Silk Saree | Classic Saree | South Indian Silk Sarees 2013-14

Silk Saree is also known as " Varanasi Sari " or " Banarasi Sarees ". These saree are the richest traditional products of Indian culture, and has huge demand in market. Silk sarees often used in functions and weddings.These saris vary in designs and prints but most common is brocaded ornament silk infused with elaborate zari woven on heavy gauge fabric. In Classic sarees garnishing tool associated with it is Persian art, figures, animals rendered, floral and architectural patterns detailed with thread. This ancient weaving tradition is most famous in South Asia therefore it also famous as south indian sarees.Today we brought another Antique Saris trend from south India that reflect the cultural value of Indian rich heritage.Lets have a look on South Indian Silk Saree Collection 2013-14.

KhushRang Boutique Queen Collection 2013 | Sushmita Sen Unstitch Salwar Kameez

KhushRang boutique is one-stop-shop deliver the best designer outfits in wholesale and retail market of India. There mission ti provide a unique experience to fashion consumers. They given especial attention on Bollywood dress style and glamorous accessories. Khushrang is a leading boutique, bring forward exclusive fashion items in section of Jewelery, Salwar suits, Sarees that match your style and taste. KhushRang Fashion reveal genuinely appealing designs, patterns that uncover your femininity and colors complemented with the Asian element. Khushrand Bollywood fashion includes modern-day style factor on high quality craftsmanship, Recently Khushrand has brought a brief idea in the section of Bollywood fashion 2013 tagged as " Sushmita Sen Unstitch Salwar Kameez Collection 2013 ". These unstitch pieces are very pretty and represent the signature style of Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen.Lets have a look the most Colorful and elegant signature dresses of season.

Nishat Linen Winter Designs 2013 / 2014 | Nisha Eid Collection 2013

Fashion means a prevailing trend of dress, that has been adopted in society for the specific period. Fashion is with us since we started to use clothes to cover the body. But interesting thing is that how does fashion travel from region to region? and how does a fashion reach and become popular among public in short span of time? In the early period photographs were the main source to spread fashion towards public, Although the method of disseminating trend is still in use but these days of cable and satellite broadcasting use is on the rise to give popularity to fashion. Any tendency has emerged in public in few minutes due to media. Mass adoption of satellite channels has become the key source of visual persuasion in fashion communications. Media has brought revolution the new dimension of fashion, and audience has found a major informative fashion portal. There are many fashion channels and programs, playing key role for fashion. These segments covers different fashion events like runway shows, exhibitions, sale of designer collections to brands across the world.

Shariq Exclusive Mid Summer Khaddar Collection 2013-14 | Pakistani Khaddar Dresses for Eid

Once upon a time when Lacha Dress, Front open and double shirts had strong presence in girls wardrobe.As time changes: girls replaced it with latest cropped dresses designs.But recently when i have seen Shariq Exclusive Midsummer Khaddar Collection 2013: then evergreen Lachas, front open and double shirts designs slide show begins in my mind.I really love traditional dressing therefore my heart forced me to post this Pakistani Khaddar Collection on clothing9 platform.One of the appraising and unusual prints are introduced by Shariq Textiles, they really designed a remarkable Mid-Summer range of the season. They launched several collection before of this but the fame graph goes-up higher than ever.Now shariq contributing international at level and the designs are also show the standard.In this Mid Summer Collection 13 Shariq Textiles  brought printed and embroidered khaddar attires but the key facts is sewing designs.Yes they brought traditional Long salwar kameez with variety of styles like Lacha pattern, Double Shirt in Romper style, Front open or Coat shirts and extra long dresses as well as frocks.First time any brand brought Lacha Dress in casual wear in affluently luscious colors.If we look at whole Khaddar dresses series then every piece  has adoring prints, ravishing embellishments and rich ethnic finesse with perfect stitching.We can say that wonderful selection for Eid-ul -Azha.

