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Clothing9 stepped into fashion world on 15 february 2013, When the countless blogs were ruling over public hearts and internet forums. In such situation we never thought, we would get so much attention and affection of respected internet Audience. It has been a great pleasure for us, that you guys gave us so much love, respect and appreciated our hard work. Your precious supports has help us to achieve our dreams by serving the world with exclusive fashion trends. In year 2013 we have Informed you with latest fashion trends , fashionable clothing, and promoted many Indian, Pakistani and other countries fashion designer, fashion brands. we tried to create Clothing9 a best source of south Asian clothing fashion and we are proud that you gave us positive response via comments, email and likes.

Noor Jahan Collection 2014 by Wseem Noor | Luxury Ready-to-Wear White Dresses

Clothing9 exclusively brought Waseem Noor " Noor Jahan Collection" . This collection include fusion of whites layered with blue, gold, pink and red. These white dresses has perfect blend of east meets west, luxury detailing on lustrous fabric. Waseem Noor has enriched these Luxury ready to wear dresses with flamboyant style to grab attention in first glance. The main objective of this Luxury Noor Jahan Collection 2014 is  initiate the label into international market to get success to Wseem Noor. Therefore, fashion designer has enlightened these dresses with traditional and contemporary style to show the innovative fashion sense and talent. Waseem Noor Luxury White Dresses has been exclusively brought to you by Clothing9 Blog for beloved readers in the last publication of 2013. Hope- you have enjoyed the year 2013 with our fashion updates to change the lifestyle.So let's have a a closer view to These graceful Pret dresses 2014.

Prestigious Formal Evening Wear Dresses | Formal Dresses 2014 Designs

"Wow... What a beautiful and Prestigious dress!" "Where have you bought the dress?" "Your choice is wonderful." " All eyes on you, Because- Such pretty clothes you have worn". When a women heard these phrases in functions and parties then cold December, blood freezing weather, and chilly evening feels warm and glad due to fashion heat as well all the efforts and hard work has been done for selecting formal dress has received. So this time we have arranged some charming, cheerful, pleasing and colorful apparel concert to retain the fashion energy. In this fashion warcraft we have presented prestigious evening wear dresses essence with luxury fragrance incorporate modern transformation with cultural diversity. Fashion designer has used vibrant and jovial scheme of colors to relevance ongoing season, and the application of fine and sophisticated embroidery over formal dresses designs is complementing the bursting impression. Moreover the modern equipped tailoring crop and trims implementation is putting the charming beauty. Blend of long funky dupatta with traditional formal evening wear is putting dignified and stylish look. So, for the freezing winter evenings give a chance to these innovative, modernly adorned, distinct Formal Dresses 2014 collection to add a designer and traditional charm in personality and allow people to praise your fashion and style sense.

Latest Luxury Party Wear Collection 2014-15 | Fancy Long Party Dresses

Naushemian By Nauman Arfeen has once again expressed his rich design experience, efficiency and exquisite craftsmanship through this Luxury party dresses. In this party collection he has explained the traditional design  with awe-inspiring western sensibility in innovative way. As the wedding season is going on, so stay in touch with latest season demands, Naushemian introduced a blend of modernity and traditionalism to give a perfect style for the party season. Pakistani dress designer detailed this luxury dresses with heavy embroidery and has given painstakingly care to each aspect. He has selected the traditional shade of our culture like vibrant hues of red and maroon, yellow and purple. All the Party dress seems for Bridesmaid due to color and crafts. Because designer has enriched the Party Wear with silver thread work done by adda, Moreover made fancy with swarovski work, beads, stones and shiny sequins. On the other hand, selection of Long gowns style stitching has poured new soul in "Fancy Long Party Dresses". Latest designs for parties include banaras satin strips detailing on shirts surrounds to put some colors on flowy and wavy dresses. So those girls who likes to wear luxury chiffon fabric with such deep intricate crafts, and want a unparalleled signature style, Must try these Luxury party collection that include timeless elegance and contemporary flair in ensembles.

Ready-Made Bridal Wedding Dress Collection | Pakistani Bridal Dresses for Wedding

Today Clothing9 Fashion and lifestyle blog has brought Ready made Bridal dress collection designed by Mariam Bukhari presented on Riyaz Sahaab multi-brand retail outlet in Wedding dress category. Our goal is to bring latest fashion to enhance the colors of your every single event, hence, we are going to share fancy dresses for the wedding season to fill the illuminations. These formal dresses has been designed with utmost focus to make fashion statement itself by giving trendy cuts mixing with cultural taste and blending with ongoing fashion of the day to deliver X-factor, that makes Mariam Bukhari creation stand out from the rest.
The stylish dresses damned is increased this winter. So every women is giving priority to the dress that stay in fashion till next 3 month. So according to our views this Ready-Made Bridal Collection will remain alive to fragrance your parties with same aroma. To be sure let’s have a close look to the bridal collection.

Dubai Abaya Collection 2014-15 | New Trend of Abaya by Jadael Collections

Dubai Abaya
Modern technology and electronic media has brought revolution in the fashion industry and has wrapped the global fashion in one click. The revolution wheel has had a profound impact on today’s fashion trends as well on sell of fashion products in global market. These smart technologies has totally changed the horizon of fashion and now we can see high developed fashion clothing by fashion designers. Today, we are going to introduce the similar high developed fashion apparel in this Abaya Collection. These abaya contains massive impact of globalization, and we can measure the international influence through style and designs of Dubai Abaya. To throw new trend of Abaya in Islamic fashion sector designer took inspiration from Chinese women's clothing and had mold in a modern template. In Latest Dubai Abaya trend 2014 Jadael has used "wei and jin dynasties" Chinese dressing pattern and on the other hand Fish tail dress inspiration totally has changed the look of abaya. As our newly wed brides are finding few classic and luxury abaya trends for welcome parties so have a look on Dubai Abaya Collection 2014-15 to get new fashion trends for yourself.

