijab and Jubah Collection 2015. It is said! that Muslim girls wardrobe can never be noteworthy without abaya dress. If we look around today's fashion then abaya is compulsory dress. It is available for different walks of life like casual abaya, bridal abaya, formal abayas, engagement abayas and party wear abayas and for other social segments are prominent. Several years ago abaya was dull and charm-less and girls had only one type, which was called black abaya, jubah or hijab. But now we have flawless, best crafted and modern abayas to mesmerize ladies. This abaya collection 2015 is also include such mesmerizing and magical designs of Jubah for year 2015. The cuts are identical and detailed with embroideries along with innovative fabric layers and draping styles. Designer has redesigned abayas with invincible twist for young generation. And dazzling features, sophisticated styles has been poured. Because nowadays girls wants abayas dress that defines perfection. So this abaya fashion 2015 is include perfect patterns, quality tailoring as well carries best designs for upcoming days.

Designer Kurtis 2015 | Embroidered Kurtis with Front Open Styles

Kurtis are ideal year around wears for all age groups. It gives you multi pairing options like kurtis suits with jeans, tights, legging, pencil trousers and patiala. In fact kurtis considers as graceful, stylish and best casual to occasion wear dress. Hence each passing day is giving new shapes and dimensions to kurtis fashion. Nowadays designer kurtis trend is boosting in Pakistan and Indian clothing industry. And many types of elegant, comfortable and versatile designs are available in markets. Usually designer kurtis carries embroidery work or motifs detailing on it, according to occasion demand. So it would not be wrong if we say that designer kurtis or embroidered kurtis are significant part of latest fashion trend. As said earlier, these embroidery kurtis are prominent in fashion due to different designs, and variety of fabric has made it more popular. Girls can easily get cotton, lawn, silk or chiffon made kurtis designs with or without embroideries and length variations. So today we decided to show you new designs of embroidered kurtis for semi formal wear in this collection. 
New Designer Kurtis 2015 with Embroidery and Front Open Styles
These kurtis styles originated from traditional patterns of front open shirts, double shirts and long shirts. And designer has creatively redefined the typical layout of cultural dresses in modern way to make more charismatic. Kurtis designers has not only played with length and trims as well put different type of sewing techniques in kurtis collection. Furthermore to gain recognition in global fashion maker designer has applied info-western twist. To get more fancy look, kurtis maker has sewn contrast fabric. Latest designer kurtis styles are rich and lavish as well cute. Because embroidery has given new live to kurtis designs with front open and double shirts styles. You can easily wear these kurtis as daily wear or semi formal wear to give whole new look to your personality.

Ethnic by outfitters 2014-15 | Midsummer Collection of Semi Formals

Seasonal fashion trends are on peak, and every fashion brands wants to take part in it. It is right time to emerge again in clothing industry. So Ethnic by outfitters has also stepped with midsummer New Arrivals. For midsummer, smart semi-formals has been manufactured by ethnic. This is very decent, simple and prestigious variety of girls kurtas. These kurtas has been decorated with digital prints and detailed with embroideries. Although Ethnic by outfitters midsummer collection is not completely launched, but so far collected designs are beauty enhancive. Every dress includes more then 2 or 3 shades combination and white is main color. To beat the heat of sunny afternoons, ethnic has used subtle hues and to make attractive blended with vibrant shades. Ethnic by outfitters Semi Formal dresses has been garnished with intricate thread embrodiries on delicate patterns and fabric printing. If a girls will adopt Ethnic By Outfitters Mid-Summer Dresses 2014 trends then she will get priceless, flawless and most appealing trend of the season. If you love tights and leggings then this collection has charming kurtas to pair with it. Let's look at Ethnic by outfitters Collection 2014-15.

Origins Print-a-Licious Pret Line 2014 | Origins - Ready to Wear midsummer Designs

In summer Lawn fabric is famous as summer fashion expression. Being most adopted trend of 2014, designer and brands has focused on bringing several collection in spring, summer season. As now mid of summer is going, so every Pakistani brand is much busy in launch of final series of lawn as midsummer designs. Recently Origins - ready to wear introduced its midsummer collection for 2014-15. This collection was released as Print-a-Licious designs ( mean new variety of printed lawn produced under midsummer catalog ). This is new pret line of origins which is available at all leading stores in 3,650 pkr prices with 25% discount. Origins midsummer Print-a-Licious Pret Line 2014 Designs are very vibrant, attractive and stylish. To carry as semi formal wear these origins kurtas are best for girls. If you want to add few effortless unique styles to flaunt your look then Origins - ready to wear midsummer collection is ideal. Let's have a closer view to origins midsummer dresses designs.