Nishat Winter Designs 2013-2014 | Nishat Linen Eid 2013 Catalogue

Nishat Linen have a huge influence in setting the new trends in Pakistan textile sector. Nishat favor their respected customers and always introduce latest fashion to set the new style from season to season.Recently Nishat by Nisha endorse Winter Designs 2013/2014 latest trends to the masses and retailers.Its very difficult to decide that what will be the next trend, because fashion is growing like leaves and bough.But one thing is clear that: everyone want designer unique and ready made clothes and so far Nishat Linen Winter Collection'13 is based on invariably creative and unique printed products.In this Collection designer team introduced dynamic designs, and lethal prints combination arises by Nishat Linen.They proved that they are trend setter in Pakistani fashion industry by making a creatively designed 12 amazing collection range of Winter Eid Dresses.Today we brought a complete  Nishat Linen Eid 2013 Catalogue, Insha-Allah Tomorrow we will bring All 12 collection footage in next publication,Till then Enjoy the Nishat Winter Designs 2013-2014 magazine and stay tuned Pakistan's No one fashion and Lifestyle Blog Clothing9.

Ittehad Linen Collection 2013-2014 | House of Ittehad Winter Linen Dresses

Since Mall culture is growing steadily in Pakistan, Many Pakistani Fashion brands and private designer labels are getting interest to develop their business.There are large no of Shopping malls are in Karachi like City Center, Imtiaz Super Market, Millennium Mall, Park Tower Shopping plaza, Saima Pari mall Hyderi and Dolmen mall. These Malls are very popular both among public and industry holders, Because These multi brand stores offers wide range of varied designers under the single roof and air condition environment.Today i got a chance to visit Saima Pari mall and Dolmen mall for Eid shopping then i realized that many popular fashion and lifestyle products are gathered there.Many fashion brands hanged advertisements and hoarding to attract customers and many suspended the sell with sold out board.Some major brands announced that they are going to launch their Eid and winter collection in few days like Sana Safinaz and Ittehad Lawn, So an idea came in my mind that why not i inform you people about malls clothing range and i implemented here.Tomorrow House of Ittehad Will launch its ittehad Linen Collection 2013 and the complete range will be available in Dolmen mall hyderi branch.These Linen Dresses follow mind blowing classic prints and best tailor made designs.Most of The House of Ittehad Winter Linen Dresses contains Long and flowy loose patterns coupled with Loose trousers and tights according to next season.Clothing9 brought Linen Collection 2013 today, if you want to look back of ittehad Eid Collection 2013-14.

Avalon Sarees Online Latest Bollywood Dresses Collection 2013-14

Indian fashion industry standards is rapidly increasing and has come equivalent international standards.Textile sector has become one of the most revenue generating industry of India.Now consumers are focused on buying globally popular styles.Best dressing sense not only give you confidence as well as important aspect of  personality and identity.It is key element that globally accepted clothing demand have increased so garment manufacturer are contacting advertising agencies for great appearance of their products in market.Many of them using other ways like hiring Bollywood actresses and models of Star Plus serial to get quick response of we told you that in past Bollywood gave a unforgettable support to industry.Nowadays fashionholic are fond of  Bollywood dresses designs so Indian fashion brands using the technique and getting attention very easily.Today Clothing arranged a latest Bollywood inspired dresses collection for girls introduced by Avalon sarees online.In past Karisham Kapoor, Akshara dresses and Raveena Tondon dresses got very high response.Hope this Avalon Sarees Online Bollywood Dresses range must win your heart too.

Indian Party Wear Dresses Trend 2013 | Fancy Party Dresses in India

Diversity is main key of Indian Customs and cultures.People following different traditions and the dressing sense too differ from each other.After independence globalization Stamped a huge changes in the style of Indian textile industry. The looks of dresses was cosmopolitan than region-specific.Some outfits designs have become most favorite among ladies and the demand of classical pieces decreased day by day.But once again Indian Film industry supported the industry and fashion scene is greatly influenced by Bollywood.Indian Fashion experts started adopting the classic styles with some modified patterns.Numerous patterns has been given to traditional garments such as you have option to get long or short kameez, skin tight or loose shirt or A-line to straight to provide you better guidance.The same experience was done with Dupa-tta and salwar.Now we can find many Modern versions of Kameez Salwar and Du-pat-ta that can coupled with variety of bottoms.Some patterns follow Indo-western inspired cuts  to create passion of wearing Indian dresses in international customers, The thought brought a revolution in the Indian Textile Industry and Indian garments designs has became first choice in foreign countries in parties.For this reason, we are appeared with set of Indian Party Wear Dresses Trend 2013.

