Fancy Hijab Fashion 2014 | Turkish Hijab Designs | Modern Party Hijab Styles

Hijab is the part of religious dressing, In old era we were used the square piece of fabric to cover the head. As soon the new inventions has influenced the fashion, the modern development has massive affected on the hijab styles and designs. Square piece of Hijab has been transformed with modern Hijab. Now a wide range of formal, informal evolved Hijab designs are available in market. Accordingly, we have brought a Fancy Hijab Designs 2014 for you, These Hijab are infected with Turkish dressing behavior. Turkish Hijab / veil has been made on vibrant shade, stunning satin / luxurious silk. These beautiful Hijab has made for party wear and bridal hijab, so designer has decked fancy elements with gorgeous designs. In latest Modern Party Hijab Styles are adorned with Satin flowers, that overlaid with Swarovski crystals, pearls, and Silk bows. So the girls who wants to add a modern Islamic fashion with high quality hijab designs and fine cutting edge must grab a Hijab from the latest Hijab Collection 2014.

Luxury Evening Dresses 2014 By Ramsha Fashion | Ramsha Zarri Designer Formal Wear

Ramsha Fashion is the choice of those who believes in creativity and gives a stunning dream that floats in her mind and can be felt with pulses of heart. Ramsha Zarri has been launched with philosophy to bring stunning formal wear range with fine edges cutting. Ramsha Zarri Fashion is young brand of pakistan but in short span of time gained the dynamic position. Now Ramsha is supplying the unique concept of luxury Pakistani fashion in market with accessible glamour. Ramsha derived inspiration from the rich heritage of Pakistani culture and converts the classic patterns into contemporary looks. Moreover she brings the best crafts fusion of eastern areas to maintain the essence of easternity in her Luxury formal Dresses. Hence her designer dresses designs reflects the versatility, comfortable, appealing and luxury wardrobe staple. Here you can see the best example of eastern amalgamation of Ramsha in Designer Formal Wear 2014.

Rich Embroidered Saree Collection 2014-2015 | Fancy Work Designer Saree's

Being the national dress code of indian saree is very common among women's. Indian customary Sarees reflects the tradition as well the richness of today fashion. Now Indian ladies wears saree to show their unique style statement, modern plus chic impression. Hence fashion designers are taking keen interest in saree designing and every designer is bringing rich style in fancy saris. Even designers are playing with draping styles too, and giving a decent draping and pallu style with a unique flavor in saree. So today Clothing9 has stored the Zarilane Fancy Work Sarees in which saree designer has inserted the rich flavor of designs, fancy embroideries and pretty draping. These saree has been designed for bridal wear, engagement parties, cocktail functions, and for evening wear. therefore the saree artist has drawn the Rich Embroidered Saree patterns. In fancy designer Sarees, developer of saree has given the whole attention on blouses and draping styles. So brought a rich craftsmanship blouses designs and modern flavor saree with unique roll-out of saree pallu for us. For these rich saree's silk, net, wrinkle satin-chiffon, shimmery silk, velvet, chiffon fabrics has been used and saree's are detailed with fancy Crystal work, Zardozi Embroidery, Kundan work, Thread crafts, and Kora Dabka embroidery designs. The criteria of sewing is also very premium, thus a Rich Embroidered Saree Collection 2014-2015 is giving a five star impression. So as per our views, those women's who desires to get a magnificent saree collection that add a flaunt and mesmerizing charm in persona as well give you fresh appearance in parties then should land on Zarilance official site to buy a favorite Fancy Saree's.

Sana Safinaz Bridal Collection 2014-2015 | Sana Safinaz Sindh Festival Dresses

Sana Safinaz, the most sparkling fashion brand of Pakistan, has recently announced on official Facebook page that it going to launch a new bridal wear series in Sindh Festival2014. Since the Sana Safinaz has confirmed the fashion news, the fans are very excited to look forward to see Sana Safinaz in Sindh festival fashion segment. Sindh Festival will held on 1st February -15th February on the map of Karachi. Being the most Being the most informative and latest update provider fashion blog we are going to reveal the exclusive footage of Sana Safinaz Bridal Collection 2014-2015. Let's Scroll down to view the bridal dresses and visit Sindh Festival 2014 to enjoy the sana Safinaz spotted looks.

Bridal Anarkali Lengha Suits 2014 | Sonas Haute Couture Winter Wedding Ideas

Sonas Haute Couture is particular bridal wear design house. Sonas provides best wedding dresses according to individual needs. The perfection is first pursuit, Hence Sonas provides a high designer absolute traditional and luxury wedding dress for every season to brides. This year Sonas has introduced Winter Wedding Ideas for Brides, So we have brought the Bridal Wedding outfit tips on Clothing9 Platform. In latest Bridal Collection 2014, Sonas couture has initiated the traditional dresses for Mehndi / Sangeet, Engagement, Wedding occasion. Sonas designers has conducted the most striking designs of Anarkali Lengha Suits with new definition. In Bridal Anarkali, Sonas has poured the new transformation on luxury fabric, refined embroidered and high standard tailoring to bring a complete customer satisfied range. Anarkali Lengha 2014 is stands between the rich customary style as well feminine bravery, because bridal designer has the sole attention on every aspect of bridal dresses, so the unconventional color palettes are the result. Moreover Sonas has used Rich raw silk, net, velvet and brocade fabric for these Anarkali Lehenga suits and further decorated with antique thread work on crystal motifs, swarovski, pearl, kundan, real stones, patches work on various edges of Bridal wear 2014. So join us to know more about the Winter Wedding Ideas of Sonas couture.