2014 Best Selling Womens Wear | Top Seller Indian Salwar Kameez Suits

Top Seller Women's Apparel

None of us incognizant of the fact that designer’s suits are very demanding. There is a vast range of designer suits collections in India. There are few brands that are kenned by best seller designer suits collection. In Eastern countries, virtually everyone relish wearing eastern dresses. There are oodles of variety like formal dresses; of course for formal meeting or particular occasions, party wears, etc. Asian dresses are not only famous in eastern region, but sets its place is westerns countries too. The flamboyantly blatant 2014 Best Selling Womens Wear of India has become a center of magnetization, whether it is lawn or bridal dresses.
The evident aspect behind the success of these brands which earn them the title of India's top seller Designer suits is the utilization of fine material and awe inspiring prints with stunning combinations. According to the latest trend, long shirt, front open shirts, airline shirts with churidar trouser, jeans and tights are very famous, long shirt with plazzo, short shirts with Dhaka trouser, kurti with tights or jeans are withal look tremendous. Fashion is ephemeral and it changes gradually. Dresses and styles that we used to wear previously are considered outdated now.
Few dazzling designer Salwar suits collection of India are given below:

Fancy Long Evening Dresses for Brides | Best Bridal Evening Formals

Bridal apparels are very special for brides. It should be trendy and awe inspiring so that she could stand out in the whole ceremony. Bride is definitely a special guest and she should look tremendous and dazzling. Brides prefer to wear stylish and decent dress with a modern touch. The Wedding day is the most special day for a bride that comes only once, it’s the right of all brides to look stunningly superb. Brides conventionally prefers red lahenga with matching or contrast accessories. But in the modern era, brides like different colors like blue, purple, orange, etc. Colorful bridal dresses look ravishing with awesome color patterns that enhance the beauty of the bridal. Apart from Lahenga’s, mermaid and sarees are also in fashion. Embroidered dupatta of a bride is more visible that shine the most. Beauty of bridal dress can be analyzed by its embroidery; there are various types of embroideries available in the market. Bridal dress must be fantastic that mesmerize others. The magnetization of bridal wear increases its popularity, the more beautiful, the more expensive it is. Let's have a look new collection of Fancy Long Evening Dresses for Brides and Evening Formals.

Drop Corner Kurtis Shirts | Drop Corner Dresses Fashion in Pakistan

The time has gone when girls has accustomed with few styles of clothes. Now fashion has drastically changed, and now girls has thousand of designs and hundred of styles of every dress to show off their unique fashion sense. Like take a example of drop corner dresses, when 2014 had started, then Drop Corner Dresses Fashion in Pakistan was introduced. But in mid of 2014 it has gained prominence thus designer has experimented drop corner on long shirts.  But on long shirts drop-corner was looks similar to a-line shirts. Then designer has thought to make difference; and brought it on kurtis and nowadays drop corner kurtis are very in. It has not only given new face to short kurtis fashion as well gained popularity of kurtis. Because girls were fed up by wearing typical kurtis designs. As kurtis are considers as daily wear attire and casual dresses are top selling products in fashion. So giving new dimension to Pakistani casuals were very necessary. Because modern age women wants to look as much stylish as possible. 
 Drop Corner Fashion on Kurtis Shirts for Casual wear
So as a staple dress, designer has chosen kurtis to transform in erotic dress. And finally they have created powerful and impressive drop corner kurtis collection for females. To add new age charms in the kurtis fashion 2015, designer has eliminated sleeves, improved the fit and complemented with greatest fashion manner. They have used simple sewing, weather friendly fabrics, suitable cuts and created a versatile drop corner kurtis collection with different types of necklines, sleeves or sleeveless and embellishments. Below you can check new designs of kurtis and fresh trend of casual dress to get idea of ongoing fashion or upcoming fashion.

Wedding Dresses by Exclusive | Best Bridal Wear Boutique Designs for Brides

Let's today look at Pakistani wedding wear attires, because wedding season is on its peak. Every bride wish to get stylish, comfortable and glamorous wedding dress to shine on dream day. Brides also want a dress, which adds traditional aroma and modern flavor at same time. If we look on brides preference in wedding wear then only boutique made dresses fulfill these requirements. In Pakistan we have numerous fashion designers, who has opened their shops to serve Pakistani brides. Exclusive boutique is also among those bridal shops who is serving Asian brides with Best Bridal Wear Designs. Few days ago we have share exclusive bridal evening wear and it has got overwhelming response. So today when exclusive has launched bridal collection 2015, than Clothing9 has decided to show you classy and antique bridal wedding wear of 2015.
Best Wedding Dresses by Exclusive
This luxury version of wedding gowns include varied range of Pakistani dresses like open double dress, bridal angrakha, wedding day pishwas, frocks of brides and long shirts with gharara and sharara. As fashion is advancing with each passing day, so limiting fashion mongers with any trend is impossible. Therefore exclusive boutique has created traditional bridal dresses with extra modern charm to make long lasting. Exclusive fashion house has used precious embroideries along with fine fabrics. They have applied smart and flawless tailoring on contemporary structures. The thing which is making exclusive bridal collection 2015 unique: is rich and soulful designs , charming colors and best modification of regal styles. If we look at latest and new bridal fashion trends then exclusive wedding dresses of brides are antique, luxe and vogue-full. which is necessary for brides to be centre of attention in wedding ceremony. Let's have a look new bridal fashion and pick you favourite one if your wedding is going to held in next months.
Exclusive Boutique The Best Bridal Wear Designer for Brides
Exclusive Boutique is one of Pakistan's top bridal evening wear specialist. It is offering unique and traditional made-to-measure and readymde bridal wear designs to brides. Exclusive bridal wedding attires features unrivalled embroideries and premium tailoring. Being one of the unique signature style provider of bridal wear, Exclusive boutique has influenced Pakistani fashion in global markets.