Bridal A-Line Embroidered Lehenga 2013 | Latest Fish Tail Lehenga / Ghagra Choli

Embroidered Lehenga choli are immensely popular in Indian culture, and admire by women for traditional significance. It also recognize as Ghagra Choli due to customary value.The oldest form of Lehnga Choli was detailed with simple cuts but in the present day versatility mixed with ethnicity that make a stunning output in bridal dresses range. Because of native dress Indian women  like to wear on weddings and reception / walima events.Embroidered Lehenga implement regal look and rich feel to wearer personality.When focus on wedding dress then nothing can be perfect dress then Lehenga Choli Dress therefore We have brought an elegant yet mandatory attires for wedding parities.These Lehenga's are stitched in different patterns like Fish tail style lehnga, A-line Designs Ghagra and traditional Bridal Lehanga, that can be best choice for wedding day.

Aara Premium Black Abaya Collection 2013 | Black Abaya Designs With Embroidery

Aara Online is UK based Islamic fashion exporter providing stylish and modest Abaya and Hijabs to the Muslim communities globally.Aara mean adorable, It derived from Persian word,  and if you have a glimpse on Aara Abaya Collection then you must say really adorable.Recently Aara Online has introduced an aura of excellence in Islamic fashion.These designer black abaya's features remarkable designs and fine Thin embroidery.Designers used neda materiel and variety of designs are included like Push snap closure abaya, front open abaya, Butterfly abaya, Thread crafted Dubai abaya and Luxury abaya so dont go away and have a look on Complete Aara Premium Black Abaya Collection 2013.

LSM Cottorina Women Collection 2013 | LSM Fabrics Winter/Fall Collection 2013-14

LSM Fabrics Affluent and leading clothing brand in textile sector, manufacturing top quality fabric world market.Recently LSM has launched LSM Fabrics Winter Collection for the year 2013.The LSM Cottorina Women Collection 2013-14 would give the best solution of winter casual style.Lakhani Silk mills going to launch cotton dresses on 23rd of September 2013 all over the world.As Winter's are around the corner so Lakhani designers team introduced Cotton dresses in Short shirts and long shirt with decent pencil trousers and Jarsi tights.LSM Cottorina Collection 2013 further detailed with crescent Sewing designs with out class prints.You can also try these cotton dresses as day-wear in fall winter season so have a look on LSM Cottorina Women Winter/Fall Collection 2013-14.

Front Open Double Shirts Designs | Double Shirt Anarkali Suits 2013-14

New age loves Pakistani clothing  because it express the culture of Pakistan.  Although Pakistani dressing has similarity with Indian style but people know the difference. As our youngsters are adopting cultural clothing with modern trimmings therefore Clothing9 has brought the prominent example of Anarkali frocks with modified looks in double shirts style.These Double Shirts Designs has fine and intricate zari embroidery detailing around necklines and borders, on the other hand front opening style getting the attention that reflect the creativity of Pakistani fashion designers.Since the Textile sector of Pakistan achieved the pivotal position,  our designer are putting their great effort to compete with global market.Now a days exports of ready-made garments are on the peak and especially ethnic products of Pakistan are known as high value fashion products.This Double Shirt Anarkali Suits 2013 collection also is the part of high end items so we brought on Blogging platform.Each and every aspect of this collection reflects the identity of Pakistani boutique dresses that come out after very lets have a look Front Open Double Shirts Designs and appreciate the creativity and art work of Pakistani Textile industry.

