Indian Readymade Suits 2013-2014 | Latest Colorful Embroidered Dresses Collection

Many  world class fashion designers exists in Indian clothing industry who brings luxury clothing for women. for the fashion savvy girls these fashion stores struggle hard to brings simple, durable and cutting-edge design that also increase their annual revenue. Eventually today's we got an elegant, colorful ethnic suits collection, that is full with charisma and creativity. So we have decided to promote Indian Readymade Suits collection 2013. These Indian dresses has been designed on ethnic style with urban inspiration to make a trendsetter outfits. In winter season mostly girls like silky clothes for parties and other eve gatherings so Indian designer has effectively created these Colorful Embroidered Dresses. The selection of colour scheme and contrast of embroidery shows the specializing sense of designer and feelings. Choosing the long shirts with churidar reflects the richness of dress, as well as it disclose that designer is Influenced with royal era. As we are familiar- that Indian culture is wrapped around history and traditions, and Indian citizens like to wear the clothes which keep around their custom and history, Therefore indian fashion designer keeps ethnicity on top, and modernity on second level. But this Readymade Suits collection is filled with traditional bold colors, Luxury embroideries, and affected with new designs of Indian style. So if you like to wear a dress that give a modern yet contemporary look then please try these Latest Embroidered Dresses Collection 2013-14.

Bonanza Satrangi Winter Magazine 2013-2014 | Bonanza Winter 2013 Catalogs

Bonanza Satrangi DressesAfter the huge fame of Bonanza Glamorous Winter, now bonanza is once again shining in apparel industry for highest standard products in recent presentation of Satrangi Winter/Fall collection 2013-14. Satrangi dresses mean colorful dresses, and when i heard the name of winter 2013 collection then i have understood the theme, designing sense and philosophy behind of Satrangi dresses. In Bonanza Shalwar Kameez, bonanza unfold the winter festa with satrangi fall/winter collection 13/14. Satrangi is experience the most unique fabrics from moss to jacquard combined with detailed embroidery and rich color palettes exclusively crafted in to elegant designs that perfectly fits your lifestyle.

Bonanza Glamorous Winter Magazine 2013-14 | Bonanza Winter Dresses for Men / Women

Bonanza Winter Dresses
In this era clothes plays very important role in smart appearance and first impression, therefore clothes are recognized as prime concerned items. In Pakistan Bonanza is identified as luxury merchandise of clothing and modern garments especially for Woven products. Bonanza provides diversified range of apparel in different categories for men and women. Recently Bonanza has launched “Bonanza Glamorous Winter Collection” and added few new items for winter like Shawls, Coats, Sweaters, trousers, Pants, kurta shalwar in hand intarsia range. In " Hand Intarsia " leather, wool and fur made ready-to-wear products has been presented as Winter Dresses. Merino is the finest wool in the world, it is the supremely soft, durable and environment friendly fiber. This winter Bonanza exclusively has brought "Merino Wool" in sweaters to expunge scratchy and uncomfortable feelings.

Clothing9 Fashion Magazine 2013-14 | Clothing9 E-Magazine 2013 Vol-1

Clothing magazine 2013 1st edition is consist essential wardrobe solution and fashion elements. Clothing has brought identical range of indo-pak dresses evolved according to modern trends. In the surge of fashion we focus to bring something that is unique and cater new trends, and Clothing9 Vol-1 has emerging styles of saree blouse, mesmerizing salwar kameez, fancy bridal dresses, luxury jewellery and unique mehndi designs with helpful beauty tips.
Clothing9 has been launched on 15 February 2013 and it gained huge popularity in short span of time due to our readers appreciation, and now Clothing9 is known as world leading online trend-setter blog in fashion industry. Clothing9 is a pioneer of Indian and Pakistani fashion blogs, We always brings world class product, best quality HD pictures to maintain the quality in every aspect. On the road of Competition we are getting new task, and we are successfully going with the global marketplace. Our valued visitors of fashion adventure seekers come to the shore of Clothing9 blog to discover something new and exciting and we always carried with them the romanticized memories, Culture, tradition and lifestyle of their homelands. Our goal to share the beauty of today's Indo, Western and Pakistani fashion, Indeed a lofty goal but we are determined to fulfill it today and tomorrow as did in past. Today we have launched our first fashion magazine Clothing9 E-Magazine 2013 Vol-1, hope you like our work and products.

Long Shirts Designs with Churi-pajama | Embroidered Long Shirts 2014 Fashion

In fashion industry everyday new trends arrive and goes from horizons of fashion, and only few trends keeps constant. Clothing9 today's presentation is from some of the truly outstanding trends, Yes you are right ! we have brought Rajasthani embroidered long shirts collection joined with Churi pajama. These traditional ensembles has been designed in awe inspiring style with unique sensibility. Fashion designer has put great efforts to reflect strong vision of cultural dress with regional crafts. In this Long shirts collection 2013 has been featured beautiful handmade crafts, and reflect the style of Rajasthan culture and region ethnic look. In the tenure of modernization, these long dresses has included similar patterns of Indian Salwar suits and influenced with Rajasthani heritage. Designer has brought bright, fresh and attractive color schemes in these Long Shirts 2014 Fashion, because color has strong relation with women's soul. Embroidered Shirts and Churidar comprises neat cuts, professional stitching on warm khaddar fabric. Have a look on Long Shirts Designs 2013-14....