Tawakkal Fabrics Midsummer Collection 2014 | Tawakkal Fabrics Lawn Dresses

Tawakkal Fabrics is legendary name in Lawn prints. It has set distinct identity in Pakistani lawn fashion with appealing yet economical lawn dresses. Tawakkal fabrics key elements are attractive and traditional styles and innovative design philosophy. Tawakkal lawn aims to provide best quality lawn prints with modern ideology of fashion and it's working hard to fulfill Pakistani women's needs. And this midsummer tawakkal is ready with "SILVER STORM COLLECTION VOLUME : 2" to entertain ladies with fresh lawn ideas. These midsumemr dresses will make you summer season beautiful and keep you close with culture. Enchanting and soothing blends of color will keeps you near with nature and lovely patterns will add beast lawn fashion aroma in your summer wardrobe. Tawakkal Fabrics designed Mid-summer Collection 2014 carries Designer And Embroidery Lawn Collection which has priced in 2875/=. 10 elegant lawn prints with 3 color variations must be exciting style for hot summery days. Best craftsmanship of Tawakkal lawn team and flawless designs accentuated with cute floral crafts will definitely force everyone to pay attention on your fashion sense.
Below is best lawn designs from Tawakkal Fabrics Midsummer Lawn Collection 2014. Have a look and enjoy last period of summer with your and mine brand only Tawakkal.

Blouse With Plain Sarees | Best 15 Embroidered Blouses Formal Designs

To get glamorous makeover of plain Saree, blouses plays vital role. And embroidered blouses designs are smart mates if you have plain or simple Saree. Because the charm and appeal of Embroidered Blouses can complete the look of Saree as well improves wearer personality. In earlier era of fashion there was very limited Saree styles, blouses designs and draping ways. But as fashion world is getting evolution, it is giving new and modern look to every dress. Like take a example of blouses designs, nowadays blouses patterns are not only unique as well available with wide embellishment choices. On the other hand sarees has also introduced in different styles to transform women's look and personality and to give balanced trends. But if you fails in choosing right formal blouse style with plain Saree to go on party, then you will look weird with wrong selection. Therefore today we have arranged top 15 best blouses designs to wear in parties. These formal embroidered blouses will look perfect with plain or woven sarees like banarasi Saree. It will add precious aroma of modern fashion through luxury crafts and your simple Saree also look as pretty as designer sarees are.
Best Blouse designs to wear with simple Sarees in Parties
Indeed designer Saree collections are very prominent in India and mostly girls wants cheap but designers sarees like satya paul collection, manish malhotra saree or Tarun Tahiliani formal designs. So if you couple these formal blouses with plain sarees then it will not only give you same attraction as well put high level if glamour. Because blouses maker has dipped these Saree blouse with modern thread and zari embroideries and further highlighted by studding fancy materiel like sequins, stones and beads on cotton and lawn fabrics. Every trim and sewing line is looking pretty and smart due to high class tailoring and simple "U" neckline blouses. I think! that a dress will not look good till then it has right embellishment with best sewing. So here designer has wisely put all must-have fashion statements to give you a fashionable blouses designs that looks perfect in evening parties, night parties and cocktail sarees.

Best Formal Fashion in Pakistan by Top Dress Designers

On Clothing9 we have everything from night dress, casual wearing, party wears, meeting attires, business dress codes to wedding gowns to give you style tips. But today once again we have Best Formal Collection of Pakistan which is favorite choices of every girl. Nowadays, people are very competitive about their fashion styles. Few people are fashion monger and while others follows them. But they forget that sometimes following others will make you look weird. Everyone has a different body, shape and size and thus they got to wear something that will enhance their beauty. Like at the present time several fashion trends are on a high scale but it's depend on wearer that what she adopt. There are gazillions of fashion designers that are playing a significant role and provide their best for women, boutiques has been a loving place for all of us. Seasonal Fashion trends are at its peak as well wedding functions and engagements parties are also holding. So for Best formal wear category in Pakistan these designer dresses are perfect. Many top-notch Pakistani designer has made these cute dresses as formal wear and highlighted with funky and wavy tailoring.
Formal Dresses by Top Pakistani Dress Designers
Each piece of top formal dresses carry attractive translation of fashion and decorated by adding intricate thread work, motifs, draping styles, chikan laces, statements buttons and celtic brooches designs. Every element of Best Formal Fashion in Pakistan collection has been chosen wisely to enhance overall beauty of dress and to show the world that how much creative and talented designers we have in pakistan. These Pakistani formal designs include lovely variety of long tail shirts, fancy tunics, long shirts, pishwas and Pakistani farasha designs. Hope you will like antique fashion of pakistan by Pakistani top designers.

Best Summer Party Wear Theme for 2014-2015 | Asian Suits

The summer is arrived and sun is spreading the heat, So it's a right time for Parties and fun. Whatever it's cocktail party, family gathering or wedding ceremony or just high tea event. Here at Clothing9, we guide you summer party theme and trends ideas for sizzling summer days. To shine like a sun, to beat the heat, you wll need elegant party costume that is perfect for day and night. In Pakistan Mostly Partied held on night but evening parties are also welcome if Ramadan Arrive in summer. So let's check what to wear in different parties.
Evening Party Dress
Eid-ul Azha party mostly held at clubs or hotels at evening time. So wearing a stylish tunic with legging will be fun filled party theme. But if you wants to look traditional then embroidered long shirt with palazzo will be the perfect dress. Pair you dress with fancy accessories and Heels to get stylish personality.
Tea Party
Jumping from the iftaar party theme to tea party theme. Here you need to wear classic but chic dress. You can opt kurtis with tights or handmade dress to look great.