Antique Bridal Lehngas 2014-2015 | Embroidered Bridal Indian Lehengas

Lehnga dress is a quintessential robe for many centuries in indian royalty from wedding to any religious occasion. But in recent times designer lehngas has set strong grip on the attraction of women's again because of high end designs, incomparable embroideries and matchless patterns. Now Indian Embroidered Lehengas have the status of festivity dress. Therefore; Indian fashion designers has took the position to compete the fashion world by producing unprecedented contemporary Lehengas. Many senior and newly launched fashion brands has brought a innovative and conventional ideas in bridal Lehngas section. So we have lined the modern Bridal Lehngas Collection 2014-2015 by Zarilane. ZariLane is the luxury destination of indian clothing, ZariLane is the project of CTC Mall, established in 1963 at Delhi. Zarilane brings best indian traditional craftsmanship in the products with matchless quality and blend of east and west. As; the time is gradually passing, Zarilane ethnic clothing is reflecting the modern fusion with the fine line. Let's have a look on Latest Zarilane Embroidered Bridal Lehengas, it will give you the modern fashion ideas for Brides.

Fancy Kaftan Dresses | Jalabiya Kaftan Designs 2014 | New Jalabiya Fashion

Kaftan / Jalabiya is very famous dress in various cultures. History shows us; that  Persian, Ottoman, Moroccan, West African, Russian, Jewish and Southeast Asian people had worn the dress widely, therefore Kaftan and Jalabiya fashion has been associated with Muslim culture. As the old Jalabiyas are out from fashion and now massive designs and dozen of style of Kaftan Dresses are available with appealing taste unlike the traditional kaftans. So today we have brought a Pary Wear Jalabiya Kaftan Collection 2014, in these Jalabiyas, designer has implemented the regional styles in cuts with modern variations. Kaftan Dresses has contains long ankle length patterns, rectangle shape and collar necklines with flowy effects. To make the perfect party dresses; fashion designer has enriched the conventional embroideries in modern styles further garnish with luxury elements. The maker of New Jalabiya Fashion was very caring while designing session, therefore he hasn't gone for major changes and just brought a fancy variation through embroidery designs. These Jalabiya Kaftan Designs has been nourished with tailoring techniques too and you can see a piping around the all edges of Kaftan. Moreover the fancy crafts has poured a alluring and dazzling touch in Arabian dresses 2013, let have a look...

Fancy Farasha Designs for Evening Parties | Heavy Formal Farasha Dresses 2014

Since the fashion has crossed the boundaries with the help of technology and electronic media, has had a profound impact on the design of clothing and styles. The recent influence of global fashion also can see on Pakistani dressing, and the Fancy Farasha Designs are the evidence of global effects. In this Farasha collection we can observe that how a middle east trend has affected the Pakistani fashion. Farasha dress is ankle length gown which is very prominent in Arabian culture and well known as outer wear in middle east. But in this Formal Farasha Dresses designer has taken the inspiration of basic style from Arabian dressing and amalgamated it with Asian cuts and designs. Farshi mean floor length but in Evening Wear Farasha 2014, designer has brought modernity by falling surrounds from back and lifted from front of shirt. Moreover has used many popular sewing patterns like Front open, Frocks styles and A line shapes. The Formal Farasha Designs also has small touch of westernity. Farasha Dress designer has installed the luxury version of modern plus classic embroideries nourished with fancy elements to lodge a unique charm to deliver a perfect Evening Parties dresses. Furthermore the Churidar combination is sliding the pretty look with the stylish cuts of Farasha Dresses. So have a peak on Party Wear Heavy Formal Farasha Designs 2014.

Latest Fashion of Pakistani Clothes 2014 | Luxury Pakistani Dresses Designs 2014

Dress plays a key role to make the personality attractive as well our need. When we talk about clothes then no one can not deny the value of Pakistani clothes , Pakistani cloth is known as very  rich texture fabric in the world and there is no substitute of Pakistani clothes. Second thing after texture of fabric is designing and if your clothes has been designed according to latest fashion then you would get elegant look and eye catchy character. But it's very rigorous to find the both traits in a single dress, so today we are going to introduce a Pakistani Dresses collection in which Pakistani fashion designer has poured both attributes very decently. While during the designing session, dress maker was very conscious about conventional style with contemporary look thus designer has not modified the classic structure of Pakistani fashion. As far as color scheme and theme is concerned then Pakistani dress designer has used the shades which are associated with eastern culture like hues of reds, pinks, yellow, green, shocking pink, oranges, browns and off white to symbolize the femininity. Besides from colors, these Pakistani Dresses Designs, patterns and prints are quite unique, Clothes designer has used embroidered fabric for upper layer of shirt and silk has been used in lining. The combination of two superabundant rich fabric has increased the luxury scintilla in Fashion of Pakistani Clothes 2014 which is good to thriving the Pakistani clothes in global markets. Moreover, the intricate and delicate thread crafted colorful laces adornments has poured out the distinct allure in Pakistani dresses fashion 2014. These dresses fashion is especially produced for young girls who want to look pretty as well graceful. So we suggest you to go for the latest fashion of long shirts churidar fashion and get a magnetic personage in any celebration.