LSM Gorgeous Wintery Magazine 2013 | Lakhany Silk Mills Gorgeous Wintery Collection-13

After Lakhani's Shawl Collection, recently Lakhani has introduced LSM Gorgeous Wintery Collection 2013  for winter, a brilliant combination of new designs on warm fabrics. Lakhany is offering cozy clothes and trendy prints for latest fall/winter. Lakhany silk mills - ( LSM ) Textile is eminent for classy and comfortable clothing, it always brings innovative ideas and unique style for every season to drape yourself in best fashion trend, and Lakhany Gorgeous Wintery collection 2013 is best example. In this Wintery magazine Lsm fabric has brought thick clothes nourished with embroideries and lace stuff. Lakhani dresses are perfect for party wear, casual and formal solution, because dresses detailed with classic embroiders by thread on prominent color scheme. So let's have a look on Exclusive LSM Gorgeous Wintery 2013 women collection.

Seymore Saree Designs | Latest Printed Chiffon Saree Blouse Designs

Seymore Print Pvt Ltd is a reputed saree manufacturers of Gujarat, India. Seymore is working as exporter and supplier of hand printed sarees in fashion industry. Seymour has deep experience and great knowledge  to deliver a standard work with perfect manner. Their biggest strengths of development is Latest saree designs  that has implemented a big effect on growth. Saree is cultural dress of Indian. Women likes to wear sarees to flaunt chic style and elegance. Sarees Blouse are replacing with modern fashion, and now sarees are available in wide range of colors, draping style and trims. Sarees are worn as daily wear because Saree dress gives moderate personality, Indian communities also prefer saree for occasional wear and festival purpose. Therefore a huge rise has been seen in saree demand, So we have decided to bring Indian Printed Saree design by Seymore made on Chiffon fabric. These Saree blouse cater appealing prints on soft texture chiffon. As Shiffon is very light weighted therefore the flair of fabric highlighted the beauty and charm. Moreover with multi color tones Printing style has been reflecting modernity. These Chiffon Sarees are best for Casual wear, because it suits all body type due to slim fit style. So let's have a look on Printed Chiffon Saree Blouse by India.

Churidar Pajama and Kurtis | Short Kurti with Churi-pajama Designs 2013-2014

Short kurti with Churidar trend has invaded the closet in Pakistan, Young girls has appreciated this trend, and are modifying Kurtis according to season by combining with formal trousers and an elegant shawls. To get the aura of flattering wardrobe kurtis / Churidar are playing main role in scenario. In the huge variety of kurtis, today we have brought printed kurtis in vibrant shades and embellished with thread embroideries. This Churidar Pajama and Kurtis Collection is not only elegant, as well as comfortable and easy to wear garments. These Short Kurti with Churi-pajama includes traditional styles, and designs has been developed in figure flattering way. Plain Choori-pajama with printed Kurtis has balanced the ethnicity. So if you wants a Traditional style with royal touch then must grab a piece from Churi-pajama Kurti Designs 2013-2014.

Long Shirts with Pencil Trouser | Sana Salman Christmas Party Dresses

Fashion never seen constant, it gets change with weather, trend or situation. whenever, the new ray of trend impact on fashion it lends itself according to the latest design. Pakistani Fashion world is getting affected with the western phenomenon, and the reflection can be seen in our style. People are heartily welcoming new phenomenon and embracing. Long shirts with pencil trousers or Capris are very popular and influenced by western trends. Modern ladies has adopted the trend as it is , but traditional women's has adopted with cultural customization. As Long shirts are most demanding trend of the season, Therefore Pakistani fashion designers are also focusing to bring a new designs of long shirt in industry. Although developing a unique style is a art, but on a boutique level long shirts comes in luxury style. Nowadays women has overlook wearing tights, and preferring to wear pencil trouser or capri, that looks more appealing and decent. Pakistani woman's are now more mature and has deeper consciousness of fashion. Long Shirts are best to be the center of attention, adopting Long Shirts with Pencil Trouser / Capri trend increase beauty and reflects personality charm, Long shirts are best as party dresses to casual or official wear. If you are looking for Christmas Party Dresses then Long shirts will be best option, So let's have a look on  Sana Salman designed Christmas Party Dresses in Long Shirts style.

Nishat Linen 2013 | Nishat Linen Pret Catalogue 2013-2014

Nl pret by Nishat linen feast your aspirations due to best shades of the season. In the winter temptation 2013-2014 this winter let nishat take you on a journey to find the joys and mysterious of being you. Nishat Linen Pret collection passionately designed to make you feel special this season. You can choose from an array of Nishat inspirational designs available in pret catalogoue season-2. The exuberant mix of themes awaits you to find the right match for your mood.For those who looking for a new range of winter the pret gives a stylish and chic outfits. So scroll down to have a look on Nishat Linen Pret Catalogue 2013-2014.

Firdous Khaddar Winter/Fall Collection 2013-14 | Firdous Khaddar For 2013-2014

Firdous has introduced Embroidered + Printed Firdous Winter Collection 2013 yesterday. In recent launch Firdous Cloth Mills has revealed Khaddar dresses for winter days. As we all know that many other brands also brought Khaddar collection for Wint, but Firdous Winter Fall Collection 2013- 2014 prints are very unique and multi color schemes has been included in patterns. Stitching or tailoring style differs because Khaddar dresses contains straight cuts designs enriched with folk embroideries on fragile prints. Firdous Khaddar Collection will be the perfect style to express you fashion sense  because of workmanship, decorative patterns in a distinctive forms. Printing patterns are developed from geometric shapes, foliage, flowers, leaves and figures of birds are also represented in this Firdous Khaddar for 2-13-14, So lets have a look.