Gul Ahmed Mid-Summer 2014 – Embroidered Cambric Summer Dresses

Summer is considered to be the weather of tranquilizing colour; for Pakistani fashion brands. As aside it stimulates innovation and uniqueness and other side it motivates fashion in international market and plays key role in growth. Pakistani fashion brands especially Gul ahmed is acknowledge as the real monarch with distinctive and creative fashion ideas in neighborhood markets. Hence It try to promotes modern form of seasonal wear with trendy designs. For midsummer once again king of fashion has brought fresh summer trends with soothing shades coalesced altogether in elite manner. Gul Ahmed Mid-Summer 2014 Collection and specifically Embroidered Cambric has fostered affluent designs with cultural philosophy to give you luxe form of summer wear. Embroidered Cambric Summer Dresses are exclusively launched series in midsummer sundry products. In this cambric range, gul ahmed has released simplest yet appealing evening wear and formal dresses on cambric fabric. 

Gul-Ahmed Midsummer Embroidered Cambric 2014

This well ventured and exquisite summer designs consists on feminine and vibrant color scheme, appreciating thread embroideries and eye catching printing on delicate patterns. As this yea, Gul Ahmed decided to treat Pakistani ladies with simple and modern clothes styles Hence it has carefully nourished Gul Ahmed Embroidered Cambric of Mid-Summer 2014 and given you a truly tantalizing ever enchanting as before with exclusive designs and prints to feel the zeal. 

Pakistan's Best Seller Collection | Top Selling Designer Suits Trends

The diversity is a hallmark of Pakistani fashion, whether it be in the lawn or in bridal apparel. So Pakistani fashion is always noticeable in foreign market. This year designer suits has gained equal attention like textile industry or lawn dresses. And main reason of remaining as one of the favorite or Best Seller Collection was new designs and interesting combination. So let's have look what was very prominent and still popular among different age groups. Designer suits are very much prominent and are ponder as best selling suits in pakistan. If we look inside designer wear fashion trends then extra long variety of kameez, long shirts with Palazzo and churidar is among top selling fashion of pakistan. If we look at embellishments then thread embroidered, digital printed and simple printed dresses falls under Pakistan's Best Seller Collection. Let's look at Best Pakistani Seller suits Collection in which we have defined long shirts and palazzo fashion and long shirts with churidar trouser trends. Both type of designer suits looks fabulous and tremendously perfect on modern and traditional women's.

Designer Best Selling Suits Trends

As fashion is changing with each passing day so does latest fashion trends are molding. There are infinite number of Pakistani dresses but among them Long shirts are best to wear in parties to daily life. Because - cultural styles of long shirts is perfect to build your personality prominent and resplendent. And to get noticed look churidar or palazzo are best bottom wear to develop self confidence.
Pakistan's Best Selling Suit Collection for girls
So look at down, where you can see unique fashion trends for teenagers and also for ladies over 50. These Top selling suit has been taken from best fashion Industry of the world. In this designer collection, artist has shown us that they are not lagging behind in fashion. Hence they have applied multi style decoration in designer suits with long kameez layouts. 

Shariq Libas Embroidered Collection 2014 | Best Seller Branded Lawn 2014

After breathtaking Libas Crinkle printed Lawn Collection, Now Shariq Textiles has introduced new range of Libas Embroidered Collection. Yes! midsummer is going and how shariq can stop enjoying any season. Shariq textiles is economical textile and prominent in Pakistani fashion as nonstop branded lawn provider. When shariq jumps in seasonal fashion trends then it It takes rapid action for succession of clothing market. This midsummer Shariq Textiles is fully prepared to give hard competition. And Latest Libas Embroidered Lawn 2014 is deviance of Shariq's business strategy. Being the Best Seller of Branded Lawn 2014, In Libas embroidered range shariq has revealed 6 lawn prints with 3 colors. Recently launched lawn series is amalgamation of subtle, bold and shocking hues to attract ladies. Once again lawn salwar kameez has been paired with chiffon dupatta and necklines of shirt are decorated with thread embroideries. Floral patterns are key elements of Shariq Textiles Libas Embroidered Collection 2014-15. And color scheme has been fused with natures proximity. Each Libas lawn embroidered dress include exemplary designs, best sewing and appealing print, that is enough to reflect your inner fashion sense with high level of glamor and elegance in midsummer season.

Lala Mid-summer Collection 2014-15 | Sensuous by LALA Embroidered Apparel

Lala Mid-summer Collection 2014
This is final season of summer, and soon we are going to meet with cool and freezy days of winter. So Pakistani designer are working hard to obtain advantage and utilize last period of summer; which usually known as mid-summer. Here is latest and exclusive Sensuous Embroidered midsummer Collection of Lala. Lala's has brought 6 elegant lawn prints in four / 4 different color ways in latest mid summer catalog. Lala's Sensuous collection 2014-15 will be available at all leading stores from 3oth august 2014.  Lala's has introduced perfect summer apparel as well evening wear embroidered dresses under the niche Sensuous. Sensuous mean effective which immediately appeal, Luxurious and sensorial and if we deeply look at then Lala Midsummer Lawn 2014-15 is innovative form of branded lawn with high quality crafts and rich printing. being the modern women, Sensuous dresses are basic need of girls to look beautiful, classic, graceful, confident and pretty. So Sensuous by LALA Embroidered Collection-14 is combination of all fashion equilibrium to give stand out look. Let's scroll down and finde all the stylish and sensuous mid sumemr lawn prints.