Creative Mehndi by Henna Artist Riffat | Latest Ethiopian Henna Designs 2014-15

Mehndi Designs
Henna is widely in use from generations, and historians refer it with Islamic tradition. Significantly, it belongs to Muslim rituals but now due to fashion controversies many religions has adopted Mehndi trend to decorate body. Many people has associated to Mehndi for good luck, sensuality of ancient age, as well as health and positive magical element. Mehndi application is part of Arab world from centuries, and now South Asian countries also prefer this trend, and do hold a henna ceremony in weddings. In earlier age mehndi application was very simple and only include geometric / shapes patterns and simple flowers, but; modern age brings lots of innovation, creativity and modernity in Henna Designs. Many people has joined the mehndi application as their profession, and it has increased in demand, Hence Henna Artist are gaining global attention. In the beautician industry Creative Mehndi Artist "Riffat" has keeps a good reputation due to classical, modern and creative henna styles. She has deep expertise in regional and global Mehndi drawing, Therefore Her Henna Designs follow Sudani Mehndi style, Arabic mehandi, Indian Mehndi, Pakistani Mehndi blended in Ethiopian Henna Designs. Today our henna selection is based on Riffat's Latest Ethiopian Mehndi Collection. In this Ethiopian Henna collection she has brought creative mehndi designs for Neck, Hand, Feet and Waist. These Mehndi Designs has intricate mehndi cuts and delicate combination of various patterns. These Creative Mehndi by Henna Artist Riffat are best as bridal Mehndi, wedding mehndi and ceremonial henna, So those girls who loves creativity with modernity in Mehndi style have a look on Mehndi Collection 2014-2015.

Fancy Abaya from UAE | Dubai Abaya Designs for 2014-15 | New Emirate Abaya Trend

UAE Fancy abayaAbaya is compulsory dress according to Islam guidelines. Abaya is part of fashion and now girls use this mandatory Islamic dress to reflect their great fashion sense. Few years ago we had only straight cuts typical abaya designs, but now great fashion development and technologies has been affected on abaya styles and we can see massive change in trims and tailoring. So today Clothing9 has brought a Fancy abaya collection that has  greatly influenced with modern technologies and regional flare. This Abaya Trend has been filled with middle east, Emirate and Dubai abaya inspiration and enriched with pretty patterns. These abaya's has been made in UAE, therefore represent the classy structure of cultural heritage of Arabian fashion. Moreover the highlighting of fancy elements like shiny sequins, glittery thread, flashy stones has given a new look to Dubai Abaya Collection 2014-15. On the other side, ripple effects baggy, gowns and frock style tailoring with innovative high neck patterns has imposed the funky and wavy shapes that looks very beautiful. UAE Fancy abaya carry refreshing color schemes of pink, purple, black and white and further embellished with golden and silver elements. We are sure; when our valued visitors will look at these soft textured, modest and filled with delightful feminine touches abaya's, then they will appreciate our New Emirate Abaya trend. Please have a look to Fancy Abaya trend 2014-15.

Chhabra555 Punjabi Suits Collection '14 | Punjabi Pleated Salwar with Kameez

Punjabi Suits
Chhabra555 is top wholesaler and retailer of Indian ethnic wear, it has been formed by Late Sh Krishan Lal Chhabra in 1954. Chhabra555 is only brand which covers the entire gamut on Indian essential clothing like sarees, Panjabi salwar suits, Lehengas, Anarkali etc. Chhabra555 is working with vision to become the ambassador of Indian culture, therefore it always brings something innovative for women's closet. Recently it has brought a few unique designed products to meet the modern buyers standard. These Punjabi Suits has been designed on "Dupioni" fabric, ( Dupioni is the type of silk similar to shantung, But dupion is thicker and less regular; because rough slubbed silk fabric woven from the threads of double cocoons ) and implemented highly advanced embroideries with silver zari thread on spectacular color fabric. Furthermore Chhabra555 has carefully translated the eastern and western styles in stitching. In this Dupioni Punjabi Suits Collection designers has presented Pleated Salwar with Kameez, and salwar's also embellished with zari embroidery. Kameez has button loops neckline and buttons are also made with silver zari to add more beauty in Pleated Salwar suits. Please scroll down! because we believe that, you'll like modern variety of pleated salwar with embroidered kameez.

Latest Winter Dresses by Meeshan | Christmas Day Funky Dresses for Girls

Christmas Winter DressesAre you finding a chic Christmas dress to sparkle the festive season? if yes then here are perfect casual dresses for winter holidays. This collection has excavated from MEESHAN that gives you the best shopping experience. Meeshan has presented this collection under winter dresses category. You can discover many simple yet impressive dresses in this Christmas winter range '14 to get timeless style to spice up you party look, Because! every dress has innovative design concept and style logic according to latest fashion trend. You will feel proud after wearing these classic winter dresses for the vibrant colors unique feminine inspiration. So let’s have a quick look to the whole collection.

Folklore Viscose / Velvet Kurtis for Winter 2014 | Folklore Kurti Designs 2014

Folklore Kurti
Today Clothing9 "The No-1 Fashion and lifestyle blog" has brought a casual dresses option for winter 2014. These casual clothes collection contains exclusive Kurtis designs, In the big list of ethnic kurti manufacturer and suppliers very few brands creates new design for the industry, and this folklore kurti collection is an advanced example of designer creativity. Nowadays! hand embroidered clothing products are known as essential item of wardrobe, and if that dress include ethnic flair then no one couldn't deny the importance. So today we had focus to bring highly skilled, hand embroidered collection with contemporary look, and after a deep research; we have found Folklore Kurti Designs 2014. These Folklore kurtis has made on comfortable and warm texture fabrics like viscose and velvet, has been flaunts with pretty yet colorful designs of folk embroideries. Furthermore, The designs philosophy has been used for Viscose / Velvet Kurtis is very simple and giving a unique look. You will feel warm and trendy in these classic kurtis, so have a look to entire folklore kurtis collection 2014.

Taana Baana Winter Collection 2014-15 | Exclusive Winter Dresses by Taana Baana

Taana Baana Winter 2014
Taana Baana is prominent fabric store of Pakistan. Taana Baana being a highly qualified fashion brand is taking a serious step in providing traditional, elegant and most innovative intricately embroidered fabric. Rrecently Taana Baana has thrown another winter's series in market with few distinct trendy outfits. In this seasonal collection Taana Baana has brought delicately embroidered long shirts with exclusive printing patterns. More fresh and sharp color palettes has been included to put some hues and avoid the boring style. Tana Bana had aim to deliver the best designs for today's women and girls in "Taana Baana Winter Collection 2014-2015". So have a look to analyze that that Tana Bana has achieved his goal or not ?