How to Measure Salwar Size -Lesson 3

Our third class based on measurement of Asian Salwar ( normal shalwar / Simple Salwar ).Here we are going to teach you how to take size from stitched salwar. Look on No 14 picture no 3 in which you can see we have taken salwar length measurement mentioned by numbers 23 and 24.
Now we go for salwar width or Ghair size that can be seen in image 3 with arrow 23 to 25.
At 16th stage we take waist to between legs measurement or Aasan size that has been mentioned with a arrow sign from point 25 to 26.
Here is last measurement of shalwar bottom width that call payencha or Ankle hole can see ankle hole size from pints 24 to 27.
Now we tell you the formula of cutting size.
For length you have to apply this Formula: Exact length+3 inches= cutting length.
for example your salwar original length was 38 so after applying the formula it would be 41 inches so when you take fabric so much take a fabric that has 82 inches length for both side of salwar.
for more guidance please have a look on image-4 and Salwar length chart.
For salwar width please apply this formula : original width + 2 inches = cutting width.
for example your real width was 22 but after applying the formula it would be 24.

Latest Saree Collection by Brijraj | Best Saree Collection 2013-2014

Saree is the dress of women of the Indian subcontinent , Sari can never go-out of fashion, it wraps around body and give modern makeover to lady with comfort.Indian ladies Find Saree Dresses as easy-to-carry outfit.Indian designer have experimented with the saree and suggested that for casual or as semi-formal wear give a unique style to petticoat or blouse to demands more attention.Avoid boring and fussy draping style and spruce-up the classic nine yard sari with a modern twist.Today we have brought most appraising and appealing dress catalog by brand of India. Brijraj fashion is prospered and prominent Saree Dress manufacturer.They have online retailer shop where they give the best deal all around the globe in saree dresses.Brijraj Recently launched its Best Saree Collection 2013-2014.

How to Take Measurement From Stitched Shirt - Lesson-2

This is our second class of sewing and cutting, now we tell you how to take measurement from stitches kameez, because measurement has basic importance in sewing.If you take measurement correctly then best result come in cutting and you easily perfect design.Cutting totally depends on size chart so give full attention while measuring so it could be possible to cut fabric in right style.
We have 13 measuring point for a kameez of girl.Follow me to know about the measurements.
Here we are telling you to take measurement from already stitched shirt.

Basic Principles of Cutting in Dress Sewing - Lesson 1

Today we decided to add a new segment in Clothing9, in this segment we teach you how to stitch or sew your dresses yourself  - as eid event is coming and tailors stop taking more orders so now you prepare dress for eid, but before starting our first class we like to tell some basic rules of cutting because after measurement cutting is most important part of sewing, without learning the secrets of cutting we could not make a perfect dress.
Here are some tips / rules of cutting if you take in consideration then you will be able cut a dress like tailors.

1- If you are cutting fabric on floor then floor should be clean / plain and at least you should have 5ft by 2-1/2ft area or table of this size.if you see any stains on floor then mop the floor before cutting.

Raveena Tandon Dresses | Threads Embroidered Dresses 2013

Embroidery or Handicraft are use to decorate fabric by hand or machine. Mostly we use thread and needle to join metal, sequins, mirror or pearls on fabric and it also incorporate other materiel. in the old age women most often used embroidery on caps, blankets, dress, bedsheets etc, But now fashion designers are implementing on dresses to enhance the beauty and Introducing these clothes through well known Bollywood actresses like Karishma Kapoor, Ayisha takiya and now Raveena Tandon.Today Clothing9 has Raveena Tandon thread embroidered Dresses collection, it included variety of style of eastern dresses like Front open shirts, Double shirts, Anrakali Frocks that have heavy thread crafted on necklines, border and bust point.These Embroidered dresses are especially designed for Evening wear of party wear on vibrant to soft color scheme.Lets look down the new style of Raveena Tandon Dresses 2013-14.

Abaya 2013-2014 | Designer Arab Abaya Collection 2013-14

Now a days Abaya are not just a part of Islamic dress, it is a symbol of fashionable lady and modesty. Old burqa fashion is out and designer abaya's has took place. The abayas of 2013 are full length, funky, and embellished with variant items.Abaya / Hijab has a way of formatting morality in a women but also leads to modest views.As demand is increasing, some new abaya brands are getting involved in business, and inserting multiplicity of types and design  that are favoured by women specific regions, religious and cultural interpretations.Today we are introducing Arab abaya in black color because Black abayas are more commonly worn in Gulf, Arab and Middle Eastern as Islamic Clothing.Lets Have a look.