Gul Ahmed Cambric Lawn Collection 2014-2015 Casual Dresses

After Gul Ahmed Cambric Summer Dresses, Now let's have a look at printed Cambric Lawn from midsummer fashion 2014. Gul ahmed lawn cambric is most glamorous of all, Be fashionista with regal colors and prints. Enjoy a timeless classic look of casual dresses. Because summer has always been most awaited time of the year, bringing with it a certain kind of flare.This constant change is the beauty of summer along with sunshine's, rainbows, monsoon, and colorful blossom. This unique combination keeps gul ahmed charged while designing the best for the preeminent season of the year. Which stays for a substantial period of time. For ongoing season of summer, Gul ahmed has designed more trendy, colorful and delicate lawn prints for mid-summer period. And below you can see mid-summer dress in Cambric Collection with many soulful styles for daily wear.
Gul Ahmed Cambric Mid Summer Collection-2014
For newly launched mid-summer collection 2014-2015, gul ahmed has taken inspiration from simple and gloomy color. The theme of all throughout is smooth and calm in a remarkably fashionable manner. Gul ahmed has decided to make Cambric Lawn Collection 2014 a perfect Casual Dress with elegance, simplicity in patterns with streamline printing and ample color variations. Let's scroll down for Gul ahmed summer daily wear fashion-14 fetched from Gul Ahmed Mid-Summer Collection 2014.

Gul Ahmed Printed Cotton Cambric Mid-Summer Collection 2014

Gul Ahmed Cambric 2014 - Mid summer issue is under discussion with 82+ fashion forward ideas. This year Gul ahmed has come out with simple, sleek and elegance mode and beaute for mid-sumemr season. Yesterday! we have shown easy chic pieces from mid-summer collection 2014. And today once again our task is to show you more fun filled, flirty and cool in printed cambric cotton midsummer collection 2014. You can find 3-piece suits under this niche comprises on printed shirts, dyed shalwar and printed cotton dupatta. All the cotton dresses under this section consists on perfect influence. You can be the center of attention by making a splash in a pallet of bold and vivid colors in contrast with the overcast skies. These cambric prints will ad force of nature with vibrancy and vividness shades with brightening up the sombre season. Simply definite ' Must-Have". Gul ahmed Printed Midsummer collection pretty in prints. The cuts and styles along with bold shades and daring prints will be this season statement. This season's exclusive trend that has been launched by Gul Ahmed fashion
Gul Ahmed Printed Cambric Collection 2014-2015
Once again gul ahmed has thrown breath-taking collection of mid-summer for girls. Being the most wear-able brand and leading textile group, Gul ahmed designer team has displayed excellence, expertise and trend awareness through this mid summer range in new way. They has forwarded best lawn, cambric, chiffon and silk styles for different occasions of summer. This mind blowing cambric magazine is another successful milestone in Pakistani fashion which would be hot selling trend of the year 2014-15.

Gul Ahmed Midsummer Collection 2014/15 Embroidered Chiffon Dress

Gul Ahmed Midsummer Embroidered Chiffon-14
Girls, what are you looking for? A fresh yet tasteful designer chiffon dress or want to buy a stunning piece from branded chiffon collection? Oh! You want stylish dress that is unique only, then here is gul ahmed embroidered mid-summer collection 2014, which will fulfill you all demands of unique dress. This collection is made on chiffon fabric. These chiffon embroidered dresses carry very soft and cute colours with delicate crafts. Gul ahmed midsummer party dresses features intricate patterns and high quality prints. If your choice is luxury dress then gul ahmed is giving you luxurious chiffon design for all formal and evening events. These embroidered dresses has taken from gul ahmed midsummer 2014-15.  Gul ahmed midsummer Embroidered Chiffon 2014 is available in 6,000 to 7,5000 prices with all additional accessories which has been shown in gul ahmed design guide. Gul ahmed embroidery chiffon display of brilliance, because embroidery is an all-time favorite trend. Pretty intricate and delicate embellishments are perfect for any evening party. With little tweaking of accessories these gul ahmed evening dresses can be converted to an effortlessly stylish.

Gul Ahmed Cambric 2014 Mid-Summer Dress Collection

Gul Ahmed midsummer Cambric 2014Each passing day thrives midsummer celebrations. Because shopping is first hobby of every girl in any season. So Pakistani fashion brands take advantage of their shopping hobby and brings trendy clothes to make zealous. Whenever Gul ahmed comes in fashion it prevents girls heartbeat with refreshing, soulful and unique designs. As mid of summer has been started and alkaram has firstly brought their midsummer lawn dresses. So how gul ahmed left behind from Pakistani fashion. It has also introduced huge range of summer dresses designs in gul ahmed Cambric collection 2014-2015. This year once again many niche has been gathered in mid-summer collection. Different types of clothes has been garnished with multi colours dying, various techniques of printing on unique patterns and creative thread embroideries with fancy material. As far as sewing and stitching guide is concern then mind-blowing set of tailoring is ready to guide you that how to wear gul ahmed midsummer lawn 2014-15? and how to look perfect by adopting gul ahmed shop trend 2014?
 What you will find in Gul Ahmed Mid-Summer 2014? 
  • Cambric Summer Dresses
  • Embroidered Chantilly Collection for Party Wear
  • Trencia Satin Silk Suits
  • Signature Series Cambric Collection
  • Embroidered and Printed Chiffon Collection
  • Printed Cambric Mid-Summer Launched by Gul Ahmed
  • Single Print From Cambric
  • Printed Lawn Cambric Mid-Summer  
Check, if aside conventional designs has been added by gul ahmed designer team to keep you close with your tradition and root. Then other hand contemporary lawn designs also produced for modern age women to keep near the demands of latest fashion. So overall gul ahmed mid summer collection 2014/15 is a trend-setting fashion which filled with quality, elegance and glamour to give you confident feel and put a high level of grace to walk proudly in crowd. Below is the gul ahmed mid-summer Cambric dresses collection from 2014-2015 fashion. You can buy gul ahmed lawn online shop from official site or Facebook page. For more instance, don't forget to write us. Thanks.