Saree Blouse Back Neck Designs 2014-2015 | Blouse Neckline Designs

Sari Blouse are second largest worn garment of south Asian countries. when it comes on choosing a saree and  blouse then women's gives special attention on saree texture, falls and tailoring style of blouse. High define cuts and unique style of tailoring appeal the lady. Therefore today we have brought a stylish saree blouse designs which hijack you mind and soul in a wink of an eye. In this Saree collection Indian designer has used rich and lush texture fabric chiffon for Saree and Blouse has been made with Banarasi Silk with superior quality stitching. In Latest saree blouses designer has highlighted the blouse by presenting unique and lovely back necklines, Because designer know that how important role of blouse in saree. Latest Saree Blouse Back Neck Designs has been created stylish with ribbons, embroideries, tussles, loops and hooks designs which not only look beautiful as well add a luxury element. In addition of Blouse Neckline Designs, developer of saree has applied lush / luxury crafts on pallu and border of saree to make a best occasional wear dress. Moreover the color scheme ha splayed a key role in Saree Blouse Neck Designs 2014 collection and given a highly adorned saree dresses for different function like Mayon, Mehndi, Reception and other wedding ceremonies. So let's have a look on Neckline Designs of Blouses.

Simple Salwar Kameez Designs 2014-15 | Girls Simple Salwar Kameez Suits

Today Clothing9 has fetched a diva diary of Simple Salwar Suits Designed by Mayah. In this Latest salwar kameez collection Mayah has brought Chiffon shirts with Dupatta and crape bottom wear Salwar. This simple suits collection has been designed for Holi occasion, therefore designer kept the theme of Holi and applied the multi colors in spark, floral and stripes prints. Indian fashion brand has offered the simple suits designs with elegant crochet motifs adorned long necklines and net sleeves. But the every Simple Salwar Kameez Suits has imputed with unique flavor of trends and separate look, which means; designer understands that how to add a unique design in ethnic dresses to achieve the perfect casual look. Nowadays many fashion stores and clothing brands are presenting the best alterations in classic salwar kamees styles but new Salwar Kameez Designs 2014-15 has contains the solid signature style. In these simple shalwar kameez designer has maintained the aesthetics of Asian dressing as well intelligent of old design. So we recommend you to be with traditional dresses on every occasion as well in daily life to keep alive the culture.

Designer Salwar Kameez Collection 2014 | Manjaree Fashion Girl Favorite Salwar Suits

Salwar Kameez dress has fixed a secure place in women wardrobe, and the arrival of Designer Salwar Kameez has given more reliable position. Fashion designer has pour more versatility and comfort in girls favorite salwar suits to emerge in the fashion and gain the popularity. Somehow designer are satisfied that they have brought back the salwar kameez position on stronger place. In the South Asian market salwar kameez is most wearable garment and mostly ladies likes to dress up the three piece suits of salwar. So today we are going to disclose the most trendiest and fashionable set of Salwar suits from the indian fashion store "Manjaree Fashion". In this Salwar Kameez collection 2014, Manjaree has selected the theme of Punjab for the salwar kameez and made beautiful with multi color fabric plus embroidery designs. Manjaree Fashion has designed the Indian ethnic salwar suits on Raw silk fabric that has woven prints fibers like Banarasi fabric. To change the trend of native indian dress, designer has brought Patiala cut salwar with embroidery around ankle hole.Shirts length is around knee, moreover featuring thread embroidery designs on neck and surrounds: which is increasing the beauty of Designer Salwar suits. Fashion designer has creatively experimented on the various aspects of salwar kameez dresses to highlight the designs and give some conventional touch. at the end a rich and plethora of vibrant colors salwar kameez variety has been disclosed to wear in semi formal parties, evening function and small get to gather.. Let's have a look..........

Party Wear Pishwas Frocks 2014-15 | Pishwas Designs 2014 for Brides

In the configuration of evergreen ethnic dresses with timeless beauty Pishwas Frocks has incorporated itself as the Party wear. The main reason of hike intensity of Pishwas designs is several designs, latest style and gravity of Anarkali touch. Therefore Pishwas suits are included in the best selling outfits from last few years. Although- the trend of pishwas has came back after a long time and all the credit goes to our modern fashion designers who has reversed the fashion back with unique touch in Pishwas dress. So today we have again brought a modern pishwas frocks collection 2014 for you guys. In this Party Wear Pishwas, designer has created the unique cuts and structure of designs according to the modern fashion. The variation of designs of Pishwas Anarkali dresses are extremely innovative and reflecting the Mughal dynasty clothing flavor. The necklines style of Pishwas Designs has been inspired from the dresses of Jodha Akbar (Rajput princess). Indian designer has regenerated the Anarkali pishwas in a idiosyncratic manner with adornments of luxury embroidery designs. Moreover has achieved the amazing look of Pishwas Frocks by merging with Churidar Pajama. On the other hand rich and exquisite fabric has placed the mesmerizing beauty and wavy flair. So according to Clothing9 team members, Latest Party Wear Pishwas collection 2014 is the most decent work in fashion for brides.