Latest Luxury Clothes From India | Luxury Dresses Collection 2014 for Parties

Luxury Clothes From India
Indian clothing industry is one of the oldest supportive of economy, The emerging trends and government policies has made more vibrant and strong to industry growth. Now Indian textile industry has considered as a major competitor in global market. It is the largest employment provider in India after agriculture, and more them 35 million people are getting jobs due to growth of textile. In fact, from last five years Indian textile sector has received boost in surge of demand due to the high quality production and sentimental designs. Indian traditional and historical products comes under sentimental items, Therefore today Clothing9 has exposed a sensational collection of Indian clothes to show the creativity and great work of Indian fashion designers. In this collection dress designer has expressed his designing sense in a luxury style from tailoring to embroidery. This collection is presets as party wear solution and all the traditional and cultural patterns are the part of Luxury Dresses Collection 2014. From Lehenga to Anarkali, Frocks to Shalwar kameez, and Saree to Angrakha every dress has been perfectly dipped in vibrant colors, Designs and style are the composition of eastern / western cuts and trims. But the crafts is contains modern patterns on classical plus royal style. So those who are searching for Indian Luxury clothes for parties and wedding events, must give a look on this Luxury collection 2014.

Shagun Bridal Collection for Parties | Pakistan's First Bridal Magazine Collection 2014

Shagun Bridal Collection
Shagun is the result of celebration of formal wear that looks good, feels good with a view to present formal wear that is glitzy enough to turn heads yet affordable enough not to white wash your wallet entirely. The range is a charming amalgam of contemporary trends and the traditional intricate artisan. The color palette employed is panoramic and simply delightful. Shagun Bridal Collection features a commendably wide range of formal dresses to suit various occasions from formal dinners to close knit festive gatherings to wedding events to pre and post wedding functions and so on and so forth. As the name itself proclaims, Shagun is essentially traditional though it does cater to the today's gal: and for the festively traditional occasions that are signature norms in our part of the world. But the best thing about the Pakistan's First Bridal Magazine range perhaps is that ( as stated earlier ) you will not have guilty pongs after you have bought a Shagun dresses as the range does offer prices that can easily fit everyone's budget.

Threads & Motif Collection 2014-2015 | Latest Formal & Party Wear Dresses

Threads & Motif
Threads & Motifs is a fashion house- that actually built to provide premium quality designer dresses on the boutique level. it is known as forefront of the latest trends due to exclusive designer garments and superior quality material. Threads and Motif Collections encircle the innovative style on intricately crafted fabric with the blend of high couture designs, that brings fresh ideas in fashion industry. Recently it has launched Formal & Party Wear garments compatible with unique design philosophy and creative ideas to introduce a fresh styles for the winter parties. The collection is delivering the high-end fashion sense of Pakistani culture, tradition as well as global fashion trends. Designer team of Thread and motifs has brought fresh ideas by putting special attention when developing and designing Formal dresses for the upcoming festive season.

Faraz Manan Collection 2014 | Faraz Manan Reminiscing Old Times Party Wear

Faraz Manan Party Wear
Faraz Manan is soon showing timeless classic dissemination apparel once again. FARAZ MANAN Couture Reminiscing Old Times collection contains most selling and demanding outfits of the label.The dresses which includes in this collection contains party wear theme and has been made on dominating colour scheme. One thing that is common in all party dresses is onion pink fabric and silver embroideries on it, But the cuts, styles and sewing are totally different of Faraz Manan Collection 2014. In the closer view we found that tailoring design are flairy and funky. Fazaz Manan Dresses are stitched in long tail gowns style and paired with embroidered cigarette pants. Although; this collection belongs to 2012, but in a first wink it's seems that Reminiscing Old Times Party Wear are just designed now, Because of the dresses cuts and trendy looks. So we have Evaluated that Faraz Manan is the only Pakistani fashion designer who have ability to understand upcoming trends and how knows that how to draw the upcoming fashion in his creations. Hope you also agree with Clothing9 views, so let's join us for a closer view of Reminiscing Old Times Collection by Faraz Manan.

Ashal Mujtaba Party Dresses Boutique in Pakistan | Pakistani Designer Party Wear '14

Designer Party Wear '14
Ashal Mujtaba boutique has great name among party dresses industry of Pakistan. Ashal Mujtaba boutique has been launched in 2012 to introduce her distinctive signature fashion fusion of Pakistani hand embroidery on western cuts. She has contributed to revolutionized the bridal and evening wear through highly qualified style, subtle blends of colors, handmade embroidery. Now Ashal Mujtaba boutique is included under best party designers. Her auspicious label now creates ready to wear, pret, bridal and party wear collections. Moiz and Masooma are the designing executives behind Ashal Boutique concepts, and draw from background immersed with in business and fashion industry experiences. Ashal Mujtaba design style focuses on clean lines, fresh palettes and boyish elegance - integral to the collection is the art of contrast: balancing the androgynous with the feminine; the structured with the effortless; and classical with the modern. Luxurious fabrics are sourced from the finest Pakistani mills and leather details are threaded through out. So let's have a look on Luxurious Designer Party Wear '14 by Ashal Mujtaba.

Best Mehndi Designs of 2014 | Samira Mehndi Artist Christmas / Wedding / Parties Henna

Best Mehndi Designs
The ancient art of  Mehndi is not limited with occasions, because- now it is the part of fashion. Basically it is the body printing art of Egyptians, and originally  Egyptians has brought henna to India. Girls are using Henna as natural ornaments to increase beauty. Interestingly, The western women's have begun to take help of henna designs to enhance their beauty. In the east, eid, wedding feast or party is not complete without henna, And now many other religions also have adopted mehndi as essential element. So as Christmas festival is more closer, therefore Clothing9 has brought Best Mehndi designs for our belovedf Christian community. These Christmas Henna Designs has been arranged by a West Yorkshire based Mehndi artist, known as "Samira". First you have a closer look, after that we introduce you with talented Samira Mehndi Artist of UK.

Readymade Embroidered Frocks 2014-2015 | Indian Anarkali Frocks

Embroidered Readymade Frocks
Today we have brought a frocks collection 2014, because it is a best dress to get a fuller flattery figure. It is known as the dress of Indian maharanis and the princesses. This iconic dress adds a dazzling charm, high notch look, and royal grace in girl personality, Therefore Asian girls who are rooted with tradition loves to wear Readymade Anarkali Frock. This traditional dress not only - combines the richness of colors, but also reflects the perfect style of different region and modernity, that's why, it has reserved a unique place in Indian dresses. As the holiday season has arrived, so we have picked the Indian readymade frocks collection 2014-15 to coincide with holiday parties. So let's first take a examine of the Indian Anarkali Frocks.