Gul Ahmed Mid Summer Cambric 2014-15 Catalog - Magazine

Gul Ahmed Mid Summer Cambric 2014
Gul Ahmed, doesn't require introduction because when comes in lawn collection or summer fashion then first name which blinks in mind is gul ahmed. Gul ahmed textiles mills isn't only old and big textile industry as well it is fashion hub of all sort of fashion from home decor to clothing. Gul ahmed is the only destination which provides us best seasonal dresses and festive wear with fresh and unique concept. Once again gul ahmed is ready to grab you attention through mid summer magazine 2014-2015. Yes! Gul ahmed has also jumped in the galaxy of midsummer dresses trends and brought wide range of stylish and fancy lawn designs in gul ahmed mid summer collection 2014-15. This year a mixture of bold, subtle, vivid and soothing array is part of Mid-summer cambric collection 2014 and best styles of casual dresses, evening wear, formal lawn prints and smart semi formal dresses.

Gul Ahmed Mid-Summer Cambric Collection 2013

Each and every lawn prints of midsummer has produced with care and individual attention hence every dress include most trendy trims, cuts and embellishments. Gul ahmed mid summer cambric catalog 2014/15 include more then 10 niche in which Cambric, single prints, embroidered lawn, signature lawn series are prominent. After festive / eid collection-14, newly released cambric fashion of gul ahmed is appraising and deserve to be the part of your mid season closet. To be the girl of gul ahmed and shine with vogue by gulahmed join in hand with your and mine brand ( gul ahmed shop ). Let's have a closer view of gul ahmed lawn mid summer-14 or Cambric catalogue 2014/2015.

Pakistani Bridal Designs - Latest Fashion of Bridal Clothes to Wear on Wedding

Bridal Designs
Pakistani clothing industry is very wide and keeps many coveted fashion house who participate in invitational trends. In all fashion categories, if we give a look to Pakistani wedding dresses section then many inspiring and symbolic fashion designers are the part of section. Who endeavours to represent cultural values, beauty and fragility of life. And this collection will show you their deep expertise in quintessentially. In below mentioned pakistani bridal dresses pictures, designer has showcased an amazing array of cultural patterns and fancy hand embroideries on clear layouts of bridal dresses designs and cuts. She has picked inspiration from various rich tenures and drawn gracefully to deliver modern flavored Pakistani designer bridal dresses online. Intricate part of this collection is classic signature style and highly attractive color scheme that has not overlapped beauty of crafts. This thrilling, entertaining and valuable collection of wedding dresses represent modern face of pakistani fashion and will expand platforms of international market. If you want extra exposure on your dream day of life then new bridal gowns will provide you chance to show your fashion aesthetic that has been balanced between comfort, glamour, elegance and imaginative designs of root.
These bridesmaid dresses of pakistan are embodiment of femininity, harmony and romance. Pakistani bridal designer has infused the serenity of vintage with modern silhouettes to weave together a collection that represents glamour, femininity and graceful style in the modern woman." Let's look at Pakistani Bridal Designs - Latest Fashion of Bridal Clothes to Wear on Wedding.

Magnificent Designer Outfits For Indian Parties - Frocks Dress

Frocks is vintage style dress. It is prominent in indian culture due to distinct features. And royal resemblance has added more charm and glamour to make incredible designer outfits of parties. Therefore, Like past and even today Frocks dress trend considers as evergreen fashion in indian market. Nowadays Frocks Dresses are available in versatile patterns, length and designs to wear on different occasions. For more instance, look at  Frocks Dress - Magnificent Designer Outfits For Indian Parties. In this collection you can see long frocks, short frocks, western inspired frocks, multi layered frocks, double frocks, kalidaar frocks etc. These frocks designs has been made by India but designer has put great efforts to make it trendy. As part wear dress, dress maker has garnished frocks outfit with embroidery, silk strips, modern tailoring and classy cum modern designs. To make it comfortable and elegant, he has chosen chiffon and wavy fabrics with high quality stuff. This beautiful frocks collection has been dyed in bold, vivid and shocking hues instead of subtle. Because in Asian parties shocking color scheme is first preference of every lady.
Like Pakistan, Indian are also celebration joyful season of festive and wedding. So these frocks of Wedding Parties and festivals will really look awesome with traditional as well contemporary styles. Simplicity of dress will add ethnicity and charm in personality and they gonna be center of attention.