Bonanza Glamorous Winter Commercial 2013-14 | Bonanza Official Video

With the changing times, fashion trims are also transforms according to new trends. This week many fashion brands of Pakistan unveiled their winter collections for 2013-14. Every brand brought the trends according with unique prints and styles but thoughts behind every collection was same, that they want to serve human by keeping warm and save from cold. As we know that Bonanza is well known in fashion for their woolen dresses as well as seasonal dresses. Recently Bonanza has brought a unique style of Glamorous Winter sweaters for man and women in " Bonanza Glamorous Winter Collection 2013-14". In Glamorous Winter 2013 by Bonanza has given a new identity to sweaters as tops, every sweater designed in tops style to wear with jeans and tights featuring stylish necklines decorated with Fur, beads, buttons, strips and Woven flowers. Color schemes of Girls shawls, tops and coats are very classy yet modern. On the other hand Bonanza Glamorous Winter Collection for man consists sweaters, jackets and mufflers in brown, black and gray shades. Hope you all like this Bonanza Winter Collection 2013-14, so lets checkout the Latest inlay visuals and Bonanza Official Commercial Video 2013-14.

Alkaram Winter Hues 2014 Vol-2 | Al-Karam Winter / Fall Collection 2013-2014

From last two days many fashion brands has dazzle the fashion market by unveiling latest winter dresses. After The Gul Ahmed Winter Vol-2 Now Alkaram has joined the valley of trend by throwing Alkaram winter collection 2013-2014, after the great appreciation and success of Al-Karam Winter Hues 2013 Vol-1. Alkaram Officially tagged this winter collection as " Aks Winter Hues Collection Vol-2 2013 ". In this winter 2nd edition by alkaram has introduced the Shawls fashion with a bit luxury touch. Al-Karam forwarded the message for this Aks Winter Hues vol-2 is " luxurious Shawls gives you warm winter glow that will mesmerize and amaze you. Snuggle up in fabrics, prints and embroideries that will let you enjoy winter without its blues. Clothing9 team is sure that Al Karam Winter Hues Vol-2 Luxurious Shawls Paired Dresses will increase your grace and personality charm, because All the Winter Dresses 2013-14 are very attractive and will win your heart in a wink of an eye.

Gul Ahmed Winter Collection 2013-14 Vol-2 | Gul Ahmed Shop Vol-2 Winter Collection

Gul ahmed is a trend examiner brand with all fashion prowess. Their staple trend never goes out of style because of their deep research and trend monitoring before throwing any collection in market. Gul ahmed Shop known as long lasting trendsetter brand with high quality material, therefore Women's anxiously awaits to seek Gul Ahmed dresses. in the huge range of winter collection it is very difficult to get the right dress in a budget. For our readers convenience we are mentioning the prices of Gul Ahmed volume 2 2013 Collection. In this Collection we have brought Pashmina Shawl, Black and White Collection, Cashmere Digital and Pure linen collections of vol-2. Gul ahmed volume-2 consists of intricate digital printed dresses detailed with rich embroideries and motifs work. Beside of these luxury elements Gul ahmed has enriched winter / fall dresses with tailor art and sewing designs. So take the sartorial plunge on Gul Ahmed Winter Collection 2013-14 Vol-2 we're betting that you'll get your money's worth.

Gul Ahmed Winter Pali Collection 2013 Vol-2 | Pali Embroidered Winter 2013/14

Pali PrintsGul Ahmed Winter Collection 2013 Vol-2 has been out a days ago with full of creativity to set the new trend in fall. Gul Ahmed has been revealed spectacular Winter prints in every section of the winter vol-II. This collection has been sent to all ideas stores and gul Ahmed outlets for sell. In Gul-Ahmed winter vol-II lots of luxury patterns has been delivered on a variety of fabrics like Viscose, Khaddar, Chiffon, refined Linen in Pali Collection, Pashmina and Cashmere. The dresses for winter has raw cloth and contains three piece combination of shirt, Dupatta and salwar. Few hours ago Clothing9 has published " Gul Ahmed Khaddar suits 2013 Vol-02 " and now We are going to update Pali Collection 2013 Vol-2 fetched from Gul Ahmed 2nd edition for fall / winter. Pali Dresses has been exclusively launch for winter with Printed shirt, dyed salwar and dupatta on refined form linen. Pali Single Prints has contains fluid fabric taken from natural fibers, and Pali Embroidered include printed dupatta, dyed salwar and Embroidered shirt on the refined form of Viscose. Although, in pali collection vol-2 many tailor made designs has been introduced for girl to give tips of optimization in the form of Angrakha Dress, Long shirt, Poncho, kaftan paired with tights. So if you like to take a idea of sewing then must look the snaps of Gul Ahmed  Pali Collection 2013 Vol-2.