Exclusive Designs In Saree | Benarasi Sari in Unique Designs | New Saree Fashion 2014

Benarasi Sari Designs '14
Saree is wonderful costume due to unforgettable femininity, and it keeps great importance in Hindu religion as well as Asian society. Sari is in trend from centuries so it is an inseparable fashion. Being a most preferred dress and ever green fashion, different Indian fashion brands are conveying modern and unique pieces of saree in market. Now plenty of creative and innovative saree blouse style are available in local and international market. So today we have picked Exclusive Designs In Saree from Indian fashion store, Because- Indian inhabitant and foreigners likes saree dress for sensuality and sophistication. This timeless pieces of Benarasi Sari has capacity to hold anyone's breath in a peak, Therefore we have selected the saree collection to throw a new trend in Indian fashion industry. so lets have a look on New Saree Fashion 2014.

Ittehad Swiss Linen Collection 2014-15 | Ittehad Winter Collection 2014

Ittehad Swiss Linen
Ittehad has launched "A Perfect Choice for the Winter Season" apparel collection few hours ago. Ittehad Swiss Linen winter collection  is the mixture of distinctive style with remarkable designs. In this Swiss Linen collection House of Ittehad has put diverse attitude in order to bring a out class collection on Swiss Linen to gratify their graceful women's this winter. Like the previous Victorian style, this Swiss Linen collection will also set the mood due to theatrical charm and mesmerizing prints. A extensive approach of Ittehad textiles, that they have brought a unique theme in every attire by spreading printed motifs on borders of shirt, front and back side of kameez. Additionally they have utilized the beauty by interesting printing on dupattas and sleeves. So join us and have a deep view on Swiss Linen collection for winter 2014-2015 by Ittehad. When more images will be out then we give more detailed review. Thanks

Cayma Emran Best Selling Collection 2014 | Luxury Bridal Party Wear Dresses

Cayma Emran Bridal Party Wear
Cayma Emran is a prototype designer of Pakistan, She knows - that how is to make a luxury dress using professional skills, and how - to insert a customer's precise theme, pattern and style that keep remains in fashion for long period. For this Best Selling collection, designer Cayma Emran draws inspiration from western and traditional royal aesthetic. The collection highlights the majestic, luxury and affluent lifestyle of the queens Nawabs, through royal fabrics such as silk, sateen, brocade, featuring intricate embroideries of exotic floral and natural patterns inspired from French florals as well as figurative embroidery inspired by Mughal miniatures. In terms of Bridal Party Wear Dresses, voluminous multi shaded long and funky dupattas paired with classic long shirts with low backs, choli lehnga’s featuring detailed resham work and signature Cayma Emran Pishwas frocks have been used, all in a diverse colour palette of off-white, gold, silver, yellows, sky blue, peach, orange and pinks with accents of dark greys and browns, ivories and coppers. So let's ave a closer look to Cayma Emran Best Selling Bridal Dresses for Parties.

Fifth Avenue Winter Collection-2013-14 for Girls / Boys | Fifth Avenue New Arrivals

Fifth Avenue New Arrivals
Fifth Avenue clothing has displayed the most appraising Winter collection 2013-14. In this winter range, they have focused the casual needs of youngsters to stay with warm trends in cold weather. To fulfill the weather demand and fashion, they have brought amazing styles of fur, leather and woven clothes. Fifth avenue has allowed the girls and boys to be with their favorite trend in a sober, decent and elegant way, Therefore, a marvelous casual wear has been launched in Pakistan under the flagship of Shabbir fabrics. Fifth Avenue New Arrivals are composed of Leather Jackets for boys and girls, Jeans, Colorful Coats, Woven zipper jackets, Sweater, Shirts and winter Uppers. These Winter Clothes contains skin fit style and further has been nourished with dyeing, printing, and fancy buttons. They have put the versatility in winter collection 2013 with sewing art and professional stitching designs. Those boys and girls! who wants a trendy makeover of cupboard, should try Fifth Avenue Winter Collection-2013-14. Let's Checkout because we hope that You will like winter clothes for boys and girls.

Fashion of Bridal Dresses in Pakistan | Fahad Hussayn Bridal Collection 2014-2015

Fortunately, we have many tops class bridal wear designers in Pakistan, They are very prominent in global industry for their out class designs. In the list of bridal fashion artist Fahad Hussayn stands in top five due to extravagant and lavish dresses. Fahad Hussayn is recognized as unique design sensibility fashion designer, His creations reflects creative vision behind traditional concept and classic style. Thanks to the PFDC L'Oreal Paris Bridal Week 2013 for bringing a new Bridal Collection 2014-2015. Yes! "The great mutiny" has been showcased at the ramp of L'Oreal Paris PFDC Bridal Week 2013. THE GREAT MUTINY CHRONICLE by Fahad Hussayn portrays a love story from the honorable feudal lifestyle of the landed elite in Awadh region from 1857. The Bridal dresses are  classical subtle of realism blended with dreams and emotions. So lets take a closer look to Fashion of Bridal Dresses in Pakistan by Fahad Hussayn.

Asim Jofa Raw Silk / Charmeuse Collection 2014 | Asim Jofa Party Wear Dresses

Asim Jofa Charmeuse 2014
This is party wear collection, brought to you by Clothing9 Blog, The whole range belongs to certified legacy designer Asim jofa  prominent as celebrity of fashion industry. Asim jofa has quickly touches the height of success due to vibrant colors of exotic gems designers dresses and his fascination with luxury inspiration. Now he has become the most honored designer, and known as fresh breath for Pakistan fashion industry. This year Asim jofa has knocked the door of fashion markets, and thrown number of seasonal collection for Pakistani women's. Similarly, today we have picked a range of winter party wear from the Asim Jofa Charmeuse collection. The most appraising fashion designers of Pakistan has included a unique twist of designs and prints on raw silk fabric, He has presented the exotic art of Africa, Shirts front parts are made with pure chiffon, and all over embroideries has been spread, Digital printing techniques has been used on back part of shirts. To exude a striking presence asim jofa has paired digitally printed Dupatta, embroidered sleeves, crafted borders, and printed pants in Raw Silk Charmeuse  Party Wear Collection 2014. Lets scroll down for more snaps.