OBSESSION Kurta for Ladies | Different Cotton Kurta Designs with Embroidery

Obsession Kurta
OBSESSION clothing brand is girls pret wear provider in pakistani clothing industry. It has started fashion business in 2014. Nowadays its only focusing best quality casual dresses that looks trendy and available in economical prices. Obsession means passion or phobia and actually it wants to create unique passion of trends that leave long lasting impression on girls mind. So here is first midsummer collection of obsession, in which wide range of casual and street wear kurta for women's launched. Colorful, trendy, smart and stylish words are best to describe the whole midsummer dresses range that made on cotton. Obsession has remixed classy and soulful kurta designs with embroidery and innovative tailoring. Different Cotton Kurta Designs with Embroidery are looking very stylish and perfect for teenagers and young girls to wear in collages and friends gatherings. Obsession Ladies cotton kurtas can be pair-able with Palazzo and tights equally. These kurta styles will look perfect on all body shapes and funkiness of kurta will boost their beauty. Being the new fashion label of women, Obsession has done incredible job and brought fresh, versatile yet summer friendly and modern fashion in Pakistani industry.

Smart Kurtis Designs for Working Womens | New Office Wear Kurtis Formal Styles

Office wear Smart Kurtis Designs
Ever-changing fashion scenario has created odds for both fashion arbiter and fashion mongers. This instant change of fashion statement is the result of advancement of technologies and globalization. We can say! that it is revolution of fashion. Kurtis, which are in fashion from centuries and considers as favorite dress of girls in Asian society of subcontinent. In old tenure it was available in very limited varieties and designs, But now wide range for every occasion is available. Like look at new and exclusive Smart Kurtis Designs collection 2014-2015. This is recent creation by Asian designers. These wonderful kurtis has been made to fulfill the needs of working womens. Designer has filled elegance and sophistication in latest office wear kurtis to surpass old ones. To give formal styles to New Office Wear Kurtis, maker has adorned with modern tailoring techniques with thread embroideries. As Teen Vogue, Ladies Kurtis cum Girls Kurtas features artistic touch of pintucks and other sewing techniques like fabric manipulation with placket necklines. Soothing and vibrant both color are available on cotton and lawn made kurtis. So these office wear Kurtis Designs is really smart edition for working women's, Add your favorite styles in summer wardrobe and get some decent yet pertinent office dresses. Have a look...

Mosaic By Sundus Kids Formal and Embroidered Dresses for Bridal

Mosaic By Sundus Bridal Wear
Since the trend of embroidered dresses has got popularity among womens, demand has also increases. Therefore every fashion houses desires to join market with embroidered collections. As ongoing season is covering bridal and wedding occasions and the formal wear are first needs for different events. So Sundus nawaz has decided to come in trend runway with Formal Embroidered Dresses for Bridal Party. In which she has displayed very prominent, classy, heavily adorned and modern bridal and kids party wear. Mosaic By Sundus designed kids / bridal wear party dress catalog include complete variety of teenagers dresses as well Mehndi, mayon, baraat, walima and other party apparels. These dresses are available in ready to wear format, and almost all must-have bridal designs has been gathered by Sundus Nawaz. This Bridal wear collection has been decorated with traditional crafts studded with fancy material and funky, wavy patterns. Designer has picked very famous styles of Pakistani bridal dress with modern modification in trims, cuts and styles. Mosaic By Sundus Bridal / Kids Formal and Embroidered Dresses catalog is amalgamation  of popular and classy fashions to make it distinct and versatile series.

Bridal Wear Party Dress by Mosaic by Subdus

Sundus Nawaz is magical designer who came in fashion to make a dress that leave long lasting impression on persona and fashion too.She is popular for rich and luxurious form in bridal dresses. She mostly creates bridal designs on lavish fabrics like Organza, raw silk, charmois, jamawar, chiffon and velvet. Her great efforts in bridal clothing line is praise worthy and her Bridal wedding wear collections are memorable. Below you can see bridal party collection of Mosaic By Sundus as well baby girls party attires.

Yashfeen Lawn Midsummer 2014 | Best Embroidered Lawn 2014 for Girls

Yashfeen Lawn is emerging lawn brand in pakistan fashion industry. In big textile house, Yashfeen has started the brand with small scale but latest styles and top quality has highlighted among well reputed brands. As Pakistani textile is second largest industry after agriculture, and it is playing key role in development of Pakistani objects in international market. So in such case emergence of new fashion labels are very necessary for strength of Pakistani clothes in western market. Yashfeen Lawn was launched to provide support and strength to Pakistani lawn cloth. And in mid summer Yashfeen lawn has continues fashion journey with mid-summer lawn 2014 collections new arrivals. In midsummer collection, yashfeen has introduced best embroidered lawn dresses with bold colors and lovely prints for girls. Yashfeen Lawn Embroidered Lawn designs 2014 comprises on impressive form of luxury lawn dresses. Yashfeen has put great efforts to make midsummer lawn prints calm and serene. Therefore, Yashfeen has defined mid-summer dresses with appealing and soulful prints, designs and crafts. These lawn apparel are perfect to get glamorous charm in summer. So grab your favorite Yashfeen lawn 2014-15 to get prominent and impressive personality.