Reeva Designer Emboridered Magazine 2013-2014 | Reeva Designer Suits

Shariq Textiles proudly presents Reeva Embroidered Collection 2013.A superb fusion of classic and contemporary, A perfect blend of ethnic and traditional designs set in vibrant hues and printed on premium lawn quality fabric is what Reeva Designer Suits is all about.Everyday a new brand hitting the boundary of apparel retail industry and the emergence of new brands opting out with rapid development and growth as well as setting new limits of competition for old textile giants, certain scenario of emergence has groom upward the Pakistani textile industry and has been providing a better client experience.As we look around the brand position then analysis show us that Shariq Textiles remains on sustainable position in fashion.House of Shariq has been inaugurated over 20 years ago, Being a progressive clothing brand Shariq Textiles has strong global presence in international fashion market.let's join me first we take a look on Reeva Designer Emboridered 2013 footage,  then will do describe the design philosophy.

Gul Ahmed Cambric Magzine 2013-14 With Prices | Gul Ahmed 2013

Gul ahmed mid summer cambric has been released with 60+ great style ideas.This cambric collection included hottest designs and most flattering prints with new vibrant color schema that make every dress a must have piece.Undoubtedly they have marks another milestone after their Eid collection in the realm of fashion.Gul-ahmed brought new innovative styles in latest mid summer Cambric Collection for girls.Being a pioneers of clothing industry Gul ahmed has concentrated on each point of wearers and put forward a wide array of party wear, Embroidered dresses to routine dresses in this Cambric Collection.Being a girl i have idea that how much we keen about fashion trend, We deeply desire a round-trip luxury dress so latest Collection of Gul Ahmed gives some fresh styles of the season.This mid-summer range contains Chantilly De chiffon, embroidered cambric, Essenza De silk, la chiffon, normal cambric and single print.First look at the footage and below read the review about the cambric dresses of gul ahmed.

Pakhi by Preeti Tamor Handwork Saree Collection 2013-14

We shared Pakhi by Preeti Tamor patchwork Kurtis in our previous post and here is another great work launched by Indian Fashion Designer. She amazingly transformation traditional sarees into a show-stopper dress.We have brought to you a line-up of Handwork Saree from Pakhi, a women's wear label of Preeti Tamor.The vision of the brand is to bring Indian arts and crafts to the fore by taking inspirations from various regional crafts, age old techniques of dress-making , ancient art forms, folk art movements, dyeing and merging tiny details to add momentum and drama. This collection features Folk art inspired contemporary styling with dated silhouettes, cuts, drapes and vibrant colors which make every piece a must-have this season.In this Saree Collection 2013-14 Preeti introduced saree with in-stitched Blouse.Every Saree has unique folk art inspired detailing on pallu and borders.Every saree patterns has been highlighted with Kalamkari , Madhubani, Phad Painting, and Abstract art.

Patchwork Patterns For Kurti 2013 | New Patchwork Designs

Patchwork known as "Ralli Work" in Pakistan, it is made with small pieces of clothes mowed in various shapes. Triangle, Square, Cube, Diamond, Parallelogram and Hexagon are popular Patchwork Patterns which commonly use in Patch work.In ancient times Women's used to make bed sheets, quilts and pillow covers, cushion covers, but modern era spread this ancient art in fashion.It is form of needlework in which we combine many geometric shapes through sewing.Ralli work "Patchwork" is traditional art of Rural areas of Sindh Pakistan and Western India. From the time this Hand-art gained international recognition the demand has been increased.Nowadays many fashion designers using Ralli work for commercial production and mostly getting services from Indian States of Rajasthan and Gujarat and Tharparker Pakistan.Today Clothing9 brought a new series of Patchwork designs For Kurti in recent selection of "Pakhi By Preeti Tomar" . Lets Check-out the New Patchwork kurti Designs and scroll down to see the intro of talented designer.