Al Karam Winter Collection 2014-2015 | AlKaram Winter Hues 2014 Vol-3 with Price

Winter Hues 2014 Vol-3After getting the great response to Al Karam Winter Hues 2013 Vol-1 / Vol-2, Lately Alkaram has unveiled Winter hues 2014 vol-3 in the winter dresses contest. The most recent Winter Hues vol-3 collection has disclosed the exceptional linen print, woven cotton coutille dresses and softest pashmina fabrics. This Winter Vol-3 collection is especially presented for new year parties therefore it include 30 enchanting prints in un-stitch format for girls by Al Karam Textiles. Long Shirt and Kurti fashion has been introduced once again with modification in bottom wear like Palazzo and stretchy trousers, Although! Prints are the mixture of classic and contemporary patterns. Al Karam has introduced fine quality of Coutille, linen and pashmina with ideal combination of prints and embroideries.Latest Winter Collection 2014-2015 by alkaram dresses are the creative blend of cultural style, regional prints and modern embroidery. The colors of winter hues 2014 are the composition prominent bright and bold rich shades. Moreover winter dresses has been nourished with intricate embroideries in a delicate way. Hope you like AlKaram Winter Hues 2014 Vol-3.

Simple Abaya Designs 2014 | Turkish Casual Abaya Pattern 2014-2015

Simple Abaya
Turkish Abaya is very famous for captivating style, confectionery sense, grace and reflective designs of Turkey. mostly Turk Abaya's have lovely blend of cultural elegance and modernity on high quality polyester blend fabric, Therefore girls likes to wear this long and lean silhouette. So considering the choice of girls, Today we have brought set of simple Abaya. These Abaya designs have been manufactured in Turkey by Arzu Ergen. Arzu Ergen has used 100% Polyester material for these abaya, Further detailed with simple silk strips work and printed strip on Abayas edges. To give some funky, attractive and flair style, designer has beautified with Kaftan pattern stitching to these abaya. All the abayas patterns has duo colors and round necklines with long sleeves and strap closure, but the decoration of strip is vary due to prints, like few abaya has reptile printed trims, leopard prints strip, polka dots printed strip work, heart shape and zebra printed strips. These Simple abaya dresses has matching Hijab of strip. So lets have a look on this elegant Turkish Casual Abaya Collection 2014.

Bridal Wedding Wear by Zahra Ahmad | Bridal Evening Wear Dresses 2013-2014

Bridal Party Dresses
Once again wedding season has begun after the end of Muharram. The newly married girls has big issues regarding wedding party dresses. Because! in Muslim culture people celebrates Nikah, Walima, Mayoon and mehndi events with all spiritual significance and rituals and after wedding also invite bride and groom for a dinner, so in this case Brides gets worried about evening wear dresses. Therefore! to become an integral part of parties, brides gets involved in search of unique symbols, designs and colors dresses. When Brides think of dinner party dress or evening bridal wear then embroidered dresses usually comes in mind that follow certain etiquette and needs of parties. our today's collection has been selected according to the theme of bridal party wear. In this Bridal wedding dresses we have picked the wide range of embroidered outfits from the stock of Zahra Ahmad. These Dresses are categorized as fancy and formal dresses. Zahra Ahmed has given essence of new style, luxury touch and designs to these Wedding Wear. So let's first discover the glory of this Bridal Evening Wear Collection 2013-2014 and later will take a brief review.

Best Pakistani Embroidered Dresses '14 | New Year Party Wear | Girls Celebration Dresses

Embroidered Party WearChoosing the right color for dresses not only gets attention, but also increases the new glow and charm in personality. So why not! this year empower our celebration wardrobe with latest color philosophy. Today Clothing9 has brought a colorful Pakistani Dresses for new year parties and other celebrations. These Celebration dresses have been designed with cultural needs of Pakistani women's.  As! every girl wants a fancy and embroidered dress, so these Party dresses have embroideries in a unique manner. Embroidered dresses are considered as cupboard favorite, and crucial for girls due to the heritage value. Therefore every age of women likes to wear embroidered dresses on formal events, eve parties or social celebrations. Our recent Best Pakistani Dresses with embroidery Collection has especially brought on high demand of our valued readers to wear as new year party wear. So first have a deep look on New Year Party Wear outfits.

Firdous Corduroy Winter Dresses 2013-2014 | Firdous Winter Collection 2013-14

Firdous Corduroy Collection 2013Winter weather is booming. Cold winds feels pleasant if you have dressed warm clothes. Rain, snow and dry winds have insists on wearing cozy clothes, but due to high end fashion and trends, few years ago it was very difficult to be with latest fashion and cozy feel, But now Pakistani fashion brands have made this problem easier. So recently Firdous Cloth Mills has thrown its mesmerizing and hottest printed fabric trend as winter collection 2013-14 with new texture of fabric, prints and colors. Firdous Fashion has introduced bright and deep tones on Corduroy fabric as winter dresses. Corduroy is a thick textured cotton fabric which has velvety fibers. it is similar to twilled cotton, which is woven as to have a surface of diagonal parallel ridges. Firdous Collection is the combination of 8m corduroy Salwar kameez and cotton silk dupatta. So lets have a closer view to Firdous Corduroy Winter Dresses 2013-2014.

Latest Long Prom Dresses for Christmas 2013-14 | Western Formal Prom Gowns

Long Prom Dresses
Christmas is around the corner and bringing joys and fun. New year parties are also waiting, therefore people are busy in shopping for Christmas and new year party dresses. Every one wants simple and elegant trend for evening parties, and when we we talk about party dress then Prom dresses flashes in the mind. Prom dresses are traditionally popular among women for the formal events. Prom gown, short prom dresses of floor length prom styles suits almost everyone and is a great way to add a stunning impact on others. Nowadays variety of Prom Gowns are available in market like Strapless, one shoulder, Aline Gown, Floor length prom, Short Prom dress, Fish Bottom Gown etc. Today Clothing9 have also brought Latest Long Prom Dresses collection 2013 for upcoming Christmas parties and new year even. In this Formal Prom Gowns you can see Lace decorated, beaded embellished, Stones and fancy ornaments nourished gowns specially made for 2014 parties. Modern way of customization with luxury embroideries on waist, neck and shoulders are the real beauty of these Christmas Dresses. Chiffon and Silk is putting royal flare so why not pick a formal gown from below given Western Formal Prom 2013-14.