Gul Ahmed Khaddar Fall/Winter 2013 Vol-02 | Fancy Embroidered Khaddar

GulAhmed Winter 2013 Vol-2
Gul Ahmed Fall/Winter 2013 Vol-02 has been released with 81 prints of Pashmina, Khaddar, Pali, Viscose, Shawls and Cashmere. This Winter Collection 2013 Volume-2 by Gul ahmed is based on out class winter dresses for Casual, Formal and best semi-formal wear. Designer has given especially focus when designing this Gul Ahmed winter catalog, They valued thought behind of designs can clearly seen. Gul Ahmed has been 100% successful to deliver a unique trend in Volume-2 2013/14 that stand first at the index. Bringing the whole catalog like others was very easy to get attention but Clothing9 wants to inform each and every single aspect of every design. Therefore we have divided the Gul ahmed Vol-2 for winter in many sections, and here is Gul Ahmed Fancy Khaddar Fall Collection 2013 comprises on Chiffon, Fancy Embroidered Khaddar and Fancy Khaddar suits. You are thinking that all the name look like same so whats the difference ? so we explain that Chiffon Khaddar and Embroidered khaddar dresses has been designed for semi party wear. fancy khaddar dresses has been designed to fulfill formal and heavy formal wear needs. In this Khaddar for Fall winter gul-ahmed has opted out the latest prints with classical touch. All the winter designs are symbolize the collection with traditional and modern dresses so let's have a peak on Gul Ahmed Volume2 Collection for winter 2013.

Khaadi Unstitched Winter Collection 2013-2014 | Khaadi Khaas Winter Collection

Khaadi Khaas has released Unstitched Winter Collection few hours ago. This time Khaadi joined the fashion runway with marvelous 20 winter prints for girls. In this Unstitched Collection Khaadi has brought folk patterns of Pakistan mostly famous in handicrafts like patch work, truck art etc. The base of fabric include small geometrical shapes, Texture of dresses looks very soft and warm because of yarn fibers. Moreover the application of neck applique is increasing the beauty of Unstitched Winter Dresses. khaadi hasn't brought shawls and scarf or leggings in this Khaadi Winter Collection 2013, Because, khaadi has decided to give a unique stock for winter's 2013. Therefore offered long shirts combined with pencil trousers and Capri's. Khaadi Unstitched Winter 2013 includes raw dresses to give to customization option. If you love folk art and like to follow your tradition then we would recommend you to wear this Khaadi khaas 2013 selection. Because, Khaadi dresses has contains classical style and touch of modernity for trend follower ladies. Let's scroll down to examine gorgeous trendy collection of Winter by Khaadi.

Nishat Shawls in Stores for Winter 2013-2014 | Nishat Linen Pashmina / Silk Shawls

Nishat Linen is subsidiary of Nishat group a well known multinational company. Nishat group is associated with major business sectors of Pakistan like cement, banking, textiles. Nishat group keeps a excellent reputation in business and financial industry  etc of Pakistan. Nishat does rank in top five business houses for the strong presence management skills, unparalleled and consistent quality. Like other sectors Nishat textile industry also has largest composite structure, Nishat Linen ( flagship brand of Nishat ) known as complete wardrobe solution for kids, men and women. It provide wide range of essential clothes to accessories. Nishat is performing a good hospitality being a favorite brand and producing best trendy items for every weather demand. Recently it has come up on the fashion screen with two amazing and stylish winter collection 2013 / 14 for gents and ladies. Winter Dresses has been launched with the gape of a day, but Few hours ago we have updated you with Naqsh Kurta Shalwar, and now Clothing9 is back on the map of fashion with Nishat Linen Shawl collection for Winter 2013-14. In this Shawls packet Nishat has introduced traditional wraps with the touch of modern art like Digital print on woven fabric. Nishat Woolen Shawls developed with Silk and yarn fibers, moreover digital prints has been assigned for decoration. The Color schemes is very prominent and Nishat has used graphical, floral, geometric patterns for Nishat-Linen Winter Collection-13. These Digital printed Shawls has been paired with tops and Skinny / stretchy jeans to give a new idea of winter trend. If you are not a skinny and top lover then pair Pashmina / Silk Shawls 2013 with any dress instead of Dupat-ta and give a unique look to your personality and add grace by selecting Nishat Shawls. Nishat Shawls are available on all leading stores for winter sell.

NL Naqsh Winter Kurta Shalwar Designs 2013 / 2014 | Nishat Linen Naqsh Kurtas

Kurta Shalwar keeps very unique position in Asian men wardrobe especially for the traditional value and as a customary dress. Kurta Shalwar can be worn as formal wear, Casual or in function with the small trims and tweaks in design and tailoring, and right selection of accessories could enhance the whole look of Kurta shalwar dress. In Pakistan there are lots of styles of the kurta shalwar of domestic areas which include regional design according to weather, style and tradition. But, when Designer Menswear got approach in market, it influenced the domestic market and decreased the demands of regional styles. Because, fashion designers use high level of promotions and right style of presentation therefore they are obtaining much higher response. NL Naqsh is also from top selling brands of Pakistan, it does rule over the heart of males. The vision of Naqsh by Nishat Linen is to provide unique, premium standard garments that carry latest fashion trend. Naqsh always prefer ethnicity, therefore always brings Kurta Shalwar or Shalwar kameez designs for men's in every seasonal products. Today's launch of Nishat linen naqsh kurta also includes tailor art kurta designs with Salwar appropriate for Winter / Fall weather. NL NAQSH Winter designs 2013 / 2014 has been developed on Yarn dyed Fabric, Further detailed with embroideries to Long length embroidered kurtas. Moreover the edition of plackets on opening / slit of every Kurta is highlighting the grace of dress and giving the touch of modern style. Nowadays Flap, buckles, coverings on pockets shoulders with gathering and plate details are in fashion, So Nisha designer team also applied the same features. To give best option to wearer Nishat Linen winter Kurta Shalwar comprises plain salwar, jeans and same shade salwars. Nl Naqsh Menswear must attract buyers and if yes ! then This menswear collection is available at all leading stores in very reasonable price.