Khaadi Winter Collection 2014-2015 | Khaadi Pret 2014 Dresses for Girls

Khaadi has launched new collection in Pret "Ready-to-Wear" category. In recent Khaadi Winter collection 2014, Khaadi has expanded the business operation and brought a vast range of Churidaar Tights, Western Tops, Formal Dresses, Lawn Long Kurta,  Short Kurta, Long Kurta, Printed Stoles, Embroidered Handbags, Tights in Pret 2014. Through Pret 2014 Dresses, Khaadi has demonstrated that the brand is real pioneer of Pakistani fashion industry and true representative of trends in global market. In Pret Winter Collection 2014 Khaadi has gathered the all wardrobe needs of a girl and after revision they have introduced a mix of eastern and western evolved dresses for casual, semi formal and formal events. For Khaadi Pret Dresses for Girls, Khaadi online has inflated the prices, but still visit shopping stores to get a single piece to decorate there wardrobe from latest fragrance of Khaadi Pret Dresses 2014-15.

Sapana Amin Festive Collection 2014- 2015 | Bohemian Rani Ensembles by Sapana

Sapana Amin is Mumbai based indian fashion designer who has invented her brand in 2008 with a vision of to bring a innovative dress that preserve the indian tradition. Sapana amin was grew up in United states, but due to the keen interest in indian culture she has moved to India in 2004. Later she did hard work for inaugurating her clothing brand, and finally in 2008 she has inaugurated her clothing brand. Sapana amin showcased her work on international level and get praised for her intensive expertise. She has launched number of collection in her career and recently Sapana Amin has puller out "Bohemian-Rani Festive Collection 2014". In Bohemian Rani Ensembles she has introduced  a funky and classy dresses that remind us the bohemian style. She has perfectly dipped the festive clothes in indian background with a touch of westernize style. A very unique festive range has been presented for this Holi season, have a look on Sapana Amin Festive Collection 2014- 2015.

Alvina Valenta Latest Wedding Dresses at JLM Couture | Best Bridesmaids Gowns

JLM Couture is multi label brand founded in 1988 by Mr, Joseph L. Murphy. Joseph L. Murphy has used his experience to rise the JLM couture, and his great strategies has implemented the excellent impact on the brand position in market. Now JLM Couture has many award winning brands are working for the company. Alvina Valenta Wedding dresses designer also enrolled with JLM and offered her luxury Bridesmaids ensemble to show the flawless talent. After engaging with JLM Boutique, Alvina Valenta has designed many bridal collections. She keeps great concept in developing bridal wear. Therefore today we have selected her Latest Wedding Dresses impression launched under the category of "Spring 2014 Bridal Collection". Alvina Valenta  Bridesmaids, she introduced graceful Gowns made with white net and silk. She has refined the wedding dresses with distinct necklines, polished detailing on luxury silk / net, conventional french laces to add a glamorous glimpse and intricate modern embroideries on figure defining bridal dresses. All the bridal silhouette are made on gowns patterns that has resulted a modern and flashy creation for brides. We hope- that our western brides will like the Alvina Valenta Gowns to get effortless chic look.

New Bridesmaid Dresses 2014-2015 | Wedding Gowns Dresses by Sharons Couture

As the fashion is evolving in new styles, the old classic patterns are losing their identity. Likewise, Bridesmaid dresses are also getting inspire with modern fashion trend. Western and modern slim-fit designs are taking lead, and their flarry styles, modern trims and luxurious fabric are getting fame among women's especially young generation. Most common reason of shifting from traditional to modern is innovation in dresses and unique form of clothes. So today we have selected the same patterns of Wedding Gowns 2014 for our modern brides. This Bridesmaid collection will provide you a miscellaneous Wedding Dresses and most emerging patterns of eastern and western influence styles. So have a deep view on Wedding Gowns collection 2014-2015 has been presented by Sharon's Couture, and designed by Haré.

Rani Emaan Semi-Formal Collection for Girls | Pakistani Semi Formal Dresses

From the most beautiful days of girls life, one is wedding day. Girls do wait so many years for this dream day. When the day come they gets anxious, because brides don't find their desired Bridal dress as well Semi Formal Dresses to tackle the lunch and dinner parties. It is ritual of Pakistan and other Asian countries that newly wed couple receives many couple party invitations in honor from friends and families. So keeping the challenges of Brides, we are going to introduce luxurious semi formal collection by skillful and polished fashion designer of Pakistani fashion industry. Yes! Right Rani Emaan has designed this Luxury Formal and Semi-Formal Collection for girls.Check the entire Rani Emaan Collection-14 below.

Sharons Couture Bridal Collection 2014-2015 | Bridal Wear 2014 for Wedding

Sharons Couture gets recognized as Asian designer wear maestro, Sharon's is "bespoke" or made to order dress maker located in the town Smethwick - England. After becoming the paramount of couture designer brand as well wholesaler / retailer of UK, it has expanded the fashion business with special tailoring team who design your dream wedding dress. Sharon Couture offer vast range of contemporary, highest quality Bridal Wear that is altered as your taste. So today we have organized the Bridal Collection 2014-2015 from the design house of Sharons Couture. In this Wedding dresses 2014 we have covered the "Bespoke Bridal Wear" Dresses. These clothes are made on order as per your measurement. Let's join us to give a look to entire wedding wear, then we will discuss the colour, embroidery & design details.