Formal Tunics Dress for Christmas 2013-14 | Formal Tunic Dresses Designs

This Formal Tunics Dress collection 2013-2014 has been gathered for Holiday Season, because christian community is busy in shopping of Christmas. Every one wish to get a unique dress for Christmas party in affordable price. So here is a adorable fashion of Tunics Dress to blossom your eve parties in cold season. Thess Christmas dresses has innovative designs, variety of fabric, different color palettes, and customization option of pairing jeans or legging. These Formal Tunics has modern style and designed to enhance your features. In this Christmas wear most of the dresses has decent cuts, sober trims and creative décor through fancy elements. So let's check out the Formal Tunic Designs 2013.

Latest Slim Fit Saree Fashion for Christmas 2013 | New Christmas Saree Designs

Slim Fit Saree Fashion
Hypnotex a leading fashion brand, brings exclusive Bollywood inspired sarees with latest fashion guide. It's irresistible range of designer wear gives a complete engagement of Indian ethnic trends. Recently it has brought new styles of Slim Fit Sarees in Indian fashion industry for the festive season of Christmas. These Saree dresses are heavily embellished with intricate embroideries and attractive colors schemes, Moreover fine quality fabric is putting a verified quality consistency. Saree Designs for Christmas has captured the magic of Bollywood Queen and purified in ethnicity. If you are searching for exquisite designs of Saree's that will breathe life into the diva inside you then go for Latest Slim Fit Saree Fashion, because it is a vibrant Christmas collection of sarees with Innovative saree draping styles that gives, class, grace, elegance due to the modern hues blended with traditional style. So let's have a look Christmas Saree Fashion 2013-14, and enjoy festive celebrations with Clothing9 Trend guide.

Exclusive Front Open Shirts With Lehenga | Open Shirt Kameez Palazzo Fashion

We know that - Girls are fed up with traditional churidar and straight trousers combination with long shirts, and searching for a trend that look unique and decent for the Christmas parties. So don't go away because, today Clothing9 has brought a creative blend of long shirts in front open style and blouse with palazzo and lehenga combination. We assure you that, these Exclusive Front Open Shirts with elegant bottom wear will meet your fashion sense to set you apart from the crowd.In these Exclusive long shirts designer has picked front open style stitching on net / Banarsi fabric and lining and bottom wear made with chiffon. Open Shirt Kameez has been detailed with ethnic cuts and traditional designs on printed fabric, and lehnga's has embellished with shiny stripes and lace decoration. Long shirts with palazzo and lehnga combination is putting flair in dresses, so try this exclusive fashion for new year parties or as Christmas dress and get a appealing persona by wearing these Open shirts dresses collection 2013 with Palazzo and Lehnga edition.

Orient Linen Collection 2013-14 | Latest - Linen 2013 Winter Dresses With Prices

Orient Linen 2013
Hello, Beloved readers ! Today i have brought an elegant winter trend for you, this Latest Linen 2013 Winter Dresses fashion has been presented by Orient group. Orient is the only brand who's textiles Policy represents a purposeful interventions and satisfied quality. Orient Linen 2013 has been launched under embroidered and printed categories. In this collection talented team of Orient Textiles has picked linen fabric for unparalleled softness to drape you into warmness. Furthermore designer has nourished linen clothes with luscious prints and intricate embroideries in natural hues and bold floral, geometric patterns. Even the way of stitching is the symbol of ethnicity and purity coupled with elegant sewing techniques. Orient Linen Collection 2013-14 specially is made for women of today. These Winter Dresses will bring charisma in winter wardrobe as well as you get ideal personality. The floral printing themes mesmerize your daily life, and luxury thread work will implement sore eye effect. Latest - Winter Collection 2013 is available in very reasonable price of 2,600 to 3,300 Pkr. So get a linen dress by Orient Textiles to overpowering your closet.

Indian Readymade Suits 2013-2014 | Latest Colorful Embroidered Dresses Collection

Many  world class fashion designers exists in Indian clothing industry who brings luxury clothing for women. for the fashion savvy girls these fashion stores struggle hard to brings simple, durable and cutting-edge design that also increase their annual revenue. Eventually today's we got an elegant, colorful ethnic suits collection, that is full with charisma and creativity. So we have decided to promote Indian Readymade Suits collection 2013. These Indian dresses has been designed on ethnic style with urban inspiration to make a trendsetter outfits. In winter season mostly girls like silky clothes for parties and other eve gatherings so Indian designer has effectively created these Colorful Embroidered Dresses. The selection of colour scheme and contrast of embroidery shows the specializing sense of designer and feelings. Choosing the long shirts with churidar reflects the richness of dress, as well as it disclose that designer is Influenced with royal era. As we are familiar- that Indian culture is wrapped around history and traditions, and Indian citizens like to wear the clothes which keep around their custom and history, Therefore indian fashion designer keeps ethnicity on top, and modernity on second level. But this Readymade Suits collection is filled with traditional bold colors, Luxury embroideries, and affected with new designs of Indian style. So if you like to wear a dress that give a modern yet contemporary look then please try these Latest Embroidered Dresses Collection 2013-14.

Bonanza Satrangi Winter Magazine 2013-2014 | Bonanza Winter 2013 Catalogs

Bonanza Satrangi DressesAfter the huge fame of Bonanza Glamorous Winter, now bonanza is once again shining in apparel industry for highest standard products in recent presentation of Satrangi Winter/Fall collection 2013-14. Satrangi dresses mean colorful dresses, and when i heard the name of winter 2013 collection then i have understood the theme, designing sense and philosophy behind of Satrangi dresses. In Bonanza Shalwar Kameez, bonanza unfold the winter festa with satrangi fall/winter collection 13/14. Satrangi is experience the most unique fabrics from moss to jacquard combined with detailed embroidery and rich color palettes exclusively crafted in to elegant designs that perfectly fits your lifestyle.

Bonanza Glamorous Winter Magazine 2013-14 | Bonanza Winter Dresses for Men / Women

Bonanza Winter Dresses
In this era clothes plays very important role in smart appearance and first impression, therefore clothes are recognized as prime concerned items. In Pakistan Bonanza is identified as luxury merchandise of clothing and modern garments especially for Woven products. Bonanza provides diversified range of apparel in different categories for men and women. Recently Bonanza has launched “Bonanza Glamorous Winter Collection” and added few new items for winter like Shawls, Coats, Sweaters, trousers, Pants, kurta shalwar in hand intarsia range. In " Hand Intarsia " leather, wool and fur made ready-to-wear products has been presented as Winter Dresses. Merino is the finest wool in the world, it is the supremely soft, durable and environment friendly fiber. This winter Bonanza exclusively has brought "Merino Wool" in sweaters to expunge scratchy and uncomfortable feelings.