Shawl Catalog 2013-14 | Zunuj by LSM Fabrics Fall Winter Collection 2013-14

lsm fabrics shawls
As winter season arrives, warm clothes makes strong place in our wardrobe. In early ages women's had taken help of sweaters and coats to keep warm, but fast moving world brought many challenges in front of women's. Now they have to select right cloth for warmness that keep them with latest fashion trends. So now woman's wear Shawl in fall winter days instead of dupatta's. Shawls not only give warmness but also keep up with the latest fashion. In Pakistan we have huge range of shawls like Kashmeri Shawls, Sindhi, Balochi, Handcrafted Pashmina Shawls and Silk Shawls etc. Pakistani Shawls are very soft in texture and very warm due to 100% sheep wool. Nowadays many Pakistani brands are providing shawls decorated with various crafts and techniques. Gul ahmed, then Hadiqa Kiani and now House of Zunn by LSM Fabrics has been introduced the most exciting range of Shawl Collection. This Shawl catalog contains Kashmiri floral and paisley patterns embroidery with vibrant and sharp color schemes that looks very attractive. Shawls are very soft and woven with silk and wool fibers, Because Silk fiber keep shiny and wool fiber keep warm. Very wise combination of silk and wool fibers is selected with embroidery so don't go away first have a look on this Zunuj by LSM Fall Winter Collection 2013-14.

Hadiqa Kiani Winter Collection Dresses | HK Fabric world Long Shirt 2013-14

Hadiqa Kiani Winter Dresses
Hadiqa Kiani loves to be in gossip, and she always tries to find a way to win public heart. Her aims to serve humanity through her creative mind and inspiration. For this reason first time she won the heart via voice magic, then she opened a salon, and now is providing her services in fashion industry. Hadiqa Kiani Fabric world is running under flagship of Hadiqa's. Under the HK fabric world she is delivering positive energy in dresses with resolute attitude. She works hard to produce an authentic / aesthetic collection by hitting the right notes of ancient sensibilities, sublime stitching with the luxe detailing in dresses. Her thoughts and way of designing totally varies from other competitors, Therefore Ladies wait so long to get the single piece from Hadiqa Kiani dresses Collection. Recently She has released Winter Collection - Volume/2 for both ladies and gents. She is the subject of conversation for the latest dresses designs for cold climate. The Hadiqa kiani Winter Dresses describes the women look in a unique way, due to joyous colours against digital prints. On the other hand, menswear has emphasized by putting resham thread embroideries around Button down and collar's. We can say that Sophisticated elegance is the part of HK fabric world Collection 2013-2014. Newly unveiled Winter Dresses for men and women looks charming, creative and much comfortable for the cold season. For menswear as usual Kurta Salwar has been presented but girls can find variation like Digital Printed Long Shirt with Tight Pyjamas, Western inspires long Tunics paired with Shalws to make a unique trend for winter by digitally printing. Hadiqa's has proven that Her brand HK fabric world is major milestone of clothing industry.

Latest Khaleeji Abaya Designs | New Designs of Khaleeji Abayas 2013-14

Khaleeji Abaya
Abaya Addictive has adopted regional styles as their wardrobe staple. Mostly Women's got deep interest in Dubai Abayas, Emarati Abayas and Khaleeji Abaya.Because, these regional style contains lovely / flairs cuts and unique embellishment along with sewing designs. The regional style abayas puts great impact on others due to strong structure, Therefore: Nowadays girls often are searching for the abaya, that gives a wow comments. When we talk about wow look abayas then Khaleeji Abaya comes at first so today we have brand new Khaleeji Abaya Designs 2013-14. These Abaya has regional flare of Khaleej but influenced with modernity. In these Abayas designer has emphasize the various parts of dress like Waist, Shoulder, Sleeves and Necklines are nourished in a unique styles. Khaleeji Fashion designer has tried to move a new trend in Islamic fashion market. Because, every Khaleeji Abaya design has consists a new mood of Golden embroidery touch along with flowing patterns. Let's Have a peak to Khaleeji Abaya 2013 from Clothing9.

Cimyra Heavy Formal Dresses for Parties | Pakistani Semi Formal Dresses 2013-14

Cimyra ( The name of true elegance ), is Recently flashing on the fashion screen with new exciting range of heavy embroidered formal dresses. The new set of luxurious embroidered dresses are driven by the quest of perfection. These Pakistani semi-formal dresses has focused designs to meet anyone's individual needs. Because, Cimyra has developed each dress with new standard for quality, styles and innovation to make a right choice of eve parties like wedding ceremonies, Engagement gathering or new year parties. This semi formal collection 2013 includes different type of Adda embroidery has dipped artistically in richness of designs and classical styles of crafts. The cuts to fabric, and embroidery to sewing each aspect is equipped hybrid of customary and modernity. To find the best piece for next wedding season ,have a closer look from today's Cimyra heavy formal dresses for parties.