Bridal Dresses Fashion 2014-2015 in Pakistan | Best Bridal Suits Designer

There are innumerable causes behind the praise of Pakistani Bridal collections, but the most ordinary ground of these bridal wear is traditional designs and luxury embellishments. classic designs with contemporary fashion always looks amazing on the most auspicious occasion of bride. Nowadays assorted bridal wear trends are in fashion presented by dexterous Pakistani designers to reserve the exceptional place in international market, Which are growing the popularity level of Bridal Suits Designer. Today Clothing9 has brought a notable patterns of distinctive Bridal Dresses from Pakistani fashion industry. This bridal collection 2014 carry very luxury and innovative bridal formal wear dresses which are the great representative of dominant culture of different era. Let's first we give a close look to the collection then we will describe the whole Bridal suits fashion 2014-15.

Indian Georgette Salwar Suits Collection 2014-15 | New Designer Dresses Online

Clothing9 has shown excelled in supplying south Asian fashion to indicate the new trend in clothing industry, and Today we are again sparkling with latest designer dresses collection evacuated from Indian fashion trend. This Indian collection has been furnished with comprehensive Georgette suits. As the Georgette is light weight and soft fiber fabric, and one of the most used fabric after Silk, Lawn, and cotton. Georgette colors never, and always looks like new after years and years washing. Due to solid prints, colors, luster and sheer feel women's likes to wear Georgette clothes in parties and daily routine. Therefore our latest fashion collection belongs to Indian Georgette Sawlar suits stitched in pure eastern way. These Georgette Dresses has embellished with thread embroidered motifs necklines and bottom part of shirts are decorated with lace and strips. Moreover Indian designer has filled the grace in Georgette Salwar Suits Collection 2014 with traditional long shirt paired with Churidar. This collection would be a best choice for party wear, semi formal events and festivals like Holi, Diwali. Hope you will like the Georgette designer salwar suits by indian online store.

Indian Churi-dar Salwar Kameez Collection 2014-15 | Punjabi Churidar Suits

This is an Indian Churi-dar Salwar Kameez Collection has been introduced to confer a exotic mainstream to your casual closet.In this Churi-dar Kameez suits we have collected the best attire with electric designs and vibrant prints, Because we can understand the importance of Salwar kameez in formal to casual wear. So accordingly we are going to share another addition in sawar kameez section, that reflect the ethnicity, chic designs and elegance at the same time. All the Churidar dresses has been designed with modern philosophy for the women of era. Fashion designer has applied timeless classical patterns and developed with modern thoughts. These Churidar Suits are made on Silk which is printed with floral patterns through digital technique. Moreover fashion designer has put the pure punjabi flair in the dress and decorated with embroidered necklines and silk patti's. In Punjabi Churidar Suits Shirts are printed, Churidar is plain but dupatta has been dyed with two shades. Pure south Asian style is very prominent in all Indian Churi-dar Collection, So these stylish Salwar kameez are perfect for Semi formal and formal dinner parties. Lets have a look on Punjabi Indian Suits 2014-15.

Designer Women Tops Collection 2014 | Embroidered Tops Fashion 2014-2015

Now we have large variety of designer dresses in market ,but usually women like wearing tops, Tops dress gives an elegant and stylish feel. Through a stylish tops you can show off your inner fashion sentiments and could attract the crowd with your dress. So today we have brought another Embroidered Tops Collection 2014, In which western inspired tops fashion has been Integrated for you guys. These Tops 2014 has been made on stretchable cotton Jersey fabric which known as comfortable and warm texture cloth in winter and absorb-able in summer. Fashion designer has implemented western trims on tops designs with modern specification. In this Tops collection, designer has kept the word "simplicity" in mind and accordingly presented the minimally embellished tops with ornate embroidery detailing by silk thread around neck and surrounds. Beside from embroideries, these Designer Women Tops has quality tailoring designs. Different styles of Tops has been added in Embroidered Tops 2014-2015 like Frock style Tops, strap tops, pleated tops and block printed tops. The color scheme is also very trendy, because the hues of soft color has been included to give a most fashionable tops collection for women. So overall this Designer Women Tops Collection 2014 with embroidery is one of the best casual style of the season which add the chic feel and sheer sensation after wearing the Tops Designs 2014.

Firdous Casanova Men's Collection 2014-15 | Firdous Fashion Mens Winter Wear

As the boss of trends in Pakistan Firdous Fashion has came down in competition with Men's Winter Wear 2014-15. Firdous has launched its first collection of the season for mens with creative types of clothes to bring positive and warm fashion energies in male. Firdous Fashion has gathered the inspirations from international markets and applied with unexpected twist in a constructive way to provide a high class designs with eccentric touch for winter 2014. This Casanova Men's Collection -14 is treasure of Italian clothes, perfectly has been modified according to weather needs and refined in classic style. As the word "Casanova" has revealed the all adventure hidden behind the Mens collection, and the style of dress has also disclosed the secrets of designing. Firdous Casanova Men's Collection 2014-15 is the combination of all mens wardrobe staples consider as necessity of casual side. Like the Mens winter collection includes jeans, Jackets, Shirts, T-shirts, Muffler, jersey, pants, sweaters, coat and three piece suits. So Firdous Fashion latest winter collection 2014 is terrific addition in casual style. Our male readers can pick the dresses to wear as Official dress,  Formal wear, Eve party wear or for business meetings. So let's have a look.