Clothing9 Fashion Magazine 2013-14 | Clothing9 E-Magazine 2013 Vol-1

Clothing magazine 2013 1st edition is consist essential wardrobe solution and fashion elements. Clothing has brought identical range of indo-pak dresses evolved according to modern trends. In the surge of fashion we focus to bring something that is unique and cater new trends, and Clothing9 Vol-1 has emerging styles of saree blouse, mesmerizing salwar kameez, fancy bridal dresses, luxury jewellery and unique mehndi designs with helpful beauty tips.
Clothing9 has been launched on 15 February 2013 and it gained huge popularity in short span of time due to our readers appreciation, and now Clothing9 is known as world leading online trend-setter blog in fashion industry. Clothing9 is a pioneer of Indian and Pakistani fashion blogs, We always brings world class product, best quality HD pictures to maintain the quality in every aspect. On the road of Competition we are getting new task, and we are successfully going with the global marketplace. Our valued visitors of fashion adventure seekers come to the shore of Clothing9 blog to discover something new and exciting and we always carried with them the romanticized memories, Culture, tradition and lifestyle of their homelands. Our goal to share the beauty of today's Indo, Western and Pakistani fashion, Indeed a lofty goal but we are determined to fulfill it today and tomorrow as did in past. Today we have launched our first fashion magazine Clothing9 E-Magazine 2013 Vol-1, hope you like our work and products.

Long Shirts Designs with Churi-pajama | Embroidered Long Shirts 2014 Fashion

In fashion industry everyday new trends arrive and goes from horizons of fashion, and only few trends keeps constant. Clothing9 today's presentation is from some of the truly outstanding trends, Yes you are right ! we have brought Rajasthani embroidered long shirts collection joined with Churi pajama. These traditional ensembles has been designed in awe inspiring style with unique sensibility. Fashion designer has put great efforts to reflect strong vision of cultural dress with regional crafts. In this Long shirts collection 2013 has been featured beautiful handmade crafts, and reflect the style of Rajasthan culture and region ethnic look. In the tenure of modernization, these long dresses has included similar patterns of Indian Salwar suits and influenced with Rajasthani heritage. Designer has brought bright, fresh and attractive color schemes in these Long Shirts 2014 Fashion, because color has strong relation with women's soul. Embroidered Shirts and Churidar comprises neat cuts, professional stitching on warm khaddar fabric. Have a look on Long Shirts Designs 2013-14....

LSM Gorgeous Wintery Magazine 2013 | Lakhany Silk Mills Gorgeous Wintery Collection-13

After Lakhani's Shawl Collection, recently Lakhani has introduced LSM Gorgeous Wintery Collection 2013  for winter, a brilliant combination of new designs on warm fabrics. Lakhany is offering cozy clothes and trendy prints for latest fall/winter. Lakhany silk mills - ( LSM ) Textile is eminent for classy and comfortable clothing, it always brings innovative ideas and unique style for every season to drape yourself in best fashion trend, and Lakhany Gorgeous Wintery collection 2013 is best example. In this Wintery magazine Lsm fabric has brought thick clothes nourished with embroideries and lace stuff. Lakhani dresses are perfect for party wear, casual and formal solution, because dresses detailed with classic embroiders by thread on prominent color scheme. So let's have a look on Exclusive LSM Gorgeous Wintery 2013 women collection.

Seymore Saree Designs | Latest Printed Chiffon Saree Blouse Designs

Seymore Print Pvt Ltd is a reputed saree manufacturers of Gujarat, India. Seymore is working as exporter and supplier of hand printed sarees in fashion industry. Seymour has deep experience and great knowledge  to deliver a standard work with perfect manner. Their biggest strengths of development is Latest saree designs  that has implemented a big effect on growth. Saree is cultural dress of Indian. Women likes to wear sarees to flaunt chic style and elegance. Sarees Blouse are replacing with modern fashion, and now sarees are available in wide range of colors, draping style and trims. Sarees are worn as daily wear because Saree dress gives moderate personality, Indian communities also prefer saree for occasional wear and festival purpose. Therefore a huge rise has been seen in saree demand, So we have decided to bring Indian Printed Saree design by Seymore made on Chiffon fabric. These Saree blouse cater appealing prints on soft texture chiffon. As Shiffon is very light weighted therefore the flair of fabric highlighted the beauty and charm. Moreover with multi color tones Printing style has been reflecting modernity. These Chiffon Sarees are best for Casual wear, because it suits all body type due to slim fit style. So let's have a look on Printed Chiffon Saree Blouse by India.

Churidar Pajama and Kurtis | Short Kurti with Churi-pajama Designs 2013-2014

Short kurti with Churidar trend has invaded the closet in Pakistan, Young girls has appreciated this trend, and are modifying Kurtis according to season by combining with formal trousers and an elegant shawls. To get the aura of flattering wardrobe kurtis / Churidar are playing main role in scenario. In the huge variety of kurtis, today we have brought printed kurtis in vibrant shades and embellished with thread embroideries. This Churidar Pajama and Kurtis Collection is not only elegant, as well as comfortable and easy to wear garments. These Short Kurti with Churi-pajama includes traditional styles, and designs has been developed in figure flattering way. Plain Choori-pajama with printed Kurtis has balanced the ethnicity. So if you wants a Traditional style with royal touch then must grab a piece from Churi-pajama Kurti Designs 2013-2014.

Long Shirts with Pencil Trouser | Sana Salman Christmas Party Dresses

Fashion never seen constant, it gets change with weather, trend or situation. whenever, the new ray of trend impact on fashion it lends itself according to the latest design. Pakistani Fashion world is getting affected with the western phenomenon, and the reflection can be seen in our style. People are heartily welcoming new phenomenon and embracing. Long shirts with pencil trousers or Capris are very popular and influenced by western trends. Modern ladies has adopted the trend as it is , but traditional women's has adopted with cultural customization. As Long shirts are most demanding trend of the season, Therefore Pakistani fashion designers are also focusing to bring a new designs of long shirt in industry. Although developing a unique style is a art, but on a boutique level long shirts comes in luxury style. Nowadays women has overlook wearing tights, and preferring to wear pencil trouser or capri, that looks more appealing and decent. Pakistani woman's are now more mature and has deeper consciousness of fashion. Long Shirts are best to be the center of attention, adopting Long Shirts with Pencil Trouser / Capri trend increase beauty and reflects personality charm, Long shirts are best as party dresses to casual or official wear. If you are looking for Christmas Party Dresses then Long shirts will be best option, So let's have a look on  Sana Salman designed Christmas Party Dresses in Long Shirts style.