RoyalTag Winter Collection '14 | Royal Tag Suits in Pakistan For Mens

Royal Tag has introduced its 3 piece suits collection for men's for Winter season 2014. This Suits Catalog has been tagged as " RoyalTag Winter Collection '14 ". Royal tag has wisely brought three piece suits to give a latest and sober trend for office wear. Royal tag has brought diverse range of Ties, dress pants, classy leather jackets, shirts and jeans in recent winter arrivals. Royal Tag has built this winter suits collection in a clean cut styles, professional designs, with a classy touch. Most wanted color schemes like Blue, Black, Grey and brown colors has been introduced with some out class modification in style of piece suits. The Ties has been made on 100% silk material, and embellished with dot, strips, chack pattern and combined with plain shirts. For leather jacket royal tag has picked brown and black hues. Although, sweaters has been made in red and blue. If you are searching for a superb and premium quality leather pieces or professional outfits, then Clothing9 suggestion is for you that take a winter dress from royal tag winter suits, Because: these suits are available in Pakistan and will give you smart look in meetings.

Best Kashmiri Shawls | Thread Embroidered Pashmina Shawls Wraps Collection 2013-2014

The valley of Kashmir is designated for treasure of classy art and handicrafts, Kashmir known as the supplier and exporter of Hand Woven carpets, , Mufflers, Shawls, Stoles and other products. Above all products Wraps and shawls of kashmir are very popular being ethnic magnificence. Kashmiri Shawls ( Cashmere Shawls ) are most likeable wraps in the world due to elegant attitude, regional symbol of quality and commitment. The undeniable richness of Pashmina shawls gives royal touch if you pair it with ensemble. These Shawls from kashmir reflect the charm of the valley, sophistication, printing style and regional crafts. In these Pashmina shawls, designer has inserted the magic of weaving / knitting patterns apart from thread embroidery. Fabric and other material used in making of Pashmina shawls has high standard to give warm feelings. Every Shawl contains antique design with latest trends and ethnic style. Thread Embroidered Pashmina's carry wide range of crafts detailing like Jaal work, Bunches, and natural floral shapes. let's have a look.

Kayseria Winter Prints 2013-2014 Kayseria Winter Shawls Collection 2013-14

As temperatures hit the lower notes, and you set out to stock up your winter wardrobe. Kayseria is proud to announce its distinct designers Winter Prints 2013-2014. This is a promising Winter Collection of fine fabrics and picture perfect prints with the premium addition of printed shawls in pure wool and silk wool. Kayseria Winter Collection 2013 offering a set of exclusive fabrics like Bamboo modal and Lyoceil along with finer quality cambric and cotton modal. Kayseria's expensive range for winter gives more fabric power, design option to you in choosing winter wardrobe. Keeping you wrapped this season is Kayseria's exclusive shawls 2013 edition. Kayseria Prints offering the ultimate luxury of 100% pure wool and silk wool with the alluring designs, vibrant color and attractive styles that forward your aesthetic taste, that you have come to appreciate over the years. Kayseria brand philosophy of great quality and value of money is now realized, and reinforced with stronger faith. Kayseria winter Collection 2013-14 is astute, brood and trendier than ever before. They hope: that you share your joys and experience regarding Kayseria Winter Wise 2013 and Shawls Collection 2013.

Straight Cut Long Shirts with Embroidery | Cbazaar Straight Line Dresses Designs

Cbazaar Straight Line Dresses DesignsDress plays a key role in making personality attractive. A perfect dress has quality to reflect your dressing taste in first glimpse. Accurate selection of garment not only increases the beauty, but also makes personality absorbent and graceful. But Ladies do not understand the importance of accurate dress selection, and picks any fashion trend. Although, Asian women don't have so many hard and fast rules, but if they follow few tips then can get an attractive personality. Being the NO 1 fashion and lifestyle blog, we have brought a stunning Straight Cut Long Shirts collection that includes all the qualities of perfect dress. These Straight Line Dresses Designs has been brought to you by Cbazaar ( The leading online stores of the world ). Cbazaar presented this straight kameez collection for fall / winter parties nourished with heavy embroideries, moreover decorates with stones, crystal and swarovski embroidery. As Cbazaar knew, that Women loves luxury attires, and desire to gets a dress that prepared to compete with modern era demands. Therefore Cbazaar has wisely implemented Swarovski embroidery work with modest customizations, color combination and decked other elements with crafts to make glittering and breath taking Party Wear Dress.Furthermore, These Long Straight cut kameez has been offered with variations in bottom wear like Pant Salwar, Lehnga Trouser, Skiny tights, and Aadaa Pajama. Most of the Long shirts has heavy Jaal embroidery on front part of shirts and sewing style is Front Open Tunics, coat shirts in ankle and knee length. So let's join us and have a deep look to Cbazaar Straight Line Dresses Designs 2013-2014.

Exclusive Maria B Bridal Collection 2013-2014 | Maria.B Kundra Bridal Embroidered Dresses

Maria.B bridal designs has been unveiled few hours ago on Facebook official page. Maria stands forefront in bridal designs, because her bridal contains chic and breathtaking style with cultural touch. Recent Maria b bridal dresses also made with same variation and includes chiffon fabric accented with beading, jewel straps to give sleek modern look. Stitching of bridal gowns consists on clean lines and extra long length philosophy. The girls who are looking for alternative of traditional bridal dresses with luxury touch,then Maria B bridals line 2013-14 seems to have a new trend, sheath style with embossed embroideries in golden and silver contrast. Sateen fabric is also used in bridal outfits nourished with pearls and crystal work to add newest bridal trend in market.As the maria b has huge clientele in US and European market, so she has specially focused on western touch and entire bridal collection display in a unique boutique and couture setting. Let's Check out the new editions of Exclusive Maria B "Kundra" Bridal Collection 2013-2014.