Libas Crinkle Lawn 2014 Midsummer Collection by Shariq Textiles

Shariq textiles mills has also stepped in midsummer fashion gala with libas Mid-Summer Collection 2014. This stunning libas lawn include soft variety of Crinkle Lawn fabrics. Shariq midsummer collection 2014 dresses has been displayed in voguish designs of lawn with lively and sparkling color scheme. Libas Crinkle Lawn Collection 2014 comprises on eminent and classy dresses on soulful lawn prints. Libas Midsummer Lawn by Shariq Textiles has been displayed with many creative styles of tail shirts, angrakha, jumpsuits, jacket suits, long shirts, drop corner and traditional Pakistani salwar kameez. Shariq has tried to throw classy styles with modern twist to attract their ladies. At this time Shariq textile mills has brought very unique and appealing fashion ideas and midsummer fashion tips for girls to make them look pretty and bold. Libas Crinkle Lawn 2014 by Shariq Textiles has amalgamated in rich lawn designs and modern plus traditional stitching patterns to ensure that new fashion of lawn is impressive on all aspects. Libas Crinkle Lawn by Shariq Mid-Summer designs 2014 magazine has brought very unique and attractive concept of lawn for girls to get highly attractive smart casual and street wear dresses of summer. Let's look down for Pakistani libas on krinkle cloth.

Trendy Plus Size Dresses Designs 2014-2015 | Latest Dresses for Healthy Ladies

Plus Size Dresses Designs 2014It is party time and every single human is finding fashionable and trendy clothes for fun and celebrations. But few ladies with healthy figure are angry, because no options of trendy party wear in Pakistani industry. But as Clothing9 is fashion platform of every lady. So how we'll let our Healthy Ladies to be angry. Hence today we are here with plus size clothing & fashion tips on your favorite fashion blog. Rang Kadah is the brand which has brought plus size party dresses for you. Rang Kadah is prominent label in plus size fashion designers in pakistan. It was launched with the vision to make you look gorgeous with fat body and healthy figure. Since Rang Kadah has stepped in Pakistani clothing industry, it has tried to bring energetic boost in your formal and occasional wardrobe needs. It has worked hardly to bring show stealing and unique designs of Plus size dress for women. This party season, Rang Kadah is back in action with trendy plus size clothes for healthy girls to flaunt their style with traditional theme, fancy designs and modern mode. For healthy body or Full-Figured Women, it has launched best solution and tips of urban plus size fashion.
Girls can find very attractive and stylish sort of clothing like front open dresses with embroidery, plus size long shirts and lehenga, frocks fashion, tail jacket dress with shirt and trousers, net frocks, sleeveless anarkali dresses etc. Latest plus size dress collection along with huge variety and choices of styles is perfect for ongoing party gatherings. it is pertinent to tell that these beautiful and alluring new clothes for healthy women's has been detailed with cultural crafts on classy tailoring's. So if you will wear these party apparel then you will definitely look funky, trendy and cool in parties.

Needlez by Shalimar Unstitched Fabric in Pakistan | New Fashion of Summer

Needlez Shalimar Unstitched Sumemr dresses
Needlez by Shalimar is also among those fashion consultant who has advised you about latest fashion of Unstitched Fabric. After Eid trends 2014, needlez has brought luxurious forms of raw fabric in pakistan. Shalimar Un-stitched fabric in Pakistan has manufactured to provide you advantage of custom sewing designs. This raw fabric based collection is designed to meet with your formal, semi formal, and party wear needs. Designers has added very pretty and high class thread work and zari decorated dresses for summer fashion 2014. Many popular trends of old era with modern imaginations like jacket suits, frocks, long shirts, tail tunics, open shirts attires and panels shirts has been created to give you diverse yet versatile range of modern dresses. These Shalimar unstitched dresses can be coupled with cigarette pants, pencil trousers, leggings and skinnies. You can easily mix and match Needlez by Shalimar midsummer collection 2014-15 with heavy or light jewellery, pump of flat to get rich persona.
As these days women are extremely sensitive about fashion. They give especial attention on their looks and what they wear. In plethora of new fashion in seasonal and occasional categories has created more difficulties for them. Because clothes are very important to get chic look, hence every girl wants to choose those clothes, which reflects their fashion sense and cultural styles. In new fashion of summer many Pakistani cloth maker has launched climate friendly, comfortable and trendy fabrics. So how needlez left behind, Shalimar has also introduced huge array of formal dresses for girls to make them look like princess. Very cute styles of clothes has been selected from ethnic wear of Pakistan and modified with exclusive appeal.

Ankle Length Long Anarkali Suit | Formal Floor Length Anarkali Indian Dresses

Ankle Length Long Anarkali Suit
After admirable tail anarkali frocks and lavish jacket lehenga suits, now we are going to share Long Floor Length Frocks Anarkali Dress with embroidery that have you covered for all your festivities. How you feel all eyes on you? luxury dress with modern cuts and trims, with or without precious jewellery. Yes today our Ankle Length Long Anarkali Suit collection is introducing a fusion of pop colors and dramatic styles to enhance your festive looks. So brace yourself in regal anarkali designs accented with intricate embroidery on elegant yet chic twist. To liven up your look you will not find any match instead of multi color anarkali longer version is best. Experience the bespoke modern version of indian wear by one of India's most influential designers.

 Floor Length Long Anarkali Suit for Formal Fashion

Anarkali is best traditional dress to wear on different occasions. As now girls are fade up from typical anarkali designs and silent features. So with little variations in length and styles indian designer has made it attractive. Yes this Floor length Anarkali frocks collection 2014 is best to boost your personal style. Mean if you will wear longer anarkali fashion then it will add funkiness, flare, royalty, modernity and glamour. So if a girls wants to put high glory of indian royal outfit then couple it with right trims and accessories. It will give you fashionable beauty in desi style. So be the girls of vogue and adopt latest and new fashion of Anarkali suits long length and keep your distinct in crowd.