Short Kurti Churidar 2013-14 | Choori Pajama with Short Shirts Styles

Churidar or Choori Pajama is a type of bottom wear in place of Salwar, Choridar pajama  worn by South Asian men and women. Chori trouser was very famous in Mughal era, It has tightly fitted pattern. Mostly girls wear it with anarkali dress, frocks or long shirt but this tenure brought a change so now it is very popular trend with short shirts or Kurtis.The churidar trend is migrated with Indians, in the earliest time Pakistani Punjabi families use to wear it and later other communities also adopted due to royalty and richness.Different eras brought changes to the cuts and designs of Choori Pajama like now a days ready made gathering developed trousers are also available.These readymade pajamas are made with stretchable fabric and gathering settled with elastic or " Smoking "  detailed work.Since these are considered an integral part of Pakistani culture therefore Clothing9 has brought essential piece of occasional wear in today's presentation.These Churidar collection 2013 has been combined with Short Kurti shirts.all the Chori-dar dress are made with cotton fabric, Shirts are detailed with Prints, embroidery, satin pati and lace stuffin, but the Choori Pajama are plain.Long and funky chiffon duppata are adding the look so let check out the Short Kurti Churidar Collection 2013-14.

Alkaram Mid Summer Collection 2013-14 With Price

Alkaram is Pakistani garment manufacturer who has introduced it's Mid Summer collection 2013 in in 5 unique prints never seen before.According to us Alkaram's Mid Summer dresses are an exploration of the creation and expression of beauty.Al-karam Lawn has brought "Vintage"  "Splendor shades" " Crafts Imprints" "avant grade" and "Intricate patterns" are in complete mid-summer catalog.Alkaram Midsummer collection 2013-14 include traditional designs of salwar kameez yet modified long shirts and baggy trousers.Midsummer dresses Clean-cuts with flowing patterns grant you sharp contradiction from the crowd, On the other hand Splendor shades make you stand out in the aura of immaculate perfection.Al-karam latest mid-summer outfits in five different styles designed after deep research and designer team kept the need and requirements of their valuable customers.Being a leading brand they have included extensive collection of readymade garments.In this Mid-Summer Collection 2013  ladies get colorful yet decent option for your casual wardrobe that will help you stay fresh and trendy in hot weather.

Indian Readymade Salwar Kameez | Latest Readymade Salwar Kameez Online

Clothing9  belief that every woman is born beautiful and committed to enhancing the natural beauty in every woman.Therefore we have brought a readymade salwear kameez online, it has a great traditional place in Asian girl wardrobe, Salwar Kameez suits retains the ethnicity of rich Asian culture as compare to other garments.Whenever i visit market i see many designer Salwar suits by several companies because of the most preferable attire.That's why we have arranged indian ready-made shalwar kamees made retains classic Indian prints, craftsmanship and embroidery on high quality cotton fabric.latest presentation of online stores of India to add an extra oomph to your style statement.These salwar suits are sewn in long shirts and short shirt both styles and paired with pencil trousers and Churidar salwar.Scroll down to check out the best Indian Readymade salwar suits collection 2013-14.

Party Wear Patiala Salwar Kameez | Latest Punjabi Patiala Suits | Patiala Fashion

Andaaz Online Store is a UK "United Kingdom" Based retailer brand deals in broad range of men, women and girls Clothing. Andaaz popular for one-stop-shop of Asian clothing. Their famous products are salwar kameez, Churidar suits, Pathani Dress and Kurta Pajama for Men. Fashion is an art and the language of fashion is universally understood for aesthetics colour, shape and size. Andaaz Online promise to deliver a perfect fit aesthetic mood that you are searching for, Therefore Clothing9 selected Patiala Salwar Kameez suits for the traditional value and consider as best dress in India as well as Pakistan.Many dress designers and fashion brands introduce new designs in market due to the cultural place. Now a days trends of readymade Indian salwear kameez suits is going slightly up so these brands are coming with ready-to-wear in local and international market.Many online stores of India situated in UK  introduced trendy ready-made dresses like Anarkali Frocks, Patiala Salwar, Best Salwar Kameez, Kurti leggings etc. Patiala also known as Punjabi dress or " Punjabi Patiala Suits". Here we have a Best Patiala Fashion that detailed with beautiful adda embroidery work and sewing art.