Best Selling Sarees 2013 | Most Wanted Saree Blouse | Indian Best Sarees

It is very difficult to express your personal style in a decent way, But if you do so then everyone will adore your own signature taste. Few of our Indian women's somehow succeeded to express their style, and got appreciation by designer and public. Clothing9 today's selection contains on our general lady style, that has achieved best selling tag this year. This year we have seen a huge rise in sell of thread work Sari and Banarasi Sarees. Although, Indian market is known as most rich and cultural saree dealer in the world, but these Best selling saree collection is really stunning and reflects the unique designer taste in the index of sarees. Because every best saree includes most whimsical motifs, beautiful bouquet of flowers in embroidery with lush / succulent fabric. The charm of best selling Sarees is unable to overlooked, because, designer has highlighted every saree in a artistic way with embroideries. Classic designs, best craftsmanship and skills of designer creativity are enhancing the beauty to make perfect saree so lets check out the Most Wanted Saree Blouse Collection.

Pishwas Designs 2013-2014 | Indian Pishwas Anarkali Dresses | Designer Bridal Pishwas

We would always want to bring variations of dresses on Clothing9 blog, Our mission is continue, and these Pishwas Dresses will be key edition. Pishwas Dress has authentic style which makes it famous in girls, it looks like Anarkali and seems to be the twins sister of Anarkali frocks. One thing makes Pishwas frocks different  from anarkali is ankle length or knee length with extra wide surrounds. Like Anarkali, Pishwas Designs also have strong relations with royal era, and according to historians: Designer Pishwas had worn by royal queens and princesses. Now pishwas is most wearable party wear of Indian and Pakistani women's. Modern Pishwas designs are available in wide range in style, color and embroidery according to event demand and function requirements. Due to party season today we have decided to bring the stylish yet comfortable Bridal Pishwas Collection, and here is complete Pishwas designs 2013-14 in front of you. These Indian Pishwas contains pure classy two part stitching with embroidery and paired with churidar pajamas. Churidar has carry skin fitted style and Pishwas shirts also includes skin fit trims and detailings. These Pishwas are available in market from 150$ to 200$. Our Pakistani visitors  find these Pishwas in Pakistan too from Pakistani designers.

Orient Kashmiri Khaddar Collection 2013-2014 | Kashmiri Khaddar Vol-2 Orient Textiles

Orient Textiles a trendsetter among many fashion brands has launched it's Kashmiri Khaddar Collection 2013-14 for Winter's. The Khaddar dresses with Kashmiri crafts styles is getting higher response by ladies because of precious and valuable embroidery. In this Khaddar Collection-13 Orient Textiles has put total magic of designs, embroidery and warmness of fabric. Abstract, geometric an floral pattern has been used in prints, and natural hues of Kashmir has been used for embroidery. in addition of embroideries, Orient lawn has been presented alluring styles of shirts like A-line, Tunic, Straight long shirt, and flared shirt along with Churidar trousers and Palazzo. These Kashmiri dresses are offering a best options in casual to party wear categories, and the handicrafts lover females also can get best range of embroidered Kashmiri dresses displayed by orient. Hope you all like this Kashmiri Khaddar Vol-2 by Orient Textiles , if yes please send us your priceless feedback.

Party Wear Dresses 2013-14 | Designer Party Wear | Indian Suits for Parties

For centuries, Frocks dress is most prominent fashion party wear trend of  India, And has a noble significance in the history from the Mughal era. When we read the Asian women behavior then it disclosed an important thought, that Asian women's are keen to follow the traditions and cultural style with modernity. They don't need of any counseling when finding a traditional party wear dress, because, every day new designs get approvals in market, So they try to find a dress that give million dollar look. In the valley of fashion and style Clothing9 has brought lots of party fashion on the blogging platform, but today's presentation will bring sheer elegance, extravagance and style in personality. These Designer Party Wear includes variety of colors, shapes of Asian clothing, cuts and designs of Indian evening trend. Designer has beautifully implemented amendments in every classy design with modern patterns to make integral part of Indian party wear. Fashionholic can find cultural crafts elegantly decked on Party wear suits. In the inspection of dresses we came to know, that Indian fashion designer has applied Indian regional handicrafts to make these party dresses more fancy and appealing. every dresses has own Indian ethnic style with decent look, so let's scroll down to check most favored party dresses 2013-14 of Indian women.

Kashmiri Embroidery Salwar Kameez 2013-2014 | Kashmiri Traditional Dresses

Salwar Kameez has obtained specific place in Asian women closet for ages, Similarly, inherited handicrafts of Pakistan has also secured the special place in fashion. These constant heritage of imprints handicrafts been left by civilizations are our actual treasure. In Pakistan we have wide difference of tradition,and culture as well as folk art. When we talk about folk art the regional handicrafts comes at the top of index. Every regions have connoisseur of handicraft, who has kept alive the ancient heritage in culture till today. Indeed, The hand-crafts are the most obvious expression in regional identity, Therefore today we are going to introduce enticing Kashmiri Traditional Dresses. These salwar kameez has beautiful kashidakari in Kashmiri style. Every Kashmiri salwar kameez has magic of Kashmiri embroidery work done with resham thread and fleece thread. Usually, Fashion designer work on neck and surroundings of shirts, but in this Kashmiri salwar suits designer has focused on salwar's and presented thread crafted salwar. Every salwar has prevalent embroidery inspired by lush nature of Kashmir region like floral, leaves and trees.Although kameez are simple and carry sewing art and lace decoration paired with long Georgette dupatta's. Since, the demand has increased of Kashmiri Embroidered Dresses, so designer has added regional crafted collection in their products too, therefore tourist loves to buy as souvenirs. Lets scroll down to have a look on Kashmiri Embroidery Salwar Kameez Collection 2013.