Nishat Linen 2013 | Nishat Linen Pret Catalogue 2013-2014

Nl pret by Nishat linen feast your aspirations due to best shades of the season. In the winter temptation 2013-2014 this winter let nishat take you on a journey to find the joys and mysterious of being you. Nishat Linen Pret collection passionately designed to make you feel special this season. You can choose from an array of Nishat inspirational designs available in pret catalogoue season-2. The exuberant mix of themes awaits you to find the right match for your mood.For those who looking for a new range of winter the pret gives a stylish and chic outfits. So scroll down to have a look on Nishat Linen Pret Catalogue 2013-2014.

Firdous Khaddar Winter/Fall Collection 2013-14 | Firdous Khaddar For 2013-2014

Firdous has introduced Embroidered + Printed Firdous Winter Collection 2013 yesterday. In recent launch Firdous Cloth Mills has revealed Khaddar dresses for winter days. As we all know that many other brands also brought Khaddar collection for Wint, but Firdous Winter Fall Collection 2013- 2014 prints are very unique and multi color schemes has been included in patterns. Stitching or tailoring style differs because Khaddar dresses contains straight cuts designs enriched with folk embroideries on fragile prints. Firdous Khaddar Collection will be the perfect style to express you fashion sense  because of workmanship, decorative patterns in a distinctive forms. Printing patterns are developed from geometric shapes, foliage, flowers, leaves and figures of birds are also represented in this Firdous Khaddar for 2-13-14, So lets have a look.

Bonanza Glamorous Winter Commercial 2013-14 | Bonanza Official Video

With the changing times, fashion trims are also transforms according to new trends. This week many fashion brands of Pakistan unveiled their winter collections for 2013-14. Every brand brought the trends according with unique prints and styles but thoughts behind every collection was same, that they want to serve human by keeping warm and save from cold. As we know that Bonanza is well known in fashion for their woolen dresses as well as seasonal dresses. Recently Bonanza has brought a unique style of Glamorous Winter sweaters for man and women in " Bonanza Glamorous Winter Collection 2013-14". In Glamorous Winter 2013 by Bonanza has given a new identity to sweaters as tops, every sweater designed in tops style to wear with jeans and tights featuring stylish necklines decorated with Fur, beads, buttons, strips and Woven flowers. Color schemes of Girls shawls, tops and coats are very classy yet modern. On the other hand Bonanza Glamorous Winter Collection for man consists sweaters, jackets and mufflers in brown, black and gray shades. Hope you all like this Bonanza Winter Collection 2013-14, so lets checkout the Latest inlay visuals and Bonanza Official Commercial Video 2013-14.

Alkaram Winter Hues 2014 Vol-2 | Al-Karam Winter / Fall Collection 2013-2014

From last two days many fashion brands has dazzle the fashion market by unveiling latest winter dresses. After The Gul Ahmed Winter Vol-2 Now Alkaram has joined the valley of trend by throwing Alkaram winter collection 2013-2014, after the great appreciation and success of Al-Karam Winter Hues 2013 Vol-1. Alkaram Officially tagged this winter collection as " Aks Winter Hues Collection Vol-2 2013 ". In this winter 2nd edition by alkaram has introduced the Shawls fashion with a bit luxury touch. Al-Karam forwarded the message for this Aks Winter Hues vol-2 is " luxurious Shawls gives you warm winter glow that will mesmerize and amaze you. Snuggle up in fabrics, prints and embroideries that will let you enjoy winter without its blues. Clothing9 team is sure that Al Karam Winter Hues Vol-2 Luxurious Shawls Paired Dresses will increase your grace and personality charm, because All the Winter Dresses 2013-14 are very attractive and will win your heart in a wink of an eye.

Gul Ahmed Winter Collection 2013-14 Vol-2 | Gul Ahmed Shop Vol-2 Winter Collection

Gul ahmed is a trend examiner brand with all fashion prowess. Their staple trend never goes out of style because of their deep research and trend monitoring before throwing any collection in market. Gul ahmed Shop known as long lasting trendsetter brand with high quality material, therefore Women's anxiously awaits to seek Gul Ahmed dresses. in the huge range of winter collection it is very difficult to get the right dress in a budget. For our readers convenience we are mentioning the prices of Gul Ahmed volume 2 2013 Collection. In this Collection we have brought Pashmina Shawl, Black and White Collection, Cashmere Digital and Pure linen collections of vol-2. Gul ahmed volume-2 consists of intricate digital printed dresses detailed with rich embroideries and motifs work. Beside of these luxury elements Gul ahmed has enriched winter / fall dresses with tailor art and sewing designs. So take the sartorial plunge on Gul Ahmed Winter Collection 2013-14 Vol-2 we're betting that you'll get your money's worth.

Gul Ahmed Winter Pali Collection 2013 Vol-2 | Pali Embroidered Winter 2013/14

Pali PrintsGul Ahmed Winter Collection 2013 Vol-2 has been out a days ago with full of creativity to set the new trend in fall. Gul Ahmed has been revealed spectacular Winter prints in every section of the winter vol-II. This collection has been sent to all ideas stores and gul Ahmed outlets for sell. In Gul-Ahmed winter vol-II lots of luxury patterns has been delivered on a variety of fabrics like Viscose, Khaddar, Chiffon, refined Linen in Pali Collection, Pashmina and Cashmere. The dresses for winter has raw cloth and contains three piece combination of shirt, Dupatta and salwar. Few hours ago Clothing9 has published " Gul Ahmed Khaddar suits 2013 Vol-02 " and now We are going to update Pali Collection 2013 Vol-2 fetched from Gul Ahmed 2nd edition for fall / winter. Pali Dresses has been exclusively launch for winter with Printed shirt, dyed salwar and dupatta on refined form linen. Pali Single Prints has contains fluid fabric taken from natural fibers, and Pali Embroidered include printed dupatta, dyed salwar and Embroidered shirt on the refined form of Viscose. Although, in pali collection vol-2 many tailor made designs has been introduced for girl to give tips of optimization in the form of Angrakha Dress, Long shirt, Poncho, kaftan paired with tights. So if you like to take a idea of sewing then must look the snaps of Gul Ahmed  Pali Collection 2013 Vol-2.