Front Open Anarkali Suit with Trouser | Modern Anarkali Trousers Online 2014

In the most preferred designs of salwar kameez,  Only Anarkali dress can make any occasion special. It's the everlasting dressing style since mughal tenure which continue in fashion with renovation. Now Anarkali Suits are incorporate several designs and styles that are very prevalent trend of south Asian countries. In the most accepted Anarkali Trouser dresses, Front-Open is rapid spreading trend for the modern specifications. So today we have conducted the latest Front Open Anarkali Trousers suits collection 2014 for our valued readers. Through this Modern Anarkali Trousers you will learn the new meaning of words Elegant and classy, Because: in this anarkali selection we have introduced few breathtaking ethnic wear to reveal the unique attitude of designing. These Front Open Anarkali dresses has been made on plain Georgette fabric on shocking hues of Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, Pink, Brown and maroon. Designer has given delicate touch of 2 inches embroidery on bodice and the other parts of Anarkali dresses simple. Moreover bottom part of Modern Anarkali has been detailed with shiny zari fabric strips of Banaras. In this Anarkali Suit 2014-15 designer has paired black plain straight trousers with all colors dresses. High quality tailoring with fancy embellishment has increased the beauty of Anarkali Trousers Online. Those women's who wants flawless charm in closet in a unique manner must buy these recreated patterns of Anarkali Suit and Trousers 2014.

Pakistani A Line Dresses Collection 2014 | Trouser Suits With A-line Shirts

From last few years fashion industry is booming-up day by day with new inventions and innovations. Everyday new trends comes and goes out from fashion screen. This quick changing atmosphere has raises many questions for fashion designers and now fashion designers are searching for new strategies and ways to slow the race of changing trends. But, few trends are still constant in fashion with variations like Aline dress.In Pakistan A line fashion with trouser was very prominent, but when! it has lost the charm. Pakistani Designer has introduced the A-line Shirts trend with new experiments. So today we have brought the latest fashion research in the Aline dresses sector. In this A-line collection designer has presented modern evolved styles of Aline, A-line shapes has been highlighted by embedding side panels. Fashion designer has introduced two shades contrast dresses with high quality embroidery around necklines and silk stripe detailing around surrounds. Pakistani A Line Dresses Collection 2014 is perfectly designed collection because very piece of Aline dress has been designed with individual care. Although trousers are plain but Dupatta has strips features. In the whole A line collection we have analyzed that Trouser Suits With A-line Shirts are perfect for Semi formal and evening parties. So join us for a look on A Line Dresses Collection of Pakistan.

New Sequence Work Saree (Sari) 2014 | Designer Embroidered Sarees of India

Saree is ruling over Indian women's wardrobe from centuries. Sari is the ultimate style assertion  of Indian lady. Saree dress adorn the physique of women as well it gives exquisite feel. At the present time this six yard (Sari) is appearing in fashion with variety of traditional style and contemporary elegance. Because saree dresses reflects the rich heritage of Indian nation and there is no synonymous dress of Saree. So being the integral element of cupboard, today Clothing9 has arranged a Designer Sarees of India 2014. These sari styles will influence the enthusiast Indians because of the creative sari designing, and forced to praise for the modern evolved trims. Lets first have a look on New Sequence Work Saree 2014.

Noora Sahraoui Abaya Collection 2014-15 | Xela Fashion Abaya by Noora Sahraoui

Noora Sahraoui is Moroccan come french dress designer, working with label Xela Fashion. The designer Noora Sahraoui wants to bring a amalgamation of eastern, European and Asian elements dresses with innovative style. Xela Fashion collections reflects the dynamic creativity, ethnicity and designing passion. Nora has diverse range of cocktail robes, resort war, Arabic fashion and pret-a-porter in her products, that include vibrant hues of Asian culture blended in classic french style on traditional Arabic crafts to influence the wardrobe in a modern way. Today we have brought Nora Sahraoui Arabic fashion collection that include Nora Sahraoui designer Abaya. These Fashion Abaya has been made for those who value the Arab traditions and want to add Arabic dresses with modern flair. Here you can see the complete range of Xela Fashion Abaya Collection 2014-15, that will bring you on the height of fashion, have a look.

Kaam Asia Women's Silk Kurtas Collection-14 | Semi Formal Silk Kurtas Designs

Kaam Asia is emerging clothing brand of Pakistani fashion industry, Kaam was established in 2010 and exhibited the products on small scale. Kaam Asia has gained huge success at very least period due to aesthetic fuse of crafts of Pakistan mixed with latest fashion sense. Kaam is working with objective of bringing premium craftsmanship, superior hand or machine embroidery designs with high standard fabric to deliver upscale experience to fashion savvy in local and international fashion market. The whole efforts in fashion universe is to bring back the Pakistani crafts under the label of " Kaam". Because of noble thoughts and innovative catering style, kaam stands top in fashion crowd. Now Kaam has utter sellout because of great trust of women's. Kaam feel very proud for being the brand of today, it continued the journey with fashion experience, knowledge and creativity to serve the fashion world and recently launched its Semi formal collection 2014 based on Luxury Kurta's. Come! take a look on Semi Formal Silk Kurtas Designs by Kaam.