AKS Umar Sayeed Winter Collection 2013-2014 | Umar Sayeed Collection with Price

Umar Sayeed has launched his designer winter collection 2013-2014 in collaboration with Al-Karam Textile Mills Pvt Ltd. Umar Sayeed Designer Winter 2013 range is based on significant designs of eastern culture. This winter Umar Sayeed has brought two new series in fashion, Number 1 is "Designer winter 2013", and "Alkaram Digital Print Collection 2013" are include in winter dresses. Alkaram Digital Print Introducing an awe inspiring fusion of digital abstract prints, modern patterns and a traditional striking design Embodied in Digital Collection by Umar Sayeed. AKS Winter 2013 by Umar Sayeed is a luxurious mix of glamorous winter prints. Umar Sayeed winter dresses reflects the magic of embroidery and art of colors in a most stylish way. On the other side majestic blend of Jacquard / Khaddar / Linen accentuated with shawls and nourished with motifs and dyed warm Shalwar brings warm feeling and joys in freezing climate. The all expertise are shown in Al Karam Winter Collection 2013-14 with exuberance and beauty that lets you shine is brought to you by Umar Sayeed.

Long Shirts 2013 | Indian Long Dresses | Long Shirts Designs with Trousers |

As the Long dresses fashion has become an indispensable preference for every women. Long dress is well complements fashion, that is simple,elegant, contemporary and advance trend. Nowadays, Long shirts are immensely popular in women's, and restores itself in the world of fashion with new crop and flair. Thus, today we will hold talks on long shirts. Long Shirts carry every style in it and girls can find flairy to straight style dresses in this very popular trend. The long shirts fashion deliver majestic quality on the wearer personality. Due to the traditional attire girls like to continue the long shirts fashion to enhance the beauty, grace and looks. In our previous posts we had brought Pakistani long shirts designs, but today we have Indian long shirts with trousers. These Long Shirts Designs have been stitched in frocks style further detailed with luxury crafts and lovely prints. Indian designer gave frock style to add flair in shirt to pair with skinny trousers. The color combination is very prominent and embroidery exposed in a unique way. Every Long Dress has own innovative sample, In this Long Shirts Dresses females can find double layered long frocks, Embroidered Long dress, Lining shirts, and front open long shirts that can be perfect attire for any eve party.  Every girls desire to have dress that enhance femininity, so these Long style shirts with trouser and funky long dupatta will be a stunning combination to be the eye catchy. Join the Clothing9 | Fashion and Lifestyle blog to dive the world of fashion.

Bridal Sarees with Stylish Blouses | Indian Saree with Latest Blouse designs

A Saree is known as pretty outfit in Asian clothing styles, but this timeless attire keeps in under experiment by fashion designers. Every fashion and cloth expert changes the shape and design of saree blouse according to season, trend and occasion. Occasionally fashion stores implements transformations to get higher sale. But every innovation brings new form of sari on the screen of fashion. Sometimes change the draping style or sometimes present designer blouse to give new looks to saree.
Clothing9 is the platform for all women's who wants to get latest fashion updates, and finding some crispy and classy dresses for wardrobe. Today we have brought hot bridal sarees with stylish blouse with modern trendy necklines and cuts. Because, wrong selection of blouse design will forward bad impression. In our views, it is very necessary to follow some tips while selecting a blouse with saree, like Body shape is very essential to get the right blouse, and what kind of draping style saree has. saree is a costume that rarely wear in Pakistan, but Indian ladies are great expert in the case of wearing saree and choosing blouse, Therefore, we have selected Indian Saree with Latest Blouse designs to convey Indian trend and experience to Pakistani ladies. As the party and wedding season is in Pakistan and many women are thinking to wear Saree, so these Saree Blouse designs will give you idea of wearing saree, but also help you in choosing right blouse. So lets have a look Bridal sarees with fancy blouses Collection 2013-14 specially brought to you by Pakistan's number one fashion and lifestyle blog.

Fancy Mehndi Images | Exclusive Mehndi Designs Images for Parties

For centuries women are using henna for beauty, Henna / Mehndi has specific place in Muslim culture, but With the passage of time Mehndi has become mandatory in any culture. The fact, people love to see best mehndi design, as well as appreciate the artist work. Now Mehndi has become contemporary element for every holy event to parties and ceremonies, That is why, Mehndi has now become a part of fashion. Due to this immense inclination of women's, mehndi artist are coming with glamorous and fascinating henna designs to spread creative work and promoting the business. Many Henna / Mehndi artist are using fancy stuff to make difference, Therefore girls easily attract from those fancy mendi images, So we have the same Fancy Mehndi Images collection with us, specially drawn for brides and parties. In this Exclusive Mehndi Designs Images for Parties you can find Henna Tattoos for Hands, Feet, Back part of body. Have a look on these  Exclusive Mehndi Designs and make your festive day quite separate and special from others.