How to Cut Kameez | Straight Kameez Cutting with Sleeves

Today we are going to describe you that how to do drafting and cutting of shirt / Kameez. On page-1 you can that we told the Kameez width formula that is : Original width if Daman + 2 inches = Cutting width. After taking the width remaining cloth will be for sleeves. On page 1 we shared a example measurement of width.
Now come to page-2 in page 2 you can see the marking method. In Marking step first you mark the bust line from already taken measurement from shirt, see picture-10 points no 41/42 for bust line guidance.

Method of Cutting Pakistani Kameez

In page 3 we are describing the Hips line  for more detail check image -11 points 41 to 44.
Now the step of border line for more information have a look image 11 and points number  41 to 45.
Now come to page 4 In which we told you how to mark neckline, In necklines girls has different choice for example some like deep neck other like wide neck so draw according your taste. A normal neck size will be 5.5 inch in length and 4.5 in width, check image 12 points 46  and 47 for neck marking information.

Here we tell you how to mark across back, Across back depth marking, bust marking and chest marking in page 5/6 .
Look page7 and 8 for waist marking, Hips marking, marking of back neckline length and marking of back neck width.

Page 9 and 10 guide you that how to mark sleeves length, top sleeves marking, Wrist marking and how to curve top arm side which stitch near arm hole.

Kameez Drafting Samples

Straight Kameez Draft with Sleeves

How to Cut Kameez on fabric
How a shirt look when you unfold it, here is front part of shirt and back part of shirt .


great help for people trying to stitch daily wear dresses at homes. In South Asia there is a tradition of giving sewing machines to women as dowry, few actually use them. With tailors charging Rs700 to stitch a plain shirt, I think it is great idea to start maiking shirts at home, at least for day-to-day wear. (h)

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