Zahra Ahmad Ottoman Collection 2014-15 | Ottoman Inspired Party Fashion Trends

Since, Pakistani electronic media has broadcasted the Turkish plays, Few TV channels has become center of attention. Geo Kahani is one of them which has gained huge popularity among public for the historical play "Mera Sultan". Mera Sultan is the story of Suleiman the Magnificent emperor, He was the tenth longest reigning emperor of the Ottoman Empire, Turkey. Due to major victories his monarchy is very prominent in history. The story of Mera Sultan have highlighted the historical events as well their lifestyle and manners of Turk dressing. Many from us has been impressed with dressing style and fashion trends of 16th century, And women's keeps desire to get a dresses and accessories of there favorite characters like Hürrem Sultan, Mahidevran Sultan, Mihrimah Sultan, Hatice Sultan. So today Clothing9 is revealing the Ottoman Inspired 16th-century fashion trends by Zahra Ahmad for parties. For this Ottoman Collection 2014 Zahra has taken deep imagination from Turkish lifestyle and dressing. Zahra Ahmad has brought the same floor length style of Turkish culture with designs and accessories. The Zahra Ahmad Ottoman Collection 2014-15 is not completely launched yet so we will update you with new updates soon, Till then have a descriptive view.

Thread Embroidered Salwar Suits Designs 2014 | Best Indian Salwar Suits 2014

Salwar kameez is the keynote of fashion, and a prevailing trend is incomplete in absence of salwar kameez. Salwar suits are symbol of simplicity and true elegance, This traditional attire imposes a adorable impression in personality of wearer. Fashion of salwar suit remains alive throughout the year for many reason like lovable designs, countless colors, huge variety for every occasion, and all above sophistication. Nowadays, adroit fashion designers has understood the demands of people around the globe,hence they are bringing new trendy style of salwar kameez collections. This Thread Embroidered Salwar Suits collection is also the extract of designer hard work and creativity. For these salwar suits designs, designer has poured steady stream and subtle beauty of crafts. The collection encompasses 3 main components of ethnic wear but the trims and cuts are highly influenced with western inspirations. Embroidered Salwar Suits are the mixture of various playful colors, Embroidered Salwar Suits are the mixture of various playful colors, on which, involvement of thread embroideries are complementing the perfection. The entire Holi collection is include simple dupatta, but kameez and salwar has been designed with creativity by applying different types of thread work around neck/ daman and ankle hole of salwar to knee. First take a look on Best Indian Embroidered Salwar Suits Designs and read more about dresses below.

Party Wear Lehenga Choli Collection 2014-15 | New Lehenga Choli for Holi 2014

Today Clothing9 is going to publish a complete range of Holi dresses for the upcoming spring festival of Hindu circle. In our first Holi selection we have brought Holi occasion sarees, and now exquisite crafted party wear Lehenga choli is part of our ethnic festival series. The collection has been digged out from House of Brijraj f ashion that brings lavish designer wear for fashion aspiring queens. Brijraj has aim to give a lush, opulent experience to modern women in social gatherings with preserving the traditional dress importance, Therefore every collection of Brijraj is best example itself. So today we are present again with unparalleled combination of New Lehenga Choli for Holi 2014 dresses. For this collection efficient fashion designer has picked the traditional lehenga style and has attached with western choli designs. and to make more tempting and alluring designer has poured heavy and delicate embroideries on dupatta and Lehnga bottom edges. Party Wear Lehenga Choli has been stitched in scenic design of fish tail that is very popular style of the season. Pleasurable fabric of net and lining of silk inside the dress is giving flowy impact. Moreover the programming the dual and triple shade combination has highly influenced the rich and vibrant Lehenga Choli Collection 2014 in a delightful way. So join us, and take a detailed view of New Party Wear Lehenga Choli Collection 2014-15 presented for Holi. These Lehengas will add a latest fashion trend in you festival wardrobe, and highly influenced others with your fashion sense.

New Party Wear Saree Collection 2014-15 | Occasion Sarees for Holi

Indian culture is very beautiful and interesting. Indian citizens love their heritage and wants to keep alive their old traditions, they are stereotypes to do justice with customs. Therefore influence of Occasion Sarees is still exist in modern fashion world with little modification and latest style. Some decade ago when Bollywood actresses has adopted the saree as their dress code then saree styles gained rapid popularity, and international fashion world came to know the traditional attire of India. Now it is not unusual that a western woman or Hollywood celebrity is wearing saree in parties. Saree is the dress of Indian ancestors and in fact it is a timeless fashion. Saree are known as simple solution to look beautiful. Sarees adds extravagant charm in persona as well lavish feel, Hence the women's do seek New Saree Collections for every occasion. In the range of Party Wear, Saree stands top in heritage. So today Clothing9 is going to introduce another idea of Occasion Sarees for our distinguished Indian guests. Because on 17th March 2014 the honorable Hindu community is going to celebrate the Holi festival. Holi is the event of colors that fall in spring season, So hindu religious people celebrate the Holi with colors and wants to wear colorful traditional dresses. So New Party Wear Saree Collection 2014-15 for Occasion will gonna provide you detailed information of Saree trend for Holi 2014. Let's we take a look to the Occasion Sarees 2014-15 for Holi to get a latest fashion concept.

Latest Anarkali Salwar Kameez Designs | New Anarkali Designs 2014-2015 Online

Salwar Kameez Is a highly formal, regal and convenient dress in  ethnic wears, and No wonder, that salwar kameez is called most popular dress across the world. This most versatile dress is available in huge designs and varieties in market with elegant look due to the conventional importance to wear on casual, semi-formal, formal events and evening functions. In the long indicators of salwar kameez designs Anarkali Dress is one of the popular choice for evening parties, Because- Anarkali designs illustrates the royalty in a impressive way. That's why, now we can see latest buzz of Anarkali Salwar suits in fashion industry by Indian designer and Pakistani designer. This royal associated Anarkali Suits are the symbol of charm and grace, Therefore it has become the favorite dress of celebrities to modern lady. In fact no one can deny the value of Royal Anarkali Frocks. So today we have digged out Latest Anarkali Collection 2014-2015 Online.The charisma of designer anarkali is going to trap your mind and soul in a single sight, have a look.

Gul Ahmed Coats Collection 2014 | GulAhmed Embroidered Silk Velvet Coats

The most appraising fashion brand of Pakistan, has flashed on board of winter trends for 2014 first coats collection. In this latest winter collection 2014 gul ahmed introduced luxurious fabric in the form of coats. All the coats for girls and boys have made on velvet and silk fabric. In winter days velvet provides warmness and gentle sheen with soft glow and silk combination with luxury thread work add royalty in winter dresses. Therefore Gul Ahmed brought a unique combination coat dresses in Embroidered Silk Velvet Coats collection. Gul Ahmed has offered 8 coats designs for girls and 1 coat style for boys in this 2014 collection. All the coats dresses is consist of four piece combination of Coat, Shirt, Trouser and Dupatta. Talented designer team of GulAhmed has made this embroidered coats on variety of silk and velvet fabric. Gul Ahmed has introduced Printed velvet and banarasi silk rich textured fabric that his woven with high quality fibers. The Gul Ahmed collection 2014 dresses Shirts, Dupatta and Trousers are made with silk or Banaras silk and all coats are made with Velvet. In this collection gul ahmed has gave whole focus on coats and coats are heavily embroidered with golden zari and thread, moreover embroideries has been decorated with sequins and beads. Let's First have a peak on entire Embroidered Coats Collection 2014 of Gul Ahmed.

Ready Made Anarkali Frocks 2014-15 | Indian Readymade Garments Collection 2014

Parties are almost around India, as well in Pakistan. So i have shared major look focusing trends for occasions, and today i am back with sensational designer Anarkali Frocks. The collection is a sizzling mix of old and new style with lusting embroidered with vivid shades especially created for formal events of south Asia. To enhance the charisma of wardrobe, designer has brought comprehensive range of Ready Made Anarkali Frocks. These Indian dresses include most popular trend of Anarkali to remind the cultural heritage value in a modern way. The designer has made Readymade Frocks 2014 more glamorous with luxury motifs detailing and fascinating banarasi strips around neckline, hemline, Sleeves and surrounds. To get international market acclaim, fashion designer has enriched the chic adorable laces details with contrast color motifs and contemporary style. On the other hand, ripple or wavy effect ghair of frocks with tight Churidar is increasing the look of outfit and giving a flowy classy touch. Let's have a look to entire collection of Indian readymade Anarkali frocks 2014-2015.

18 Fire Kurtis Collection 2014 | Ready-Made Kurtis Online Shopping Store 18Fire

18 Fire is upscale fashion house, working with the sole purpose of bringing fashion awareness. To ensure the high standard in there Kurti range. 18fire maintains strict vigil on raw material and manufacturing, Hence the output comes in creative and unique style. 18Fire Online Shopping Store specializes in supplying exclusive kurtis designs and it's products represent the maximum level of creativity. That's the reason! we have arranged 18 Fire Kurtis Collection 2014. In this 18fire collection every kurti is include accurate blending of fashion with feminine touch. In the ethnic wear section latest kurti designs are reflecting the most elegant style ( without any precious or classic art and craft ), finest fabric of cotton that provide highest level of comfort, and exclusive stitching trims are enriching the glamour in ethnic kurtis. These Ready-Made Kurtis has been designed to add more pronounced effect in girl personality by applying tailoring adornments. In this Kurtis Collection Online shopping portal expert designers has introduced most latest trends and style of kurtis like four corner surrounds kurtis, rumali kurti design,U shape Kurtis, A-line Kurtis and Frocks Kurtis with elegant patterns of sewing. So have a look on 18 Fire Kurtis Collection 2014.

Latest Kurtis Collection 2014 | Fashion of Embroidered Kurtis | Charming Kurti Designs

Kurtis dress dignity and charm is incomparable, Therefore, it is in Indian fashion since more then a decade. Kurti is popular as show stealer, and yet it is continue to reign on the ethnic fashion scenario. As being the part of South Asian culture from centuries, many fashion designer has reinvented the designs of kurtis according to trend demands to balance the sensuality and femininity with modernity. According to us! a girl cupboard is empty if she doesn't have a unique and charming collection of Kurtis. To realize the advantages of Kurtis fashion to our readers we have brought a Latest Kurtis Collection 2014 to use them regularly as office wear or in social gatherings. This fashion of Kurtis is include focused style, small and contrast print fabric carry the real shades of beauty with delicate thread work patterns to enhance the ethnic charisma. Kurti designer has beautified these kurtis with intricate embroidered applique around neck, damaan and back shirt bunches. A women' who wants a rich look outfits , should opt the Embroidered Kurtis Fashion.